What Being Bad FEELS Like

Hi all, as most of you know, my Queen has asked me to post about the events that transpired on Friday, April 9th, 2021. If you’re new to the site or just happened upon this page, this is my follow up post to my Queen’s T-Minus Two Until Joey’s Butt is Blue.

So…here’s how it went down, one fine Friday afternoon…

Right before my Queen left the house, she came in to kiss me goodbye and told me that she wanted that timer up on one of my screens, up until it was “spanking time”. So with her by my side, and her hand on my shoulder, I pulled up the blog post on one of my monitors, and scrolled down to the timer as it relentlessly and ominously counted down. As soon as I saw it, I got that feeling of fear in the pit of my stomach as the spanking was just a few hours away. I also quickly remembered that I needed to go pull the cane out from soaking in water so that the excess water could drip out and water didn’t spray all over the room when she starts swinging the cane.

I looked overΒ and sure enough, her belt was peeking out from her shirt looking at me.

She then gave me a kiss and said she’d be back after going to the store. “Be good,” she said with a smile on her face and then left the room. “Be good” I thought…freaking comedian.

So while I did have the timer up as instructed, it ended up getting buried by other tabs on the browser it was on as I went about my work. I got lost in work and those few hours flew by, then I got her text, “I’m on my way home.” We have a GPS service on our phones and so I pulled it up and could see she was about 15 minutes away. It’s an active GPS, meaning I can watch the movement of her car getting closer to our home by the second. Even though I’ve been spanked by her a 100+ times, that sense of impending doom is still always felt. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the tab with the active countdown time and saw it at:

And just like that, the sense of impending doom was compounded! I remember actually being somewhat amazed at how a little timer like that could have such an effect on my perception of the situation.

Anyway, I knew I needed to go prepare the woodshed. Even though she didn’t tell me to, from years of experience, I know that is the expectation and I didn’t want to give her anything else to spank me for. I knew I was in for a hell of a whuppin’ already. As you know by reading her last post, she had already decided on what she was going to spank me with her Italian leather belt:

italian leather belt and matching sandals

Her Spencer paddle:

spencer paddle and tan sandals

And the water-soaked cane.

spanking cane and thong sandals

She was already wearing her belt and her “belt whuppin'” sandals, so I just needed to get out the Spencer paddle and cane, along with their corresponding sandals.

After I finished getting the room ready, I went back and sat at my desk. She came home shortly thereafter and so I called out, “Hello my Queen. Do you need help unloading?” “No, but thank you.” she calmly replied. I could hear her moving things around in the kitchen and then I heard her yell out. “Come to the woodshed, young man.” “K.” was my less than enthusiastic replay. I got up and walked to the woodshed to accept my fate.

I got there and she was already there, sitting in her “Throne”. Lately, she’ll have me kneel in front of her as she recounts my transgressions. But this time she said, “Take off your shorts, underwear, and shoes and assume the position.” I didn’t question the change in protocol and quickly did as I was told. As I bent over the end of the bed, she got up and walked over to the left side of me. The side she normally starts spanking from. But she still had her belt on, so even though I felt the vulnerability of my bare butt being bent over the end of the bed, I knew the spanking was not about to start just yet.

In a very stern voice, she proclaimed, “You have committed crimes against the crown. Each of these crimes are reason for severe punishment, in and of themselves. So…for you to rack up several, tells me you need to learn a VERY severe lesson by way of a very harsh punishment.” She continued, does the accused have anything to say for himself?” I know better than to argue or try to plead innocent, because yeah…I did those things. And if I were to lie, she WILL give a whole other spanking AFTER the main spanking. I only had to learn that lesson once!

I knew I had earned what was coming and so I simply said, “I’m sorry, My Queen.” Her immediate response and almost to herself was, “Oh, you’re about to be.” And then the very familiar and ominous sound of her unbuckling her belt began. Followed by the slither sound the belt makes as she starts pulling it through the belt loops.

fm belt spanking
Screenshots from our Belt Spanking Video.

Knowing I am literally just moments from feeling the sting of her belt, I felt and saw her lean over next to me as she set her phone down on the bed in front of me. And on her phone was that damn timer counting down towards my butt’s execution. “It’s almost show time,” she stated.

She leaned back up but left her phone in front of me and together we watched as the last 10 seconds counted down to zero:

As the last second ticked to “0”, she said in a sing-song voice, “2000, zero zero party over oops, outta’ time.” And without a further word, I felt the ferocious sting of her belt as it landed. SMACK, and landed, and landed…SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

fm dd belt spanking

I’ve been spanked many times with this belt before but this belting quickly took it’s toll on me and I could feel myself breaking down quickly. Then a few edge swats landed and I started crying. The belting was one of the worse, if not THE worst belting I’ve had. The swats kept coming consistently hard and one right after another. After 27 swats (able to count from the video afterwards), she walked over to the other side and laid on another 26, just as hard.

fm dd belt spanking

She tossed the belt in front of me, picked up the paddle that was on the bed, then slipped out of her belting sandals and into her paddling sandals.

And then she got into position on my left side and said, “Do you like being bad?” to which I of course quickly responded, “No Ma’am.” And then the paddle landed ~SMACK~ and this intense, searing sting came with it. I don’t know how to describe the sound that came out of my lips, but it was a cry-whimper-grunt type of thing. My mind was instantly racing as I had not remembered the paddle feeling this bad before. Then another swat landed with the same effect. ~SMACK~ I was back to crying just with the first two swats from the paddle, thinking, how am I going to get through the rest of this spanking? Another swat, immediately followed by her saying, “I think you are being bad, because you don’t remember what being bad feels like.” ~SMACK~ “THIS. ~SMACK~ Is what. ~SMACK~ Being bad. ~SMACK~ Feels like. ~SMACK~”. I was struggling to stay in position like never before as the sting of the paddle was so intense and painful. Then she said, “As you feel these next few swats, I want you thinking ‘This is what being bad feels like.’ Do you understand?” “Yes Ma’am,” I quickly responded. “What are you going to be thinking?” she sternly questioned. “This is what being bad feels like,” I responded. ~SMACK~ ~SMACK~ ~SMACK~ ~SMACK~ ~SMACK~ At this point, I’m crying pretty hard and tears are running down my face as I’m trying to think ‘this is what being bad feels like’.

dd fm paddle spanking

She then tossed the paddle on the bed and while I was, for a moment, relieved that the paddle was likely done for the day, I immediately remembered that the cane was coming and just the thought of it made me want to cry. I wanted the spanking to be over. A true sign of a real spanking.

She slipped into her cane spanking sandals, which have a harder plastic bottom than the other two sandals and even though I knew what was coming, the sound confirmed it. And immediately thereafter came the whirring swish sound of the cane cutting through the air as she likes to do before staring to spank with it. Then I felt the cane lightly touch my butt. She was lining up the first lash.

“What are you supposed to be thinking, Joey?” she questioned. I knew this and quickly responded, “This is what being bad feels like.” As soon as I finished the sentence, the first lash landed. ~Swwiph~ “Uhhh,” I cried out. “What was that?” she questioned again. My mind raced as I knew as soon as I answered, I was going to get it again, but knew better than NOT to answer and responded again through a broken voice, “This is what, being bad feels like.” ~Swwiph~ “Again,” she commanded. “This is what being bad feels like.” I could hear my crying returning through my cracked voice. ~Swwiph~ ~Swwiph~ ~Swwiph~

Note:I was video taping on my phone and somewhere in the middle of the paddling, I ran out of memory and so I don’t have video to take stills from for the caning part of the spanking. πŸ™

We’re starting to get more comfortable in doing these videos and stills, so there will be more coming. In fact, audio or video is possibly around the corner. I even bought a boom stand and microphone to position the mic above us when she is spanking me, to better capture the sound of the swats/lashes and our voices. And now back to the conclusion of this spanking…

There was no escape from the pain and I resigned myself to the remaining lashes, as my head dropped and I started to sob. Another lash landed ~Swwiph~ and another ~Swwiph~ and then it stopped. I felt her hand on the small of my back and heard her question but in a kinder voice. “What were you thinking, love?” I managed to quickly but still through a cracked voice say, “This is what being bad feels like.”

fm spanked buttShe petted my back and told me, “Your spanking is over.” She stepped back and I looked over my shoulder to see her on my left, looking at me, then she looked down at her foot. I knew exactly what that meant and got up from my bent over position and immediately down on my knees to kiss her outstretched foot. In my peripheral vision, I could see she was still holding the cane which was both a little frightening, but oddly sexy as I knew the spanking was over but could just feel the power emanating from her. She then had me get up, tossed the cane on the bed, and gave me a long, wonderful hug. She told me she loved me and gave me a kiss. Then she patted my butt and then walked out of the room.

As I was picking up the implements and putting them away, I reflected on the spanking I had just received. One of the worst ones in a long time. I also found it interesting in that normally she doesn’t do much talking when spanking me. She once stated to me in the past that she likes to let the implement “do the talking”. And let me tell you…those implements are well-spoken and sometimes verbose. But I can’t help wonder if my brain didn’t make a new association between pain and being bad. I believe so. Because as I type this, I can still feel my sore backside and in my head, I can hear, “This is what being bad feels like.”

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Madame Francine

Nice work, here at home my husband has a VIP treatment with my slippers and straps, lately it has been very quiet, I must take him to the room these days. Hugs, Francine

The Wicked Queen

Hello Madame Francine and thanks for the comment. I like the sound of that, “…VIP treatment with my slippers and straps”. Hope to hear from you again. πŸ™‚

Madame Francine

Picked up today with leather slippers, didn’t go down with the garbage yesterday, the result today was that smell in the area. The beating was really tough!

The Wicked Queen

Very nice! Yes, a good leather sandal/slipper can deliver quite a good spanking. Joey once got a good spanking for forgetting to take out the trash after we had trimmed chicken for dinner the night before and when we walked into the kitchen in the morning, the smell was terrible. Glad to hear you’re keeping things in order. And thanks for the picture! πŸ™‚

Madame Francine

Beating that I gave last year he remembers today, because it hurt more than a week!

The Wicked Queen

LOVE the leg lock position. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. πŸ™‚


OK so where is the video?

The Wicked Queen

I haven’t approved putting any videos out there just yet. But…Joey is working on me and I’m feeling a little more comfortable about it. He’s is working on digitizing certain parts of the video (faces, parts of our guest room), and improving lighting and audio, so it is a decent video. IF we release some videos, we will likely do it through clips4sale or a similar service.


Hail, the Queen !!

Well, “Joseph” (still makes me laugh), sounds like a pretty good Whuppin’, and well deserved, I’m sure… I enjoyed the telling of it. Given the opportunity, would LOVE to hear it from the Queen’s point of view.

Gotta say, you guys have a remarkable relationship. When I first began reading your blog, some of the first posts I read were Belt whippin which is very much my thing. Everybody has their “Thing” but I Love Leather !! Strap, Tawse, Belt… My nature is mostly Top, but have had the pleasure of indulging that only on a limited basis. However, I have some “Curiousities” the other direction that remain as yet, unfulfilled. based on previous post, I’m thinking I may create a FetLife profile and see where that leads. Thank you for that suggestion.

Early on in reading your blog, I thought “No Sex After !! That’s Crazy !!” To me, even if severe, the ‘Play’ was always leading up to something else. Adult Spanking is inherently sexual. The power of Submission, the Dominant nature of it all… However, after I read on and read the explanation of your dynamic, I believe Y’all’s relationship is more Intimate than most Vanillas’. Even if it comes later, I get the distinct impression that the Passion is certainly there.

Anyway, Loved the Whuppin’, Love the Blog.

Joey, nothing personal, brother but hoping you receive many good, quality Whuppins in the coming days…


Actually, I think it was alt.com, but going to look into it.

The Wicked Queen

Yes, here’s a direct link for ease of reference: https://alt.com/go/p310039 Good luck! πŸ™‚

The Wicked Queen

Hi Craig and thanks for the comment and kind words. Both Joey and I have a “thing” for leather, but Joey has had that love of leather ever since he was a young boy. I love giving him a good belt spanking when it is deserved, for a couple of reasons. 1) It is very effective at teaching a lesson by way of a blistered and bruised butt. 2) It is often very convenient as I wear belts a lot. (And Joey wears a belt like 99% of the time, so I can always take his own belt to him if needed). 3) There is just something very “domestic discipline-y” about taking my belt off and giving him a spanking, or telling him, “Go get my belt.”

As far as the no sex after…Keep in mind that spankings were part of our foreplay for many years. So, we both agreed it just made sense to separate the two when it came to him getting a REAL spanking. That said, after years of that separation and knowing that a DD spanking is actual punishment and not foreplay, there have been a couple of times after a trip to the woodshed, where I told him I wanted him to please me in bed and sex followed. But I assure you, that any preceding spanking to that, was not an enjoyable spanking or part of foreplay.

We’re very grateful for the tight bond and relationship we have. Trust. Intimacy. Passion. Love. Connection. When you have the basis of a good relationship to begin with, we truly believe that adding this kind of thing can bring it to new levels.

And don’t worry…Joey will find his way back to the woodshed at some point in time in the not too distant future. πŸ˜‰


The Leather thing goes back to childhood for me, as well. Isome of my earliest memories, in fact, so I understand that.

Being made to hand over your own belt to have it used on you, now that’s a special kind of Discipline there…

Being Instructed to “Service the Queen” after… Now that’s what I’m talking about.


That mixture of Pleasure and Pain simultaneously is Incredible !!

John Smith

Is there any particular instrument that gives a particularly good sensation?

John Smith

The spankings I receive tend to precede sex and the situation you described encapsulates one of the main reasons why I am glad this is the case! The sensation of having my post-spanking buttocks grabbed during sex like this is a sensation beyond description! I avoid doing the things that lead to a spanking, which is painful, but this makes it all worthwhile! I would definitely say someone who has never tried this is missing out!


When you administer a strapping, have you ever had Joey lay on the bed with pillows under his hips to raise his butt?

The Wicked Queen

Hi Jeff. Yes, I used to spank him quite often like that. I would have him in the middle of the bed, with his head at the foot of the bed, so he could see the sandals on my feet when I walked from one side to the other during the spanking. I did that for the sandal association thing. The other thing I liked about it, was how I could deliver a hard overhand swing with my belt or strap from both sides as I like to use my dominate hand (right).

Over the years, I’ve transitioned to spanking him actually bent over the end of our bed. The reason for this, is two fold. 1) His butt is more bent over and taut, which increases the sting and effectiveness of the spanking. 2) He has mentioned that it is easier to maintain position in the laying down position (which makes sense). So I like to add a little mental discipline as well during a real spanking, of him being bent over AND having to maintain position. Hands or forearms on the bed at all times and not too much moving around as determined by ME.

That said, I could see spanking him in the laying on the bed, butt propped up over pillows position again. I like to mix things up and keep him guessing. πŸ˜‰


Joey, in the ‘After’ pic… That looks like it would linger awhile. I like the order that WQ used the implements: Belt then paddle then Cane. Nice Layering… After a session like that, how long until you sit down without getting an instant reminder ?


Ouch! Now THAT will hurt for good while. Thanks to both for sharing this with your audience. It shows real vulnerability to do so. The first series of pictures…omg…I can imagine being Joey, in that position and hearing the belt ‘swishing’ through the loops as WQ takes the belt off. Hope Joey has one of those desks where he can stand while working…

The Wicked Queen

Hi Mark, oh he knows that sound all too well. Oftentimes at night when we’re getting ready for bed and I’m taking my belt off, just to put it away, I’ll notice a concerned look on his face when he hears that sound. Makes me smile every time. And haha, yes he does have a motorized desk which he’s used the standing position for post spanking. πŸ™‚


I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed the other day, and lo and behold there is this same picture (I assume on Joey’s Tumblr feed..) of the WQ holding her belt and pulling it through her belt links, with Joey bent over anxiously waiting, with a link to the Alt.Com site. Fantastic that you two are pointing people to to an option to help find a partner in crime in other venues!

The Wicked Queen

Hi Mark! Yep, Sandals and Spankings! Joey started that a LONG time ago but we both contribute to it now. And one of the top questions we’re asked on our blog, contact form or email is, “How can I find a wife/gf like you?” So we’re trying to hopefully point people in the right direction to finding that special someone who already is a little (or a lot), “non-vanilla”. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment!


There is a blog on bdsmlr.com by that same name, sandalsandspankings is that Y’all, as well ?


This was helpful info… I had bailed on Tumblr when they announced the Censorship. I didn’t even wait for it to happen, think I shut it down a couple of days before their arbitrary cutoff date. I just went back and found, and was able to reactivate my old account, and found that a lot of what I had followed before is still there.


Wicked Queen and Joey
Totally love your tumblr sandals and spankings!! And enjoyed your first video! I cannot wait to see more – Sorry Joey!
Thank you for sharing a bit of yourselves!

The Wicked Queen

Hi there and thanks for the kind words! Look forward to hearing from you again. πŸ™‚


Lovely writing and whipping. Great couple.

The Wicked Queen

Thank you Bill! πŸ™‚


I enjoyed reading your account of your punishment and comparing it to our marriage and the discipline and punishment that we have found to be effective.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Lucian and thanks for your comment and kind words. Hope to hear from you again on here. πŸ™‚

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