The Wicked Switch

getting a switchGrowing up, I gratefully never received a spanking with a switch. I had only read about them or seen it portrayed on old TV shows or movies. And in most cases it didn’t look that bad, based on the reaction of the actor receiving it (because it wasn’t really happening). That perception was my downfall in thinking it would be “neat” to get a switch for my wife to spank me with. An old school whuppin’ with a switch had a certain nostalgic charm to it for some reason. At the time of this brilliant thought…I had already gotten spanked with a couple canes. A traditional rattan cane and a white lexan cane that I now refer to as “White Lightning”. Both are about 3/8” in diameter and both are (or used to be…) the worst things to get a spanking by. When my Wife uses the rattan cane on me, she’ll tell me to “soak the cane” a day and a half before. That means I have to let the cane soak over 36 hours in water. During which time the cane absorbs some of it, it makes it more dense, heavier and flexible. Not to mention awfully harsh! Soooo…I figured I had taken the worse of the worst in regards to canes/rods and so a switch whuppin’ wouldn’t, couldn’t be any worse than either one of those.

So out to the backyard I went. Merrily on my quest to find a switch for my wife to use on me. There were some very thin whippy ones but I thought, that’s more a stingy, annoying scratching type of spanking. Plus on videos where I had seen thin switches used in a spanking, I noticed they break pretty easily. Nah, I wanted a switch that had some substance! More like the 3/8” diameter size. Something I was already familiar with due to the canes. I finally found a tree that had some branches around that size and “cut a switch”. As I walked back to the house, I had that thought of having to go get a switch and bring it back for your own whuppin’ and again, that nostalgic charm arose within, although this time, there was a tinge of fear with it, as the switch looked and felt like it could cause some serious pain.

spanking switch

It naturally was larger at the base, then tapered off at the other end. I took it to my workshop and cut it down to size. I took the middle section where there was still some taper to it but mostly it was at or around that 3/8” diameter mark I was going for. I had cut it down to 30”. It had some weight to it but it didn’t bend as much as I thought. After getting the length right, I got a knife out to smooth out some of the “nubs” and sharp parts of the switch when I noticed some weird stuff all along the outside of it. I don’t know if it was just the way the bark of the tree looked or if it was some sort of moss or growth on the outside of him. Hmmmm…The thought of getting spanked with this and having some sort of allergic reaction to it was not something I wanted to go through. I almost chuckled at the thought of having to go to urgent care with an allergic butt reaction…”So uh, Mr. Smith…just what happened here?” LOL.

And just that quickly…the switch idea started to lose its allure. ☹

A few months later, my wife was helping a friend of hers make center pieces for an anniversary party. It basically was a vase, with colored rocks in it and long-stemmed faux flowers. The flowers that they got were LONG and had to cut them down to size in order to properly fit into the vase. When I was talking out the trash, there were all these long plastic, fake flower branches and yes…the switch dream was alive again! Now these were too short and not as big in diameter that I was originally thinking but I knew I could go to any craft store and find the right long stemmed flower or faux brand and make the perfect switch.

So I did. I was amazed at the number of faux flowers and decorative branches they sell. After just a few minutes, I found a faux black branch that was bout 3’ long. The bottom of the branch wasn’t quite the thickness I was looking for but I had an idea about how to fix that (more on that later). And as the branch when up, it broke off into several smaller branches just like the end of a tree branch would. BUT…the main part of the branch, went up around 2’. Shorter than what I was looking for but I figured it could still do.

So I took it home and sure enough, the main part of the branch when up right at/around 24” before it broke off in different directions. I used a pair linesman pliers which easily cut through the plastic and wire that ran down the middle of it. And I snipped off the smaller branches that were jetting out of the sides of the main branch. When I snipped the smaller branches, it exposed some smaller wire that was used to support the smaller branches. These ends of the wire were sharp because they were just snipped. I wasn’t sure if those wires were connected to the main wire in the middle or not but upon using some needle nose pliers, I was able to pull them right out. Then I used a razor to smooth out any sharp plastic pieces. I still wanted the branch to have the branch look and feel, with the variances and nubs that a branch has. That was already formed onto this branch from the mold they used to make the branch but some of it needed to be trimmed up.

Then I had my 24” switch but it was a little on the light side and not as thick in diameter that I had hoped. So I got some plasti-dip and dipped in one end of the switch let it naturally drip off back into the can. Then I dipped it again and used a pair of locking pliers to lightly hold the switch perpendicular to the floor and upside down, so the dip would drip down towards the uncovered end. It never made it to the end, so I had to dip the other end of it and then when I got those ends built up a little, I got a board and poured some of the dip onto the middle part and then hung it both ways to until it was all naturally even. It was kind of a pain in the ass (which I guess is poetic eh?), but the finished product was a menacing looking black switch that had some added weight and density to it. I didn’t get to the 3/8” thickness but in retrospect, I credit my brain as it had the sense to tell me to stop as it KNEW this was going to be pretty bad ass it was.

So here it is…

the wicked spanking switch

It is still a little more pliable than I had hoped but that only serves it well in the dishing out pain. The magic formula of weight + dense + pliable = a very painful spanking implement, is very evident in this switch.

I started having second thoughts about showing/giving this to my wife. I somehow knew that there was a possibility of it being as bad as the canes.

spanking switchBut being the brain-iac that I am…I eventually confessed to having a new toy for her. She liked the idea taking a switch to me and admired my handy work as she inspected it. Then she told me to put it somewhere in the garage, so that when the time came…she would send me to “get a switch”. Boom, there were those romantic old school feels again! It sounds cool in fantasy land. But that only lasts until you realize it becoming a reality. Then I started getting nervous about it. I get a spanking about once a month or sometimes every other month. And it was coming on two months and my behavior and attitude was starting to slip. I knew I was destined to get it soon and now I knew something rather harsh was going to be her implement of choice. She had already decided on her “corresponding sandals” for it. They are a pair of black thong sandals that have a flower on top of them. How fitting. Anyway, they are one of her favorite pairs of sandals because she says they are so comfortable.

And so it came to pass…I was being unruly and she had had enough. She disappeared for a few moments and sure enough, came back into the great room wearing her black flower sandals. “Go get a switch.” she sharply commanded, then continued, “I’ll be in the woodshed waiting for you. You have 2 minutes to get your soon to be, torn up ass, in there.” Oh SHIT. This is it. Those romantic and nostalgic feelings were nowhere to be found. Just sheer fear as I knew my impending doom was near. I took a deep breath and went to the garage and got the switch. It felt even heavier than I remembered it and I had a brief moment of wanting to just run somewhere and hide. But I knew better than that. That would only get more of what I was going to get already. Besides, I’m a man damnit. I’ve agreed to take these real punishments. I needed to “man up” and go take what I’ve earned and what is now due.

As I walked towards “the woodshed”, I totally understood the feeling of those who had to go get a switch for their own whuppin’ must’ve had. Each step bringing you closer to pain and possibly tears. After the long walk, I opened the door to our room/the woodshed and there she was in our big lounge chair. Legs crossed. Dangling one of her sandals. “Bring it here.” She calmly stated. I handed it to her and she looked again at it as if seeing it for the first time. This is really a nice switch my love. I’m going to enjoy tanning your hide with it. I kneeled down in front of her and she told me to only look at her feet and sandals. I did as instructed as she recanted all the reasons she was about to spank me. From my attitude to my behavior to some missed chores.

Then she asked if I had anything to say for myself, and as self-preservation dictated, I started to apologize and ask for another chance, even though I have NEVER gotten a 2nd chance when we have gotten to this stage. She simply said, “No. Now Assume the position.” I got up, walked to the bed, unbuckled my belt and pulled my shorts and underwear down, then bent over the end of the bed. She got up and I heard the switch for the first time, cut through the air, “whrrrff”. OMG, that sound was eerily familiar with the sound the cane makes. She walked over to the left side of me and got into her spanking position. I then felt the coolness of the switch as she placed it against my butt, measuring her distance. And without any further word or warning, the first lash came. Whrrrffap! “AUuuooo” was the strangest noise that came out of my mouth as I experienced THE most painful lash, the most painful ANYTHING in my entire life! My knees instantly buckled but I knew better than to not stay in position and quickly recovered as the 2nd lash landed. Whrrrffap! With the 2nd lash came another indescribable noise from me. It was a cross between a wail and a cry, then I felt my tears already welling. Whrrrffap! The 3rd lash came and I was crying. I was holding on to the bed cover and doing my best not to get too much out of position as the lashes kept landing. One, after another. I think she only did about 15 from the first side but each lash felt like a thin searing iron was being placed on my backside and making its way into my butt. She walked over to the other side and it began again. Whrrrffap! Whrrrffap! Whrrrffap! At this point, I am bawling and sobbing with loud cries as soon as each lash lands. I almost had a moment of being embarrassed for crying out like that when the next lash came, Whrrrffap! And that embarrassment was replaced by pain and agony. She normally does her final count but after this 2nd set of 15, she stopped and walked over to her throne, sat down and crossed her legs, still holding the switch. “Do you like my sandals young man?” she asked. “Yes’m.” I wimpered. “Me too. Even more so now, that we at her feet povboth know, if you do something bad while I’m wearing them, we’re going to come home and you’re going to go get me the switch. “Yes Ma’am.” I acknowledged. I was a hot mess. Tear stained eyes, butt throbbing and snot coming out of my nose. She reached over to the table next to the chair got a tissue and handed it to me. I wiped away my tears, blew my nose and as she always ends my spanking, she lifted her foot up to me. I took her sandal off and kissed the soles of her feet and the underside of her toes for just a moment before she softly said, “Ok.” At which point I put her sandal back on, kissed the top of her foot, then repeated the same with her other foot.

If I had a time machine, I am all but sure I would likely go back in time and choose to NOT purchase, then make that evil thing.  It has now become known as “The Wicked Switch” but in my head, I think of it as The Evil, Dreaded, Wicked Switch. It is the most painful implement in our house and one I fear with every fiber of my being. I am very grateful that she only uses it every once in a great while. And let me tell you…that long walk to the woodshed, with the switch in my hand and knowing she is waiting for me; is so much worse after you’ve experienced the excruciating pain it brings, and knowing that pain is coming your way again.

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  1. Great article, Joey. Until a few years ago, a switch is something I had not experienced. That all ended one day we were working in the yard. We have two rather large maple trees and we had trimmed the lower limbs along with other yard tasks. Maple and some other kinds of trees, even as adult trees sprout new limbs around the trunk. We used to call these ‘suckers’ and always kept them trimmed off. We found one about 30 inches long and nicely tapered. As I cut it off, I remarked to her quite slyly, this would make a good switch. She agreed and asked if even as a child I had ever been switched. I replied I had not, but often wondered about it, hearing all the ‘stories’ about the implement. She asked if I was willing to give it a try. My male member got a bit hard as I said sure. Immediately we went to the garage and I sheared off the buds attached to the switch as she prepared a place for me. I bared my ass, but she said no, I want you completely nude like any other spanking. So I stripped as placed myself over the make shift spanking bench she fashioned. Much like you, I heard the swish thru the air in her trial swing. The next landed across both cheeks with sound you most accurately described. I screamed loud with searing pain. Another stroke brought the same result. I did not take nearly as many as you, but after perhaps 8 or so, she said I was nicely striped and welts were forming. I would judge it much like the cane, but even a bit more painful. I hope I never have to endure a ‘real’ spanking with that implement.

    A few points I want to mention. I was always told a switch had to be cut fresh and used immediately, as it would dry out and become brittle. Unlike a rattan cane, soaking an old switch will not bring it back to life. I admit to my lack of knowledge about a switch. Now coating it, like you did, may keep it from drying out, but it appears to me you really made the switch into a cane. Again, I know not what I speak about. Perhaps you on other readers can enlighten me more about “The Wicked Switch”

    1. Hey Cowboy, thanks! Yeah, searing pain is the right word for it, right? I hate that thing. So, the wicked switch started out as a fake plastic branch type of thing. Like one of those decorative flower or branches at a craft store. So it can’t dry out. When I coated it with the plati dip, it just added more density and weight to it and made that thing pure evil. My wife thinks I should make some more and sell them on our site but I don’t know if I can do that to my fellow men! LOL. Although, if she makes a point to ask me again, I won’t have much choice as I’m sure The Wicked Switch would be the implement she’d use to “persuade” me to do it.

    1. Hi Cowboy, I haven’t published the ATS post yet or made the ATS sheet available yet. Actually I posted it for about 10 minutes to test something out, but then put it back into draft status until I could finish the post. Probably will be done by the end of this week. 🙂

  2. I think it’s hysterical about how you boys make us these implements and then wish we wouldn’t use them on you. How can you think a girl wouldn’t want to try out a new implement? And once she gets that reaction you describe, it definitely is going to stay in her arsenal!

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