Spankers Are Among Us

One of the thing my wife and I have mused over for the last year or so is the number of visitors coming to our blog. In addition to that, the number of comments and private messages we get. It is really fantastic to have created a site that has become a resource and/or a place to share thoughts with like-minded individuals and couples. We had been under the impression that there really weren’t too many people doing what we do. And, while conventional wisdom will suggest that we are in fact a minority, still the number of us out there has been encouraging.

As we have stated before, we really feel that there are a lot of couples out there that could benefit by adding some variant of this element to their relationships. Again, all the good foundational parts of a solid relationship should be intact or at least some of them (ike love, trust, friendship, just to name a few). But with an open mind and some good communication, it could really help bring a couple closer together. Closer than perhaps they’ve ever been.

Speaking of variants…let’s give a shout out to Domestic Discipline-ers from the M/f perspective as well. There are a good amount of them out there along with those practicing DD from a M/m, and F/f perspective. And, last but not least, couples who mete out punishment spankings to each other, based on a pre-established set of rules that they have agreed upon. While this blog is mostly about domestic discipline, I’d like to mention those who just like stress relief spankings and fun spankings, and even those who do self-spanking. At the end of the day, I guess we’re just PRO spanking! 😉

It’s cool for us to realize that there are a lot of spankers/spankees out there. Next time you’re at a stoplight and a car pulls up next to you, just think…the man or woman driving could be one. At amusement parks, while standing in line for a ride, I’ve often looked at and wondered about certain couples, as to whether or not they are part of “this thing of ours”.

Here’s a interesting and almost telltale indicator as to if someone is a spanker (or spankee) – If they are wearing a belt, and you are behind them (like in line somewhere); a leather belt will often reveal if it has been used in a spanking. At least the doubled over belting version. How?

spanking belt

Here’s a picture I snapped when my wife bent over to pick something up. If you look at the arrow on the right, you can see how smooth and clean the edge of the belt is as opposed to the arrow to the top left. There you can see the leather at the edge isn’t that smooth. And, looking at the arrow below that one, you can see lines of lighter colored leather. This is where the belt has been doubled over several times before.


doubled over leather belt

On a couple of occasions, I have spotted these indicators and wondered…have they been to our site? 😉

Also, I know we’ve had get togethers at our house the day after my Queen has taken me to the woodshed, and when I sat down on the couch, without thinking, have made a face and/or groaned as my sore butt hit the couch. Sometimes that has gotten noticed and someone will ask, “You alright?” or “What happened to you?” Without pause, I have responded with, “Ah, I pulled my back moving my desk around yesterday.” Or a variant of that. Then I wondered…I’ve had a friend or two do a similar thing and respond with a similar physical reason/excuse for the grimace or groan…I now wonder if…

fm belt spankingI doubt that we’ll ever get to the point of spanking becoming so normalized where chatting with co-workers about it is common. But could you imagine?

Bill: Hey Joey, how was your weekend?

Joey: Well, I kinda’ pissed off Jess and she blistered my butt with her belt. Still feeling the effects of that today.

Bill: Ouch! Been about a month since Rita took ME to the woodshed, and I don’t plan on going back anytime soon. Hey, you wanna’ grab lunch?

That said, we are hopeful that some of the couples that have come across our blog and either bought the A.T.S. (Accountability Task Sheet), or just reached out to us asking for advice and direction, are adding to the number of new spankers/spankees in the World.

So to all of you into “this thing of ours”, thank you all for your continued support! We plan to continue to share, inspire, as well as learn. Cheers!

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You are right!!!! There are more spankos out there than you would realize. I can tell by some remarks or comments in their conversation. My partner and I are into spanking and will always be. Thank you for your blog and I appreciate you letting folks like me contribute occasionally. Keep up the good work.

Madame Francine

Wednesday eve of the fair and the slipper rests, but not!

The Wicked Queen

Spanking on the upper backs of the legs always gets their attention! What kind of sandal are you spanking him with? And he ACTUALLY put his hand back there to stop you from spanking? If Joey did that, he’d get ANOTHER spanking for it, AFTER the main spanking. 😉

Madame Francine

This is one of my leather flip-flops, I can say it’s pretty stiff and it causes attitude changes right away. I only use it when things are not going well here at home. Over my hands to protect, I smack his hands when he places them behind, surely he knows I don’t allow that during a spanking. Mainly with this slipper, we’ve posted several spankings with this slipper on SpankingTube, but we’ve removed it for now, but we’ll be back there soon. I have this slipper since before we got married, that is, he has been beaten with it for a long time and knows this slipper well. Hug!

Sem Título-1.jpg
The Wicked Queen

Thank you for the picture. Looks like it has a hard rubber almost tire like sole. I had a pair of sandals from Mexico that had a tire sole and they really STING! Don’t know what happened to them. But I think I might need to have Joey find me a new pair! 😉 I have a question for you…Why did you pull your videos down from SpankingTube? And hugs to you too! 🙂

Madame Francine

Let’s rework the footage and change some things, maybe we’ll put it up for sale in the spanking library! But the beatings will remain heavy, hug!

MVI_3964.MOV - MPC-BE x64 1.5.7.jpg
The Wicked Queen

Sounds good. Looking forward to checking them out. 🙂

I have some slippers that have a fold mark in the middle from when I beat! This really happens!

Madame Francine

Look how the leather wrinkles in the middle of the slipper

The Wicked Queen

Haha, yes! Experienced spanker!

Madame Francine

Watching some of our movies here, I noticed that the slippers are full of wrinkles at the time of the spanking, and then stick with the marks forever! As if they were left to remember the last beating!

The Wicked Queen

The stories they could tell! 😉


Your site is one of the only good resources out there for the realistic (without femdom bdsm kink), F/m strict wife variant of a domestic discipline lifestyle. We have been in this lifestyle as well for a few years and I always look forward to your new content.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Ddanon and good to hear from you again. Thank you so much for the compliment. That is exactly what we’re trying to do, i.e., share our consensual but very real dd approach. Take care!


I’m sure there are a lot of people who do this. I’m very grateful for your blog.

The Wicked Queen

Sorry I missed this comment earlier, but we think so too. And thank you for the compliment. And WE are grateful for YOU! 🙂


I think most couples enjoy a good spanking but practice it at different levels.
It would be nice to discuss our favourite subject comfortably with friends who have a similar interest…perhaps one day.
My wife will drop subtle hints in front of friends and I can tell by their reaction they find it titillating.
We saw good friends and neighbours of ours have a bit of a tiff ,and they stopped by our place the next day acting like two lovebirds.
My curiosity suspected a spanking and I noticed she sat a bit tentatively on the edge of her chair.
She said something sassy to him and he gave here a playful ‘punch’ on her arm.
“Ouch! That’s the second time you’ve hit me today!” she feigned.
“Those weren’t hits they were smacks!” he replied.
I was so surprised I was unfortunately dumbstruck to continue.


i agree that it would be great to just be open with others about being spanked and needing corporal punishment as part of my discipline to keep me in line. i also think it’s more widely practiced or at least experimented with than we would think. But it is still such a highly personal thing that it makes is challenging to just be open about it, unless you are in a group (like a munch) of known practitioners of spanking or other similar things. In addition, we are in a time of greater awareness of domestic violence and trying to stop it, so to speak about it can bring about unexpected alarm bells in people thinking it’s something not wished for (especially when the spankee is female). But i do dream of a time when if i said out loud that i knew i needed a spanking, that whoever heard me would just matter-of-factly say they could relate and that they hoped they also got one like they hoped i would get!

The Wicked Queen

Perhaps one day!


I think the day is coming where it will be out in the open more. I also feel it is like a sexual preference, just like being gay or straight is. We are likely born with it. Not sure why exactly but in the end, it doesn’t matter. Thanks for your posts.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Colt and thank you for your thoughts. I hope so and you bring up an interesting thought about it being akin to a sexual preference. Which as we know is becoming more and more accepted (as it should). Hope to hear from you again! 🙂

John Smith

Indeed. We don’t go shouting about it and only tell people when we are reasonably sure they are discreet, but people tend to be surprised for a couple of reasons:
1) That it happens at all, as we are outwardly a “vanilla” couple
2) That it is FM spanking, as things outwardly appear fairly traditional
I am similarly surprised when I learn about couples where it is practiced: they seem similarly unassuming. It has definitely brought and kept us close together and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

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