1st Woodshed Whuppin’ of 2021

So it has come to pass. Joey’s first woodshed whuppin’ of 2021. Ahhh, I feel SO much better now. How about you, Joey?

I thought we’d do something a little different or special for this post. That is…co-posting. We’re each going to recap the events leading up to, during, and after the spanking from our own perspectives. Should be interesting, yes?

So, without further ado…

Pre-Spanking – The Wicked Queen

I had to run some errands and told Joey to be prepared for his whuppin’ upon my return. I told him that I had decided that I was going to spank him with three implements today. The first implement is a new bath brush I recently had Joey buy at the suggestion of one of our readers named, “Redhead.Georgia” (again, thanks for that suggestion). This bath brush certainly earned the title, “The Wicked Bath Brush”

spanking bath brush

Born sandals on pretty feetFor their corresponding sandals, I decided to go with these tan, leather, toe-cross sandals. I have another wooden bathbrush that I had associated an old pair of Bass sandals with, but I don’t really wear those sandals anymore and so they weren’t going to provide the desired deterrent effect I like my sandals to provide. So, I thought a new association was in order, and I do wear these more often.

Now…about the actual bath brush…this one is longer, heavier and according to Joey, it “stings worse” than my other bath brush. I hadn’t put Joey across my knee in a long time and a wooden bath brush is the perfect implement for that. So I thought I’d start off with a little old school OTK bath brush spanking.

woman holding a beltThe second implement I decided on using is no stranger to being used for woodshed whuppin’s. My infamous Italian leather belt, which I decided to wear today for this special occasion. Joey has shared with me many times that the sight and sound of me taking off my belt gives him that “oh no” feeling in the pit of his stomach. Even when I’m just taking it off to put it away. How’s that for some conditioning? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, along with my belt, I wore one of my favorite pairs of belt whuppin’ sandals…a pair of dark brown, leather Rainbow thongs. Kind of hard to tell from the picture, but the color of them matches closely to the color of my belt.

And last but certainly not least…My new Wicked Strap.

wicked punishment strap

As I ran my errands and interacted with other people, we exchanged the typical pleasantries. Each time someone (a cashier or fellow shopper) asked the obligatory, “So, how is your day going?” I responded with an enthusiastic, “Great! How ’bout yours?” A few people seemed pleasantly surprised at my happy response. But those people also didn’t know my secret. So, after my last errand, I started on my way home. I was about 20 minutes from home and caught a stop light. A small, knowing smile came to my face. A surge of power, excitement, and thoughts of justice being served ran through my mind. I thought a quick text to Joey was in order. “I’m on my way home. I hope you’re ready.” My smile stayed in place the rest of the way home.

Pre-Spanking – Joey

belt and belt buckleI was at my desk, when my wife came up to me. I did notice she was wearing her brown Rainbow sandals, and sure enough, the brass buckle of the Italian leather belt was showing just under her shirt. She kissed me and said, “I need to run a few errands and then I’ll be home to take care of your discipline.” Guh! Even though I knew today was the day, just hearing those words, took the wind out of my sails. “Yes Ma’am.” was the only answer I could muster up.

on my way textI went on about my day, got into my work, and didn’t realize the amount of time that passed. Until I got the above mentioned text, which popped up on my computer screen.

Again, my stomach sank and tinges of fear started to creep up. I had a moment of, “You’ve been spanked before, there’s no reason to be nervous.” But an upcoming trip to the woodshed IS nerve-racking. It had been awhile, plus the Coiled leather beltbrain knew that two of the implements were new. The new bath brush, now called The Wicked Bath Brush, is a longer, heavier version of a bath brush we already have. So there was some fear of the unknown there. And that leather monstrosity called The Wicked Strap was coming for my ass and I knew it was over twice as thick/heavy as the razor strap that we already have. Not to mention the forthcoming belting. While I am very familiar with this belt, it still can give reason to be fearful of it as it hurts like hell in and of itself, but there are also unknown moments when the edge swats will land here and there and those are extremely painful. So yeah…in retrospect, I think my nervousness was well warranted.

Pre-Spanking Part II – The Wicked Queen

I got home and walked into the house. I couldn’t help myself and blurted out, “Luuu-cy…I’m Hooo-ooome.” and his quick response from his office, “I knew you were going to say that.” That phrase is a long running joke between us but the juxtaposition of its original usage versus the current circumstances made me actually LOL.

I walked up to him as he was working on his computer and gave him a kiss, caressed his hair and told him, “Finish up what you’re doing. You have five minutes before our trip to the woodshed. Given what a brat you’ve been, plus your arrogance and attitude, this is one that I am SO looking forward to giving.”

Now normally I don’t deal with a set number of swats for a spanking in the woodshed.

Just because I am more going off of his reactions, body language and ongoing condition of his backside. I’ve come to know when he’s had enough and/or learned his lesson. In fact, there have been times in the past that I intended to spank him for longer or with a different implement, but could tell that he had learned his lesson and didn’t need to be spanked anymore. That said, Joey has recorded past sessions before and based on those counts and his estimation, we’ve determined that many woodshed whuppin’s are in the 80+ swat range.

But this time I decided to apply some numbers to the spanking. They were as follows:

Fifty with The Wicked Bath Brush – OTK with a leg lock.

Fifty with my Italian leather belt – bent over the end of the bed. 25 in a row from one side, 25 in a row from the other side.

And to finish…20 with The Wicked Strap – bent over the end of the bed. 10 in a row from one side, 10 in a row from the other side. I went back and forth on this number. It is just such a beast of a strap that I wasn’t sure the effects it would have on Joey’s backside and so I wanted to test it out a bit.

T-minus two minutes and I let Joey know the same. “Two minute warning.” I called out.

Pre-Spanking Part II – Joey

So I see on the security cameras that The Wicked Queen has arrived home and a lump in my throat shows up as well. I hear her “cute” little tribute to Ricky and Lucille Ball, “Luucyyy…I’m hommmme.” when she comes in. Yeah, ha, ha.

Without re-capping what she already did above, I’ll move on to the two minute warning…

Two minutes passed and she came and stood by my office door. “I believe we have an appointment in the woodshed.” she calmly stated. For the briefest moment, I considered a smart ass statement, but quickly thought better of it. “Yes’m,” I replied and got up. “Follow me,” She said and walked down the hall towards our guest room. SIDE NOTE: We video taped the belting and strapping part of the spanking and wanted to keep our room (the original woodshed), anonymous. So the guest room became woodshed #2.

born toe cross sandalsShe walked into “the woodshed” and sat on the side of the bed and crossed her legs. “Bring me the new bath brush,” she calmly commanded. I had “prepared the woodshed” with her implements and sandals prior as she had instructed, and went and got it, then handed it to her. Its weight reminding me how bad it is going to sting. “Now bring me my tan, toe cross sandals.” she said, her voice getting a little more stern. I picked up her sandals and brought them to her. She didn’t say a word. She simply lifted her foot up towards me, expecting me to take off her Rainbow sandal and to put on this new one. Another brief thought of being a smart ass came to mind, but again, better sense prevailed and I did as expected and replaced the sandals on both her feet.

The Wicked Bath Brush – The Wicked Queen

After Joey put my bath brush whuppin’ sandals on my feet, I told him to take off his shorts and underwear and come kneel before me. Then I leaned towards him and said, “YOU…have been such a brat for far too long and that kind of behavior is not appreciated, nor will be tolerated anymore. I’m going to beat that arrogance and attitude out of your backside, right now.” Then I told him to get up and get over my knee.

It had been a while since I had used this position for spanking. It has been my experience that it doesn’t lend itself well to certain implements. But sandals, small handled paddles and bath brushes are completely do-able and work well. We got situated and were locked in with my right leg over the backside of Joey’s leg. As in the past, I was overcome with a feeling of power and control from this position even though Joey is physically bigger and stronger than I am. I had noticed that the smooth side of the brush was nice and cool so I laid it on his backside. I wanted to gauge my distance and line up my swats but I also knew there would be a big contrast in the coolness I let him feel for a brief moment and the heat his backside was going to be feeling very soon! BTW – that pic is not of us, was just wanting to show a similar position.

Then I started his spanking and counted silently to myself. I don’t always count to myself but since I had already told him how many swats he would be receiving, I wanted to keep track. I wasn’t sure if he was counting or not, as I hadn’t told him he had to, so I let him know when we hit 40, so he’d know this part was almost over. I’m nice like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Wicked Bath Brush – Joey

When she told me to get up and get over her knee, I took a breath, and did as instructed, kind of at an angle so a majority of my upper body was on the bed and my face at the pillow. I felt her put one of her legs over one of mine and felt her “secure me in”. I was nervous as my backside felt more exposed than normal. The thought “here we go”, quickly ran through my mind. I felt the cool backside of the brush as she laid it on top of my butt for just a moment…and then without any warning, it began. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK, over and over for 50 times in a row, back and forth between two spots on my behind. I grunted out in pain with every swat but much to my surprise, didn’t get tears in my eyes. That said, it stung like hell and I was very glad when I heard her call out “40!” as I knew, there were only 10 more to go.

Italian Leather Belt – The Wicked Queen

fm belt spankingAfter I took the bath brush to his backside, I lifted my leg to release his and told him to get up. He got off my knee and again knelt down in front of me. Again, without saying a word, I lifted up each foot and he removed my sandals, and replaced them with my Rainbow (belt whuppin’) sandals. I told him to get up and bend over the end of the bed. Then I got up and started to unbuckle and take off my belt. I have to admit, I like to watch Joey’s face when I take off my belt to spank him with. I make sure to take it off in full view and I do it slowly. Today was no exception.

As I said, I don’t usually have a set number of swats in mind for a spanking but I know my husband and I know he’ll do his best to minimize a spanking when he’s in the middle of dealing with the pain. I can’t blame him but I have to be on my toes. I didn’t want him to exploit the fact that this woodshed whuppin’ had specific numbers of swats dedicated to each implement. If he’s moving around and some of the swats aren’t landing flush or aren’t landing where I am placing them, well, that hardly seems fair for them to count towards the total number. He has more than earned every swat I am giving him. So instead of the normal “punishment spanking rules”, where I assign additional “penalty swats” AFTER the main spanking is over, for not maintaining position, I came up with a new rule. To mitigate his moving out of position, I simply told him that if he broke whichever position I put him in, we were going to start over. When I informed him of this I could tell he wanted to object or at least ask questions but I wasn’t having it. I just pointed to the end of the bed, belt in hand. He reluctantly bent over and prepared himself for the belt. I saw him take a deep breath and look straight ahead. Then I swung the belt. This belt is heavy yet flexible. I like to move it around the swell of his bottom and the underside. It’s heavy enough that I avoid the top of his bottom as I don’t want to hit his lower back by f/m belt spankingmistake. All the more reason for him to stay in position. I again counted to myself, calling out when I got to 20. Then I immediately switched sides while he tried to catch his breath. But there would be no break for Joey today as I finished the other side with 25 more swats, one after the other.

Italian Leather Belt – Joey

My butt was STINGING from the bath brush as I got down to change out her sandals. I already have a strong association with these brown sandals and know very well the pain of her leather belt, about to come my way. After she told me to bend over, I could see her start to unbuckle her belt and hear the brass buckle slightly jingle. This was followed by the unmistakable sound of the leather belt sliding through the belt loops of her jeans. I watched her as she doubled it over and I took another deep breath, awaiting the ensuing lashes. After she told me “Fifty,” she had a different approach to penalize me not maintaining position. She said, “If your hands come up off that bed, we’re starting over.” I wasn’t sure if she meant from the beginning with the hairbrush, or just just the belting, but I was sure I didn’t want to find out. And with that, the belting began. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK…25 times in a row. Fortunately for me, there were only a couple edge swats within the first 25 swats. She called out 20, then finished the remaining 5 before switching sides. And it began again. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK…25 more times.

The Wicked Strap – The Wicked Queen

domestic discipline couple spankingNow came the moment I had been waiting for ever since our new strap had come in the mail. The inauguration of The Wicked Strap! I really didn’t know how well it was going to handle but I was anxious to find out. I sat in my throne waiting, somewhat impatiently, for Joey to put the appropriate sandals on my feet. I should note that as he is putting on each pair of sandals he doesn’t get to kiss my feet until after his entire spanking is over. After they were placed on my feet, I told him to “assume the position” and repeated my earlier warning about what would happen if he failed to maintain that position after I began. The handle area of the strap was sufficient to hold its weight so I was able to accurately place the swats exactly where I wanted them. Major plus with an implement like this. As I promised him, I began doling out his 10 swats from each side in succession. No breaks in between, no rubbing his backside, and no discussion. The shots were landing solidly with an interesting slap and thud sound. Very satisfying. I was tempting to keep going after the final swat on the second side BUT, as I said before, this was a spanking in which I told him ahead of time how many he was getting and with what implement. He had not defied me, tried to talk his way out of it, and also hadn’t lost position. This is one of the ways that trust comes in to domestic discipline in our relationship. I like to keep Joey on his toes but I also want to give him what he deserves whether it be punishment or reward. Yes, he could have taken more but he had given me no reason to increase the amount of swats I had already told him he was getting. In addition, I also knew with a new implement sometimes the true extent of the spanking’s effect on his backside are not known to either of us for a day or two. For those reasons, I kept to the previously stated number of swats. Don’t get me wrong, his bottom was red, welted, and was already bruising.

After I had finished with his spanking, I sat in my throne. He knows better than to break position before I tell him his spanking is over and call him to me. I was pleased that he stayed where he was, bent over the bed, awaiting further instructions. There is a fevered and reverent way in which Joey looks at me as he kneels down to kiss my feet. I never tire of it! I also love hearing the creed that he wrote himself.

The Wicked Strap – Joey

fm punishment strappingAfter the belting, she went and sat in her throne and called for her strap. I quickly went and got it. As soon as I picked it up, I felt that density and weight and was like, “oh shit.” I handed it to her and kneeled down to put her “Wicked Strap Whuppin’ Sandals” on her feet. She then told me to “assume the position”, which I quickly did. Even though I was fearing the worst, I didn’t want to give her reason to add any more lashes onto this spanking. When she picked up the strap, she even commented again (with some delight), how heavy it is. I don’t know what she did, but I heard the two heavy pieces of leather clap together as she perhaps, tapped it against her leg. Then I felt her line it up against my butt and knew it was just a matter of seconds when…SMACK, the first one landed. And man could I feel a difference. A difference in sound (a more dense or deeper smack sound than the belt), a difference in weight, a difference in pain, and a difference in the sound of my grunt as it landed. All that realization was just in time for swat number two…SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, she had her rhythm down and it was starting to wear me down. THANK GOODNESS it was only 10 lashes from each side. That said, I probably could have (and maybe should have), gotten about 20 to 30 swats per side in total but I sure as f*&king hell was not going to tell her that, in that moment! But even only getting 10 from each side, my butt started to instantly get bruises where the end of the strap was landing. That thing IS a beast and can wreck a backside proper!

Anyway, after she finished from the other side with the second set of 10. I waited…hopeful that she wasn’t going to deem more of a spanking was necessary. Thankfully, she sat in her throne and called me to her. It was interesting…she had a look on her face like she was gauging me. Either wondering if I truly had enough or maybe just waiting for me to slip up in the slightest. Which was NOT going to happen. Without any more time passing, I began my creed,

“Thank you my Queen for holding me accountable for my actions, as I am cultivated by your harsh, yet just punishments. I recognize your superiority and am grateful you are my Queen. I am very sorry for my transgressions and look forward to showing you examples of my improved attitude and behavior.”

Then added,

“If it pleases my Queen, I would love to take off your sandals and kiss the soles of your feet as a display of my subservience and conquered state.”

She was pleased and allowed me to do just that. On the second foot, she even commanding me to kiss the top of her foot before putting her sandal back on. Big sigh of relief as the spanking was over and I felt (and still feel) more eager than ever to appease my wonderful wife and Queen.

Post Spanking Thoughts – The Wicked Queen

spanking aftermathOften after Joey kisses my feet post-spanking, I inspect his backside to admire my work. Then I tell him he can go look in the bathroom mirror. He winces while doing so then turns to me with a small pout on his face. He then always promises to be good. I know that at some point in time in the future, he will misbehave and challenge my authority again, but the whole scene is rather adorable none-the-less.

99% of our trips to the woodshed are NOT “scripted” in the sense of employing breaks to change sandals, and positions. There are spankings where I’ll assign a certain number of swats ahead of time for sure. Certain infractions carry a set number of swats and he knows this. If it has been a while since his attitude has been good and thoroughly adjusted I will chose an implement, tell him to bend over, then spank him until I am satisfied that he has learned his lesson. Of course, all the while I’m gauging his reactions, his submissiveness and the condition of his backside. One of the biggest benefits, in my mind, about a really good woodshed whuppin’ is the long lasting effects it has on Joey. This spanking was severe but now that I know what I’m dealing with as far as the new implements, he WILL be getting more swats during our next trip to the woodshed.

I LOVED the new implements. Again, thank you to our readers that suggested and made them! BUT…I do believe we are done with set numbers as well as him changing my sandals in between implements. Too much time passes. I will just slip into the new pair while he stays bent over so I can quickly get back to spanking!

Post Spanking Thoughts – Joey

post spanking f/mThis wasn’t the worst whuppin’ she’s ever given me (and no my Queen that is not a challenge;) , but it certainly got my attention and adjusted my attitude as only a good whuppin’ can!

The bath brush really stung really bad, more so than our other bath brush. But to be honest, I thought that I’d be shedding tears within the initial 50 swats. That said, my butt got chafed in the two main areas she was spanking me with it though.

The belt is…the belt. I think this belt in particular is one of the worst things to get a woodshed whuppin’ with. She can really do a number on my backside with it. Normally she lands a few lashes on the upper backs of legs with it, which is a real tear jerker. She didn’t this time for whatever reason, but I’m not complaining!

And the new strap…certainly WICKED, and I fear that now that she’s more comfortable with it, has a good idea of how it handles and its effects on my backside…I am all but sure I’ll see it again in a solo appearance or at the very least, as the star of the show. But hopefully that won’t be for a while. At least that’s MY game plan!

Side note: We did shoot video of the belting and strapping (the belt and strapping images above are stills from that video), but are not sure if we’ll release that right away, if ever. Maybe. I’m open to it but the Queen is not sure. And I’m not going to argue with her. In fact, I’m going to go kiss her foot instead.

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To The Wicked Queen: Iโ€™m glad you loved your strap!
To Joey: Iโ€™m SORRY she loved her strap! Seriously. Sorry, bro.
Tonya and I enjoyed read this post and sheโ€™s very much looking forward to taking me to the woodshed Saturday night. I donโ€™t share in her enthusiasm, but I feel blessed to have a woman who knows when I need it and loves me as much as she does.


Yeah…what…ever… haha, just kidding man. S’all good. Hey, I earned it, deserved it and she deserved to give it to me. Yeah, I’m glad she was just testing the waters with it. But like I said, I have a feeling that the next time I tango with that strap, my ass is going to be WRECKED even worse. But let’s not think about that right now. Honestly bro, I feel more bad for you right now. Even as bad ass as that strap is…I would probably still choose that over that evil, straight from hell, wicked switch. Good luck with that. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts post YOUR woodshed whuppin’. I’m just glad that it isn’t me for a change!

Ken Holt

To the Wicked Queen:
I am a new reader here. Me being a submissive male I do so enjoy the thoughts of the Top and also enjoy adding to the scene for the mental punishment.
To add to your scene and your husband’s next punishment I suggest you talk to your husband about his thoughts he made to this punishment and asking his opinion on how you should change it to better correct him for his next one.


Thank you for sharing your most recent trip to the “woodshed”. It was great to have both of your perspectives and it made my backside “tingle” as you described the Wicked Bathbrush. Having felt that myself (as recently as last week) it was not hard to imagine the 50 swats being delivered. Joey… I am highly impressed with you being able to stay in place as that brush gets me squirming immediately. Sounds like I may need to source that new strap of yours. Effective!!!

I am sure the next few weeks of marriage will be extremely harmonious with a peaceful, calm and compliant husband.


So YOU’RE the one I get to thank for her new Wicked Bath Brush, eh?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL. Yeah that bath brush is a stinger! Don’t look forward to any encounters with that in the future! Glad you enjoyed the post and yes…it’s been harmonious and smooth sailing around here as I have no desire to be a brat or otherwise cross my Queen, anytime soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


Dear Wicked Queen, dear Joey

That sure must have been quite an intensive whipping! Even if you, Wicked Queen, think Joey could have been taking more with the new strap, it was probably wise to leave it at the announced number of swats the first time. You will probably err on the side of strictness next time!๐Ÿ˜
Generally I think swats are easier to bear when the number is announced in advance, but 120 in total is a big number – congratulations to Joey on taking them without braking position!

Tom in Ga

Would you have a source for that bath brush? I am tasked with finding a good one for my queen.

Tom in Ga

Thanks for the link, Vermont Country store had a good one but it is not in their catalog any longer.


I can relate to this as I got quite the discipline spanking last week. Mine was not as planned out as this, it was a more heat of the moment spanking resulting from my attitude and lack of respect.

I had accused my wife of misplacing a household item and gave her a lot of attitude and did not show respect in how I talked to her and accused her of misplacing the item. Well she was very upset by this and when she found the item I tried to apologize but it was too late. She ordered me into position and placed the item in front of me on the bed to look at why she delivered a very painful lashing with the cane


I now do the strapping but growing up my stepmother regularly used a “wicked strap” on my sisters and I. We were all, there’s three of us, whipped regularly till we were in our twenties and it only stopped when we started to leave home. We’d get the strap for a variety of reasons, one unique one was disobeying her and not wearing a required panty girdle on dates. The last really wicked strapping I got was when I was 21, tried sneaking in one night and found her sitting in the den holding the strap. She told me to get over to her and she ran her hand up my skirt. No girdle. I had taken it off and put it in my date’s back seat. All I had on were pantyhose over my forbidden sheer bikini panties. But what really kicked it off was when she opened my purse to look for the panty girdle and found some condoms. I had to bend over the desk in the den and pull my skirt up. She didn’t bother making me take my pantyhose and panties off but as soon as I had my skirt up high enough she started. I lost count but they were at least 50 really hard swats. My sister got a similar strapping later in the week for buying a garter belt and making the mistake of not hiding it well enough.


Such a lovely read.

I’m a sub husband. My wife does not “punish” me per se. My whipping are very beneficial for both of us and even though I for one would like to be punished her response when we’ve discussed it is that I’m an adult and she can’t see how punishment of any kind works with adults.

Anyway ours all started with us recognising my submissiveness. And I’d playfully suggested she should spank me during foreplay. At first she was hesitant and the spankings were mild and not really rewarding for me. However we were continuing to talk about our different personalities and that I felt reward when I served her or supported her. Like in your post she said she felt a certain rush from the power. I said I felt more submissive when it was more painful. Over time she was willing to indulge her inner sadist and not feel guilty. So now the spanking are very very painful but they are both very much rewarding for both of us. They do put me in a very submissive mind set that lasts for days or even weeks. She admits she gets on a power high and I love that I can give that to her. I do thank her at the end. I can’t do it during because I go through several stages of emotions. From fighting the pain. Sometimes a kind of personal shame or feeling silly for doing this or anger at myself or her. Then as the whipping continues the fight goes out of me and a calmness washes over me and at the end I’m refreshed and genuinely thankful.


I need this woman to take a nice razor strap to my bare butt for a good old fashioned butt blistering.

Switch male

It’s something we subs really need – a sense of having been completely spanked. When I was the spanker and girlfriend needed to stop to let the dog out into the yard, she called me later to say she couldn’t sleep because of feeling “half-spanked.” I have sometimes been spanked, flogged and caned but not as hard as I expected. It left a funny sensation. Even when her ladyship stopped because she got so aroused she wanted to make love…I was back the next night for the completion of the treatment. You were wise to go through with the whole protocol regardless of how his ass looked. Keep sharing with us.


The dreaded bath brush is used regularly in our home and believe me my wife is an expert with it. Once I am in position over her lap she uses it to reduce me to a bawling very sorry husband and I love it.

After we had been married for over 20 years and the kids were grown and gone I finally got the nerve to ask my wife to spank me. At first she thought I was nuts but I showed her my collection of โ€œNo-Nonsense Ladiesโ€ magazines she agreed to give it a try.

It took a while but she enjoyed reading the magazines and my digital collection of photos and art where men were being spanked by women and I began to get the punishment spankings I wanted and needed.

About once a month we would go antique shopping with the goal of finding a new spanking implement and then we would hurry home to give it a try. Once a spanking was announced I had to strip and remain naked until she decided it was the time and this often meant I was around the house naked for several hours until she decided it was time for my spanking.

Some of the implements we found were hairbrushes (several) of different sizes, straps, a riding crop, and various kitchen implements, leather slippers, and what we found out later was a teachers cane.

They all do the job but a long handled wooden bath brush is our favorite, along with my moms old hairbrush that she used on me regularly on me until I was 18. Mom gave the brush to her when we had kids and my wife still smiles and laughs that she remembers watching me bawl over my moms lap as she blistered my bare bottom when we were 14.


I was given 3 punishment spankings in 10 days. She broke my skin in several places. Then with a giggle, she put a few drops of โ€œNew Skinโ€ on each broken skin spot, WHICH burns like hell.. After wrecking Joeyโ€™s bottom, what is your TLC ROUTINE? ๐Ÿ˜‡


Dear Joey: I had a woodshed spanking coming, but the night before the spanking I still had bedroom privileges. So I took advantage. & my lovely wife & disciplinarian โ€œJโ€œ was very much into our lovemaking. We made love several times and by morning when I WAS TOTALLY SPENT, THEN SHE decided to give me my well earned punishment spanking BEFORE breakfast???? I did not enjoy the spanking because there was no temporary arousal for me. I cried like a baby at each swat & she used several instruments. I was still whimpering later at breakfast. J joked saying: โ€œI have to remember to spank you when your gas tank is empty! โ€œI have to ask you JOEY, were you ever spanked when your gas tank was empty? No pleasure for me!


In the very early days of our DD, I would get “excited” seeing Jess take off her belt or picking up a paddle, because in my mind, it was associating these actions with the fun spankings of yesteryear. Granted I didn’t stay “excited” soon after the belt or paddle started landing with fury. But that beginning section was helpful to have some excitement going on. Well, the 3rd time that happened, Jess “relieved me” of such excitement through normal ways, and yes…getting spanked with an empty gas tank was excruciating. Thankfully, she hasn’t done that again. In part, I’m sure to the fact that my brain knows what’s coming and it is not a thing to get “excited about”. LOL

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