How To Get Your Girlfriend or Wife to Spank You

e-book get gf or wife to spank you coverI am happy to finally say, Joey has completed his ebook, “How To Get Your Girlfriend Or Wife to SPANK YOU (or how to find one that does)”. As you may recall from previous posts, comments, emails or messages, this sentiment is the #1 question we get asked. And on my Fetlife account, I see this question constantly getting brought up in many groups.

After reading through the entire e-book, I have to say I am so proud of what he accomplished here. As weird as it was to read about his past girlfriends and how he got them to spank him, the fact of the matter was that he WAS able to do just that! He also covers converting ME from a full on “vanilla” girl to a very strict Wicked Queen, who (as most of you now know), spanks him without mercy when he needs it. I would have NEVER in a million years guessed I would have embraced that secondary persona. But…I’m SO glad I did, as it has taken our love, trust, and intimacy to new heights. 🥰

I added a few thoughts here and there in the book as well, but mostly this is him, giving you some background, ideas, and tips to help get you in the position of convincing your existing girlfriend or wife to give spanking a try, and/or finding a woman who spanks. An almost virtual playbook, if you will. He also shares some pretty funny stories about some of his successes as well as failed attempts, which also serve as good examples of what you shouldn’t do, (as well as being entertaining).

So for all of you who have ever said…

“I wish my girlfriend would be open to spanking me.”

“I wish my wife would give me good hard spankings when I need it.”

“I really wish I could find a woman who would spank me.”

Or any iteration of that…I truly believe that by getting this e-book, you’ll have a better chance to realize your dreams and wishes of getting the spankings you want, need, and deserve. Get your copy today – 50% off for a limited time.

Over 18k words! Way to go Joey!

Here it is: How to Get Your Girlfriend or Wife to Spank You

Wishing you the best of luck!

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Don Edwards

Guy, I already replied to this marvelous news in a personal email.. I can’t wait to start to read it. I have had 2 guys contact me wanting to waste my ass. With nothing coming from my partner, I may have to go outside of the relationship.


Hey Don, thanks for your purchase. Jess just asked me this morning if I had any additional tips for you, and I gave her some tips that she included in her email. Hope whatever situation is best for you, is the one that works out. Cheers man and good luck!

Don Edwards

Hi Joey: I’m implicating you in my devious plan. It’s been a hectic stressful week so I’ll wait till the weekend and to spring it on him. What I want to say is that Joey challenged me to take 20 severe swats with the paddle, and supposedly you are betting that I can’t. I’ll let you know if it works! Cheers, Don



Don Edwards

Too cute. Joey…..nothings happened yet, still waiting for the right time. We’ve had things like constantly unreliablity with our car. So….just went out and bought a new one…..Too sweet of a ride. It’s just the smooth thing to drive when one has a wasted ass! 😉

John Oliver

Looking forward to reading Joey’s book. How do I order it, there doesn’t seel to be any link for ordering.


Can the book be downloaded straight to my computer without having an Ereader?

John Oliver

Hi Joey, I’ve been trying to order your book, but when I open the order section, I can’t input my information. What am I doing wrong? I really need your book to try and get my g/f to spank me often and hard, though not quite as hard as some of your spankings at the hands of your Queen. Thanks


Hey John, sorry you’re running into some issues. We haven’t heard of anything like that happening as of yet, and I happy and grateful to say, they are selling! 🙂

I’ll email you directly so we can make sure you get a copy. Talk soon!


Purchased and enjoyed the E-Book very much. Excellent writing and insight which is very consistent with my experience. Highly recommended for seekers and newbies. Thanks Jess and Joey – keep up the great work.


Something for the gals?

I’ve read Joey’s E-book (Jess’s too, as she comments throughout) and found it very informative.

Now – getting my question out there before I say too much to complicate the point of my post:

“Is there a resource for the gals that have husbands or boyfriends wanting to be spanked?”

My background – I confessed my desire for my girl to spank me just under a year ago and she accepted it well, and -has- spanked me a few times. I’ve bought a few implements for her and even gave her a nice hairbrush for Christmas – in front of “witnesses” who – based on comments – likely suspect it’s not just for brushing hair. (Just ordered WQ’s “Spanking Log” as well.)

Anyway, we’ve broached the subject of “FLR”, and even have drafted and approved a “contract” of sorts that makes it clear she’s in charge and is empowered to spank at will.

The problem (IMHO) is that there’s not enough spanking going on. She has said she “wants to” which I’m not sure means to make me happy – or because it’s good for her on some level. I would like for her to “enjoy” it – whether that’s in terms of stress relief, dealing with my mood or bad habits, for (her) sexual arousal, or empowering her.

Part of the issue may just be opportunity – location, privacy, etc. I think she also looks to me to lead – which seems counterintuitive if -she- should be the one doing the spanking.

So – long story still long – is there some kind of resource – like Joey’s E-book except aimed at women? Something like “My husband wants me to spank him – and I’m game – but how do I go about it?” I’m really looking for something I can put in her hands that will help. She has done some reading – and I really appreciate that.



She thinks I’m crazy because I want to be spanked my wife is 74 years old she has no interest whatsoever


Thank you very much I’ll keep reading these posts but every time I mention it to her she looked at me and says don’t be stupid.


This book has proven invaluable as has Jess’ 3 articles directed at the ladies.

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