Pre-Spanking Thoughts

My Queen has told me that she’s had enough of my attitude and “sass” and that I can expect a woodshed whuppin’ soon. If I was a betting man, I’d say it is going to happen within days. Said she was going to use her belt. Which always means this one.

Italian Leather Belt

Interesting thoughts start to flood my brain when this happens and so I thought I’d capture some of those thoughts in this post. From the moment she says, “You just earned a trip to the woodshed.” to right before the very first swat or lash.

On occasion, there are some impromptu spankings. See Coffee Table Whuppin’s, for example. But most of the time she’ll set a designated time for a spanking. Be it an attitude adjustment spanking or the ultimate…woodshed whuppin’. When she tells me that one is coming, she’ll often tell me when it is coming. Other times she’ll leave me wondering. In that case, it can happen later that night, or a couple of days can pass before it does down. There are pros and cons to both situation from my perspective.

electric cord spankingImpromptu Spankings

So first off, for the quick “right in the moment” spanking, there is not much thought, except, “Oh shit!” And just like that, the spanking has commenced. The “Pro” of this, is that #1 – These spankings aren’t USUALLY of the woodshed whuppin category. And #2 – There is no long sense of dread to contend with like there is when she sentences me to a woodshed whuppin. The “Cons” of the impromptu spanking are #1 – There is virtually no time to mentally prepare for the spanking. And #2 – She is usually a little more riled up when giving it. Not out of control, but definitely more riled up, which is never a good thing when you’re on the receiving end of a real spanking.

Woodshed Whuppin’s

Now being told or “sentenced” to a trip to the woodshed brings with it additional thoughts. There is still the “Oh shit!” moment as mentioned above. But now there is TIME to contend with. With a woodshed whuppin’, there are mostly CONS. The ONLY “PRO” that I can think of, is that I can at least try to mentally prepare myself for the forthcoming spanking. It helps a little, but honestly…it is of little consolation once the spanking begins. The “Cons” are plentiful and so I thought I’d walk through them as they generally happen, up to the moment of the spanking.

Cons: Instant Fear, Regret, Sense of Dread & Bravado?

Black flower thong sandalsI’m not sure why, but I always ask what I’m going to get it with. Maybe it’s to help with the mental preparation or maybe it’s simply just curiosity. Most of the time she’ll tell me, but on occasion she’ll leave me guessing. When she does tell me, then she’ll usually wear the corresponding sandals for that implement for the next couple of days, or at the bare minimum, the day of. Each time I see or hear her sandals “clicking” against her feet; it reminds me that my backside is going to get wrecked by (whatever implement is associated with those sandals). When her belt is going to be used, you can bet that she’ll be wearing it as much as possible on the days preceding the spanking. She likes to make me squirm a little too. For example, on days preceding the spanking when she getting undressed for the night, she’ll take off her belt to hang it on her belt rack. But she’ll often give me “the look”, as she unbuckles and takes it off, in the same manner she does right before spanking me with it. It always either gives me the chills or that feeling of dread that sits in the pit of your stomach.

And defying all common sense, I sometimes get myself in even more trouble by continuing to act up. I get a sense of bravado thinking, “Well, I’m going to get it anyway, so I might as well go out in a Blaze of Glory (queue Bon Jovi’s song)”. You would think that being a somewhat intelligent man who normally has good foresight, understands long term scenarios and consequences, that I would tone it down some and keep my arrogance or attitude at a minimum. But…no…my brain doesn’t serve me well in this regard. It is not until just moments right before the whuppin’ is going to happen, that arrogance starts giving me hints that its going to bail on me shortly.

The long walk to the hall. After having received REAL domestic discipline spankings in the past…the walk down the hall towards our room (the woodshed), seems to get longer and bring more fear with it as your brain now decides to be “helpful” and provide recall of previous trips to said woodshed.

When it is time for the spanking, she usually tells me to come with or follow her. We start the walk down the hall and as I see and hear her sandals woman in chair holding spanking caneagain, and realize what those sandals mean, my nervousness increases exponentially. When we get to the room, a few different scenarios usually play out. Sometimes, she’ll tell me right away to “assume the position” or “bend over”. Other times, she’ll go sit in our big lounge chair, cross her legs and tell me to come kneel before her as she reviews my transgressions. Oftentimes she’ll be holding the spanking implement that she is going to using for the spanking, for my viewing pleasure.

This scenario is USUALLY worse, because as she goes through my list of transgressions, she in essence reminds herself of EVERYTHING I’ve done that deserves a spanking. I can only assume that makes the spanking longer. When she is going over the “list” I hear her but my thoughts are in the forefront as I look at the implement, knowing how bad it hurts. Feelings and thoughts of regret and dread course through my body.

After she has said her piece, she’ll give one of the aforementioned commands and I’ll get up, take down my pants and underwear and bend over the end of the bed.  My nervousness is at its highest level as I know I’m just moments away from the pain that drives out these poor attitudes and arrogance. There is nothing fun about a real spanking. As I’m bent over, I will look over my left shoulder (she always starts from the left side) and see her there in position with the implement that is about to tear up my backside and I give out a quick breath, look forward and think, “Ok, just hang on  and stay in position.” Knowing that if I don’t stay in position, there are likely penalty swats added AFTER the spanking. We have rules around HE-YA! (see spanking rules) I oftentimes will take a look at the clock, knowing that time “is on my side”. Even though it seems like an eternity once the spanking starts; because she spanks for real and in succession, a real spanking (the actual spanking part), will only last about 4-5 minutes or so. You might be thinking that 4-5 minutes is not that bad of a spanking, but for a real spanking I assure you it is. Take a look at the animated spanking gifs below, even though they loop, you can see that the women are giving a swat about every second. My wife is right on point with that.

fm belt spanking

While she NEVER gives warm up swats, I sometimes feel the implement placed against my butt as she lines it up and gets her distance calculated. When I feel that, I think, “God this is going to hurt so bad.” And that is usually the last thought I have when the first searing lash or swat lands…

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I do enjoy these articles, and I love how the two of you have found ‘ your’ middle ground…although it does seem a bit lop-sided to the WQ (yes, I know that’s the dynamic that the two of you have evolved into) it’s really nice to see how it works for BOTH of you in a REAL relationship. Like Joey, I will find myself walking down the hallway tonight for my weekly discipline session. She doesn’t ask me to follow her, she simply says “It’s time. Up (stairs) you go. Get ready for me, I’ll be up soon.” Due to a slight back injury, I have not had a session in three weeks. She has already warned me she will be making up for lost time tonight. Gulp…

The Wicked Queen

Hi Mark,

Haha, yes…I am the Queen. And as we all know, the Queen turns the King’s neck. 😉 Thank you for the kind words and good luck with your session “with interest”.


Thanks for the good wishes. Turns out they weren’t needed. She was at my place (we are usually at hers) and she forgot her instrument of torture, a rubber/acrylic paddle. She asked what we should use, and I offered up a belt or suggested she use her hands. She declined both and pushed out to another week, for she was afraid to hurt me with the belt, and she didn’t want to hurt her hand with a bare spanking (And yes, I gave her an eye roll at that) As I indicated earlier, we are relatively new to this aspect of FLR, so sometimes it’s baby steps. I do appreciate her concern, and honestly it’s her empathy and concern that have allowed us to get to this place of trust, at least with the discipline aspect. Anyways…thanks for listening, and look forward to the next installment from you two as we continue down our path of learning what works for us.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Mark, you guys will get there but I’m glad to see you recognize that she may need baby steps. That’s not a bad thing. One of the biggest elements that I believe needs to be present for this kind of lifestyle, is TRUST. Additionally, rushing her, will likely push her away from doing this sort of thing. It took me a bit of time to get to a place where I was able to comfortably give “Wicked Queen” type spankings. But after seeing how it positively benefited HIM, and his verbal statements confirming the same, I was able to ratchet up throttle a little bit and we continued to evolve. Sounds like you guys are on the right track. 🙂


Thank you for your REAL view on a true domestic discipline relationship. It is great knowing others are out there that enjoy the benefits of this lifestyle.

My wife also gives both quick correction and “woodshed” spankings. Both are done with no warm up and are delivered with strong firm correction. Generally her favorite implement is “The Body Shop Cactus Bath Brush” which is a force to be reckoned with. She likes it because in her words… “Its actually effective”.

In our relationship …. quick correction is often bent over in the bedroom (or closet if the kids are home) for 20-30 very hard swats of the brush. These type of corrections are often for more “minor” issues such as grumpy attitude or not speaking nicely.

However…..”Woodshed” trips are a completely different thing. I made the mistake of building a sort of spanking bench that is kept in an unused part of the garage. While it is 99% of the time covered in blankets and items to keep it hidden from young and prying eyes…. once in awhile when I really grew up it is determined that a more severe correction is needed. This does not happen often only a couple times a year. During those sessions I am strapped down and all her implements from straps, paddle, cane and finally the bath brush are used. This trip will often last up to an hour and I am truly sore and bruised for at least a week ……which is a GREAT reminder to behave.

This is truly the greatest way to live for a happy marriage. Our home is happy and peaceful!!

I would not choose to live any other way and love my strict dominant wife!!

Thank you so much for sharing your life!!

The Wicked Queen

Hey there Redhead! Thanks for your kind words, comments and insight into YOUR spanking lifestyle. Sounds like your wife is my kind of disciplinarian! We have a wooden bath brush and Joey has commented that it STINGS! But I just looked up the one you mentioned and it looks heavier than the one we have. I will be placing my order soon. Or better yet, I’m going to tell Joey to do it so he can squirm when he sees it. 😉 Thanks for the specifics on that!

I would love to have a spanking bench as well but, like you said, putting it somewhere discreetly can be a challenge. Our bed is pretty tall and so when I have him bend over the end of it, it emulates a nice spanking bench as well.

We SO agree that this can be a great foundation for a happy and loving marriage. Cheers to you both and we look forward to hearing from you again.


I too receive weekly ” maintenance” spankings from my lovely wife. Across her lap, bare bottomed starting with a quick caress of her hand, then hand spanks and proceeding to use of a small dinner plate size paddle she had asked me to make. My bad for making it soooo heavy because she can really lay into my ass with it. After about 10 to 15 minutes I can’t wait for it to end but I try not to give in and admit it hurts too much to continue but I’m pretty sure she knows by the amount of leg kicking and squirming I do. So far these paddlings or spanking can go anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes up to a half hour or so. Love that woman either way.

Gary McKee

Thank you for sharing your experiences, Dennis. I am sure you know how blessed you are to have a wonderful wife that does not hesitate to correct you and keep you on the straight and narrow in the classic fashion. I am in such a marriage myself. I count my blessings as often as I count the swats!

I wish you both continued success and joy! ❤️❤️



Thanks for the response…. I think you and my wife would get along great! True disciplinarians yet loving & kind all at the same time.

Sorry Joey …. That bath brush is something to be feared!!!



The only good news I can give you is that the brush does help one be obedient. I actually get less trips to the woodshed now that she has fallen in love with that brush.

Knowing that it is within easy reach in the closet is a great reminder that she can grab it and within a very short time have me fully regretting my actions. Since it sounds like your wife spanks a lot like mine …(hard and fast with no warm up)… I never under estimate that brushes ability to provide a long lasting reminder of my behavior. Of course when used in conjunction with a trip to the woodshed… well all I can say is good luck!!

Isn’t it great to have such an amazing wife who cares enough to keep us on track and make our marriages so happy & harmonious!!!


Hi WQ thanks for your response to my comments in your Punishment Spanking Rules. It’s so refreshing to find another woman writing so eloquently about our type of life style. It seems that you and Joey have taken a similar journey to us. Tim and I are definitely soul mates with years of incredible love, respect and affection. Our chemistry is often noticed by complete strangers – one said on a plane “That’s what I call love” another said in Miami “I’d give 5 years of my life for five minutes of what you two have”. I sincerely believe that our mutual fascination and use of spanking is the catalyst of our success. For him to temporarily relinquish all control, bare his bottom and bend over to accept whatever whipping I have decided is needed is the ultimate expression of absolute trust and revelation of his deepest emotions.

We have collected a pretty large collection of toys but my favorites are a ¾ in red strap, a genuine Scottish tawse, a new leather cane from the UK that leaves beautiful red lines, a number of favorite canes and a delightful leather dog whip that can be used without damage on any part of his body. Your blog is talking about the Woodshed Whuppings you give your man so in the same spirit I’d like to share how I administer my man’s “ultimate retribution”. This is the level of punishment we have both agreed I should administer for real offenses, serious mistakes or poor attitude. He says he doesn’t always want it but recognizes he needs it while I have overcome my natural reluctance to hurt him and now actually enjoy and am aroused by inflicting a severe punishment.

I will normally give him either a few hours or a day’s notice that he has been sentenced to a UR so that he can suffer the mental anguish of the wait. He knows that a full UR is not going to be pleasant.
At the allotted time he has to go to our bedroom, unless I’ve instructed another location for his whipping. He has to strip naked and wait for me standing in the middle of the room with his hands hanging at his sides. His body is to be totally accessible to me. I normally let him stand in that position for ten minutes or more to increase the anticipation and then enter quietly wearing my special specs that make me look dominant. I stand in front of him and declare my disappointment at his behavior. I begin walking slowly around him lecturing him on his bad behavior. I smack his bottom, pinch him in sensitive areas then put my arms around him from the back and pinch and twist his nipples. This makes him gasp which excites me. I pinch again then continue the exploration of his body. I tell him how much I’m going to make him suffer today and squeeze his balls to make the point. Sometimes I’ll instruct him to look at me and I smack him across his face while telling him that he needs to pay more attention to me. The first time I smacked him across the face was due to some smart comment he made and I was worried that I should not have done it but later Tim told me that although it was a shock it made him feel deeply submissive and ashamed so now we have accepted it as a valid part of our protocol. The next part of the UR is potentially the time when the temporary power exchange is total. I order him to hold his hand out for a strapping and he always reluctantly positions one hand on top of the other. Now remember he is totally naked and I am fully dressed and he is sacrificially holding his hand out to receive an excruciating lash from my strap. At this time I feel incredibly powerful and he is entirely vulnerable. The emotions raging in each of us are so different but incredibly powerful. I tap his hand with the strap watching his genuinely nervous face. I have somehow learned to enjoy both his apprehension and his reaction to pain. I raise the strap warning him not to move his hand and whip it down firmly on his palm. He has told me the strap is excruciating but I’ve now learned to enjoy how he grunts and watch him as he struggles with the urge to move his hand. My power at that moment is intoxicating. I normally give him three strokes per hand and tell him he can shake it out but if the offence is very serious I’ll administer six per hand by which time I can see tears in his eyes. This is the appetizer. Next is the real punishment. I tell him to bend over the bed and normally inform him which instrument I’m going to use and how many strokes or lashes he is to receive. This helps him get through the ordeal since he can see an end but there are times I leave him guessing and this is a lot more difficult for him to cope. Since I really cane or whip hard these days I have to be conscious that I can easily cut his bottom but I hate drawing blood. So nowadays before the beating starts I put a thinly padded bandage across his sensitive lower cheeks. This is flesh colored so it does not spoil my visual appreciation of his bottom and according to him it does not interfere with the sensation of the whipping or reduce the pain. Once this is in place I advise him to take a deep breath and I begin his beating. I no longer hold back. I use full arm swings and become incredibly aroused every time I achieve a perfect sounding whack. For me these ultimate retributions sexually stimulate me and they are an incredibly stress relieving activity. For him he may suffer extreme discomfort during the whipping but afterwards he is relaxed, happy and attentive. Directly after the beating I tell him not to move, I remove the bandages then take him across my knee gently massaging cream into his damaged cheeks while telling him how much I love him.

Life is fun. Sorry this is a long entry but it is seldom I can share our life with another lady (or couple) of similar interests.

Let me know if discreet pictures are allowed. Its really fun to know that there are kindred spirits out there that would appreciate my photography!

The Wicked Queen

Hi again Tina and thank you for the comment. No need to apologize for its length at all. We love to get insight from fellow spankers/spankees with this kind of detail. You know we have a lot of implements as well. Collected over many, many years but I have yet to own an English Tawse. I may have to remedy that. I just need to find a legitimate one here in the US. And sure, discreet pictures are allowed. I believe you have my direct email address? Always good to hear from you! And sorry for the delay in response. The blog is growing quite well and the blog comment system we have is not the best at notifications of new comments, once you’ve been approved to post. I need to ask Joey to fix that or find a new blog commenting plugin.


This is my favorite comment thread so far on the blog. I love the interaction and community of like minded people. It’s refreshing to see others in a real (read: non-fantasy, porn) relationship living some semblance of a loving, caring female-led relationship. My girlfriend and I are early in our journey and figuring out what works for us. While she is far from the ‘whuppin’ stage some of you are at, this blog and the comments gives her more confidence for how she wants to approach discipline (and maintenance, in our case) as well as other things that we are experimenting with in the female led universe universe as we find our way to what our FLR will ultimately look like as we settle into it. Thanks to all for sharing a glimpse into their relationship and what works for them and giving newbies a sense of the possibilities.

Gary McKee

When I work at the office and attend morning sales meetings, my Wife will text me on occasion, letting me know that I have failed her in some way e.g. did not complete my chores to her satisfaction. Perhaps I was too flirty at a social gathering the previous evening. (I really have to watch myself on that one!) In any case, after citing the damning particulars, M’Lady radically alters the course of my day as only she can. “When you get home, don’t make any plans, mister. I’ll be taking your pants down.” Inevitably, as I walk through the front door into our living room, a straight-backed chair and sturdy wooden hairbrush are waiting for me, along with a VERY determined woman.

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