Taken To The Woodshed

The Razor Strap (Strop)

We never had a woodshed growing up but I remember reading about or seeing in old movies…misbehaviing kids, getting taking to the woodshed for a whuppin’. The implement used was often a leather razor strop, which was common back in the old days as men used it to sharpen their straight edge razors for shaving. I remember the first time I actually came across a razor strap (or razor strop as it is technically called), was in an antique store my Wife and I were perusing through. Intrigued I walked over to it and took it off its hook. The weight of the strap was substantial and while I had never been spanked with one before, I could sure understand the sense of dread, one must’ve had when sent to retrieve it for a spanking.

It was a thick, heavy and dense leather strap, with a strip of cloth on the other side. Looking at the “business end” of the strap you could see how it it would do some damage to an errant behind. Of course I had to have it. At the time I bought it, my Wife and I were doing fun spankings and I thought this would provide for a great scene or role play as well as test my pain threshold. Of course if it got to be too much (which I knew it would), I could use my safeword to end the spanking. In retrospect, if I had known that I would eventually get REAL spankings with it, there is a good chance that I would NOT have bought it!

My Wife was quite pleased with my purchase and held it admiring it on the ride home. Lightly smacking it on her hand and telling me how she was going to take me to the woodshed when we got home. It was one of those exciting moments for people into fun spankings. I was anxious to get home and get it but a little nervous at the same time.

When we got home, my wife took the strap, looked me in the eye and said, “Five minutes. In five minutes, I’m going to come get you and take you to the woodshed. In the meantime, I want you to sit right in this chair and think about what’s coming.” Oh man, this is it and right off the bat, my sense of dread came on a little stronger. I surfed on my phone for a little bit, when she came down the hall. She had pulled her hair up and put glasses on. I wish I had a teacher that looked like this when I was growing up. “Come with me young man.” She stated. And I got up and followed her down the hall to our bedroom. When I got to our room, I saw that she had taken down one of the pictures on the wall and used that hook to hang the razor strap on. Man, it looked quite menacing just hanging there. My Wife noticed me looking at it and went right into stern mode. “Go fetch me the razor strap young man.” she said. I could feel the fear in the pit of my stomach as I approached it. When I took it off its hook, the hook on the strap made a distinct rattle (which I’ve now come to know and fear) and I took the strap over to my Wife. Without saying a word, I timidly handed it to her. She didn’t waste any time. She pointed to the bed and said, “Assume the position.” I walked over to the bed, unbuckled my belt, and pulled down my shorts and underwear. Then I bent over the end of the bed and waited for the spanking to begin.

Learning A Lesson

woman holding a razor stropShe walked over to the left side of me and said, “I’m going to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget.” And with that, she started swinging that strap HARD. The strap landed with a SMACK and I could feel a searing pain where the end of the strap bit into the side of my right butt cheek. I gasped at the pain when the second swat landed…SMACK! And she continued spanking me with it, one right after another. I don’t think I even got to 10 lashes when I blurted out my safeword, “Hold me!” my desperate voice called out. She walked behind me caressing my newly welted backside. “Wow, you only got through 11 lashes. I think I like my new strap.” She calmly mused. I was surprised at how much it hurt and was happy it was over. She was surprised as well as she knows I have a pretty high pain tolerance and have taken some pretty good spankings from her. Anyway…we progressed to a wonderful session of love making with her rubbing her fingers over the welts she gave me, formed by the end of the strap on the side of my butt. It was a spanking to remember but I remember being grateful that I had a safeword way out. I and thinking…I couldn’t imagine getting it for real with that thing…

Times How They Have Changed

Well, queue time lapse blur and here we are many, many moons later. We’ve evolved into a mutually and consensual agreement where she will give me a real spanking for offenses we’ve both deemed spank-able offenses. While I will get a punishment spanking on occasion (about monthly), I get taken to the “woodshed” about 3 or 4 times a year. Getting taken to the woodshed has become the name for getting the (or one of the) worst spankings of my life. Our bedroom is the woodshed and while she used to use just the razor strap, she then changed the protocol to be a belt whuppin’ first (with her meanest belt), immediately followed with a razor strapping. There is no safeword during these spankings (although I imagine if I did say my safeword, she’d probably stop. BUT…that wouldn’t be a real spanking then, would it? Besides, I agreed to be held accountable in this way and am man enough to take what she has deemed necessary by way of corporal punishment. Even if it means her reducing me to tears sometimes.)

The woodshed whuppin’s have evolved yet again. It still means getting one of the worst spankings of my life, but now she’s expanded beyond just using the belt and razor strap. Sometimes it is just the belt, sometimes it is a water soaked cane (one of the worse things ever) and sometimes it is a combination of 2 or 3 of her meanest implements. It just depends on what she feels like using that day or night.

It only took me a couple trips to the woodshed to realize that it is something to avoid if possible. And like it did back in the day…just the mention of getting taken to the woodshed strikes fear into THIS errant behind and straightens my attitude and behavior right up.

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Buenos días, mi mujer me azota desde hace muchísimos años, normalmente lo hace en el salón de casa, pero cuando la paliza va a ser más severa me manda a la habitación (Esto sería como la leñera). Cuando me ordena ir a la habitación se me descompone el cuerpo y me tiemblan las piernas, ahí las palizas son muy severas, ella el único instrumento que utiliza son las zapatillas tiene varias, pero todas con suelas de goma. En la la habitación me obliga a desnudarme y empieza la paliza por el trasero ampliando a piernas, brazos espalda etc. Muchos de los zapatillazos los aplica con la parte del talón que son extremamente dolorosos, la última vez que estuve en la habitación, hace aprox, 10 días y aún tengo marcas de la zapatilla por diferentes zonas del cuerpo.

The Wicked Queen

Buenos Dias Nacho and thanks for sharing your experience with us. Yes the woodshed SHOULD strike fear in the hearts of men who have misbehaved. And my husband will also have marks for 2 to 3 weeks after a good woodshed session. Belt spanking bruises usually will be all gone after a couple weeks but some of the cane marks, can last beyond 3 weeks.


Muchas gracias a ti por haber creado esta fantástica página, seguiré contribuyendo, ahora estamos todo el día en casa y ya me ha asegurado que las palizas van a ser más frecuentes

Antonia Lee

We have a real shed in our backyard where I take my husband for his whuppins after the kids are asleep. That way we don’t have to worry about the noises he makes, lol. Personally, I do not believe a spanking is worthwhile unless the man is really feeling it. I often will use my belt but I also like him to cut and prepare a couple of switches, which I use until they basically disintegrate. The look on his face is classic when he hands me those switches and pulls down his pants.

The Wicked Queen

Hello Antonia and thanks for your comment. I would LOVE to have a real “woodshed” in our backyard. I agree with you 100% about a spanking being really being “felt” in order for it to have the desired effect. I’ve swatted my husbands a few times with my sandal or even my belt but I have gotten only short lived results. But when I take him to the “woodshed”, that is a whuppin’ he’s going to feel for days and have marks from for weeks to come. We only have a synthetic switch that HE actually created. It is the most painful implement in our house. And yes, when I bring it out or tell him to go “fetch me the switch”. The look on his face is priceless. All arrogance leaves his body and he instantly looks defeated and almost ready to cry. He knows what is coming is WICKED and as he’s told me many times before, it is “the most painful thing he’s ever felt.” If you haven’t already, check out the blog post he wrote about it. The Wicked Switch
Hope to hear from you again and happy spanking!

Antonia Lee

The best thing about punishing my husband is whipping that arrogance right out of his body and knowing he is going to be on his best behavior for at least a week (occasionally as long as a month). It’s amazing how it works: as the marks on his bottom fade, so does his good attitude! Like there is a physiological connection! He knows it, too. As I notice him starting to act up, I may say, “Do you need some new marks on your behind?” And he will often hang down his head and admit, “Yes, Ma’am.” So out to the shed we go!

It’s just like you say in the wonderful essay you wrote to women about the benefits of spanking your husband. Every wife should read that!

The Wicked Queen

Yes! I love your statement, “Like there is a physiological connection!” I have SO experienced this as well. If I give him an attitude adjustment, I’ll get a week or two out of him, but when I take him to the woodshed, I get at the minimum 3 weeks to a month. Thanks for the comment Antonia. Always good to talk to another woman of power.


If you send me an email privately, I will send a picture of our shed that you can post.

The Wicked Queen

Thank you and I just sent you a private email. 🙂

Stephen J. Dupree

Not a good idea to “get the belt”. I got it before about age 10 to 12. My mother would say wait until your father gets home. I really didn’t deserve it either. He’d come home from work and we’d go into my parents bedroom. He’s take off his belt and proceed to wack me several times as I saw his face so enraged like he was taking all his aggressiveness out on my rear end, it freakin hurt too. It didn’t do anything but gave me a bad temper. I took it out later on some people by yelling at them or hitting them. I had children later in life and never hit them with a belt, it’s cruel and abusive to me. Don’t do that to your kids please.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Stephen and thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about your bad experiences getting spanked by your father. Both my husband and I got spanked as kids but fortunately we didn’t have the same type of negative experiences. That said, we started this blog to share a little about our lifestyle as it pertains to domestic discipline between two consenting adults. Hope you have a great day.


dad used the belt on my bare bum too, a heavy leather belt

johan ekrol

I was taken to the barn for strappings ,we didnot have a woodshed, pants & shorts taken down or off, butt bare.
Dad used his razor strap or his leather belt , me bent over the saddle stand. MY BUTT WAS OFTEN BARE.

The Wicked Queen

The razor strap is no joke. Knowing how heavy and pliable that leather is the the SMACK it makes when it lands on his bare butt. I don’t envy the strappings you took. I haven’t used the razor strap in awhile. Maybe that will have to change…


my dad used his old razor strap on my bare bum when I was a boy, out in the garage or barn. From 5 to 12 years old. Pants & briefs always down or off. Bum was red with welts

The Wicked Queen

Hi John and thanks for the comments. Yes, the heavy leather straps used for belts and razor straps of yesteryear are not as common these days. Thankfully I have both and use my belt often. Haven’t used the razor strap in a bit. Maybe it is time to get that one out for my husbands next spanking.

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