Long Overdue Belting

She's got the chanclaGrowing up, my siblings and I feared my Dad more than my Mom from a disciplinary perspective; yet it was my Mom who was the actual disciplinarian in the house. This was mostly due to the fact that she was a stay at home Mom and my Dad went to work every day except Sundays. My Mom would spank us with a designated flyswatter when we were younger but then when she figured out that it wasn’t as effective the older we got, she started using one of her sandals. The one of choice had a thick leather sole and hurt like hell. Yes…the dreaded chancla.

leather sandal or chanclaMost Hispanic kids tell tales of a flying chancla that, once thrown, could lock in on their location until it made contact. My Mom’s sandal could lock in on your backside alright…repeatedly. That’s because, my Mom was not a thrower. She would just spank us with it. Getting hit one time by a flying chancla pales in comparison to about 20 swats in a row on the bare butt with that leather sandal.

As I got a little older, she started to threaten to spank me with one of my Dad’s belts, and let me tell you…my Dad had some wide, thick leather belts that I just KNEW could cause some serious pain. I wanted nothing to do with them, so I’d behave just at the mention of “The Belt”.

street lightOne afternoon, I was out and about playing on my bike with my friends from the neighborhood. This was back in the day when parents could let their kids run around during the day without any worry. My Mom (like many during these days) had the rule that when the streetlights came on, it was time to get home. And, you had better get home shortly afterwards or you’d be in trouble. A couple months prior, I’d gotten caught up playing and came home a little later than I should’ve and was met at the door by her already holding her sandal. As I walked in the door, she gave me a hard swat with it and told me to go to my room. Once there, she was right behind me and I had to drop my pants and underwear, and bend over the bed for a pretty hard spanking. Afterwards, she told me that next time she would take the belt to me. Holy smokes! I wiped my tears away and thought: Yeah, no belt for me thank you. That leather sandal hurt bad enough!

Well a few months later, I was late again. When I realized that I was late, terror struck through me as I belt on door knobremembered her threat. I rushed home, went through the side gate, and put my bike away. Then I quietly and apprehensively came in through our back door and into the kitchen. Thankfully she wasn’t waiting by the door. For a brief moment, I thought I was off the hook. However, my relief was short lived as I saw “The Belt” hanging over the doorknob of the pantry door. Shit! This is going down! No sooner than that thought came into my head, she came around the corner, reached over and took the belt off the doorknob. “Go to your room.” she said. I quickly did as I was told and just knew the worse pain in my life was coming. She came in and told me, “I told you what was going to happen next time you were late.” I once again had to drop my pants and underwear, and bend over my bed. Then the unexpected happened…

holding the beltShe had NO idea how to spank with a belt! Instead of doubling it over and swinging it, she held the end opposite the buckle and spanked with like the last 8″ to 10” of it. Granted, it didn’t tickle but it was nowhere near what even a sandal spanking would have felt like. Just the realization of that made it almost funny but I sure as hell wasn’t going to let HER know that it didn’t really hurt. I reasoned that if she realized that, she’d go back to her trusty sandal for the spanking OR she’d just wait until my Dad got home and hand him the belt. Or worst yet, she’d tan my backside with her sandal and THEN give my Dad the belt to take to me when he got home. [Shudder].

I realized all this over the course of a few “lashes” and then…I did my best acting and carried on like she was killing me with the thing, all the while almost gleeful inside that she was using “the belt” instead of her sandal.

When she she finished spanking me and left the room, I peeked under my door and made sure she was down the hall before starting my little victory dance. I was quite pleased with myself and my acting skills. I knew that not only did I escape a real belting, but I escaped a real spanking altogether! I also thought that, moving forward…she may go to the belt instead of her sandal and that would be pretty OK with me! I could just act my way through it. I had a get out of jail free card!

Later, when I was an adult, I finally shared this story with my family at a gathering at my house. We all laughed but later after everyone had left, my wife told me, “So you really pulled one over on your Mom back then huh?” “Yeah, maybe I missed my calling as an actor.” I kind of chuckled. “Well, I don’t know about you missing your calling BUT, I do know that you missed out on a real belt whuppin’. And you know me…I believe that if you’ve earned a real spanking, you need to receive a real spanking.” She continued her lecture, “Your Mom had those rules in place for YOUR safety and was probably worried sick about you that night. And you got off scot-free. She intended to spank you with something more painful than her sandal to make an impression on you but instead, you found it funny. So the way I see it…that punishment is still owed and I’m going to satisfy that debt tonight.” My heart sunk. She then pointed to the belt around her waist and said, “Oh and I DO know how to use a belt.”

It was the worse belt in the world. The brown, Italian leather belt from hell. This belt is thick, heavy, and pliable. It is the perfect storm of belts and she has lit my backside up with it many times before.

Italian leather belt

She continued, “Go up to our room and assume the position. I’ll be in to deal with you in a moment.” I tried to argue but got that ‘look’ she gives right before adding on additional swats to the END of the spanking. I decided taking what was already coming was the better option.

long hallwayIt was a long walk to our room and that feeling of being afraid of the belt came right back to haunt me. I got to our room, dropped my pants and underwear, bent over the end of the bed, and awaited her arrival. It wasn’t long at all. She came in the door and walked over to the side of the bed where I could see her unbuckle her belt and start to pull it through her belt loops. “Many moons ago you were supposed to feel the wrath of a belt by a worried and somewhat angry Mom. I am going to channel that worried and angry Mom feeling as I take this belt to your backside. And, I’m pretty sure you’re not going to need to ‘act’ like it hurts.”

She had the belt doubled over in her hand and walked to the end of the bed. “You were supposed to get a harsh belt whuppin’ that night and you didn’t. So now, you’re going to get one and I’m going to add some interest for it being so long overdue.” And with that, she began to swing that belt hard, fast, and furious. One lash after another; some landed a little high, some on the back of my legs, some wrapped around and stung the hip, and some twisted and landed the infamous “edge swats”. I was crying probably after only 8 to 10 swats, it hurt that bad. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, the swats just kept landing with fury. I started begging, “Please Mistress, I’ve learned my lesson!” “Oh, I don’t think you have.” she quickly retorted. “You thought this was funny earlier tonight. Remember?” SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. The belt kept flying complete with a few more wrap around swats to the hip and more edge shots that buckled my knees as tears began to flow. “I’m sorrrry!” I cried out. But she kept spanking. It was THE worst belt whuppin I had ever had in my life.

f/m belt spankingFinally the spanking stopped. As I stayed bent over the bed crying, she said, “Now…~I~ have a story for YOU. When I was little, if MY Mom caught us lying to her, we’d get a spanking for whatever it was we did. Then she’d wait and let us calm down, stop crying, and then tell us that we were getting another spanking right then for lying about it. The way I see it, when you were pretending that the belting hurt; that was pretty much lying to your Mom. So, after you calm down and stop crying, you’re going to get another whuppin’ for lying.” Then I saw a small, terrifying smile on her face as she mused, “The revenge of the Moms if you will.”

She laid that evil, doubled over belt on the bed in front of me. Then she sat on the side of the bed and surfed on her phone. After a few minutes she said, “OK, time to pay for your lying ways, mentiroso (liar in spanish).” She picked up the already doubled over belt, walked to the end of the bed again and said, “Ooo, your backside is already wrecked. Good thing the upper back of your legs has hardly been addressed. And, I think there are some fresh tears to be had from that spot.” And with that, she started spanking the upper back of my legs as I quickly started to cry, then bawl. As you may know, the back of the legs is a very tender and painful spot to get spanked on. She would usually only give me about 15 to 20% of swats there during the course of a spanking but she was doing the opposite. I was struggling to keep still and bent over. She quickly address that with, “If I have to tie you down, you’re going to get a THIRD spanking, with the cane!” I hung on for dear life as she continued to tear up my backside. After an excruciating eternity, the belt stopped landing. I was bawling and sobbing earnestly but stayed bent over until she said she was done. “You sure you’re not acting?” she sarcastically questioned. “N-n-no, Ma’am.” I cried out in response.

Then she said, “OK, your punishment is now over and NOW your debt has been satisfied.” She started to put her belt back on and said, “I think that story you tell embarrasses your Mother. So…if I hear you tell that story again, you’ll also relive the punishment part of it again.”

With that she finished buckling her belt, blew me a kiss, and walked out of the room. Suffice it to say, the story of my Mother’s failed belting has not been brought up at any family get-togethers ever since.

To see an example of what a real belt spanking looks like for us, check out our videos: DD Spanking Videos

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Some things in your story are exactly the same in my world. Both parents administered the discipline. Mom did the deed when Dad was at work. None of this ‘wait til your Father gets home, Mom would spank us, always on the bare, but used her bare hand. Dad, especially for serious offenses, would use his belt. His doubled over belt would tan our bare backside as we would howl. Now as an adult, the belt is one of the most used implements. Ours is a doubled strip of 2 inch wide leather quite thick and attached to a wood handle. Cheeks and thighs get it long and hard until they are crimson red and I am shedding tears. The method of pausing for a bit then spanking for a second offense has also been used here. I recall the worst time was for a triple offense. I received a sound paddling and told to remain in position, then about 10 minutes later she returned to administer the belt for the second offense. Totally in tears I was again directed to hold position. This time when she returned, she was swishing the cane in the air. There were not many strokes but she welted my ass about 10 times. Leaving me again to dry it out, she called me for dinner about 30 minutes later. I could hardly sit long enough to eat.


I read your wife’s tips on using the belt and she mentioned that if the spanker really wanted to be mean they could put a twist in the belt before they used it, but she said she never does that. All I can say is you better be glad she doesn’t! That’s exactly how my wife does it and believe me when I tell you it REALLY hurts! Belts are her favorite, almost exclusive implements, and she loves putting a twist in them when she whips me. She has a rule that five out of every twenty licks will be with a half twist on one side of the belt and the last five licks always are regardless. Her belt whippings are worse than any I have ever received in my life. The lasting soreness I get from one of her thrashings is just unreal. I get them a lot, and I don’t even misbehave that often.


The belt was a threat but for me it is all about the wood on the Bare!
Not the big thuddy kind the thinner stingy one!
Like the Frat paddle bent over or the Jokari paddle OTK or bent over!
The Hairbrush to tears lesson!

The Wicked Queen

The belt happens more often than other implements because it is usually handy. I (and he), are almost always wearing a belt. But I agree, paddles can give quite a good spanking. We have a variety of them and we have a half written post about them that we need to finish and post. He has mentioned on many occasions how stingy paddles can be. I’ve noticed though, that the effect from paddle spankings don’t last as long as a good belting though. But…you’ve brought my interest back up in regards to paddles. I may have to incorporate that into a spanking next time!


My Wife does not Discipline me But we have Several Disciplinarians who deal with Issues when we are in the Area or Visiting!
I do have one here who is my Local and will see her today!
I have had a Very Bad Attitude this whole month!
I do not want or like the Spankings as she feels a Spanking is just that and is meant to teach a lesson that will be learned but if it is not learned the first time she will make sure I learn it good the next time!
There are Real tears and Crying, She feels if their is not I have not let go of what ever cause this correction! “Poor Behavior, Disrespect, Destressing “Spanking Therapy” and or because she feels it is needed!
I love my Wife we have been Married 28 years and when she knows I am getting a spanking she dances around singing “John’s Getting a Spanking” and after or when she gets home she wants to see the results!

The Wicked Queen

Hi John! Just out of curiosity…why doesn’t your Wife discipline you? Glad to see you’re getting it one way or another though! 🙂


My Wife and I are Very Much the same! We started off with her as Disciplinarian but it just did not work! She is a Servant at Heart and very submissive But Very Controlling! The Chemistry was just not right!
She is a RN and I just Retired from FD Both Very High Stress Jobs and we both know Marriage is a lot of work has its own stresses!
So when we go places She unwined at a Poker Machine and I go Visit a Disciplinarain/Friends in the Area! Sister used to Live in Vegas so it worked out great for both of us!
I got the Punishment Spanking I spoke of a couple OWeers ago so when she gets home she will sqweeze my butt and then laugh and what to see!


I went to Spanking events like SCONY,Shadowlane, BMSL, and the Likes!
also made friends through FETLIFE and AFF!
So together we made friends and it just worked out right!
She is Very Vanilla and I am Very F/M so when we met other couples she talked to the Wife about me and many times the Wife talked to me! Only she did the talking and I did the Crying! LOL


Congratulations on your retirement @John, and of course 28 impressive years of a successful marriage. I’m so glad you’ve both been able to develop such a beneficial arrangement; however, have to wonder how dynamics have evolved with influences such as pandemic considerations and events ending (eg: SCONY, ShadowLane, CrimsonMoon, etc)


When I was growing up Dad was the Head of the Home and the Belt was his Punishment of Choice! Mom stopped spanking us when I was still young Because of that I think I sought out Women “Teacher’s, Friends Mom’s and My first Girl Friend as my Disciplinarains!

B Smith

Wow! We had similar discipline experiences with our parents. However I probably feared my mom more than my dad because she spanked more often than he did. I would say his were worse but my mom knew how to use the belt and she dealt out some serious butt whippings to me over the years.

Last edited 3 years ago by B Smith
Lance Richard

Love this story

The Wicked Queen

Thanks for the comment Lance. Hope to hear from you again. 🙂


Good story! When very young spankings were done in bathroom OTK with a small hard plastic brush. Then one day dad broke the brush on my behind. But no fear, Grand mom gave each of her sons wood brushes for Christmas.
Mom and Dad used the belt when we were older. I remember them chasing me around the house rather than a formal request to bend over.

The Wicked Queen

Thanks for the comment and for sharing!


I know very well what you are talking about, because i grew up under the discipline of the slipper of my mother. Her slippers were not light “chanclas” or soft and light spanking implements, there were a solid and heavy rubber or leather soled ones she bought not only to hang around the house, but also to spank the bottoms of his sons and daughter over her knees when they were naughty. Those slippers hurt a lot on our bare bottoms, because mom bared it to spank us, and they left us our rears red and sore for hours, and sometimes they hurt until the next day. The sound of the slipper warming some bad girl’s or boy’s bottom was something usual at home, and not a whole week passed without it warming one or the other of us, some weeks all the three, and all our nearby neighbors could hear it and knew very well about the use of “la zapatilla” on our home, some having witnessed some of the thrashings.
I show you a recent photo of some of her slippers, not he same we felt growing up because of the elapsed time, but very similar. What a stinging memories!

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