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Sandals – Another Perspective by The Wicked Queen

Most people think of sandals as fashionable, comfortable footwear which for the most part they are. However my husband knows their OTHER function as a tool of discipline as I have taken most of my sandals to his backside at one point or another. I LOVE wearing sandals and have a lot of them. Judging by his reaction and the marks left on his butt, I know that some of them hurt much more than others. Different sandals have different weights and flexibility. Plus the material and design of the soles dictate the level of sting and pain that they can deliver. I notice a substantial improvement in the behavior of my husband whenever I’m wearing one of my “meaner” pair of sandals. Yes…ladies, just WEARING certain sandals will improve his attitude and behavior. Of course you have to consistently put in the work beforehand so he understands that there is a very real possibility that you could take that sandal to him later that day/night if he acts up. I love walking around with mini-incognito-spanking-paddles on my feet. Below are some of the different types of sandals I have along with some additional insight on each.

Leather Sandals

all leather thong sandalThere are leather sandals that hurt like hell and leather sandals that don’t really hurt that much at all. And of course, some in between. A pair of all leather sandals like the one shown on the right has some good weight to it and some flexibility. That’s a dangerous combination for a bare backside that has gotten itself into trouble.

I have a pair just like these and he’s gotten spanked with them several times. He’s smart enough to realize that when I have these on, I WILL take one off at a moments notice, should I have to address his attitude. That’s the nice thing about basic thong sandals like this; so easy and fast to take off. I also have some sandals with a very thin leather sole. The ones with a thinner sole don’t sting that much and as is the case, they don’t leave a lasting impression.

Plastic Soled Sandalsplastic soled thong sandals

Nothing says “sting” like a heavy plastic soled sandal. Like the ones I’m wearing in the picture and shown in greater detail below. They were actually a cheap pair of sandals that I bought at a Payless while on vacation (I had forgotten to pack one of my black pairs to go with an outfit). Anyway, they are particularly mean as they have some weight to them and some flexibility. This is one of the pairs of evil sandals that I know he always would take note of when I would wear them because he knew I could reduce him to tears with them. I speak of wearing them in the past tense because they broke a couple summers ago. 🙁

Black Plastic Soled Sandal

Jelly Sandals

pretty feet in clear jelly sandalsAll jelly sandals I’ve owned, have been introduced to my husband’s bare butt. And from his reaction…most of them sting pretty good. But like all sandals, some hurt more than others. Again, it comes down to thickness, weight and flexibility. Jelly sandals like the ones shown here, will provide a very red bottom and a nasty sting that will make your husband behave whenever he hears you clicking around in them. I don’t wear them often as they are not the most comfortable sandals to wear but if I’m going to be out but not doing a lot of walking, I’ll don a pair. They are also great to wear them when it rains as the rain obviously isn’t going to damage them like they could a pair of leather sandals. Another bonus about these is that you can find jelly sandals that hurt for cheap!

Sandal Spanking Tips

Oh ladies…Have I got a tip for you! The trick that can make a majority of sandals hurt 4 or 5 times as much, is to spank with the heel of the sandal.  Most sandals have an extra wedge or a flat stacked heel.sandal heel

This additional density and weight increases the sting exponentially. It also makes a little less of a sound as there is less area contacting the butt. But even though each swat is smacking a smaller area on his backside, the amplified pain he’ll be receiving, will make the tradeoff very worthwhile, as severe pain = lesson learned.

However, spanking with the heel of a sandal requires you to hold the sandal around the toes area. This can be a little difficult if you have smaller hands or if the sandal has a larger width at the toes area.

If that is the case, you can do a couple things. One is to just grip it by the toe part as best you can and swing away. Not the easiest to hold onto but it’ll work in a pinch.

The second option is even better…

Buy a cheap pair of sandals (ones where the sole has some nice weight and flexibility to them). Another Wicked Queen Tip: Go looking near the end of Summer, as most sandals will be on clearance. I’ve gotten some very mean sandals for less than $5! Then tell your husband to make what will become known as a sandal paddle. This is done by cutting a handle into the widest part of the sandal bed so you will have a handle and then can grip it with ease. You’ll quickly see that spanking him with the heel of the sandal will get more of a reaction from him as the pain is tremendously amplified.

Jelly Sandal Paddle

I used to give him spankings with it holding it in the regular fashion and don’t get me wrong, it taught him some pretty good lessons. But one day I walked by the sandals by my bed and accidentally kicked one of them partially under my night stand the heel half was under the nightstand and the toe post half was peeking out. When I reached down and picked it up by the toe, I instantly felt the weight that was on the other end and my evil mind knew right away, that the next time he was getting a spanking, he was going to get it with the heel. Then I made him cut out a “handle” for me in and viola! The sandal paddle was born! Sure I could never wear them again but 1) I bought them for less that $5 and for the “sole” purpose of spanking him with them. 2) I was just wearing them around the house anyways. It was totally worth it and now it is in my collection of wicked spanking implements.

Sandal shopping for me has taken on a whole new level of fun. Of course I want something that is comfortable and fashionable. But now I always look for something that has that little extra component to it. I wonder if anyone has caught a glimpse of me tapping/smacking a sandal on my hand in the shoe department? 😉

Last but not least, make sure to check out my post on Sandal Associations. A wonderful concept I came up with where the spanking implement I am going to use on my husband, is foretold by the sandals on my feet. This has worked wonders when we’ve been out and about, as all I have to do is click or dangle my sandal, and Joey will receive the message loud and clear. Or…he’ll FEEL the message loud and clear when we get home.

Until next time…

Black flower thong sandals