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Add your favorite implements and a number range of swats for each category. Then, hit the “CALCULATE SPANKING” button to see what random implement is chosen, and the number of swats from the range you provided.

You can customize this calculator for a fun spanking by putting in light or thuddy spanking implements and putting in lower number ranges, or you can use this for real, severe spankings by adding harsher implements and higher ranges of numbers. It is really up to you and what you want to do. Countless spanking possibilities! 😉

Note: While you’ll need Microsoft Excel to run this calculator, it is VERY EASY to customize and use. Additionally, all areas with formulas are protected so you can’t break them. 🙂

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Joey created this spanking calculator on an Excel spreadsheet a long time ago. He tried to recreate a version on our website, but due to caching issues of browsers (especially Chrome), the web version doesn’t change implements or number of swats when you refresh.

So, I asked him to polish up the original Excel version so we could make it available for anyone who would like to have a full working copy. He created one that that they can customize with their own implements and number ranges!

This is the Spanking Calculator that we’ve employed in our home in the past. As you know, we are an F/m domestic discipline couple, but this spanking calculator will work well for ANY spanking couple.

Image is kind of hard to see, to see a better image of it AND to get the full description of how it works, check out Custom Spanking Calculator.

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