Nessa Teaches Joey a Harsh Lesson

As some of you now know, I recently earned another woodshed whuppin’. Sh*t! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…either he likes it, or he’s an idiot. Well I can assure you that I DON’T like it. And if you’ve seen the most recent videos where Nessa tears up my backside, you’ll know that’s the truth. […]

woodshed whoopin'

Communication In Spanking FTW

I recently updated my computer and was going through some old files and came across a letter (ok, Word document), that I sent to Jess after a spanking she gave me 10 years ago!   As it was already delivered to her, and served the purpose of communicating my thoughts and feedback from the spanking […]

Nessa Breaks Joey hero

Nessa Breaks Joey

Both Jess and Nessa have decided that I should be the one to write this blog post to share the account of my trip to the Woodshed last week. Prior to said spanking, I had read in Jess’s blog post that Nessa was talking about using the Wicked Strap, the Red Cane of Pain, AND […]

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Joey Spanks Nessa

So if you’ve been reading the last couple of blog posts, including some of the comments…OR, have been following our posts and comments on our Facebook page, you may have seen something about ME spanking Nessa! 😊 INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE…Mwhahahahaha… If you haven’t, sit back ladies and gentlemen, while I tell you the very […]

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Spanking Machine Tips & Tricks

In case you hadn’t seen yet, we’ve started selling a spanking machine! We’ve actually worked out a deal with the manufacturer, so we can offer them at a discount to the readers of our blog. And I’m happy to report that they are starting to sell pretty well. More spankings happening across America! “You get  […]

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Embarrassed and Humiliated?

On a couple occasions now, Jess and I have read and heard from readers about how embarrassed I must feel when Jess humiliates me as part of the spanking process. I found that interesting because I’ve never felt “embarrassed OR humiliated” before, during or after a spanking. One gentleman on Quora, wondered how I could […]

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How to Self Spank

After answering some questions regarding the spanking machine we are selling, someone on Quora had some additional questions for me regarding self-spanking. As you can probably guess, I have not had to self spank with the Wicked Queen around. 😅 BUT…there was a time BEFORE the Queen, where I not only attempted to self-spank, but […]