A Lesson He Won’t Soon Forget

brown leather belt on her waistYou may have seen my husbands recent post, “Pre-Spanking Thoughts”, that he started to write shortly after I told him he had earned himself a trip to the woodshed. Well…last weekend I took him to the woodshed as I promised. I had originally tasked him with writing a blog post about it, but it has been a little while since I have written a post, and so I decided that I would do it. And here we are.

Prior to this spanking, he had gone off the rails, and once he starts to go south, it is very much the snowball effect with his attitude, brattiness and orneriness. He had earned such a good spanking that I was almost giddy to give it to him.

brown leather thong sandalsIt was Saturday and we spent most of the day, doing things around the house. I had decided that later in the evening the woodshed whuppin’ would happen, and wore my favorite belt and one of the pairs of “belt whuppin'” sandals to let him squirm a little, every time he were to notice throughout the day.

Later that night, we finished watching a movie, and I got up, stood in front of him and started to take off my belt. His worried eyes immediately gazed upon my fingers as they undid the buckle of my belt. I then pulled the belt out from the loops and immediately doubled it over and said, “Rumor around the campfire is that you’ve earned a trip to the woodshed young man.” He nervously responded with, “Are you sure? There’s a lot of fake news out there these days.” “That’s cute, but yes I’m sure this isn’t fake news. And you just reached your limit for ‘cute’ responses.” I replied. He knew it was time and took a deep breath, got up and followed me down the hall. I purposefully dangled my doubled over belt at my side for him to see. When we got to the door of our room, I stopped, stepped to the side and pointed for him to go in. He did so without a word and looked very nervous. I patted his cute butt as he passed by and said, “Poor, poor bottom.” He walked into the room and turned to look at me for direction. I walked over and sat in a large chair in our room, crossed my legs and then told him, “I think you should come kneel in front of me.” He immediately did so and then looked up at me with the cutest but worried puppy dog eyes. I almost felt sorry for him but quickly remembered what a brat he’d been over the past few weeks. So…I’m OK with him to feeling this worry and anticipation before his spanking.

I continued, “I’ve got a few things to say to you, then I’m going to turn the floor over to my belt. She’s prepared a speech just for this occasion. A very powerful, hard-hitting speech. It’s quite moving too. In fact, I think you’ll be moved to tears.” He actually slightly grinned at my word play. I continued, “I know she’s very anxious to get to her speech, so I’ll keep my statement brief. Without going into all the reasons you’re about to get it, I will simply say that YOU, have been bad. VERY BAD. And so, when this belt is tearing into your backside, and the pain is causing your knees to buckle as you try and stay in position, I want you to think the words, ‘This is what being BAD feels like.’. Over and over, you run that thought through your head. And when the tears start streaming, think it again, ‘This is what being bad feels like.’. And hopefully, your brain will help you out in the future, and try to keep you butt out of harms way a little longer than normal. What phrase are you going to think?” I questioned him. “This is what being bad feels like.” he quickly but quietly responded. I continued, “Very good. And with that…I’ll turn the floor over to your friend and mine, the belt that needs no introduction…” and I lifted my doubled over Italian leather belt up as I smiled at him. Quite pleased with myself for the belt speech idea, the “this is what being bad feels like.” and the belt needs no introduction comment. And while I enjoyed a little levity at his expense, it was time for The Wicked Queen to make her appearance. “Get up and assume the position.” I told him sternly. As he got up, so did I. He unbuckled his belt, took down his shorts and underwear and bent over the end of the bed as I walked over to the left of him with my belt in my right hand. I got into my spanking position and lined my belt up and without another word, let it fly!

My husband has used the word “SMACK” as a sound for this belt and I have to say, that is a pretty good word to describe it. It is not super loud but had a distinct heavy SMACK sound to it. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. I was turning and opening up my waist with each swat, bringing more power and pain to his errant backside. He, like always, was grunting out in pain with each swat. But as the swats keep landing, his grunts start to weaken and cry outs start to happen instead. I had a good rhythm going with an edge swat landed. That is a pretty weird sound to describe. Not loud, not a smack, kind of like a muffled hit. But boy did that get a reaction. He cried out loudly and his knees buckled significantly as he quickly regained his position. Just in time for the next swat. I gave him a total of 40-ish lashes in a row from one side and he was crying. Of course some of those swats landed on the side of his butt and on the upper back of his legs (both very painful spots, so I’m told). And there were probably about 4 or 5 edge swats that landed within that 40. His butt was red, welted and some blood blisters already beginning to show. I walked over to the other side and stated, “Wait till you hear the closing of her speech. Simply breathtaking!” I thought it clever, he didn’t. He buried his tear stained face in the bed as the belt started to land again. Every once in a while an extra painful lash would land and and he’d wail out. He wasn’t full out bawling but he was actively, yet quietly crying and trying to keep it together even though he was hurtin’. But you know what? REAL spankings hurt. They are supposed to hurt. They are punishment AND a deterrent.

After I finished the 40 from the other side, I tossed my belt on the bed and went and sat in the chair. His backside was wrecked. He knew better to get up before I told him the spanking was over. And to be honest, I had planned on making him bring me the wicked switch and then go fetch my switch whuppin’ sandals. But I had whupped him pretty hard and felt he had learned his lesson. I take his punishments seriously and give him severe punishments, but I’m not sadistic. Additionally and in the past, I’ve tried to let him off the hook with half a spanking before and it always comes back to bite ME on the butt. Over the years, I can tell when he is “broken” and I felt he had had enough. I like to do my final counts as you may have read in other posts and was going to do that with the switch. 20 count, 10 from each side to finish off the total number of swats of the spanking at 100, but like I said, I gave him a woodshed worthy belting that he would be feeling for a while. A lesson he would soon not forget.

post spanking f/mI called him over to the chair, “Come here bad boy.” He got up, walked up to me with his head down, knelt before me and said, “I’m not bad anymore my Queen.” I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “There’s my good boy. Did you learn your lesson?” “Yes’m, he quickly responded.” I used to test his level of defiance by making him kiss or smell my feet after a spanking. But trust me, there is never any defiance after these types of spankings. Now I do that as a small reward as he loves my feet.

I lifted up one foot and without being told, he quickly but gently took off my sandal, carefully lifted my foot to his tear stained face and kissed the sole of my foot. Then he kissed the top of my foot for a few moments, when I told him, “Ok.” He then put my sandal back on my foot and repeated the action with my other foot.

After the spanking we were in the bathroom and I was looking at his blistered and already starting to bruise backside. I have to say, I’m amazed and impressed that he is able to take that kind of spanking without being tied down. Over the last 10 years, he has on a couple of occasions, swatted me with this same belt just to be funny. Of course he paid for it dearly, but I do remember how bad that belt hurts. Over my jeans, not swung as hard as I spank him it and with just one swat. It is truly is severe implement. But…a severe implement and a tough lesson for a tough guy, I guess.

At any rate, he is going to be SO well behaved for the weeks to come! I do enjoy the eager to please attitude that comes post-spanking. Based on experience, I’m pretty sure he’s going to behave himself for a month, maybe a little longer.

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Wow…great story. I felt that spanking right though the computer!

Jeff Hanson

Do you think that one day it will be possible to have a picture of his bruised bottom ? I just want to compare it to mine when my girlfriend belted me


I don’t think we have any of my worst wrecked backside but do have some. Unless my Queen disagrees, I don’t see the harm in putting some of those up. Cheers!


My wife gave me an intense spanking 3 years into our marriage and it’s changed us both. I insulted her one time too many. She’s taller than me, strong, she was angry and I was a little afraid. i obeyed when she ordered my pants and underwear off. She used a thick flat rubber part from our old glider to really paddle my bare butt. I lost count after 40 whacks, there was fury and lust in her eyes, my buttocks burned intensely, she didn’t stop until I was weeping and broken. She’s paddled me 4 other times since, twice with her sister watching


Wow what a great spanking story!

My wife started spanking me last year at my request. She was hesitant at first but eventually got into it. Unfortunately, I am a wimp. She paddled me so amazingly hard with this big wooden paddle that it just hurt me too much. After the last severe paddling, I never asked for another, and she never ordered me to submit to another.

I would like to resume the spanking regime to improve my behavior and help me lose weight. But I’m too afraid to resume it because — wow — it really hurt.

I realize I’m lame. What should I do? I crave the idea of her spanking me but the reality was too much


Thank you! For a while at my request she started the spanking with a wooden hairbrush over her knee, which was great because — although it hurt — wasn’t quite so overwhelming and it allowed me to build up a tolerance. Or maybe numbness. I think I will ask for an OTK hairbrush spanking followed by the Big Paddle. I will let you know how it goes


Also FYI I would always kneel down after my spankings and kiss and worship her feet. I loved that part of it. I love my wife’s feet and I love worshipping them.


I can relate to the severity that a Punishment spanking needs to be! Stopping short of what is needed does not do either person any good and only leads to more bad behavior for more or a lack of proper respect after!


I don’t like real punishment, but that is the point of a real lesson you don’t forget. It’s a lesson to learn not a game. I’m not that tough, so spanking can be seriously effective. Punishment must be feared, and if my wife was like you, I would be one very good boy, at least for awhile. All it takes is knowing how to punish a bad boy, but it takes a special kind of woman.

As far as I know, some men want this kind of discipline but for different reasons. The biggest draw for me is that a strong woman who is a strict disciplinarian is incredibly sexy. In a way, I want her to own me and so I feel totally vulnerable under her power. She makes sure I behave. And the way you display your pretty feet as a symbol of female authority is erotic.

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