spanking implements

leather thong sandalSandals – Sandals can be perfect spanking implements and when your wife wears them as much as mine does, a good spanking is just “a foot” away. On the painful meter, sandals are all over the board as they are made with many materials from leather to rubber to plastic or jelly. My Queen actually wrote this piece which includes some tips about spanking with a sandal (including a way to make just about any sandal spanking 10 times more painful). There are even a couple pictures of actual sandals i get or have gotten spanked by.

Coiled leather beltBelts – A good leather belt can get your attention PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick). And with the variety shapes, sizes, thickness, flexibility and technique, the pain giving from a belt spanking can vary greatly. And like sandals, they are great incognito spanking implements when you travel.

This post will get into all you need to know about belt spankings and tips to make for a sensual spanking and tricks to lay on a mean spanking for a real domestic discipline session.

Paddles – Thank you Miss, may I please have another? Paddles are such a traditional spanking implement and can be a bear if swung with intent to adjust an attitude or teach a lesson. Usually made from wood or hard plastic, they usually bring a lot of STING! In this post, see a variety of spanking paddles and learn about some important safety tips that should be followed when swinging one. The paddle below is the paddle to be used for the Readers Choice Spanking. I added the athletic tape for gripping pleasure. One note on this, at the time we bought this, the holes in it were not beveled (or smoothed out), leaving a straight 90 degree edge around the circle/hole cut outs. It doesn’t take but a couple of swats to break or cut the skin on the butt when spanking like that. While many of the spankings I receive produce welts, blisters and bruises, and the cane will occasionally break the skin slightly on a few strokes…drawing blood is never her intent and not something we recommend. So, if you do buy this paddle (and we recommend that you do), we also recommend sanding down the edges on all the holes.

spanking paddle with holes

Hair, Bath or Shower Brush – Once you get spanked by one of these evil little butt wreckers, you’ll never look at one the same way again. Made from either wood or plastic, more often then not these can sting pretty harshly. And if you happen to get it with one that is wet, on a wet butt…Ouch!


Wooden bath brush

Punishment Straps – Ya’ done fucked up now junior. Made from either leather or rubber, all punishment straps I’ve come across (or should I say “that have come across my backside”), hurt like hell. Well, there is a reason they are called “Punishment Straps” right? When my Wife brings one of these out, it is usually to address a serious offense. One that I instantly regret at first site. In this post, I’ll list the various punishment straps we have and their butt wrecking qualities.

black leather punishment strap with holes

The Razor Strap (Strop) – Technically it is called a “Razor Strop” but my Wife likes “Razor Strap” instead. And seeing how she is the one swinging it…that’s what we call it around here. If the leather of the razor strap is conditioned properly, this can be one of the worse implements to get spanked with.

leather razor strap

The Cane – At first it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. But then I learned the one thing that turned this into an absolute monster to get spanked by. And unfortunately for me, happens to be one my wife’s favorite as of late for a couple different reasons. Visions of school teacher and student come to mind for some and yes, you can make any implement fun but for me…I know tears are coming when she tells me to “prepare the cane”.

spanking cane

The Wicked Switch – The most evil implement in the house and the one I dread the most.

spanking switch


More implements to be added in the future. Now…where to next?

woman taking off belt to spank

woman with mask holding a belt

man in mask, woman holding a belt