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Spanking Machine Tips & Tricks

In case you hadn’t seen yet, we’ve started selling a spanking machine! We’ve actually worked out a deal with the manufacturer, so we can offer them at a discount to the readers of our blog. And I’m happy to report that they are starting to sell pretty well. More spankings happening across America! “You get  […]

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Embarrassed and Humiliated?

On a couple occasions now, Jess and I have read and heard from readers about how embarrassed I must feel when Jess humiliates me as part of the spanking process. I found that interesting because I’ve never felt “embarrassed OR humiliated” before, during or after a spanking. One gentleman on Quora, wondered how I could […]

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How to Self Spank

After answering some questions regarding the spanking machine we are selling, someone on Quora had some additional questions for me regarding self-spanking. As you can probably guess, I have not had to self spank with the Wicked Queen around. 😅 BUT…there was a time BEFORE the Queen, where I not only attempted to self-spank, but […]

Real DD Spanking Compilation Videos

If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve released two spanking compilation videos! The first one we did included nothing but paddle spankings, and at the end of this last weekend, we released “All About The Belt”, a video with…yep, you guessed it…just belt spankings. 😉 We had heard from many readers and viewers of our videos, […]

A Spanking Machine Exists

In Jess’s recent blog post – How You Can Get a Spanking. She had a section within it, talking about spanking machines. One of them (Robospanker), appears to not be making their anymore, but she had also reached out to, and heard back from the makers of the “Spanker Machine“. Shortly thereafter, they sent us […]