Too Much To Drink = Ten Lashes

A while ago, Joey had imbibed a little too much while spending the day out back doing some BBQ with his brother. Now, to be fair, he didn’t get fall down drunk. But he did end up passing out on the couch WAY too early in the evening, which eliminated the movie night we had planned on having and had both been looking forward to. When he woke up later that night, like around 11:30pm, he agreed that he had had drank a little too much and was apologetic. I told him that it happens to all of us now and then, but if it happened again in the near future, that I thought there should be additional “consequences”. He agreed and suggested 6 lashes with the Wicked Switch. That was a strong indication that he was serious about it, as anyone who has been a reader of ours for any amount of time knows that Joey DESPISES the Wicked Switch. Anyway, I countered with 10 lashes and we had an accord. 🙂

wicked switch and matching sandals

Just for the record, I’m not going to tell my man NOT to drink, or that it is not OK to get a little buzzed now and then. But in certain situations, I’ll remind him to pace himself as I don’t want him to fall asleep prematurely on the couch and miss the rest of our evening. He actually shares the same sentiment.

So for quite some time there was no re-occurrence. I sometimes forget the power of the Wicked Switch, as it appeared that just the thought of him getting it with that, seemed to have staved off the issue.

But alas…this Saturday the re-occurrence transpired. After a day of BBQ’ing and sipping on one of his favorite bourbons, he was noticeably buzzed, and then was out on the couch within the first 15 minutes of the movie we were going to watch. So I let him “sleep it off” and watched something else instead. When he woke up later, he knew he had messed up and tried flying under the radar. “I’m going to take a quick shower my Queen.” he said as he started towards our room.

“Ok. And bring the Wicked Switch back with you when you’re done,” I calmly stated. He paused for a second, but then went into our room and took his shower. He came back sans the switch.

glass of bourbon and woman holding a switch“Where’s the switch?” I asked. “Oh, I, uh…” he stammered.

“GO. Bring. Me. The switch.” I sternly commanded. He started to plead, but I interrupted him with, “You know what? Right now I’m starting to get  annoyed and am going to start adding lashes.” He dejectedly lowered his head as he knew he had earned what was coming. Then he went on “his walk” to go fetch the switch for his whoopin’.”

Good for him that he didn’t take too long, as I had decided that if I felt he was purposefully stalling, I would go find him and whup him with the switch all the way back to the family room, and THEN make him bend over the coffee table for his 10 lashes. He calls me the Wicked Queen for a reason.

He sheepishly showed up with the switch and gently placed it in my hand. I pointed to the coffee table and told him, “Take off your belt and put it on the coffee table, then assume the position.” He looked a little confused but knew I was at the point where I should not be trifled with, and so he did as I had instructed. He placed his belt on the coffee table, then bent over.

Taking a page from the last spanking I gave him, where I told him to think “this is what being bad feels like” as the swats landed; I told him, “With each lash, I want you to say, ‘This is what too much alcohol feels like.’ Do you understand?” “Yes Ma’am,” he softly responded.

Then I began…

woman holding a switchSWWIPP – “UUhh…THIS is what too much alcohol feels like.”

SWWIPP – “OOooooo…This is what too much alcohol feels like.”

SWWIPP – “Aaahh…THIS is what too much alcohol feels like.”

…and so on. His voice breaking more and more with each lash.

After the first 5 lashes, I switched sides and delivered the remaining 5 in the same manner.

Afterwards, he turned to kneel before me, when I said, “I didn’t tell you the spanking was over.” “I’m sorry my Queen,” he quickly responded and bent back over the coffee table.

switch marks“Number one…I told you to bring the switch initially and you didn’t. I believe THAT is direct defiance. Is it not?” He looked like a deer in the headlights, but then hung his head down and softly said, “Yes’m.”

SWWIPP – SWWIPP – SWWIPP. He was crying out with each harsh lash and trying his best to stay in position. I gave him a couple more and he started to cry. I put the switch on the table in front of him and picked up his leather belt already somewhat doubled over.

woman holding a belt“Remember that smart ass comment you made to me during the movie when you WERE awake?” His patented grimace came over his face as he said, “Yes’m,” and braced himself for the belt now coming his way. SMACK – SMACK – SMACK – SMACK – “I’M SORRY MY QUEEN!” he blurted out. “Did I tell you, you could speak?” He shook his head no. SMACK – SMACK – SMACK.

I stopped and contemplated turning this into a woodshed whuppin’ but decided against it. Prior to this, he hadn’t fully earned a trip to the woodshed. Just the 10 for the drinking stipulation, which was now taken care of (plus a few extras), and he had the welts on his butt as proof of purchase. I told him, “Come here.” He turned to me, knelt in front of me, and I played with his hair. “Do you think you can behave the rest of the evening?” I asked. “Yes, my Queen,” he responded, then softly added, “Thank you for the accountability.”

couple watching movieI gave him his belt back and watched as he carefully and painfully pulled his underwear and shorts back up over his sore behind, then put his belt back on. He went and got a soda and we sat and watched a movie cuddling together. When he would shift positions on the couch, the pain of his backside reminded him of what just happened. He would give a slight groan and then try to get comfortable again. I believe this will be a lesson that will have some staying power. After our movie, we went to bed.

I believe I’ve stated on here before that Joey is a pretty upstanding guy. I feel truly blessed to have him as my lover, best friend, partner, and husband. While he does do some things that earn him a spanking now and then, other more serious offenses that I hear other wives or girlfriends complain about, are not an issue with him. Like: going out with “the boys” and staying out all night. Or, coming home drunk, gambling, reckless spending, or flirting with other women. Granted, offenses like those would earn him a significant woodshed whoopin’ for sure.

But as far as less substantial transgressions…can you think of something your husband or boyfriend does, that could be addressed with 10 lashes?

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Such a fortunate man, to have such a Wife, truly Incredible… WQ you are Amazing !!


Do you ever give hubby a choice of implements as my wife does for me ! I usually choose six of the best with the cane ! Hurts a lot but over quickly ! & She puts lotion on the raised welts ! Thus sometimes turns her on & we have sex right on the floor


Must say you are a great wife, just like mine who does exactly like you. Keep the good work up! Regards lasse from Sweden


Well, WQ is something special. She is just perfect. It would be awesome if two of you could make a video of punishment.


Thank you very much even for taking it into consideration.

Madame Francine

Here at home the drink is controlled, there is no exaggeration at any time, the only time was when at a party my husband drank more than he should and came driving the car, the result of which the other day we had a conversation with the belt and the slipper, the beating was all day. Any manifestation the slipper worked. Today he asks me if he can buy beers or not! I authorize it or not.

Madame Francine

Maintenance beating!


Yelling or speaking disrespectfully is always enough reason for my wife

Last week I got 10 with the switch/ cane for speaking disrespectfully to my wife when she got home late from a girl’s night. I was annoyed she was late but I spoke to her in a disrespectful way.I deserved every stroke. She took care of it on the spot right after I spoke out of line. I still have the marks as a reminder to always be respectful

Naughty Boy

He really pushed his luck. I know that if I had done the same I would deserve every horrible stroke. He is very fortunate that you did not make it an even worse experience for it.

I wish I had someone like you to keep me in line. I only learn to behave properly when my ass get well spanked

Naughty Boy

Thank you for your reply and your kind interest in helping me. I can’t really look for a wife to spank me as I have one who I love but is very, very vanilla. I would never leave her. I do feel the need at times to get the correction my behavior requires. It is embarrassing to say, I have to resort to self-spankings. When I am lucky, they are directed by a lady who wishes to help my behavior.

I’ll be keeping my eye on this blog because I love the dynamic you and your husband have.

Naughty Boy

There is no need to apologize when you didn’t know what the situation is. I do appreciate your suggestions. I’ve had the conversation before with her. She really doesn’t get all of this. I have most often spanked her as part of our foreplay routine and she doesn’t really seem to want to be on the other side especially for discipline.

Just to complicate things I have been mostly a top/spanker my whole life and in that last few years have felt the need to be have some discipline as well. I would call myself a switch and honestly, I have often interacted with some women doms who end up being a intimidated by my tendency to take over. I can’t explain it. I apparently don’t fall into a neat category.

Anyway, I do appreciate your kind interest in helping my situation. I do admire the dynamic that you and your husband have. It has apparently worked out well for you. I’m very interested in your updates and I wish your both the best.

Madame Francine

sorry to have posted photos

Madame Francine

thank you!

Madame Francine

Today we had a maintenance beating here at home, we tried the famous Hawaiian slides, I have not seen tears in my husband’s eyes for a long time, the slipper is really heavy, laughs, from now on, you are calling me “Madam”, for sure the effect was very good! We will have a great weekend!

Madame Francine

Good night, Havaianas slides, are slippers very used in the discipline here in Brazil, I have a friend who used this model to give her husband a beating, and recommended me. I decided to send my husband to buy and today I did the experiment, it really had a very good result, I think I will leave the slipper in evidence for a few days. Attitudes have improved considerably.

Madame Francine

Follows a photo of the beating

Last edited 5 months ago by Madame Francine
Madame Francine

The belt and the slipper are essential in everyday life here at home, my husband knows well, I don’t like anything out of place or messy, so the slipper is a good incentive for good practices, the noise of the slipper already reminds you of your jobs!


Wow, it seems that Joey behave lately…


Nothing like a hangover and a sore bottom to make a man reconsider his choices when it comes to alcohol. My husband could not handle alcohol, he became a very nasty person when he was drinking. So nasty in fact that it almost ruined our marriage. Thank God we don’t have that problem anymore. I took control of our marriage 4 years ago and the first thing I corrected was his drinking. He protested of course saying all the men did it but I had to show him he’s not like all the other men and our marriage is not like theirs. Through many “discussions” he finally saw how selfish, irresponsible, and childish his behavior was while drinking.
I am still new to your blog but I love it. The advice you give is very practical and I am looking forward to reading more.


I love that your discipline is real. Not many women spank with the seriousness that you do. I’m sure many of us who don’t have the fortune of having a Wicked wife wish we could stand in for your husband.

Dan Show

Oh no Joey , woodshed trip that’s serious what did he do to earn that?


Good GOD, Your husband is such a lucky man! Especially when he is a naughty boy. i wish so much i had that accountability to face when i misbehaved. It is exactly what i need to “re-boot” me to focus better on my behavior and be a good boy. That switch and strap combination was a terrific way to get his attention and inspire better behavior. Excellence on Your part, Queen, for tending to him the way You and he both knew he deserved!


Thanks for the comments and yes I am quite a lucky guy! I can be a handful from time to time and these attitude adjustments and punishment spankings work very well for helping to keep me in line. Good luck to you!


I rarely overindulge with drinking so my wife is fine with that, and as she rarely drinks she is happy to be our designated driver.
Where I get into trouble is taking this for granted and wanting to stay for another drink when she has already told me that we were leaving soon as she had to drive.
Initially I ignored her on this and paid the price when we got home so now I am very conscious of it and politely refuse our hosts offer…..most of the time.
If I don’t she simply tells me loudly, “No! I told you we were leaving soon….do we need to have a little chat when we get home?”
That shuts me down and to make it worse I never know if we will actually have that ‘chat’until we are home!


She certainly does , and she has also mastered the art of dropping subtle comments when I act up in front of others just to remind me that if I don’t smarten up there will be consequences.
I find these to me almost as effective as a spanking sometimes.

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