Joey Gets Wrecked

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182 Total Swats!

102 Swats with 4 different slippers, over my knee and leg locked in.
60 Spanks/Lashes with my doubled over, Italian leather belt.
20 HARD Swats with my wooden paddle with holes.

Shot from two different cameras, and both FULL spankings are included in this video. In other words…182 x 2 = 364 painful swats contained in this video!

Total runtime of the video is 16 minutes, 29 seconds, and includes the full spanking (x2) as listed above.

Also included are a handful of SLOW MOTION swats/lashes from the spanking:

11 with various slippers
10 with the belt
5 with the paddle

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Watch as Joey struggles to stay in position, while he gets wrecked like never before.

A true DD spanking captured on video.

His backside gets blistered and bruised, as she teaches him not to be arrogant to his Queen. As when that happens, she channels her inner “Wicked Queen”, and we all know how harsh she can spank.

After the spanking, Joey said, “This was the worst spanking of my life.”

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1 review for Joey Gets Wrecked

  1. Tom (verified owner)

    Wow, just watched the whole video and I was actually feeling sorry for Joey, (just a little, I’m sure he deserved it). Excellent video and the title is spot on because that is one wrecked bottom!

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