Sandal Associations

I, like many women LOVE shoes. And for me…my shoes of choice are sandals. Flat sandals, thong sandals, t-strap sandals, toe ring sandals…I love ’em all! I love the look of them, the feel of them and even the sound of them when I walk around. I enjoy dangling them as I sit and watch TV or read and have noticed that apparently my husband likes that too! 😉 I also LOVE the fact that most can double as mini spanking paddles incognito.

spanking sandal associations

That said…not all sandals are great for spanking. In fact, there are only a handful of sandals I own, that can actually teach my husband a really good lesson. A pair of jelly sandals, a plastic thong sandal with a heavy sole and an all leather t-strap sandal with a solid leather sole are the 3 main ones that come to mind as being capable of wrecking his backside. They key to a good spanking sandal is having a dense, somewhat flexible sole with some decent weight to it.

Speaking of soles…spanking with the heel of the sandal

As I covered in my article about sandals as spanking implements. Here’s an easy tip to increase the sting of just about any sandal you may have. And that is by spanking him with the heel end instead of the wide end. It is natural to take off your sandal and grab the area where your heel goes, as it is thinner and easy to grab. But if you can hold the sandal by the area where your toes go and spank him with the heel of the sandal…that spanking will sting a lot more!

The first time I spanked my husband with the heel of one of my sandals, he realized very quickly that something was different. He had been swatted with these sandals before but they had never brought him that much pain and so he immediately started trying to talk his way out of it. Which by the way, only made his spanking worse! When I decide I’m going to spank him…he’s earned it and deserves it. So when he tries to talk his way out of it, that only pisses me off and adds swats to his spanking. At any rate, spanking with the heel of the sandal can get you by in a pinch. Like out and about somewhere and you only have a certain pair of sandals, then spanking with the heel will usually get you by or do the job quite well.

It is easy to see the reason for the increased sting of the heel. Most sandals have a small pancake heel  or gradual wedge that adds weight to the heel end of the sandal. It is a dense area that while it doesn’t cover as much of his backside, it makes up for it with its increased STING!

spanking sandalAt any rate…back to my original point of this post…

There are many sandals that I wear that even the “heel trick” won’t do much to teach him a lesson. So…I came up with the idea of “sandal associations”. Now usually when I take my husband to the woodshed, I’m not using a sandal for that spanking. I am tanning his hide with something much more wicked. So I decided that I would associate different implements with different pairs of my favorite sandals. Sandals that are not capable of teaching him a good lesson by themselves.

I normally tell him when I’m taking him to the woodshed (which, by the way is just our nomenclature for him getting a severe and very real discipline spanking – we don’t actually have a woodshed). And I usually tell him what he’s getting it with. For example, I might tell him something like, “You just earned yourself a trip to the woodshed…Tonight…With the Italian leather belt.” I started telling him because I want him to think about and fret about the forthcoming spanking up to the moment it begins. He knows how bad that belt hurts and how hard I spank with it. He knows that his backside is going to get wrecked and that he’ll be sleeping on his stomach. I like the thought that his mischievous mind has to deal with a little mental anguish due to his actions.

rainbow sandals on feetSo, when I wear the Italian leather belt, I often wear a pair of brown Rainbow sandals that match it in color. But oftentimes I’ll wear those sandals without a belt. And while the top part of that sandal is leather, the bottom sole of that sandal is made with a lightweight foam type material, so it is not a good sandal for spanking. So when I decided to associate these sandals with that belt, I took him to the woodshed and had him kneel before me. I started taking off my belt, (which the sight and sounds of me doing that, give him fearful moments), I told him to look down at the sandals on my feet. By this time, I already had my belt off, doubled over and was holding it so the looped end was within his view. He could see my feet wearing the Rainbow sandals and my meanest belt (which I ever so slightly swung it back and forth). I told him, “From here on…these are my belt whuppin’ sandals. When I wear these, it could be that I just wanted to wear them…OR…it could be that your ass is getting the belt later that day.” I then told him to assume the position (which means – walk over to the end of our bed, pull down your pants and underwear and bend over the end of the bed). He did so and I gave him a severe and harsh belt spanking. After the spanking was over and still holding the doubled over belt, I walked over to a big lounge chair in our room, sat down, crossed my legs and held the belt again in a manner that the looped end was by my sandaled feet. I had him to come over and kneel before me again and look at my feet and sandals (and belt). Asked him if he learned his lesson, which of course he did, I just wrecked his backside! I once again reminded him that these were now my belt whuppin’ sandals and if that association was clear to him or did he need more discussion to help him make that association. Of course he said he didn’t and his spanking was over. Now, ever since that time, when he’s gotten it with that belt, I make sure I wear those sandals. Sometimes, I tell him he’s going to the woodshed and to bring me my “belt whuppin’ sandals” or even bring me my Rainbow sandals and he knows right then and there…he’s getting it with the meanest belt in the house.

Italian leather belt

Now, when I wear these sandals WITHOUT my belt…he still takes notice and I’ve seen him correct his own behavior right after noticing these sandals on my feet. These sandals now mean something more to him than just his wife’s footwear. They have become almost as powerful a reminder of the belt as the belt itself.

Over the years, I’ve created a sandal association for every woodshed whuppin’ implement in my arsenal.

  • A pair of light tan thong sandals I have associated with The Cane

spanking cane and thong sandals

  • A pair of dark brown sandals I’ve associated with The Razor Strap
  • A black pair of leather sandals I have associated with a mean black leather belt
  • A pair of sandals that have holes patterned in them, I have associated my Spencer paddle
  • A black pair of sandals with a flower on them have been associated with my Wicked Switch

wicked switch and matching sandals

  • A black toe ring pair of sandals have been associated with my Black Leather Punishment Strap
  • Another brown pair of leather flip flops are associated with my Brown Wooden Paddle
  • A light tan t-strap pair of sandals are associated with my Wooden Bath Brush
  • A light brown pair of studded gladiator sandals are associated with a Leather Punishment Strap with Rivets
  • A thick leather soled pair of t-strap sandals are associated with themselves
  • A Mexican pair of huaraches sandals with a tire sole (we call La Chancla) are associated with themselves

And I’ve actually associated a few pairs of sandals with my Italian leather belt as it is the belt I like to use often for his punishments.As I mentioned, when I’ve told him he is going to get it later on today, I like to wear the associated pair of sandals all day long so that he can see them and dread what is coming.

italian leather belt and matching sandals

This has a WONDERFUL added benefit of encouraging him to behave when we are out shopping or at an event. If we go to a party or a friends house and he sees me wearing a pair of sandals that associate with something wicked. All I have to do is discreetly click or dangle my sandal a little and he’ll straighten his course nine times out of ten. And if he doesn’t, he’s going to wish he had when I get his ass get home.

So there you have it ladies. I highly recommend starting some sandal associations soon!

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Kai Ballard

Hello. My Mommy usually wears flat, hard leather soled between the toe sandals on her lovely bare feet and lovely naked red polshed toes. She won’t hesitate to take off her right sandal, pull down my pants and panties, put me over her knee with me holding her feet and giving my bare bottom a long, HARD spanking of at least 40 Spanks with her sandal. And she spanks very hard. Even in public. She has about 30 pairs of sandals and all are capable of spanking my bare bottom and I cry real tears. I love her so very much. Keep spanking long and hard with your sandal.

Kai Ballard

Hello Wicked Queen, yes Ma’am, I mean my female counterpart. She makes me call her Mommy whenever she is going to spank my bare bottom long and hard over over her knee with her sandal. Even in public. Seriously. I will keep reading. Thank you Ma’am.


Just a quick note to let you know that your blog is appreciated. F/M spanking seems to be becoming more and more mainstream. My partner has been spanking me for several years, she doesn’t use a sandal though, she mostly uses a thin wooden paddle that stings without causing real harm.


Glad you like our blog. I’ve been spanked with a variety of paddles as well and yes they sting pretty good. We will be adding a paddle page to the implements section of the site soon.

Kai Ballard

Hello Wicked Queen. My “Mommy” and I were out tonight at a friends party, Maria. Though it’s cold here, Mommy carried a pair of red, flat, hard leather soled between the toe sandals-no heel strap-in her purse as usual and put them on when we arrived. She told me I could only have 2 drinks. I tried to sneak a third one and was caught when I tried to hide in a corner. She walked up, spun me around and slapped my face three times very hard then telling me I was going to get a good hard over the knee spanking on my bare with her sandal. I was so embarrassed. Grabbing my wrist, she took to Maria and told her how she slapped me and needs to spank me, if she had a spare bed room. By the way, this triple happened tonight. Maria led us to a room upstairs and watched as I went over Mommy’s knee for a good hard spanking of at least 50 Spanks with her sandal. We got home 10 minutes ago and about to lay across the bed for a hard whipping with the belt. Take care and keep spanking. Us bad boys need and deserve to have our bare bottoms blistered every day.

No name

My girlfriend and I practice the sandal spanking and woooow she has one sandal that really sting
I love your post
Keep posting pictures or videos and maybe we can share some pictures


I hear you! There are a couple sandals my Wife has, that are surprisingly painful. Little paddles on her feet for sure!


I have received many beatings with a flip flop from my wife, she uses ipanemas brand, they are flexible with very hard rubber and the pain is unbearable


Yes my mama (gf) uses ipanema too and wood stick she discipline me everytime our daughter is at school… even if I’m doing good . But she keeps my Mark’s to remind me whenever our daughter is between us


Buenos días, azota en zonas diferentes del trasero?.
Por otro lado, cuánto tiempo suelen durar las marcas de unas sandalias después de una buena paliza?.
Muchas gracias


Por favor le agradecería me explicara si azota en zonas diferentes al trasero.
Por otro lado, cuanto tiempo suele durar las marcas de las sandalias después de una buena paliza?.
Muchas gracias

Bad boy

Last night, my Wonderful Honey Wife Mommy told to go to bed. I went to my room and started looking at spanking videos on my phone. She walked in catching me being naughty. She was wearing brown hats leather soled low heeled slippers, open toe/open heel. Snatching me up, she took off her right slipper., yanked my panties down and gave my bare bottom such a long hat spanking with her slipper. She didn’t bother to put me over her knee. Holding me by my left arm, she spanked and spanked. For extra punishment, she made me lick to soles of her pretty bare feet until she went to sleep.


Buenos días, anoche mi mujer me dio una buena paliza, era el segundo día que se me olvidaba retirar la ropa de la secadora, ya me lo advirtió la vez anterior, “la próxima que se te olvide vas a tener consecuencias severas”. Llevaba puestas unas zapatillas de inviernos azules con pelitos en la parte superior con suelas de gomas muy fina y súper flexibles. Esas zapatillas ya las había probado y hacían un daño tremendo. Se quitó la zapatilla y los primeros azotes fueron en la cara, a partir de ahí no miraba donde daba, cabeza, espalda brazos piernas trasero, no podría decir la cantidad de zapatillazos pero muchísimos, de echo tengo muchas marcas pero sobre todo en el brazo izquierdo los moretones sin morados. Seguro que no se me olvida más vaciar la secadora.


Good morning, please, I would like to tell you what foot size you use. Thank you


Sorry, I’ve already seen it in a previous answer


Hi. I can’t find any decent sandals anywhere. Can you tell us what your most painful slipper is? The brand and maybe a picture so I can find it on ebay. Thanks!!!


Dear Paul
My advice: don’t look for slippers. Slippers are mostIy for indoor-use. Those home-slippers I know are all far too flabby.
Go for outdoreable slides. I would assume that just about ANY decent pair of flat outdorable leather slides will sting satisfactorily.
Such slides tend to have sturdy but elastic soles, be it leather or rubber.
I am living in Europe, and we have different brands from the US here. However, I have been to the States frequently on business or on holidays. From the States I have brought home some pairs of flat Bernardo Miami thongs. I love them as they are softly cushioned and really feel comfy. But they also have sturdy rubber soles, and my husband tells me they are ……. whacky.
Well; I guess he has to know as he frequently gets to feels them.. 😉
My favorites today are Tamaris sandals. I believe you don’t get them in the shops in the States, but there is always Amazon..
I am just now wearing a pair of my favorite Tamaris “Toffy” (see also:
I have bought them in brown and in black.
They are blissfully soft and pamper my feet on every step, but Stef says that – with their weight and their rubber soles – they are very, very bad on his “behind”. He says they set his behind on fire in noting flat. I can confirm that judging by his yelling when he feels them on his behind.. 😉

But if you want to make “sure”, then take a flat wooden exercise sandal. There are the flat Dr. Scholl’s; I however prefer the Berkemann B100. I own 3 pairs of B100s…

After a good thrashing with these Stef is black and blue and cannot sit comfortably for the better part of a week..


Christopher t Githens

Sandy I was spanked with several Dr.Scholl sandals my self they hurt and make you scream like a little boy


Well, well; then I guess you had earned that spanking.
I feel that punishment spankings are supposed to hurt sufficiently. Sufficiently for me means that Stef will yell and wail under the strokes, and there will be a puddle of tears on the floor under his face when I am finished with him. If not I have not done my “job” well.
And yes: I know that my wooden Berkemanns do hurt like paddles, and that is exactly what I want. This is exactly why I use them from time to time…


Good morning queen, my wife started reading her blog a few days ago and follow some of her recommendations, from there much more severe than before



Wen ich wirklich ehrlich bin habe ich mehrere richtige Trachtprügeln auf den nackten Arsch richtig verdient von Frau/en mehrere richtige Trachtprügeln,
allein für das alles was ich gemacht habe,
würde sogar meinen nackten Arsch darauf verwetten das es nicht passiert,
das ist wirklich die Wahrheit über mich,
das denke ich mir wirklich leider schon länger😊😊weil ich es nämlich wirklich richtig verdient hätte/habe auf den nackten Arsch zu kriegen mit Latschen usw.fesseln u.fixieren auch komplett nackt ausziehen habe nämlich wirklich mehrere richtige Trachtprügeln auf den nackten Arsch verdient aber nicht (blau u.blutig)😊😊😊
selbst wenn ich mich Unterhalten könnte.u.mein Herz ausschütteln könnte,
wäre ich bestimmt bereit es wirklich zu machen wie früher das war einfach nur quatschen über alles erstmal egal was dann wäre😊😊die Wahrheit kommt immer raus gerade wenn es mir schwer fallen wird das weiß ich😊😊😊

Sandra Metzger

Dear Queen

I find your blog most inspiring, and I totally agree with practically all of what you are writing.
It is an absolute necessity to keep cheeky or feisty hubbies at bay, and a good whupping from time to time does make them toe the line again – well, for at least for a while…
I really had to smile when reading your comment about the little macho popping up time and again when when you have guests. Sounds just too familiar, and this often buys my hubby a dose with the sandal when the guests have left. And yes, I also love to wear slides, these little, comfy “leather paddles” on my feet and to put them to good use when Stef has been misbehaving. And I also sometimes apply the heel side of the sole when I want to leave a very “lasting impression”.
Here I should like to add a little piece to your “users manual”:
If you use a nicely stinging slide it may suffice for minor infractions to beat him up with the toe-side, but one thing should be observed: if you are right-handed, take the LEFT slide (and vice-versa). Many spanking women do get this wrong.
And why should this be wrong? Simple:
Imagine you want to teach him a lesson with a wooden hanger. You would automatically hold the hanger in the way that it curves down. Only this way you can deal the blows out of the wrist in a way that they really smart. Try that when holding the hanger so that the business-end is curving upwards.. Somehow doesn’t work, does it..
Same applies to the sandal. If you are right-handed, the right sandal curves upwards, the left sandal curves down. It makes quite a difference!
My standard whupping-routine with the sandal is four on the left cheek (all on the same spot), then four on the right cheek (same spot right), then 8 alternating lashes left-right-left-right etc. – still on the same spots, then again four left, four right. Then I move down to the thighs. Four left, four right, eight alternating, four left, four right. All on the same spots. Half an hour after that he will be s black and blue. For that it suffices to use the toe-side of the sandal to dish out the blows.
Now: If you turn the sandal to apply the heel-side it does not make any difference anymore whether you apply the left or the right sandal. The heel-side will deal a blistering anyway. The sensation then gets rather close to wooden paddle on the bare.

Quick comment on the cane:
You mentioned “soaked cane” somewhere. I also am a great believer in good canings, but surprisingly a freshly soaked rattan cane is just wobbly like a bag full of whipped cream. I did not believe this until I tried it. A watered cane has to dry first to make it “whippy” again.
I found that it is a good idea to soak rattan canes from time to time overnight in well-salted water. For that purpose – like you – I also use narrow plastic pipes from the nearest do-it-yourself store, and seal them with glue at the lower end (well, actually I do not do that; it’s on Stef’s “honey do” – list). As rattan swims, the canes need to be held down in the salt-water pipe with waterproof adhesive band. When the canes are well saturated they are taken out to dry. The salt cristals now “settle” in the fibres of the cane and start to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. This makes the canes heavier than they were before and, hence, more “impressive” (flexibility + weight = sting). When Stef is in for an announced caning, he has to put the cane chosen by me with the “business-end” into a vase filled with an inch of water. That way the tip will soak nicely and add weight to the strokes. It makes quite a difference!
And yes, Stef has to look after the punishment implements. This is one of his core chores ;-).
And he also has to attend to my sandals and slides. I expect him to regularly take care of these by creaming the foot-beds with body-lotion so they feel soft and tender anytime I wish to wear them.
I do random inspections from time to time to assure that this work was done.

Quick comment on ordering “reports” given by the culprit during spanking:
I do not want any “thank you, may I have another one” reports as this would slow down the cadence of my strokes. My lashes always land at split-second intervals. I can detect from his waling and screaming whether I have to slow down or to stop the lashes for a moment before dishing out the rest.

Kind regards,


Dearest Queen

Many thanks for your kind reply 🙂

I already profited from your comments.
Cutting the somewhat thinner rattan canes back to roughly 30 inches indeed appears to make them more resilient and “stingy”. I’ve tried that with an older cane, and the result was convincing.
I think I will have Stef shorten my other two junior canes as well. The thicker senior cane I guess I shall leave as is.

About the soaked canes: Now I see your point. You write you let them dry for a couple of hours. That of course makes all the difference..
In the beginning of our FLR, I once took a fully soaked cane to give Stef a well-deserved correction at the basement of our house where the spray does not really matter. I thought a fully soaked cane would be even more effective, but he hardly whimpered under the strokes. So I quickly tried it on my thigh – and I found it not much more effective than a dealing blows with a wet sponge. Therefore I had Stef fetch me one of the dry canes – which he did not like at all..
At that time I thought I had ruined that cane, but a few hours of drying later it had recovered its old springyness. The test-stroke I applied on my own thigh was very “ouchy”.

As written before, I once came across the advice to soak a cane overnight in well-salted water. Salted water has the same effect on lastingly improving the elasticity of the cane as sweet water does, but additionally – during the drying process – microscopic small salt cristals will settle everywhere throughout the entire length and diameter of the implement. Salt draws water, and a cane with salt cristals in the fibres constantly sucks the moisture from the surrounding air to saturate the salt. That makes such canes lastingly elastic and distinctly heavier then they were at the time of purchase.

When Stef is in for a caning, I sometimes order him to put the business-end of one of our “salted” canes for a few minutes into a bucket with a few inches of water in it. The tip will soak in nothing flat, and then the cane gets really “whippy”.

Another point I took from your lines is to in future have Stef thank me and to apologize after his whupping.
I guess it will be a gratifying experience to hear him formulate his thanks while his back-side is still on fire..

Please don’t get me wrong here. It’s not that I am beating him up for leisure. When contemplating last year and looking into my – only frequently kept – notes I come up with just about 30 real spankings he actually received. This year to date we are up to about 10 or 11.
Stef knows very well that he will get his dose when trespassing set borders, when he gets cheeky or when his testosterones are getting out of control by making comments in company just to prove what a macho he is. A glance on my part most often suffices to virtually make him shrink and to give me a bashful smile. He knows very well when he has manouevered himself into calamities.

I feel that even grown-up boys will stay boys forever, meaning that they always believe that they have to test the limits from time to time. In our FLR this means a good whupping for him.

Kind regards,


Thank you very much for sharing your experience Mrs. Sandra, my wife also whips me with the heel part of an Ipanema brand solid rubber flip flop that produces a lot of pain, I would love to share experiences with you.


Dear Nacho
If you want to share “experiences”, then I guess you should rather do that with my husband… 😉


I would love to, please tell me how I can proceed. Thank you very much


Hello, I LOVE the Sandal association you created. Keep spanking and whippin hard and often.

Richard (a.k.a. "KingRichard")

I truly wish I could be SPANKED…by “Her”! Whoever “She” is? (and “wherever”…”She-lives”!)?
Would love even more to be spanked by Her; with Her Shoes! (especially Her “Flat-Sandals”!!!


Are you selling any of old sandals again?


Nice, would love to buy some didn’t get chance last time with cool bass sandals


Would love some links for sandals you would recommend for giving a good hard spanking with.


I love to be spanked over a woman knee with a good slipper.


Very nice hearing your voice on YouTube. Keep spanking, paddling and whipping long and HARD.

Hello, I’m newbie to this site. Found it accidentally.
I’ve been trying to get my wife to discipline me instead getting angry but she doesn’t have any interest whatsoever. We have had great intimate relationships and bit of bdsm at my request in the past. We’ve fallin out of intimacy though our regular relationship is ok. How do I get her into passion and utilize punishment as bettering our relationship. I’m not even looking for sexual intimacy, just improve something… frustrated


The idea that there is an special association between the sandals you wear and the implement that is being used in order to punish him is just breathtaking. I assume that he gets nervous right away when seeing which sandals you do wear. Incredibly sophisticated way of signaling him what he has to expect


What are some of the reasons why you have to correct him being at a party? How many spanks does a get for a minor and a more severe misbehavior? Mike


Knowing how harsh you discipline, I would do to the utmost in order not to provoke you so as to not get punished. I wonder if there would ever be a scenario or situation where I would be spared any punishment. From my point of view, punishment should and must have a pedagogic effect, and looking at how hard you spank, it certainly appears have a lasting effect. Under such circumstances I would feel ashamed and utterly humiliated if I nevertheless had to bend over despite all my efforts not to make you angry.


I can image a situation, where I – or maybe Joe – would be ashamed: If I do the utmost possible in order to please you by doing everything that you expect from me – and be punished nevertheless because of some minor infraction, I was not aware or I simply forgot. Does it happen that Joe gets punished, although he believes that he had done everything in order not to make you angry?


You are absolutely right!He only should be spanked for misdeeds after a you address his behaviour accordingly. On the other hand, there is also this notion of a maintainance spanking where you get punished regularly, automatically – just in order to remind you of the position you are in. How do you handle that? Is not it a contradiction to the notion to be punished only for bad bevaoiur?wonder


As far as I heard, there are quite a number of FLR relations where some maintenance spanking is introduced – once a week on Fridays or Saturdays. For the man, it must be humiliating to know that he will be punished regardless how he behaves. If I am not mistaken, the punishment is a light one. he should just be aware ahead of weekend activities where his place is


I’ll stick to good old thick leather strap and cane. Leather boots instead of sandals.


I love to be spanked over a woman knee with a good slipper.

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