Whether you pronounce them “GIF” or “JIF”, we, like many, love a good animated spanking GIF! So what kind of spanking blog would we have if we didn’t provide at least one page dedicated to some spanking GIFs for your viewing pleasure? Some of these are GIFs that have been out and about already, and my husband and I are actually starting to create our own as well. So without further adieu…

Spencer Paddling

Woman paddling manWhile Joey has felt the sting of the Spencer paddle before, this is the first animated GIF we’ve done with it. Actually, pretty sure this is the first animated gif we’ve EVER done. This was part of the What Being Bad Feels like spanking. And it certainly got him to tears quickly. He later said that he had forgotten how bad this paddle stings. Probably not something he should’ve shared with me as I’m now going to put this into more common rotation of spanking implements.

I actually spanked him with the recently with this paddle. Not a full on spanking. More of an attitude adjustment, and wow, did he have quite the reaction. This Spencer paddle is probably the worst paddle for him. Here’s more about Spanking Paddles.

OTK sandal spanking f/mOTK Hard Sandal Spanking

Here’s just a little sample of the 59 swats I gave Joey with my leather sandal, over my knee. This sandal spanking was just the beginning of his woodshed whuppin’. I then followed up with my belt, then two different paddles. Details of the complete spanking can be found here: Readers’ Choice Spanking video.

Needless to say, when I wear these sandals now. He is most attentive and very eager to please. And at the end of the day, when I go to take them off, I can see he is a little nervous as I slip the first one off and look right at him. 😈

We’ve had a lot of requests to do more over the knee spankings, and while I can give a pretty hard OTK spanking (as I’m sure you can tell by the GIF), I can actually spank even HARDER, when I’m standing up and tanning his behind. But…we’ll see.


punishment strapping spanking gif

Punishment Strapping

Don’t know the story behind this but I LOVE that a bad backside is getting its comeuppance. Maybe a couple went to a professional disciplinarian to have the boyfriend/husband addressed. Or maybe a spanking girlfriend/wife asked her friend to come over to help with the spanking. Or maybe he offended the friend and is getting spanked for it. IDK but I love it!

When you spank HARD like this, you will DEFINITELY…Get His Attention!

For my spanking ladies out there…if you don’t already have a good punishment strap in your arsenal. You should definitely look for one soon and get it conditioned/oiled up to add some weight and sting.


woman caning manCaning Him To Tears

I have a few canes. Rattan canes, Lexan canes, still need a Delrin cane. One thing they all share one thing in common…they can all make my man cry. Yes…they hurt that bad. A good trick to increase the pain of a rattan cane is to soak it in water for about 36 hours before you intend to use it. Better yet, make HIM soak it and show you it’s soaking beforehand. An easy way to soak a cane is to get a PVC pipe and glue a PVC cap on one end, then put some water in it and put the cane inside. After 36 hours, it won’t soak up anymore water/weight. Then, pull it out about 2 hours before you’re going to spank him with it. I like to set it so that the tip is facing down. I usually put it on a towel. That way excess water can drip out of it, so when you start swinging it, you don’t spray water all over your TV, computer, walls, pictures, etc.

A good caning like this will leave marks (and an impression) on him for weeks.


OTK woman spanking manOTK Bathbrush Spanking

There is something about putting your man over your knee and feel him start to squirm as you rain down swat after swat after swat. I personally like to do the leg lock position, where he is bent over my left knee and my right leg goes over the top of one or both of his legs. He knows better than to move out of position but I like the feel of squeezing him in my legs and just letting my brush FLY. Back and forth like the woman in this picture. Pick a couple spots and be a repeat offender on them. Then move to another couple spots.

He has told me that a good brush spanking like this stings SO bad. Which doesn’t surprise me, given the noises he makes when I’m spanking this way. And it marks his behind up pretty good too!

Get yourselves a SOLID, somewhat heavy brush for this job ladies!

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