Spanking Paddles

woman holding a spanking paddleSpanking paddles have been in our arsenal from the very beginning. From the first boat oar paddle that I cut to be a better length for a spanking paddle…to Acrylic paddles…to Spencer paddles, and even toy paddle-ball paddles (no, not the flimsy ones). Initially, I was game to find and buy all kinds of paddles because we were in the “fun spankings” era and I had a safeword to use. Now that we are operating under domestic discipline spanking rules, my desire to find new and improved paddles has pretty much ended. LOL

Granted, there are always exceptions to the rule, but most all paddles have one thing in common…STING. They sting like hell! Sting on top of sting…like a burning sting that intensifies with each consistent and hard swat. And, because this is real domestic discipline, the swats are of course with NO warmup, no rubbing of the butt in between swats, and no long pauses between swats. Just one hard swat after another. A paddle spanking given in that manner doesn’t take long to overwhelm the senses, break me down, and for tears to start flowing.

If using for discipline, the most effective way to spank with a paddle is as described above. If you were to give a few swats, then pause, do a lot of talking, and then give a few more swats what happens is the butt (and mind) becomes somewhat acclimated to the pain and then ensuing swats don’t hurt as much. That’s why for a fun spanking, we recommend spanking with lots of pauses and rubbing in between swats. That way you can “play” for a decent amount of time. The butt will look like and will be wrecked afterwards but there won’t be the same level of pain, as if the spanking was given in the no pause, no rubbing approach.

One key benefit to spanking with a paddle is that you don’t really have to switch sides to address both cheeks equally. That is unless, of course, you have a paddle made out of pliable material that will bend. But for most paddles that don’t bend, you can address both sides of the butt equally with straight-on swats OR you can single out one cheek and spank just it by adjusting the angle of the paddle during the swat.

orange wooden spanking paddlePaddle Ball Paddle – There are a few types of paddle-ball paddles and the one that probably comes to the forefront of our minds are those cheap, super thin, lightweight paddle-ball toys. If you’re considering it, don’t. These aren’t even worthy of a fun spanking. But…there ARE paddle-ball paddles out there that are very capable in their ability to Bring the Sting! I’m talking about plastic ones or heavier wooden ones. They’re out there. And just by picking them up, you could get a good sense of their spanking potential.

For example, this orange paddle here was from back in the day of me looking for mean paddles. It was a paddle-ball toy, which is why you can see the hole in the middle where the string and ball were attached. But as soon as I picked it up, I could feel its weight and knew it was going to be a good spanking paddle. It is 11 inches long, with the widest part of the paddle being 5 3/4 inches wide. It is 3/8 inches thick and weighs 5.6 ounces. It is a perfect paddle for OTK spankings but one can surely use it with the spankee just bent over.

jokari spanking paddleThe Infamous Jokari Paddle – This paddle has become a classic spanking paddle. While it was also a toy or game back in the day, in the spanking world, these paddle have become legendary. You can still find some vintage ones on ebay but most often, they cost quite a bit. In addition, most of them were used for the actual game and can be banged up with chips and scratches. Not the best thing when using for spanking a behind. However, you can find paddles in similar sizes and shape online. Unfortunately ours broke several years ago, but we’re looking to make a new and improved one to our specifications that we’ll be hoping to offer sometime later this year!


Oar Paddle – We don’t have it anymore but I remember finding a wooden paddling oar (for like a canoe), and I cut some of the handle off so it was easier to swing with one hand.

wooden oar spanking paddle

I remember it was light but stung like hell. I don’t remember the dimensions on it but there are a lot of paddling oars out there that you can “customize” to your liking. Alas, the Wicked Queen broke it on my butt, many, many years ago. True story.


Black Wooden Paddle – I came across this paddle at a craft store. It was just untreated wood that I sanded a little bit more and then spray painted black.

Woman holding black wooden paddle

I’m not sure of the wood type but I think it is pine. It is a bigger paddle but is light for its size. It was the first paddle my wife made me cry with. She went to give me just a few swats with it as an attitude adjustment and I remember thrusting my butt out after the first two in an act of defiance and her saying the words, “Oh, really?” She then proceeded to give me swat after swat with it. It wasn’t long until I broke down into tears. This paddle is 23 1/2 inches long, 4 3/4 inches wide, and 3/4 of an inch thick. It weights 14.75 ounces. Again for that size, it is a little lighter than some, but it sure packs a lot of STING and covers a lot of your butt with each swat.


Black Wooden Paddle #2 – I found this online a long time ago but don’t remember where. This paddle isn’t as wide as the black paddle referenced above, but it is thicker and heavier.

woman holding black wooden paddle

This paddle, like most, is one to be feared. This paddle is 22 inches long by 3 1/4 inches wide, and just under 3/4 of an inch thick. It weighs 15.56 ounces. What’s interesting is that when I was weighing these, I thought this one would be even heavier than that. This second one just has a heavier, denser feel when holding it, and of course when getting a swat from it.


Brown Wooden Paddle – This bastard right here was a game changer regarding spanking paddles and quickly became my Wife’s favorite paddle for many years.

Brown Wooden Paddle

I also bought this one online but don’t remember where. It is a heavy and dense wooden paddle (I think walnut) that brings a little thud but not in a good way. Thuddy swats are often preferred over stingy swats but that is NOT the case with this one. The extra weight just brings a more severe sting with each swat. She can easily reduce me to tears with this paddle after just a handful of swats. Unfortunately for me, when she spanks I don’t get “just a handful of swats”. After the tears start rolling, the spanking keeps on going and going. This paddle isn’t as big as the black paddles but for some reason it hurts more. It is 18 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide, and 3/4 of an inch thick. It weights 12.56 ounces. She made me put some athletic tape on the handle a while ago so she could get a better grip when spanking me with it. Joy.


Spencer Paddle – The Spencer paddle is supposedly named after a U.S. teacher Harold Spencer back in the 1930’s. He drilled holes into the paddle so that there would be less wind resistance as it was being swung towards an errant butt.

spencer paddle

The theory and science makes sense, but I’ve been spanked by a paddle with holes in it and one without. All other things being relatively equal (size, shape and weight), there’s not much of a difference in how it stings. BUT…if the paddle with the holes has holes that are not beveled, then that paddle will easily break the skin after a few good swats. If you have a paddle with holes in it, IMHO you should only spank over clothes with it, OR bevel the edges of the hole so you don’t cause unnecessary damage to the bottom getting spanked. The paddle pictured below was purchased online and is a tear jerker for sure! It is 20inches long, 3 1/2 inches wide, and 1/2 inches thick. It weighs 11.57 ounces. What it lacks in weight, it makes up for in sting. I also really think there is something to the holes in the paddle, because this is one of the worst paddles to get spanked by.


Long Tan Paddle with Holes – This paddle is a bit different in that it is a long paddle that isn’t very wide so it reduces wind resistance. Additionally, it has 6 large holes cut out of it to reduce wind resistance.

spanking paddle with holes

This paddle FLYS through the air with the greatest of ease. This paddle has a long handle too, which lends itself well to two handed paddling, although she most often just spanks with one hand. But believe me, it is still bringing the tears. The holes in this paddle were NOT beveled when we first got it, and we tried it without sanding them down. Sure enough it broke the skin quite easily and the spanking was over. I was only about 10 swats in when she stopped the spanking so she could tend to my backside with Vaseline. Wasn’t super bad but could’ve gotten bad if she had continued. Right after she put some bandaids on the necessary spots, she told me to sand down the edges on all the holes, because as soon as my backside healed up, she was picking up where we left off. So I did, and yes, then she did exactly what she said she would! This paddle is 25 1/2 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide and 1/2 an inch thick. It weighs 9.24 ounces. The weight seems light compared to the others, but at only 2.5 inches wide, and with the holes cut out, it feels dense. This is paddle was used in the “Reader’s Choice” spanking, as as you can tell by sounds I was making when getting spanked with it…IT HURTS!


Fraternity/Sorority Paddle – My wife decided to find a paddle from her old Alma Mater and teach me a lesson for always rooting against them whenever they played a football game. She actually had me buy this for her on eBay, and then hand it to her the night before her team’s Saturday game.

Wicked Queen University Sorority Paddle

It has a super smooth lacquer finish, and I think that contributes to its sting. Anyway, she had no mercy when spanking, and paddled me severely as retribution for all those years of me teasing her. Needless to say, she had me in tears quickly. By the time the spanking was over, I was singing her team’s fight song, through the tears. BTW – I’m a fan of her team now. Imagine that! 😉 LOL  This paddle is 22 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide and 1/2 of an inch thick. It weighs 14.5 ounces. For the record, she had me remove her school and photoshop in “WICKED QUEEN UNIVERSITY”, for anonymity’s sake.


Acrylic Paddles – We’ve had a few of these over the years, and again, they were bought when we were NOT doing real DD spankings. If we had been then, I NEVER would have bought them because these paddles SUCK if you’re the one getting spanked by them.

woman holding a clear acrylic spanking paddle

There is a reason the word “CRY” is right there in the word! Super hard, heavy, and again, true to most paddles…they STING SO BAD. We have three of them. Two medium sized ones and one big one. The medium sized ones are 16 1/2 inches long, 4 inches wide, but have different thicknesses. The black one is a 1/4 of an inch thick, and the clear one is 3/8 of an inch thick. The black one weighs 10.09 ounces and the clear one weighs 11.68 ounces.

Woman holding large black acrylic paddle

The big one is 23 1/2 inches long, 4 inches wide, and almost 3/8 of an inch thick. It weighs 17.43 ounces. I’m glad to report that the Queen doesn’t like how big it is and is allowing me to sell it. If you want a paddle that can bring the tears, and a paddle directly from the Queen herself, here it is: Large Black aCRYlic PaddleSOLD!


Rubber Paddle – There are all kinds of rubber spanking implements, in many shapes and sizes. This little rubber paddle is dense, heavy and is flexible.

Black Rubber Paddle

It is only 12″ long, 3″ wide, and 1/2″ thick. It weighs 10.34 ounces and man, this thing is a butt wrecker. Due to its size, it is perfect for an OTK (Over The Knee) type of spanking. It is also fairly quiet for a paddle (except for my cries when getting spanked by it). Thankfully, she hasn’t pulled this out in a while and I’m not complaining.


Leather Paddle – I actually found this old-school, heavy leather, weight lifter’s belt at a garage sale. I took it home and cut it into the shape of a paddle (well more or less 😂). Anyway, while it IS in fact leather (it’s actually two leather straps sewn together), it is more rigid than a regular leather strap. So we categorized it as a paddle because “straddle” and “padrap” sounded stupid.

Weight Lifting Belt Paddle

This is another paddle acquired when I had a safeword to protect my butt from it. Fortunately for my backside and me, it has never really been used in earnest and I thank my lucky stars for that. Just a few hard swats from this beast can bring tears to the toughest eyes. This thing is super thick and heavy. It is 18 1/2″ inches long, by 3 to 3 3/4″ inches wide (it tapers), and a 1/2 inch thick. It weighs 14.85 ounces and while it doesn’t weigh as much as her Wicked Strap, it’s density and stiffness make it a wrecking force.

woman holding thick spanking strap paddle

She doesn’t really like the handle on it, which is why she hasn’t used it for a woodshed session. Maybe I can talk her into letting me sell it. Any heavy players out there want to own this custom thing of ass destruction? 😉 Please?


And last but certainly not least, is her recent favorite spanking paddle…

Wenge Wooden Paddle – These paddles are from wenge wood, which is one of the most dense woods in the world. Density is a problem for the spankee, as it usually means that the implement will sting more. And this one does NOT disappoint.

Brown wenge spanking paddle


This paddle is 14″ long, 1.875″ wide, 3/8″ thick and weighs around 4.2 ozs. This paddle is easy to swing, but boy does it sting! Yes…first hand knowledge! LOL.  It’s a perfect paddle for OTK spankings.

We don’t have that many, but they are already almost sold out. So if you want one, you might want to hurry. You can get them here: Dark Brown Wenge Wood Spanking Paddle.

Paddles are a must for any spanking enthusiast’s play chest. There are so many shapes, sizes, and materials, and depending on how they are used, can bring a whole spectrum of feeling and fun (and of course punishment).

f/m animated paddling

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Caged Lion

Nice arsenal. FYI, holes in a paddle don’t help lower wind resistance. That’s a myth. If they aren’t well beveled, they will cut into the skin. We have the same rubber paddle as you. It’s nasty as hell.

Like you, since Mrs. Lion began disciplinary spankings, my interest in buying new weapons for her has gone way down. Occasionally, I will get something new. The truth is that they are all painful and I see no reason to find new ways to hurt.


Great post describing the ever popular ‘PADDLE’. I love a good paddling and is my favorite way to be spanked. Like you folks, we have many different ones, wood, leather, rubber, but no lexan, glad of that. She paddles as you describe, deliberate, steady, varying tempo and strike points. Tears flow quickly and for either discipline or maintenance and I know I have received a very effective spanking.

The Wicked Queen

I have to say Joey, that seeing all my paddles out and reading your post, has reignited my desire to give you a good paddling. 😉 XOXO


I have a clear narrow acrylic paddle that my little hubby hates so bad. I, like your Queen, spank for purpose and I can land hundreds of blows with it in minutes. The last time I used it on him he cried himself to sleep.🤣

The Wicked Queen

Hi Gayla and thanks for your comment. For those in the know…a REAL spanking, doesn’t take all that long, because the swats/lashes are coming fast and furious like you mentioned. Glad to hear you’re keeping him in line. Hope to hear from you again. 🙂


I am in the know. A hard compact paddle with a little weight to it, focused on two spots, applied fast and furious, is burning fire on the bare bottom. The lesson is quickly taught, and sitting is uncomfortable for a few days. With a REAL spanking, the transformation from brat to behaved happens in remarkably short time. I learned that many years ago.

The Wicked Queen

Yep! And I LOVE seeing the attitude and arrogance quickly fleeing from Joey, as soon as the real spanking start. 😉


I love that you love this process. We know that in your house, you will not hesitate when it comes to the effective correction of unacceptable behavior and attitude. In my experience, arrogance just evaporates, and for someone inclined to rebel against authority, the rebellion is squashed, at least temporarily. Once real spanking is introduced and becomes a known consequence, it acts as a powerful threat that does actually influence behavior. There is genuine fear of a spanking, though, of course, it should be part of a safe and loving relationship. The fleshy areas of the buttocks can take a lot of punishment, and a real old-fashioned licking is a powerful lot of punishment in a short period of time.

The Wicked Queen

Well thank you. And that is certainly Joey, (rebellious in nature), but yes, his rebellion is very short lived soon after his real DD spanking starts. And then he’s quite the model citizen for a good month and a half afterwards.


I know many people these days are into spanking, and where it is used as “punishment.” There is a constant need to act out the ritual, and the bottom line is that improvement in behavior and attitude isn’t really required in order to satisfy the urges. If this is what works, then I see nothing wrong with it, however, that isn’t what draws me to disciplinary spanking. It’s about taking real rebellion and bad behavior, and actually transforming someone. From bad boy to model citizen is powerful stuff, and what it has always meant to me. After a real spanking, it could be an entire year before another one was earned. I think six weeks of good behavior is a significant amount of time for someone inherently rebellious, so your spankings are to be sincerely respected.

The Wicked Queen

I agree. Joey has said to me on several occasions, “I am cultivated by your harsh, yet just spankings.” Thanks for your thoughts and insight brett!


My wife is also a firm believer in fast and furious, no warm up, no pauses, just seemingly hundreds of blows quickly and hard. Her favorite is the paddle. She can order punishment at any time for any reason, I have to assume the position, usually bent over the bed or couch, sometimes outside in the back. She will proceed with the spanking, using as much force as she wants for however long she wants. Once she starts, she shows no mercy at all, more than a few times I’ve had marks or bruises for a few days. On the worst ones it’s impossible to sit for a day, then painful for a few. Those are usually for when she feels I’m straying from being good, done something wrong or if she thinks I am rebelling in any way. But she does spankings regularly and without warning, to “keep me in line” and remind me who is boss.

The Wicked Queen

It’s amazing how quickly a good spanking can get our men back in line. 😉


Very true, she’s an expert at keeping my cheeks bright red and burning.

Roy Wells

Dear Mistress WQ, I now receive maintenance spankings every week and they sure have kept me straight.


Yes Gayla. I have become more efficient in paddling my husband. At first I was taking too long between whacks, so I changed weapons to a lighter weight black plastic paddle I can really swing fast and more frequent. I “broke” him a year ago, and now he knows the corporal punishment will be merciless and memorable. Todds tears come SO soon now, because I don’t let up, I make sure this is not fun, and his buns stay red and sore for a long time! The paddling doesn’t take very long at all before he is crying for mercy and his face wet with tears. Once he reaches the point the stinging whacks are unbearable, he gets about 20 more to ensure he never forgets his offense. Then he remains nude, and rubs my bare feet for me. I love seeing my educated Fortune 500 naked man on his knees, stripped of his clothes, his ego, his pride, his sassiness, servicing the smelly feet of the leadership female who just paddled him to tears

The Wicked Queen

Love it! He was reminded of the power you have, and the pain you can bring. 😉


Exactly right Wicked Queen. Todd knows I love him, but he needs the discipline and structure our FLR provides. I control the household finances, decisions, and Todds behavior including sexually. Our DD occurs in the living room, when it’s needed and justified due to his misbehavior I see no reason to wait for bedtime. I make him go upstairs and retrieve the paddle, rod, whip and bring them to me. He has teary eyes and is gulping hard before the corporal punishment even begins, he knows the pain will be severe and result in him weeping. He is bare naked for his punishment. I wear a half mask over part of my face during paddlings, I morph from his wife to his jury and executioner. Turning my husbands muscular buttocks bright red and seeing him weep and yelp in pain makes me very aroused, I’ve actually climaxed during the process of whipping Todd. I insist Todd remain nude one hour after his paddlings, he’s too sore to put pants on anyway, being stripped of his clothes emasculates him, and he rubs my bare feet as a sign of love, respect, humility. I have trained Todd to be submissive in many other ways, but I hesitate to mention those details here for fear of offending your blog readers!

The Wicked Queen

Sounds like you really run a tight ship! Joey and I are mostly partners in household decisions, but I generally get my way. 😉 I have used that analogy in the past, Judge, Jury & Executioner. But I haven’t worn a mask. Since we’re starting to share our videos of spanking sessions, and still wish to keep our anonymity intact, perhaps I’ll wear a mask for his next one? There is something the comes over me when I channel my inner Wicked Queen. I believe adding a mask to that, might enhance that feeling. If so…that’s bad news for Joey’s rear. So you better behave Joseph! 🙂 I’ve never climaxed while spanking Joey. But I feel such an intimate closeness to him afterwards, when his spanking is over. As you know, I too have him kiss and smell my feet. My current protocol in that regard, is “Nose to toes. Joseph.” Which means he is to take of one of my sandals, lift my foot to his face, and smell the underside of my toes, while kissing the soles of my feet. Now THAT actually turns me on a bit. 😉


OH Wicked Queen! Give me a man with a submissive streak, and I have the THREE magic words: paddling, bare feet, tickling!

the paddling is needed. Todd is a brilliant man, but lazy in some respects, under achieves in some ways professionally. Sooo, at home his sloth will not be tolerated. Once his clothes are off he’s just a scared little boy, his lip literally trembles, he anticipates the physical discipline I deliver well with my custom paddle, my hard plastic crop. His tears come faster than in the past because he knows I am relentless, vicious, I expect the weeping and desperation from a man who has no idea when the whipping will cease

my feet! Various friends and family have described them as earthy, cheesy, stinky. It’s my body chemistry, hormonal, or whatever, bottom line after a long day, plus exercise, they emit a foul odor. Todd needs humiliation to accompany the corporal punishment. Sooo, he is blindfolded (to enhance his sense of smell and taste) and he gets bare smelly feminine feet rubbed all,over his lips and nose, “smell my feet Todd, or I’ll whip you again harder than the last time”. I make sure he kisses my soles, sniffs under my toes, sucks my big toe (I swear he could perform such outstanding fellatio). He’s developed a fetish for my feet, which deepens my relationship power position. I redden his buttocks so he cannot sit, make him smell my feet, and watch his erection grow! My wetness grows too to be honest as I see the lust on Todd’s face as he smells me all over…even right after I’ve run 8 miles

tickling: I could write a book on erotic tickle torture. I was tickled in college by sorority friends. Todd, unfortunately for him, is very ticklish. A man has SO many nerve endings in SO many fun places! I start with the obvious: ribs, armpits, feet, belly. When I get to Todds nipples he’s moaning (he told me he would do ANYTHING I asked during nipple tickling). And the entire genital region is packed with nerves, and I happen to have long nails. Contact me if you need details, it’s one more way to break a man

I own Todd sexually. My relationship power is deep. I could probably achieve a hotwife/cuckhold relationship but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea .

Contact me anytime! We can talk one on one if my ideas are too steamy for your blog!


Funny you mention it turns you on when Joey smells your feet! My feet often do smell after a long day depending on the shoes I wore. Todd gets incredibly excited when I make him smell my feet….unless…’s after he “relieves himself”! Todds foot fetish disappears so FAST afterwards, so to be a little cruel, sometimes before a paddling, I make Todd “relieve himself” and put on a little show for me! Then he’s very out of the mood sexually and extra sensitive when is bare butt is made very red, and his face almost looks nauseated as I make him smell my feet and suck my big toe! Yes I get very turned on knowing Todd can smell my body odors!


Todd complained early in our marriage that my feet smell. They do! My sisters and college roomies teased me mercilessly about my feet. But now….since I wear the pants in the marriage….I periodically rub my bare feet and toes all over Todd’s lips and face. He doesn’t complain! In fact I think I’m making him develop a mild fetish for my feet, which gives me yet another dominating humiliation weapon in our marriage! My big strong husband spanked and reduced to foot sniffing and kissing. Love it!

Naughty Boy

Acrylic is very strong. It gives a tiny bit which I think contributes to the god-awful sting that an acrylic paddle delivers. I am sure that delivering hundreds of blows is not necessary to make your point. Clearly, though you want him to be a very sorry boy. I am sure that I would benefit from the sort of paddling you give your husband, even if it is far beyond what is necessary to deliver a thorough lesson.


I wish I was lucky enough to get the paddle. My wifes go to is the cane and I am sitting on blisters writing this.


That is quite the collection Jessica and I’m sure you must keep Joey guessing which one , or combination, you will use when you paddle him.
Aside from her trusty hairbrush my wife has a stingy otk paddle which she loves to use and especially likes the crisp , loud sound it makes compared to the more thus like sound of the hairbrush.
That is enough of a combo for me I can tell you !

The Wicked Queen

Thanks Glenmore! You know Joey was laying them all out, I had a thought for an upcoming spanking…Pick A Paddle. Where I would have him pick his own paddle to get it with. And then after a bit, have him pick another one, and then a final third one. Oh, his poor bottom. 😉


I wouldn’t know which 3 to pick!
How many swats with each do you typically deliver? Does it vary depending on the paddle?

The Wicked Queen

Right? That would add a little extra something to the session, wouldn’t it? The last time, I took Joey to the woodshed where the paddle was involved, I had also spanked him with my belt as well. Then I gave him an onslaught of swats with my Spencer paddle, and it quickly broke him down to tears. I honestly don’t remember how many swats I gave him. Maybe around 30? But again, this was after probably 40 to 50 lashes with my belt.


That awesome combination of leather and wood would bring anyone to tears !

Naughty Boy

I am rethinking my envy of your husband. Ouch miss. This sounds so severe. I am not sure my naughty bottom could take that sort of punishment. I know I would learn not to upset you is short order.

Don Edwards

I don’t think I would survive what Joey takes. Just last Sunday my partner agreed to discipline me for my offences in poor behaviour. Since then I have been spanked 3 times, first very severely, second just 2 days later and he took it easy on me because I had worked all day on the “honey do” list. But yesterday I had a raging tantrum, not pretty but there it is. I knew I was in for it, and sure enough, the command to “come into the bedroom and strip” came bellowing down the hall. OTH with the hand, then across the bed for paddling and the dreaded bath brush. Sleep was poor (I wonder why?) and at breakfast I had to stand to eat. My partner thought that was extremely funny!

The Wicked Queen

Well, pain can be such a wonderful teacher. You’ll be amazed as your “ranging tantrums” will start to be farther and fewer between. I like to call that, The REAL Accountability Effect. 😉

Don Edwards

Yes M’am. Even after only one week of this new reality and excepting that embarrassing meltdown on Thursday, my partner looked at me last night and remarked. “You are easier to get along with these days” So I have to admit that you are very correct, it is an accountability effect. He did add though, “That doesn’t mean you won’t get maintenance spankings, because you will”


So true! Temper tantrums have been a problem in the past, and I can share a simple solution. The consequences for a tantrum are crystal clear — a guaranteed second tantrum over her knee. The implement used is a thin, rock-hard little paddle. The area targeted consists of two spots low on the bare behind. The method is non-stop, rapid-fire (and I mean, FIRE!) spanks until she decides to stop, which will not be until well into a full-blown hollering, kicking tantrum. Failure to control temper is something bad boys do when there is no one to help control it. She knows how to help control it.

The Wicked Queen

Good to hear! 🙂

Don Edwards

I just read Brett’s response to my post about my tantrums. I know from experience that getting spanked after I have a tantrum is NO cure for the condition. It is at best an effective control. In my case I have used tantrums to get my negative energy out or to demonstrate to all in the room how pissed I am as to what is going on. It is a usage of last resort when I just can’t control the situation. So…. I know that I have a tendancy to repeat the tantrum cycle regularly, and therefore receive strict payback soon after. My partner has slacked off in my discipline lately and I am moving towards a big storm soon. I had a mini tantrum in the car last week. I received no comment, no promise of retrubution, no nothing! I hope he is not going to let out relationship return to the bad old days of me whining and sulking and more. Even I know when I need a good one!

The Wicked Queen

I think everyone’s situation is unique to their own couples’ dynamic. From my experience, after a spanking for ANY reason, Joey is not up for crossing those lines again, anytime soon. Joey doesn’t throw tantrums, but if he did, I ASSURE you it would be very short lived, as I would deal with that harshly. Most likely a woodshed whuppin’ with my wicked switch.


She calls it her magic act. After I’m caned and therefore leaving approx six welts, my wife likes to use my sawed off frat paddle to make the red stripes magically disappear into a deep color of cranberry red.


Bravo to you queen! I love the intensity of REAL discipline…it should always be applied regardless of his cries for mercy. Mixing up implements is the best.

The Wicked Queen

Thank you. 🙂


We have three DD tools, a classic wood paddle, a wicked switch, and a 30” long narrow hard clear plastic butt beater! My husband absolutely HATES the hard clear plastic whippings! I am very efficient at making him cry, I am not his friend or wife during DD, I am his worse nightmare. He is bare naked for discipline, I am in a black and a half mask. I love the wood paddle for the sounds as his bare buttocks are paddled. I love whipping him with the switch, because of the red stripes I leave on his skin and the velocity with which I can whip him. But he is in tears SO fast with the clear hard plastic! Once the decision to paddle is made, there’s NO stopping. He is usually sobbing and begging for mercy after 15-20 hard whacks, I continue to paddle him 25 more whacks once I’m convinced he is “broken”. He has a feeling of helplessness as painful whacks rain down on his bare bottom, and only I know when the session will end. He learns a true lesson each session. I have physically disciplined him on two occasions bare naked in front of my sister, who LOVES seeing Todds ego and bravado disappear, his tears flow, and his butt very very red. I always insist Todd remain nude in our presence for one hour after his discipline, a naked man with a red butt is NOT in charge! He apologizes for his ignorance to my sister and I while his face is wet with tears, and after his paddling in July I made him kneel and rub both my sisters and my bare feet as a lesson in humility. I warned him that the next time he forces me to paddle him, there will be 4 witnesses including males

Naughty Boy

Miss Colleen,
I would definitely behave for you. The bare paddlings sound strict enough, but to have them whitnessed by your sister would be really hard.


Oh naughty boy, you have no idea how Todd fears me at domestic discipline time! I have a black hard acrylic paddle, he absolutely HATES it! Todd must remove all his clothes, retrieve the paddle, return to the living room and drain himself thoroughly so his sexual “excitement” doesn’t detract from his paddling pain. I schedule his discipline around my sisters schedule, he and my sister do NOT get along and her seeing him naked, weeping, yelping in pain, begging me to stop paddling add sweet humiliation to a butt reddening discipline session. Tina smiles as she watches his plight. Todd is reduced to a crying helpless boy in about 15 to 20 swats, which is when the real discipline begins. I paddle until his weeping is uncontrollable, he gasping for help, a broken man, Then he must remain nude for one hour, as he rubs and kisses my bare feet and rub Tina’s bare feet, as a submissive husband should. My paddlings make any arousal he may have disappear fast, something Tina loves to remind him about. I told him if his behavior doesn’t improve, I’ll find more humiliation ideas to force him to perform.

Roy Wells

Gloria had been reading about canings being given by the wife for husband’s positive attitude control. I don’t know where she got one but there it was one day. A bamboo cane lying there on our bed and since my maintenance spanking was due anyway, she thought to try it out. There was another woman friend of hers in the bedroom who was going to demonstrate proper use of the cane. I was told to take position over side of the bed with my pants down. I did so immediately not wanting to upset either of these women. Since I still had my underwear on I thought that would lessen the shock. But after three strokes of that cane the woman came up behind me and tugged down my boxer shorts leaving my behind free and clear for further cane strokes. Those strokes came in fast and stinging fury making me lose count. The teacher then handed the cane over to Gloria, and she applied at least six blazing strokes earning compliments from her teacher. I could see the red stripes from that cane across my bottom in our bedroom mirror, and the closet has that cane just hanging there, waiting.


As i mentioned before we have a sawed off Frat paddle with drilled air holes hanging in our kitchen. Most people think it’s JUST A CUTTING BOARD. 🙄 But with this 3/4 inch thick board I’ve received many, many quickee spankings over the years and always on the bare! Recently, she over heard me refer to her as “The WAR DEPT” during my phone conversation with my golf buddy. Needless to say i ate dinner that night while standing up in our kitchen, while my butt was painfully throbbing! 😢


well paddles depending on there size, shape, thickness, weight and material … I have some will cause a (leather butt) in which the skin turns white.. and when this happens … there is no longer sting… for me its with heavier paddles like a jokari style..I find some of the lexan style paddles um 1/4 to 3/8 thick will keep on stinging much longer than the heavier jokari style…but maybe its just me…

The Wicked Queen

Joey has mentioned that most paddles sting like hell, but has also mentioned what you have brought up, after a certain point, the butt almost gets numb and the sting doesn’t have the same oomph to it. When I paddle him, I like to use another implement as well (usually my belt), to the the longer lasting effects.

Roy Wells

When I was a kid I would be spanked with a heavy bath brush and then when my father got home he would administer an additional re-enforcement spanking with his belt. The combination of those on my bare behind was like a super spanking. I was always good for a long time afterward definitely not wanting a repeat set of spankings by brush and belt.


ok … well its not just me… that “after a certain point, the butt almost gets numb and the sting doesn’t have the same oomph to it.” And I will agree with joey most still like hell .. thank you for the reply once again..


For a really hard spanking, a 1/2” or 5/8” hairbrush (large hairbrush) paddle with plenty of room for a comfy, secure grip is my preference. For a spanker whom I have sessioned with and trust. I make one with loving care as a present for my spanker. When I do this I am past even thinking of suggesting how I should be spanked. I tell my spanker how I was naughty, ask for a “good spanking,” and do what I am told, nothing more, nothing less. I am between scared and terrified! Why have I been so naughty? My bottom tingles as I stand in my spanking corner, waiting, heart pounding.


OH my….glad to see I’m not the only one who has a large collection of paddles!

My one girlfriend gave us a nice Jokori paddle that is good for true otk punishment. The first time I used it in front of her, with her reminding me to redden his sit spot more. And a couple who have a similar relationship gave me a beautiful school style paddle — complete with holes — that is perfect for quick correction over my hubby’s pants or underpants. I think it’s too brutal to use on his bare bottom. The first time it was used by my friend of my hubby’s bare bottom. I’ve sent her a few pictures of the results of her on-going gift.

Nice collection.

The Wicked Queen

Paddles can be quite severe. The last spanking I gave Joey, I ended with the paddle, and it wrecked his backside pretty good. Needless to say that he learned quite the lesson that day. Appreciate your comments and insights. Hope to hear from you again sometime. 🙂


I like spanking but I don’t like that the implements make a lot of noise and it can be heard by others. Has anyone found a way to reduce it?

The Wicked Queen

Hi Chris and thanks for your comment. Sure, the best implements for quiet application are rod type implements (cane, wooden dowel, switch), or a cord, like the instant pot cord. But while those implements may be quiet, the person on the receiving end, might not be. 😉 For that, I’d recommend that they cry into a pillow during the spanking.


Thank you for replying me!
The more I try to show that the swats are not painful the easier I tend to tears.
A cord is very painful and I would recommend the cable of a bike breaks too.

Spanked Hubby

This was a great post! My wife does NOT mind breaking the skin…as a matter of fact we have a board that is 16 inches long, 5 inches wide at the blade end and 3/4 inch thick with 30 non-beveled holes in it….we pull it out to majorly “get the point across” with even a little bandaging if need be …oh yeah

The Wicked Queen

Yikes! That is quite the formidable paddle. And you might consider a subscription when ordering your next box of bandaids. 😅😉

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