Coffee Table Whuppins

Normally when my wife spanks me, it happens in our bedroom or if I was really bad…our bedroom becomes deemed the “Woodshed” and I get taken “to the Woodshed” for a particularly harsh spanking. But this past Saturday night, I realized that coffee table spankings are not too far behind woodshed whuppins.

Italian Leather Belt

To be honest, I had been working my way towards a trip to the woodshed for some time now. In fact, she had told me on a few occasions that she needed to take me there but just hadn’t done it. Well, I mouthed off Saturday night and it was the straw that broke the camels back. Immediately after my smart ass comment, she quickly came around the side of the couch where I was sitting and I noticed two things that knocked me right off the arrogance horse I had been riding.

First, was the stern look that said, “I’m about to tear up your backside.” And the second thing was, the doubled over electrical cord to the Instant Pot. That thing is pretty nasty as far as spankings are concerned. Right up there with a water soaked cane only each lash with the doubled over cord brings TWO welts at a time.

instant pot cord

Anyway, I knew there was no chance in getting out of a spanking but quickly pleaded to get it with something other than that cord. My voice, I’m embarrassed to say, was almost a whimper as I asked, “Seriously…the cord?” She was wearing yoga pants and didn’t have a belt on, which is probably why she grabbed the first thing she saw. Thankfully, she then commanded, “Give me your belt.” I was relieved, but it was a short-lived moment as I unbuckled and started to take off my belt. It is a heavy leather work belt that I’ve conditioned and oiled a few times since I’ve gotten it and I was reminded of the weight of it as I pulled it out through the belt loops of my shorts. “Now double it over and HAND it to me GENTLY.” Here’s where my bratty-ness (or stupidity in retrospect), overrode my sensibilities. If she had just told me to double it over and hand it to her I’m sure I would of, but she added the stipulation of handing it to her gently, which I took as a challenge and made my last stand of defiance right then and there. I doubled over the belt and then I kinda’ swung it down on her hand with just a little force. Not hard, but certainly not gently.

holding a doubled over beltShe gave a strange teeth gritted smile and nodded yes as if she was answering her inner evilness that was telling her to tear my ass up! She sternly and through her teeth, commanded, “Bend over the coffee table!” At that moment, I realized that my last stand was a terrible idea and that this was going to be one for the books. Not wanting to piss her off even more, I quickly took my shorts and underwear down and bent over the coffee table. Without any warning whatsoever, the belt starting landing. HARD.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, over and over again. I remember breaking the no-talking rule during the spanking as I was pleading different iterations of “I’m sorry.” and “I’ll be good”. But all pleas fell on deaf ears as she just kept on spanking; one swat right after another. I have never been good at counting swats during a spanking as my brain is focused on the pain coursing through my body. But in retrospect, I would estimate she gave me 50+ swats with the belt. Normally when she spanks me with the belt, she switches sides as one side of the butt gets more damage from the doubled over end of the belt, (and she likes to get both sides). But for whatever reason, she didn’t switch sides this time (thank goodness). And so while both sides of my butt have marks, the right side of my butt is the most wrecked.

After she was done, like oftentimes, she asked, “Do you think you can behave?” To which I responded immediately, “Yes Ma’am! I’m so sorry I was being a brat.” Without another word, she put one foot forward, which is my cue to kiss her foot. Which I quickly did, not wanting her to sense any delay or challenge on my part. After I kissed her foot repeatedly, she pulled it back, and put the other one forward. I repeated the subservient gesture gladly and was thankful that the belt wasn’t still tearing into my now wrecked and throbbing backside. She handed me my belt back and I got up, pulled up my underwear and shorts over a very sore bottom and put my belt back on. Then we sat down (me uncomfortably), cuddled and watched TV together until it was time for bed. The calm AFTER the storm is always a welcome moment.

Later that night when I took my belt off to get ready for bed, the newly formed memory of what happened the last time I took my belt off, almost gave me the chills. Given now that she knows how severe my belt can be, I’m sure it won’t be the last time she takes my own belt to me.

Post Spanking Thoughts

post spanking f/mAll discipline spankings hurt BUT, these coffee table whuppins have some elements that make them some of the worst spankings I’ve received. One of the reasons are that, normally when she decides that she is going to give me a domestic discipline spanking, there is the walk to our room, the discussion and review of my infraction(s), the selection of whatever implement she has decided to spank me with and THEN…she will start to mete out the punishment. During all this, I actually have some time to mentally prepare myself for the whuppin’ that is coming my way. A frightful time for sure, but still…there is time to muster up some mental preparedness beforehand.

Also, during a normal spanking session…she often will spank for a bit, remind me of other transgressions, spank some more, ask me test questions like, “Who’s in charge?” and then spank some more. While it is a REAL spanking and very painful, those little breaks in pain are welcomed moments of relief.

But a coffee table spanking happens at the spur of the moment. When she is done with my attitude right then and there, and decides to spank me on the spot. Hardly any time to mentally prepare for the whuppin’ I’m about to get. What also makes it so bad is that there is virtually no talking. She is pissed off and just swinging for the fences. Keep in mind, she’s an expert spanker, so is still “in control” of the swats, but that belt is coming down fast and furiously. And accumulates into a very severe spanking that produces tears, crying, welts, blood blisters, and bruises later that night or the next day.

It has been 2 and a half days since this butt blistering and my behind still is sore when I sit or lean up against something. Little post spanking reminders of what happened, what she is capable of, and why it is a good idea to behave.

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One part of this story reminded me of my last spanking. When she asked if you can behave, you answered in the affirmative. At least she stopped and life continued. During my last spanking, an OTK affair with two paddles, she paused to ask if I had had enough. I said yes Ma’am but she replied ‘I don’t think so’ and continued to paddle both cheeks until they were very red and sore. Check my blog…….for all the details.


You should have whipped his bare bottom and backs of his bare thighs severely with the cord. You let him off easy.

The Wicked Queen

By the looks of his backside, I wouldn’t say I let him off “easy”. 😉 If I had been wearing my belt, I would’ve taken that off and spanked him with that. I just grabbed the cord because it was the first thing I saw. But…I do save the cord, cane and switch for more serious offenses. So that’s why I went ahead and spanked him with his own belt. Besides, I had seen his belt on the bed before while he was getting clothes ready and have thought several times, “I need to use that bad boy on his backside one of these days.” So I did, and it did not disappoint! 🙂


You held the cord ready to whip him with it. Changed to belt. Empty threat. Teach him a good lesson.

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