The Dreaded Cane

cane marks on spanked buttThe Insane Pain of the Cane

Way back when we were doing spankings for fun, looking for “harsh” implements wasn’t that scary because I always knew there was a quick way out in the form of my safeword.

As my Wife may have mentioned in a post or two…I have always been one to try and push myself or test my limits. And so when I had read on a few spankings blogs that the cane was extremely painful, I thought, why not? Let’s see what that’s all about. Thoughts of my hot wife, role playing as a teacher holding an old school rattan cane, instantly excited me.

So I found a cane on eBay but I really didn’t know what to look for. Turns out that I got a rattan cane that was very light and only 1/8″ in diameter. She tried it out on me and while it did sting a little, it did NOT live up to the hype I had built up for it in my mind, and I quickly lost interest.

Our First REAL Cane

A few years past and I came across an online store called CANE-IAC. They sell all kinds of spanking implements but as the name would suggest, they have a great selection of spanking canes at very good prices. I bought a pair of rattan canes that were about 3/8″ in diameter. When they were delivered I immediately noticed the difference in size and weight and knew that it was going to be worse than the smaller cane I had bought years prior.

And boy was I right! That cane had a lot more sting to it and caused a different type of pain than I had experienced before. Soon thereafter, I read onlinie about how soaking the cane in water for some time before the spanking, would increase its weight, density, flexibility and sting. So of course I had to check that shit out! Another one of my brain-iac moments! LOL

Soaking Your Cane

I took some PVC tubing I had in the garage and measured it to be just a little shorter than the cane. Then I used PVC glue to glue a PVC cap onto one end. After it dried, I just filled up the pipe with water and insert the cane in the open end. It doesn’t take much water and most of the cane is completely submerged in water. After 12 hours, I pulled it out and yes, it was working. The cane was taking on water and becoming heavier and more evil by the hour. I did a chart to see at what point it would reach its saturation.

As you can see by the chart above, it gained 8 grams or .28 ounces of weight upon saturation.

And when the moment of truth came to pass, we learned two important things…

1) The sting from the water soaked cane, made it the worst and most feared implement in the house! (This was prior to the invention of the Wicked Switch). And quickly reduced me to tears.

Rattan Spanking Cane

2) It is a good idea to pull the cane out of the water (spanking end down), about 3 to 4 hours prior to the spanking. This allows some of the excess water to seep out. Otherwise, you’ll get water sprays across whatever room you’re in when she starts swinging it. This is obviously not good for computers, TVs, leather chairs, walls, etc.

The pain from each lash was so intense, my knees buckled after the first lash due to the pain but then a secondary searing pain seems to deepen into your butt right at the point of where the lash had landed. And right as your brain is realizing this secondary, searing pain, the next lash lands starting a new cycle of pain. And the accumulation of searing pain continues to grow and grow as the lashes continue.

Oh and the end of that cane is mean as hell. The extra flexibility added to the cane by the water, helps it end of the cane, wrap around ever so slightly and bite the side of your butt. Those lashes are excruciating. But probably the worst lashes are the ones that land on the upper back of the legs, just underneath the cup of the butt.

This cane was a game changer and became the thing I feared most. It also made a few trips on vacation with us as it is a quiet implement. If I acted up during our vacation, even though we were in a hotel room, she would just have me grab a pillow to cry out into it and then the lashes would start landing.

So, over the following years, I would still get spanked with one of her sandals or belts, but when she really wanted to make a point or if I really messed up…I’d hear her say, “Go soak the cane.” The most feared words that used to come out of her mouth. And I would take that long walk to our room, and dreadfully soak the rod that was going to be tearing into my backside in a day and a half. The clock started ticking. And it was a terrible reminder, every time I walked into our master bathroom, to see the PVC pipe there with the handle of the cane sticking out of it. Almost waving to me and reminding me of what was to come. Then on the night of the spanking, she’d tell me during or right after dinner to go pull the cane out. Again, dreadful walk to go pull it out, wipe it off and leave it leaning against the wall on a towel, knowing that we’re just a few hours away from getting spanked with the worst implement in the house.

The “White Lightning” Cane

One day, I pissed her off to the point where she would’ve used the cane on me but didn’t want to wait the day and a half to spank me. So back to CANE-IAC we went and she found and bought this white Lexan cane.

Lexan spanking cane

Now she had a cane that she could use without having to wait for the water soaking as required for the rattan cane. And it is equally as painful. She’s mentioned about getting a Delrin cane too but thankfully she hasn’t yet. If I don’t find out how evil a Delrin cane is, that suits me just fine.

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I can tell you Joey, Delrin is every bit as evil as wet rattan or lexan. We sold all kinds of BDSM and spanking equipment and toys. Delrin is also very durable, almost to the point of indestructible.

At the beginning or our DD relationship, the cane was used exclusively for discipline. Like you I have felt the pain of the lash and wrap of the end. The second and recurring strokes are even worse.

If I know anything about your wife from reading and contributing to this blog, I would imagine very soon the delrin will be ordered if not already on its way. Your ass will be tasting it soon enough.


if one is brought up in school with the cane it is introduced as part of life and has continued to be so forever afterwards to receive and give. it is something of a submission and endurance representing aspects of life.


Ah yes; there we have a chapter on the cane now – and already there are considerations on how to make it even more stingy.
You don’t have to go to the Delrins or the Cane-Iacs to achieve that.
There is a very simple alternative:
Use a bamboo-cane. The purists will shake their heads in despair and claim it will split and cause injuries.
Rubbish. They only split when you store them outside, exposing them to the sun. Then they will get greyish and split. Just take yellow bamboo canes and keep them inside. That’ll do..
I have serveral bamboos, and Stef hates them more than the rattans.
Take these that are about pencil-thin at one end and about as thick as pen on the other side.
Hold them at the THIN end when you swing them. That makes them swing more elastically, and the heavy end leavers a devastatingly more painful impression than the thin end. They are heavier than rattan, and they sting something awful.
Try it…

The Wicked Queen

Hi Sandy! So sorry for the late response on this. I was just telling another reader that our blog notification system doesn’t notify us about new comments once you’re an approved commenter. I’ve just mentioned to Joey that he needs to see if there is a setting for that of if we can add a comment management plugin that is more robust. At any rate. Always love and look forward to your responses and comments! We don’t have a bamboo cane but I saw one that had some raised ridges or knots throughout it. OH, the wicked pain that would bring! I must look for some and get them. I think I’ll get a large vase and put a bunch of bamboo canes in it for “decoration”. How lovely to have that in a room full of people we are entertaining, knowing that I had just taken one to Joey before they all came over. The spanking implement, right…there…amongst us all. I love it!


Dear Queen

Really no need to be sorry. There was not really such an awful lot of wisdom that I was attempting to add anyway, and I did not expect an answer at all.

But to come back to the topic: I still I believe that the – among purists – largely despised bamboo canes do merit some more attention.
I asked Stef what he “feels” 😉 about that issue, and he immediately answered that he’d rather be spanked with one of my wicked rattans than with any of my bamboo canes.
I do own some very good rattans (not the sex-shop things we had bought at the outset; in the meantime we got ours from reputable cane makers, and Stef says he can “feel” very much the difference to our former sex-shop rattans very well…).

Bamboo – however – is a different thing. It is not as elastic as the rattan, but much heavier (no soaking required..). When held at the thinner end when giving the strokes, the bamboo is quite springy, and the thick (i.e. heavy) end does deliver the message very, very clearly. But it has to be a slender bamboo, i.e. about as thin as a pencil at the end where you will wield it, and about as thick as pen at the “business-end” – and about as long your arm.
That bamboo will hurt insanely. Best thing to avoid a tennis-arm as you do not have to whack it home at full force…

And – just to do away with that old fairy-tail spread by he rattan cane makers: Bamboo will not split if you keep it out of the sun and inside the house.
As long as bamboo is still yellow, it is fine. Greyish bamboo must be thrown away, but that will not happen in years if and when you keep your bamboos out of the sun.

So why not give it a chance as you can get it a few cents in any garden-store?

Kind regards,


Since you shop at CANE-IAC. Might I suggest the “curse of Dana!
It is a rubber strap that really inflicts some pain.

The Wicked Queen

Hi again, I did check that out and those do look wicked. Rubber is an evil thing when it comes to spanking implements. I just may have to buy one of those next!

peter meng

If you want something with a Wicked sting, go to Amazon and purchase an Ettore 54436 neoprene rubber replacement squeegee blade


I have enjoyed reading your blog as someone who has had some experiences with this and yet more experience without it in relationships, so yours is something that brings me joy – to know that you both have found such a match. I am 60 and have been in a relationship for about 9 months. My partner finds it erotic if I spank her (I do so lightly) but only gives me a gentle swat or two if I ask. Full disclosure, women seem to be more open to being on the receiving end of spanking than I am to be open to receiving them (if I was dominant, wow, I’d have more options).

I am not sure about FLR. I see things more fantasy play and switch. But it might be nice to explore this more.

Meanwhile, I will relish reading about your evolving loving relationship.


The Wicked Queen

Hi Ben and thank you for the kind words and insight into your situation. Yes, I wouldn’t call what we do a traditional FLR. But that is the great thing about it. Any couple into or interested in this sort of lifestyle, can modify it to what works for them. Glad you found us and hope to hear from you again. BTW – my husband has a couple of posts coming up soon as I had told him he had earned a trip to the woodshed, so he started writing a post about thoughts BEFORE a real spanking. Then over this past weekend, I actually gave it to him and told him I wanted to see a post detailing the actual woodshed whuppin’ he got. He’s pretty motivated right now and eager to please, so I have a feeling it won’t be too long before those posts go up. 😉


I voluntarily submit lady friend. She has made me buy several canes. Rattan and bamboo have often broken during intense sessions. I am psychologically drawn to the sting, although there is always a gradual build up. I don’t think i could accept a cold caning with no warm up. I sometimes get into such a submissive state that i do not want her to stop and she has sometimes had to snap a picture on her phone and show it to me to convince me that i am done. On the other hand i never become quietly accepting of a delrin cane. She has found that I accept it better when bent over the table than when lying flat.
The other canes i apparently take in any posession so i am usually spreadeagled over the bed.
But the cane is a real communication between erotic partners…… And the erections of a well-caned male are very ……

The Wicked Queen

Hi Arthur and thank you for your comment and insights. Yes, those canings are of the erotic type, even though as you pointed out, they can be quite damaging to a backside. But a gradual build up of a spanking, can certainly make the sub take much more than he or she could without it. While we used to do more fun spankings with warm ups and build ups, we mostly deal with real domestic discipline sessions with no warmup of any kind. It is consensual but very real and yes, as you can imagine, very painful and quite the deterrent.


I forgot to mention there is a kind of euphoria afterwards that is fabulous. My lady is an artist and very proud of her “decoration” of my derriere, when she shows me a photo right away i am usually too sore to compliment her artistry. But later i realize she does a fabulous job.


I made a white cane of fibreglass for my GF to use on me. It’s 3/8″ thick and 28″ long with a handle that I made for it. Her and it has brought me much suffering and satisfaction, leaving bruises and marks for a few days.

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