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When in Doubt…Use the Belt

by The Wicked Queen

While the majority of people look at functionality and fashion of belts, There are quite a few of us that have a fuller understanding of what they are capable of in the disciplinary sense. It may be a foreign concept to the younger generation but when I was a kid, getting threatened OR actually GETTING the belt was a real possibility in many homes. I didn’t get the belt growing up but my Mom DID have a paddle that she used on us. On occasion, we’d get threatened with the belt and for whatever reason, we thought that was the worst of the worst.

My husband had a similar experience growing up. He and his siblings were threatened with “the belt” on occasion but he only got it with the belt a couple times. Once from his dad and once from his mom. However his mom didn’t really know how to spank with a belt and held it like 10 inches from the end (instead of doubling it over) and spanked him like that. He said he acted like it hurt because he didn’t want her to take off her sandal and spank him which he KNEW hurt. He wrote a post about it and an event that happened later on. Check out: Long Overdue Belting

Anyway, my husband LOVES leather. I would say just shy of an actual fetish, and as such, has bought me many nice leather belts. I mean, NICE leather belts. Italian leather, saddle or harness leather. Belts that have some good weight to them. He knew he was going to get spanked by me with them and for the initial period of time, he wasn’t afraid because we were operating under the “safeword” rule and doing mostly fun spankings. But, once we crossed over into REAL discipline, some of the belts he bought me came back to…say…bite him on the ass?


leather belt around woman waistLike sandals, a belt is a great implement to travel with as it is a great incognito spanking tool. Even when we’re just out and about, if I’m wearing one of my “meaner” belts, my husband takes note and is usually on his best behavior because he knows that belt is handy and what that belt can bring. Most belts can teach a good lesson but I have a couple that can bring him to tears in a very short period of time. Like the one pictured around my waist, it is a dark brown leather belt that has been oiled (by him) for years which has added more weight and flexibility to it. It is a fairly heavy but pliable belt that is 1 and 1/2 inches wide, and when I take it off and double it over, he cringes as he knows how much it hurts and that he is likely going to be crying soon. I have some belts that are only 1 inch in width and some belts that are actually 2 inches wide. You would think that the wider belt would be more fierce but wider also means more wind resistance. 1 and 1/2 inches seems to be the sweet spot for giving a good belt spanking. Although I do have a very thin but like horse rein thick leather belt that he hates as well but that is almost more like a butt whipping instead of a belting. But I digress…

Doubled Over

woman holding doubled over beltAs I mentioned above, when I spank my husband, I ALWAYS double the belt over. This increases the weight of the strap and is going to provide a much more harsh and effective spanking. And it’ll be a longer lasting lesson afterwards as well. Swing in control, but swing HARD ladies.

When I give him a belt whuppin’. BTW – a quick word about our nomenclature. In our home, if I tell him he’s going to get a spanking with my belt (or his), it is a discipline spanking. Probably in the 20 to 30 swat range. More of an attitude adjustment (in fact, we started calling it that). But if I tell him he’s getting a belt whuppin’…He knows he’s in for a more severe spanking. It means I’m going to take the belt to him, over and over again, until I feel he’s learned his lesson. But if I tell him I’m taking him to the woodshed or that he’s earned himself a woodshed whuppin’. That’s his ass. He is in for the worst of the worst spankings and he’s come to learn to try and avoid those if at all possible. He still ends up getting one of those about 3 maybe 4 times a year.

Anyway, back to the belt! I also like to wear the belt I’m going to spank him on the day of the spanking, so it can remind him of what’s coming, every time he sees it. I also think that a belt that has been worn all day and is a little warm, is just a tiny bit more pliable (which hurts worse) but the best part about wearing the belt you’re going to spank him with, is watching his face, when you unbuckle it, start sliding it out from the belt loops and double it over. I like to look right at him as I do this and just watch the fear come over his face as I tell him it is time for his belting.

The Dreaded “Edge Swats”

woman spanking man with her beltYou may have noticed that in some spanking videos, the spanker will grab a hold of the doubled over end of the belt after each swat. The reason for this is that belts can and does sometimes twist on its way down, landing with the belt’s edge (or partially). While the sound from an edge swat not a loud smack, the pain is much worse for the recipient.

MY philosophy is…This is a REAL SPANKING. You messed up and have earned a belt whuppin’. And unfortunately for YOU, edge swats are a natural part of a REAL belt spanking. So…he gets what he gets. The edge lashes only happen about every 7 to 9th swat, so it’s not like it is EVERY single lash. But those edge swats help provide for a LONG lasting memory of the lesson I’m spanking him for. Those will usually turn into some bruises that will be felt for days if not a week to come. For the record, if I was spanking him and the edge swats were happening more frequently then what I stated. Then I would double check my grip and positioning to get it back in check. But again, bottom line…If you’ve earned a belt whuppin’ from me, you can count on some edge swats as part of it.

Belt Spanking Tips

Over the years, I’ve learned some good belt spanking tips I will share here. Again this is as it pertains to a domestic discipline spanking.

  • Use a dense, flexible belt that has some weight to it. I prefer leather belts but to those opposed to leather, a rubber belt could be just as, or ever more painful. My favorite belt to spank with, is an Italian leather belt that has been oiled over the years. He likes to refer to it as “the meanest belt in the house”.
  • Spank from both sides. The doubled over end of the belt, has a nasty bite to it and will continue to tear up one side of his butt, more than the other side. But…I want both sides of his butt to get wrecked. So, I will spank from both sides. Having said that, don’t switch sides every 4 or 5 swats, give at least 20 or 30 swats in a row, from one side before switching. The accumulative pain from one lash after another helps get those tears flowing!
  • Spanking Zone DiagramSpank him in my designated spanking zone. From the top of his butt, to the upper backs of his legs (and of course, everything in between). When you wreck his whole backside like that, he’ll be reminded of the spanking, every time his backside leans or touches something.
  • Advanced Tip #1 – Edge Swats. Normally, in the course of a spanking, an edge swat can land organically as mentioned above. This is especially true if your belt is very flexible. If it is not, you can turn your wrist, ever so slightly as your swinging towards his butt and the belt will turn just slightly and deliver one of this nasty blows. Or you can be really mean and put a twist or two in the belt before you double it over, thus making most swats edge swats. I haven’t done that as those types of swats REALLY leave bruises, AND if he’s earned something really severe, then I’ll either take the water soaked cane to him or the wicked switch. More painful, without the bruising. (But it either WILL leave marks for weeks).
  • Advanced Tip #2 – Wrap Around (just a little) – For those new to spanking or new to spanking with a belt. I always caution them to watch for the wrap around. Which is just like it sounds. You have the belt doubled over, but you’re standing a little too close and the belt wraps around, potentially hitting your man in the privates. Not cool. So I recommend checking the length on your belt and get a good feel for distance. Once you can consistently spank with the belt and just get the butt and back of the legs, THEN, take a very small step forward and try to get the end of the doubled over belt, so that it is landing on the side of the butt or side of the upper legs. Again…just a little). That is a very tender spot, and the wrap around movement give that lash an extra snap!

So, get your belts ready ladies. It is time to keep these men in line!

Update: New post that highlights my Italian leather belt, now being referred to as my Wicked Leather Belt. Along with more pics and a video of me taking it off, doubling it over, and showing it off.

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