Our Spanking Video Debut

A lot of you have been asking for us to record and share video of me taking Joey to the woodshed. Joey has been working on how to do it and still keep our anonymity, which has been the main sticking point for me. As some of you already know, I allowed the recording of our last couple of sessions and we posted stills from the video recorded in the blog posts, First Woodshed Whuppin’ of 2021 & What Being Bad Feels Like.

Even though we’ve moved “The Woodshed” to our guest room, we still are trying to keep our true identities private. I hope you can understand that.

Joey made a video clip of the beginning of his last trip to the woodshed, (from What Being Bad Feels Like), and digitized areas around the main spanking area and asked about submitting it on my new SpankingTube account. After watching it a few times, and feeling more comfortable with the idea, I told him okay. So here it is…

The video only shows the first 15 of the 27 he got from just that side. What is not shown is the rest of the spanking, which was…I went to the other side, (as you know I like to spank from both sides), and proceeded to give him another 26, just as hard. Then I spanked him with my Spencer paddle and then the water soaked cane. If you want the play by play, feel free to read the blog post linked to above “What Being Bad Feels Like”.

Anyway, even though the video was just a small snippet of the full spanking, we were surprised at how it took off. In just over a week, we’re heading towards 10k views! Plus lots of compliments and kind words. It was also great to hear from some of our readers! Thank YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

The common point we heard was that it was real discipline. But, you all know that already. In the video, you can see that Joey has no redness on his butt at all before the first swat. As most spankos know, pre-spanking or warming the butt up with light to medium swats, or swats over pants and underwear first, and THEN pulling them down to spank, helps the spankee out quite a bit with being able to take a longer spanking.

Joey has all but earned himself a trip to the woodshed again, and it could very well be our 1st full length video of his spanking. While we’ll likely post a snippet of it on SpankingTube and here, the full video will be available for purchase and download from one of the spanking download sites, OR we might sell it directly on this blog. We’ll see…

UPDATE – Tip of the hat to Adam in the comments below as he noticed we posted a second video to SpankingTube, which prompted me to add this update. Joey had to do quite a bit of blurring for me to approve this second video below, but he pulled it off. This short snippet is the last 20 swats with my Wicked Strap from the spanking I wrote about here: First Woodshed Whuppin’ of 2021.

As I mentioned above, Joey is headed to the woodshed again. I’ve set the date for Thursday, June 3rd. Thursday, June 10th. A lot of people seemed to like the countdown clock I put up last time, so here is another one.

UPDATE 06-16-21: Not only did Joey’s trip to the woodshed go down on the 10th, but we recorded it and are releasing the full woodshed whupping for purchase and download! 73 in total SWATS. REAL DD Spanking!

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You are my hero. LOL! I showed this clip to Kent, my husband and he was visibly shaken. He said “Gosh, he got 26 more of those?” I told him that your husband got a lot more than that! I think your videos of Joeys punishments may very well be a deterrent to bad behavior in other households. I don’t think Kent will be misbehaving today after watching that.
The farther I go into your blog, the more I love it! You are an inspiration and I feel like maybe I have been a little too lenient in the past. My husband may regret that I found you. ๐Ÿ˜‚

aimee lynn

Hi Ma’am!

Wonderful Video!

I love your blog as well! As a firm believer of real discipline for myself, it is so nice to see like minded people such as yourselves!

Please keep up the great work!

aime lynn

aimee lynn

Hi Ma’am!

I have no doubt about that!

He is well in hand!

Dan Show

Wow you sure do get a full swing in , I could feel them here lol. So you don’t lecture during a spanking?


To me, a “spanking” is only half the actual strikes to the bottom, and the other half is the lecture/scolding before, during, and after the swats. As that happens, i feel, both the body and the psyche are punished appropriately and deeply. i know that my level of remorse for my misbehavior increases substantially when a good scolding throughout makes it clear what She thought of my naughtiness, how it made Her feel, what She believes needs to be done, and how She wants me to realize just how profoundly my actions caused this punishment to occur. This is why i can’t even tear up if a Lady just beats my bottom silently. i take it and am sorry for my actions, but there’s something very much missing if my misbehavior is not addressed before, during, and after. i’m still hoping to find that Lady who has the right tone of voice, the right vocabulary, and the right pacing in addition to the spanking so that i’m brought to genuine tears of regret and remorse. i think that will be then i am most punished and best spanked!


Dear Queen, I was wondering if you’ve ever given Joey a spanking, outdoors in very cool weather? We were in the woods and it was foolishly my idea, so I cut some switches and handed them to J. Then on her orders I dropped my JEANS & underwear & hugged a wide tree! It was a cool November and as she was about to grant my wish when her phone rang. It was her sister and they talked for at least 5 minutes while I froze my butt off! J decided to give me 25 strokes with three switches wrapped together with thin twigs! I was shocked how painful it was. I yelped & yelped! and J lol-ed! I never had had a spanking with an ice cold bottom! J chuckled & kissed me passionately and said : โ€œHoney , your wish is my command!โ€ Hmmph , me & my stupid ideas. The pain lasted for almost 25 minutes ! We then ate in a restaurant & J chuckled the whole time!


That is so impressive. If my wife did that, I would be the most well-behaved husband in town. I can be a brat at times and, Iโ€™m ashamed to say, sometimes irresponsible but without consequences. You really know how to give a good old-fashioned licking under control, a no-nonsense punishment that is safe but will be remembered and feared. Real fear equals real behavior modification.

I just read your blog post about spanking zones and application where you wrote:
โ€œThere are a couple sandals that I have that are worthy of giving a woodshed whuppinโ€™โ€ฆIF I put him over my knee and leg lock him in, then spank fast and furiously back and forth between the same few spots, I can blister his butt pretty good and those blisters will be around for about a week or two.โ€

A video of that no-nonsense punishment instilled to scold and remind for about a week or two would be truly inspiring. I got a few two-spot blister spankings like that growing up, and I tingle in my seat just reading how you discipline that way. You are the most authentic spanking disciplinarian Iโ€™ve run across online. Under your authority, bad boys get rehabilitated immediately and will be very good boys for at least a long while after. Thatโ€™s as real as it gets. 

John Oliver

Fabulous video, My late wife used to use the strap just like that, really miss that strap. Looking forward to buying the video of the entire whipping. Thanks.

Madame Francine

Hello, this video was great, congratulations on the work! Here, we are in a period of organizing obligations, I am writing down the new tasks for my husband, he can expect that there will be many. I found a dirty slipper on the shoe rack today, that was a bad omen, for sure on Friday he will answer for this! Hug!


Youโ€™re Who Iโ€™ve Been Looking For,A Real Old Fashion Disciplinarian Wife.Iโ€™m having trouble getting my girlfriend to become that because she was a bottom for so long.Iโ€™ve brought hundreds of sandals and belts n straps but still rarely happens no matter what.What should I Do Maโ€™am?Sincerely,D.T44


Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ What is your spankingtube’s username?


FWIW, I could not find WickedQueen on ST…Max


Thanks! Odd about the search feature. Maybe if you post more videos! ๐Ÿ™‚


Another video was added to ST profile, a strap was used.


Dear Wicked Queen,
I love your blog and the information you provide. I am into real DD and like that you take it seriously. I get disciplined by my wife as well… Serious spanking, strapping, whipping… and, to humble me, some feminisation.
Yours sincerely, Alma

miss m strap on alma.png

Encouraged by you, we had our spanking video debut on spankingtube.com as well, so you might see the tawse and the strap in action. Just a few strokes are shown in the video. All in all I was given 36 strokes with the https://thelondontanners.com/shop/cp-ruler-strap-with-holes/ and 36 with the https://thelondontanners.com/shop/razor-strop/. A few more strokes were added for not counting properly. Having to count the strokes adds a lot to the punishment. In the end she administered another 36 with the single tail whip (not in the video).
Have a look here: https://www.spankingtube.com/video/109211/domestic-discipline-with-tawse-and-razor-strop This was a really hard punishment for annoying my wife with disobedience.

Lance Reeves

Heโ€™s a lucky man!!!!


Dear WQ, I’m glad i saw your video. You are doing a great job! Hard enough and fast enough as well. Keep it up and we men will keep behaving….until the next time we deserve punishment again. And I like that he has to kneel before you, great touch.


I just sent this clip to my new friend. I hope it gives her ideas


Your videos really bring home the effectiveness of a good sound strapping and I love your accuracy and technique, measured strokes, well timed and right on target (even though the ‘wrap around’ strokes may not be planned). My wife has used the belt a few times but not to the extent of your videos, although she got me good one time when I came out of the shower and she had me wet and stark naked hopping around the bathroom trying to avoid her swings which just made it worse. These days she prefers OTK with the hairbrush, do you ever use a hairbrush to spank your man?

Love the sandals btw and my wife wears them a lot too, there is just something so erotic about them, and the ritual of having him put them on your feet deepens the power exchange. After I get spanked, my wife will sometimes have me kneel and kiss her bottom and then give her a foot massage.
Love the videos and hope you keep them coming.


So those wrap around are intended…I thought so!
Very naughty of you, but it’s his own fault for squirming around I suppose.
Those flanks are really tender.


Still cannot purchase the video as it keeps asking me to create a PayPal account.

Dan Show

Miss your site my friend, one of my favorite got me UP many times !!!


Great video. Much like my wife relentless and without mercy once it starts, especially with her belt or strap.


Iยดm a believer of spankings. I spank my man with a cane as well!




An Otk hairbrush spanking w/ her right leg lock is what I prefer. Primarily because itโ€™s almost impossible for me to move out of position & it thankfully makes for a shorter back swing for her. But if she thinks I move too much, I get at least two very hard swats on the backs of my calves causing me to scream out loud. The spanking continues for much longer than if if hadnโ€™t moved. Whew!

Bob Stewart

I’d love to be spanked like that


How many of us men, married or not, and think they want a spanking wife – would change our minds pretty fast with the severity level of many of these hard spanking wives? Our behavior, like theirs would improve fast. Be careful what you wish for!

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