Accountability Task Sheet

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Important Note: You’ll need Microsoft Excel to run this spreadsheet as that is the program it was created in. You’ll also need at the least a rudimentary working knowledge of Excel in order to use it. That said, all areas with formulas are protected so you can’t break them. 🙂

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This is the Accountability Task Sheet that is employed for use at our home. While we are in a F/M domestic discipline relationship, this would work well for any domestic discipline couple.

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Note from the Queen: “This ATS sheet has done WONDERS for my husband’s productivity and overall attitude. It is a helpful and concrete way of keeping track of his tasks. He can no longer say he didn’t remember being commanded to accomplish a task. The expectations for him are clear but the suspense of not knowing his punishment adds a little excitement to our week. Plus, it’s become (for me at least!) kind a game of roulette to see how I will punish his insubordination!”


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