Hairbrush, Bathbrush & Shower Brush Spankings

One of the most storied spanking implements is the infamous hairbrush. And while I have swatted Joey with several of my hairbrushes, I’ve found that none of them are very good for spanking. So I would use one of our bathbrushes or shower brushes instead. Anyway, later during our travels through spanking-land, I read about what is supposed to be THE king of spanking hairbrushes. The Mason Pearson Hairbrush.

I looked it up on Amazon and found the Large model, but WOW…that price! $375!

Mason Pearson Large Hairbrush

Now technically we CAN afford it, but…I just can’t bring myself to buy a hairbrush for $375. For the most part, I’m still a mostly practical midwestern girl at heart. ๐Ÿ˜Š Besides, I know there has to be a good (or perhaps) better equivalent out there, but I just haven’t looked too hard for one. I have effective spanking implements aplenty!

Anyway, I digress. So…according to many in the spanking world, this kind of hairbrush, can bring an intense kind of sting. Perhaps akin to a good paddle. It makes sense to me as this large one pictured above measures 9″ long, by 3″ wide, and weighs almost half a pound. That is a pretty dense butt wrecker right there.

stern woman with hands on hips and hairbrush on her lap.But when did the first hairbrush tan an errant backside? Well, while there were certainly homemade versions of brushes for the hair, it was William Kent who became the first hairbrush manufacturer back in 1777 in Great Britain. The company Kent Brushes is still making brushes today!

In the U.S. Hugh Rock was the first to patent a hairbrush in 1854. Without going down the rabbit’s hole on history of brushes, my key finding as it relates to this post, is that it would make sense to me for spankings with hairbrushes, gained traction, very shortly after hairbrushes hit the market.

If only these hairbrush manufacturers knew that one day we’d be talking about them on our spanking blog, along with their “other” now infamous use!

Keep in mind that back at that time, it was VERY common for all parents to spank their kids when they misbehaved. So it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine a child fidgeting or talking back while getting their hair brushed, and for the mother to spank their butt with it to settle them down.

After the apparent reaction and effectiveness, it became a staple in discipline at that time. Now days, there are a plethora of hairbrushes to chose from, but as I’ve stated, most of the common ones found in stores are not that effective for spanking. Well, at least where my husband is concerned. But, I may go back on the hunt for another similar hairbrush to the Mason Pearson, and see how that works out. To be continued…

So…assuming that you have or find a good hairbrush for spanking your spouse, there are some great benefits.

brush spanking artIncognito – Like a belt or sandal, this is an implement that can be left around the house. And if your significant other has been spanked with it before…just the sight of it, will likely cause him/her to pause as they ponder their next steps. When traveling, it is a small enough and common item to have in your carry-on.

Good for OTK – While I’ve expressed that Over-the-Knee isn’t my favorite position, we’ve found that many of our readers like to hear about, give or receive a good OTK spanking. This is a perfect implement for those OTK spankings!

Ok, moving on to bathbrushes and shower brushes…I’m lumping these as one in the same as they are closely related. I’ve seen some bathbrushes that were longer than shower brushes and vice versa. But the one thing they both have in common is they are generally longer than a hairbrush.

But these too come in all different shapes and sizes and now it is a little trickier to find a good one for spanking, as many of the plastic ones have too much of an angle at the head of the brush, to help accommodate reaching the back during a bath or shower.

holding a bathbrushI had one of the best shower brushes for spanking Joey a long time ago. It was a plastic purple one, and the head of it had open slots in between the rows of bristles. OH did it get a reaction from him. He despised that thing and often told me that it was the worst thing to get spanked by. (Note – this was before the Wicked Switch existed). Sadly…one day while spanking him with it, it broke. ๐Ÿ™ Of course I immediately told him to find me another one just like it. But he shared with me that he couldn’t find one like it anymore. Over the next year or two, I would look as well but to no avail. The dreaded purple shower brush was a thing of the past. Joey certainly hasn’t lost any sleep over it. ๐Ÿ˜…

Even though I have a couple bath/shower brushes now, they are made from wood. Now granted, they WILL and have taught Joey some valuable lessons over the years, but I know from experience that plastic stings worse and I one day I WILL find the right one, do you worry Joseph. In the meantime, I will have to rely on my wooden bath/shower brushes. I’m holding the first bath brush we got a long time ago. It is also one of the implements spanking Joey’s bottom in the video, Spanking Machine Spanks Joey.

Bottom line…I think all spanking households should have at least one if not two spanking brushes. Until next time!


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John Smith

The hairbrush is definitely a useful compact complement to the paddle!


My wood paddle had become predictable for Todd, painful, lovely sound effects, but too predictable in my opinion. I took Wicked Queens advice on the shower brush, and oh my goodness did it work ! Todd was ignorant to my sister when we visited her, so I gave him โ€œthe lookโ€. I waited patiently all evening until Todd showered later, since I already had him nude there was no waiting for him to undress. His buns were softened by his hot shower, and no match for my brush. I removed my top, got him in position, reminded him why he was being disciplined and I was really able to use my wrists and deliver blows with more velocity than usual with the lighter weight brush, Todd was immediately yelping in pain, weeping as I took my time destroying his buttocks and upper legs magnificently. I broke him so fast, and reduced the rudeness and ego and lack of attentiveness very quickly, and Todd was very remorseful, naked and weeping with a very red ass and unable to sit. I made him kneel and smell my bare feet, tell me how much he loves me, and thank me for the needed correction.


Dear Wicked Queen,

As I mentioned in an older Post, from time to time i also get a good old fashioned spanking by my Queen. I am from Germany and from my point of view, parents in the past mainly used wooden spoons, slippers, belts and carpet beaters for discipline. So brushes weren’t on my radar for many years. But after reading several spanking stories from UK and the States, i got curious about the effect of a hairbrush spanking. And oh my god…i never thought that it could hurt so much. So in a moment of arrogance i have purchased a vintage ebony hairbrush on Ebay UK for my Queen. And from the first time i felt the sting of it, i damned myself for buying that stingy brush. My Queen said, that it is worth every penny…and i start acting like a unhappy little boy when she mention to spank me with that.
So if you get the chance to buy an ebony hairbrush (i think you can get them at Ebay US as well for less than 30 Dollars)…than take it.
And to Joey….Sorry for this Suggestion…but in Germany we say ” To share the suffering, is to halve the suffering”
Best Regards from Germany,


Dear Wicked Queen,

sorry for my late reply, that is something my Queen wouldn’t tolerate at all…
Please find attached two pics of our vintage hairbrush and please let me know if you find a brush like that for your hubby. The lenght is approx. 23 cm and the weight 130 gramms.
Kind regards,


Pic 1


Pic 2


Words that send a shivers down my spine: โ€œHoney,I think weโ€™ll just โ€œbeginโ€ your spanking with the bath brush.โ€


My wife confessed to me saying that she loves how I sit gingerly for days after a punishment spanking. She said one time when we were in a restaurant, as she lovingly watched me cautiously sit down on my sensitive butt, how lucky she was to have me as her partner because she was really turned on and could hardly wait to get home so we could make love. Do you get sexy ideas after wrecking Joeyโ€™s bottom. Hmm Does he then get lucky?


My Wife’s preference is a paddle brush she bought at the body shop and I can assure you it packs a punch , although I’m sure not as severe as that Mason Pearson model. I think it is all down to technique and a wife with a good spanking technique can make most hairbrushes effective spanking implements.
I would add that my wife also has a much thicker wooden paddle which she often uses in combination with the brush or by itself. We have a wooden bath brush but she has not used it for spanking and I’m not prepared to suggest she does!


My wife has used many implements on me over the years. (Married 52 years 9 February, spanked 51 years). She now finds a bathbrush to be easy to hold and does not require much effort to provide a very stinging effect. The positioning varies, over her knees, over a chair back, or face down on bed. The brush is black, long handled, and substantial. She determines the number and severity depending on my naughtiness. The naughty boy in me never left!



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