My Wife, Her Sandals & Pretty Feet

While this blog is primarily about our F/m domestic discipline relationship and lifestyle, this post is going to be about my appreciation for my Wife’s feet (read: foot fetish). This should come as no surprise to many of you as you may have been directed to our DD blog from our Tumblr blog: sandalsandspankings. We’ve […]

Various spanking paddles on a sheet

Spanking Paddles

Spanking paddles have been in our arsenal from the very beginning. From the first boat oar paddle that I cut to be a better length for a spanking paddle…to Acrylic paddles…to Spencer paddles, and even toy paddle-ball paddles (no, not the flimsy ones). Initially, I was game to find and buy all kinds of paddles […]

spank butt prank

Boys Will Be Boys

All throughout our long relationship, it has not been uncommon for Joey to smack my ass. So, you might be asking yourself, “How the hell does he get away with THAT in a FLR DD relationship? Much less, with the Wicked Queen?!?” Right? I can’t say I “love” it but I don’t hate it enough […]