Where There’s A Whip, There’s a Way

Jess and I have been working on adding certain spanking implements to our site. As many of you know, we started off with the now infamous Wicked Switch. God I hate that thing. It’s funny in that, when Jess first suggested I make some to sell on our site, I laughed and told her that I don’t think anyone is going to buy it because of how I’ve talked about how bad it hurts. 😂

Yet, to this day, we get requests for it all the time. As Jess mentioned a blog post or two ago, we’re looking to do another run of them in the not too distant future. But I’m not sure how long it will be before I make them again after that. As she has mentioned, and I’m here to tell you personally…they are a pain in the ass to make.

the wicked spanking switch

So here’s the latest and greatest game plan…

First, we’ve just added our Wicked Whips to our spanking implements offering. Hence the reason for this post.

woman holding short whipNot going to lie, the first time I picked it up, I immediately felt nervous. To which 10 seconds later, that feeling was amplified tenfold when Jess said, “Hand that to me Joey.” And you know how she can be, she said it kind of sternly, with “the look” on her face. To which started my mind racing as I thought…what did I do? Is she going to spank me with that right now? Is she thinking of WHIPPING me with that thing? *shudders*

But after she had it in her hand and was playing around with it, two things happened. One, I was relieved because I could tell she was just checking it out and no immediate spanking/whipping was coming. And two, she looked sexy as hell handling that whip. So much so, I wanted to take her to bed right then and there! LOL

So, I wanted to talk a little more about this spanking implement. But I guess we should address the whip/whipping nomenclature first. So it is definitely a whip, a short rubber single tailed whip. But…we won’t use it for whipping, (right Jess? 😬). We have in the past, a LONG time ago, played around with a couple of bullwhips. And there is this one bullwhip we have, which is a real leather bullwhip we got on vacation one time in Mexico. I remember there were a bunch of these bullwhips hanging on this hook in a store we walked into. At this time Jess and I were already playing around with spankings and such, but weren’t yet doing the domestic discipline thing yet. It was pretty much just fun spankings. Anyway, I spotted them and we walked over to them to check them out. The store owner came over and said, “Ah, those give good Mexican back massage.” 😂 And Jess didn’t miss a beat. She quickly replied, “Oh, I like to give him back massages.” as she reached up and pulled one down. I should’ve know she would become my Wicked Queen from that moment.

But the reality of it was, we weren’t into heavy pain or whipping at all. It was just going to be a sexy prop. Or so I thought. I need to find it (or maybe not 🤔). But it is a short whip. Probably only 4 feet long. The leather is tan to light brown, but the leather is dense and kind of “hard”. Certainly not soft. It has a black wooden handle. Anyway, she played around with it, like walking into the bedroom with it, lightly giving my butt some lashes. But we never really did real impact play with it. Until one time, she brought it to bed, and we were doing a variety of our foreplay things, when she picked it up. I don’t remember what she said, but it was something about whipping me. I was very turned on, and of course had no idea what a whip to the back really felt like, and so I rolled over onto my stomach and said, “Have at it.” Well she did and let me tell you…that pain “cut” right through me. She didn’t swing it SUPER hard, but it was fairly hard. At this time in our spanking escapades, she knew she could spank me pretty hard, and I was good to go for a while before using my safeword. But the pain from this was so bad, that tears immediately came to my eyes. To this day, I don’t know why I didn’t safeword out after the first lash. But I got through I think 4, maybe 5 lashes and I cried out my safeword. And when I did, I literally cried it out. This surprised Jess as she had no idea she was hurting me this bad. She felt bad, apologized and laid next to me holding me, and caressing my hair. Telling me she how sorry she was. 😢

I actually felt bad for HER, feeling bad for ME. lol

By the way, this reminds me that whenever impact play is happening, good communication it vital. Don’t skip it.

So, we talked about it and decided that the whip would not be part of our normal play, but…if I did something really bad, we’d talk about me potentially getting lashes with the whip on my bare back for it. Yes, this was actually in play before my request to bring DD into our every day lives. And over the next 10 years, there were a couple of times where she took the whip to my back as a punishment/deterrent/discipline. And yes, I consented to each whipping as it was well deserved. It was only like 10 lashes each time, but boy did they leave quite an impression, bring forth the tears, and leave some decent the marks on my back. (But nothing permanent.)

Fast forward a few more years, when I reached out to Jess about incorporating DD into our relationship, I hadn’t seen the whip at all during that time. In fact, I think we both forgot about it. Plus we had a plethora of spanking implements that were ALL very capable of giving good and REAL spankings.

Anyway, circling back to the term whipping. For us a whipping is getting whipped on the back with some sort of whip. But…we’ve heard, and Jess has sometimes used, “I’ll whip your butt.”, when I’ve been charming her in one way or another. 😁

We’ve also heard the term butt whipping. Which to us, means getting spanked/whipped on the butt with a whip. But we’ve come to understand it can also just mean a spanking.

There is also the term “belt whipping”. Which to us means holding a belt in single tail fashion (not doubled over), and either whipping the butt or the back. But to reiterate, we no longer do back whippings here.

Why? I supposed if Jess felt the need to kick things up a notch, she could present the option of bringing the whip out, and give back lashings. But, to be honest, many of you who have seen pictures or video of the spankings she gives…she doesn’t really need to kicks things up a notch. And when she does, she has the Wicked Switch or Wicked Strap to go to, without marking up my back.

Anyway, somewhere along the line, she started to use the term “whuppin'”. Like…”Keep it up and you’re gonna’ get a whuppin’.” And as you know, she started using the term “woodshed whuppin'”, which now has a very strong meaning in this household. I’ll have to ask her why she started using the “whuppin’ term. I don’t remember her using it when we were younger. If I had to guess, I would say it comes from when she was a kid, and she heard it in the midwest? IDK, but I’m sure she’ll chime in, in the comments, or update this post.

So…back to this whip. For us, we’re going to have it on hand, and while I don’t know for sure, I fully suspect it is going to be right up there with the Wicked Switch in terms of its ability to cause severe pain. BUT…it is going to be used like the switch, where the lashes are given on my butt and upper backs of the legs.

jess holding wicked single tail whip

But this thing is a beauty, and as Jess describes in her product overview, it can be used in a variety of ways. Lightly for fun spankings. Medium strokes for more serious spankings, and harder strokes for punishment and/or harder players.

Another thing that Jess really likes about it, is that there was a reader who he and his wife had incorporated spankings into their lives. But his wife was currently unable to swing a paddle or even a belt with much force. So, an implement like this could possibly be something that she could use with minimal effort, yet still get good results.

And as I stated above…just seeing her hold this thing, and swing it around, it is quite intoxicating.

Additionally, we are going to shoot a short video of her holding it and moving it around, kind of like we did with her Wicked Italian Leather Belt. Video really gives you a better idea of how it moves around. Oh, and it wasn’t all but 30 seconds of her holding it, when I got to hear the “lovely” sound of it cutting through the air, as she did some practice swings. Of course, giving me a Wicked Queen menacing look right afterwards. I literally had a lump in my throat. One thing is for sure, I don’t look forward to feeling this thing AT ALL. And I’m hopeful it is used as sparingly as the Wicked Switch. But I can tell she is kind of eager to try it out, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t incorporate into a spanking at some point in the not too distant future.

Anyway, if you wish to be one of the first to experience this…here you go! The Wicked Queen’s Wicked Whip.

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Well it’s no surprise that a whip looks very attractive in Jess’s hand. Can’t wait to see more.

The Wicked Queen

Well thank you Eric! 😊


Dear Miss Jess,

I have followed your Website nearly from the beginning, and i want to say that i really enjoy it.
I am also in a relationship in which my Partner is looking after my behaviour and from time to time she needs to “regulate” it…..with the same methods as you do….😭😭😭.
Yesterday i have read your latest article and by watching the pictures i saw that you are wearing a ring on your thumb. I have searched the Internet in the past about the meaning, when a woman wears a Ring on her thumb, but what i have found about that was not satisfying for me. So my question is, is that a special Symbol or do you wear that ring at random?
Keep up this great site, you both give us some great and fascinating inspiration for our own relationship.
Best regards from Germany,

The Wicked Queen

Hi Alexander in Germany! I always love hearing from other couples who have some iteration of “this thing of ours”. Glad to hear she is keeping you in line. 😉 It is quite effective, and can make for smooth sailing in a relationship. As far as my thumb ring. Honestly, I just saw the trend many years ago, liked it, and bought myself one. I just looked it up now as well and found a definition of it being a “sign of power”. Oooo, I like that. That works. 😉

Thanks for your comment and we hope to hear from you again.


Spankings for me have changed drastically. Ten years ago, after a punishment spanking, my wife would lovingly put lotion on my wrecked butt and tenderly kiss me. Today she used three implements, finishing up with 20 lashes with the cane, bringing me to sniveling tears. Still angry, she said “I’m going to take a quick swim and a nap at our pool, so clean yourself up. There’s bandages & peroxide that I previously laid out for you. So “bad boy“ in about an hour bring me a Gin& Tonic w/ extra limes.“

The Wicked Queen

Not me. After I’ve given Joey his punishment, I enjoy the aftercare moments. Very intimate and something unique that connects us deeply.


Hi Disgraziato, my previous reply to your post has been deleted and I’m not surprised as I was incensed for you when I wrote it. What I should have said was that it seems to me that your relationship with your wife has deteriorated from consensual domestic discipline, in the context of a loving relationship, to something bordering on bullying and downright abuse. If I am wrong then I apologise but if I am right then I urge you to stand up for yourself buddy as there is no telling where this could end!

The Wicked Queen

Thank you Anthony for restating your comment. We do support constructive conversations and debate, but we want to always keep it as respectful as it can be.


My darling husband made the mistake of expecting our DD to be sexually arousing, and he was mistaken, particularly after I obtained the proper implements that fit my hand well, and destroy his bottom. I have a hard black acrylic paddle, and a short flexible rubber whip, he HATES both tools. I make Todd strip bare naked and retrieve the punishment tools from upstairs, there are already tears in his eyes before we begin, I make sure he never forgets a corporal punishment session. He’s broken and weeping hard when we finish, I absolutely love the aftermath when he cannot possibly sit, so he rubs my bare feet (he has a fetish), and we cuddle affectionately, but only after I show him I’m fully in charge in our marriage. Orgasm denial for Todd has changed our marital dynamic, and my orgasms were never bigger. It’s amazing how a 110 pound woman can so control a muscular strong Fortune 500 man.


Hello Joey

Thanks for the input! you and Todd should have a drink and discuss your similar qualities! Todd has many submissive qualities and fantasies I could itemize in great detail. When we are discussing past and future DD, Todd is greatly aroused, as am I.

But when I decide Todd needs physical discipline (laziness, sloppy, rude), the fun is quite over. I’ve become quite adept at quickly breaking Todd, tears flowing, gasping desperate sobs, deep humiliation. Todd has less power now than ever, and the tears come very quickly. Here are my hot tips for woman seeking to make sure their man never forgets his whipping:

  1. He strips completely nude
  2. i strip to the waist, to display my bare chest as a sign that a female is his judge jury and executioner
  3. he retrieves the paddle or whip himself from upstairs
  4. the paddling takes place in our living room, it’s NOT bedroom activity, and yes I hope the neighbor men hear him crying
  5. there is often a female witness to his punishment (usually my best friends Taryn and Barb, or my older sister Tina who cannot stand Todd)
  6. The punishment continues 20 to 30 whacks or whips AFTER Todd is weeping uncontrollably and begging me to stop
  7. I take particular delight in making any erection disappear from Todd early in the DD session, and then humiliating him for that fact that I stole and wasted his erection
  8. Todd remains nude 1 hour after DD, rubs and kisses my bare feet, apologizes for his behavior, thanks me for the corrective actions, and wears pink panties I bought for him the following day. Crybabies wear panties Todd, put them on….

Todd is a business professional, so the nudity, humiliation, pain, female domination and other females seeing him naked and crying really break him down to zero, and my libido ends up supercharged!


Colleen, one of the things that shines through the Wicked Queen’s posts is that their DD relationship is based on love, respect, great communication and the avoidance of any humiliation for Joey. What comes through both of your posts is exactly the opposite, the humiliation of your husband appears to be a major factor in what you do. Is this because he acts like an arrogant ****hole with you and you want to bring him down to earth or do you just have sadistic tendencies? Do you love him?

Secondly, you focus on the fact that the whole experience for him should not be erotic on any level and yet you describe yourself as having a supercharged libido afterwards – so since your husband must be like a whipped puppy afterwards, and probably not very inclined to intimacy with you, what is the benefit to you of this supercharged libido?

I’m not being critical – if it works for you as a couple then happy days – just trying to understand  



Don Edwards

Hey Jess, and Joey. Just reread Joe’s entry of when the WQ casually asked you to hand her the whip and immediately you thought, “what did I do?” I had to laugh. I’ve been in that very situation. It’s quite unnerving when someone in control can easily exercise the control and the fear it brings by using the most casual request. In my case I had no idea what I had done or said, and I made it worse by questioning it. With the fearful darkening of his expression and a terse, “Just get upstairs…..NOW!” With lowered head I drudged upstairs, and waited…..and waited. I don’t know what’s worse the seemingly endless wait or when the bedroom door opens…….


I will leave a summarized review as well, but as one of the few (lucky?) dedicated readers that managed to purchase one of these items, I thought I should say a few things. Firstly, thanks very much to the WQ. I had a couple of problems with payment due to issues with my PayPal and she reached out and helped us through the process. My wife and I are keen followers of the website, so as soon as this came on, I was told to pick one up. The wicked whip arrived really quickly and discreetly, and my wife couldn’t wait to break it out and give it a swing. First impressions were very similar to Joeys, a quick swipe over a pair of jeans and “Wow, we may need to practice with this first!”. Plan was to have a ‘funishment’, session to get to grips with the handling, before using it as a discipline tool, that was a good move, this thing is a serious piece of kit. So, we devised a plan to conduct a test using our entire arsenal of items, and grade them all from 1-10 for thuddiness, stinginess and general hurtiness, to see how it compares. Intent was to build up with paddles, belts etc. doing light, medium and heavy strokes. After a build up going from pleasant sting to jolting thud, to ouch that’s a good one, we finally made it to the WW. How would I describe the sensation? It’s like the Umami of spanking tools. It’s thuddy, stingy, whippy and hurty but something else as well. A gentle swing had me at 6 out of 10 and a medium swing was pushing a 9. Unless you have the buttocks of Robocop, you don’t need to put a lot of effort behind this to have the desired effect. It leaves instant raised welts and I think if you went harder, would mark up quite a bit as well.
As advertised this is ideal for heavy players with titanium tushies and for people that can’t swing hard. I also fully concur that seeing the lady you love brandishing this item is Sexy AF! This is definitely going to be featured in the play arena for the foreseeable future and I can assure you when this becomes a punishment option, even the sight of it coming out the closet, will adjust an attitude quicker that you can say “whip crack”.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Steve and thank you for the kind words and great review of the now becoming infamous Wicked Whip. Literally LOL’d at “…buttocks of Robocop” & “…players with titanium tushies”. 😄 Yes, it IS quite the pepper, yeah? I think I’ll use it as an exclamation point on a spanking sometime. Thanks for the support and hope to hear from you again. 🙂


Oh that whip looks nasty but but do I want to get my girlfriend one! She also has one of those 4 foot Mexican bullwhips She modified it slightly adding a piece of bootlace with knots in it on the end. She doesn’t whip my back thankfully but by sparing my back it means I get no mercy when she takes it to my butt!

The Wicked Queen

Hi James and thanks for the comment. Yes, a butt whipping is an attention getter for sure. “Knots in it on the end.” Oh my, she doesn’t mess around. LOL

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