Wicked Leather Belt

My wife’s Italian leather belt, is by far the most referenced and pictured spanking implement on our blog. And with good reason. It is her favorite belt to wear, AND her favorite belt to USE when tanning my backside. 😳 In fact, as of the date of this post, it has been featured in every spanking video we have on our spanking videos page. Even when she spanks with the Wicked Switch, Wicked Strap, Spencer paddle, or whatever, the belt is usually a key player in the spanking session as well.

So why this belt doesn’t have its own blog post is beyond me, but as they say…better late than never.

So somewhere on this blog, we shared a close up image of it. But I don’t know if we’ve talked about its width or thickness.

Italian Leather Belt

It is 1 and 1/2 inches wide, and 5/16″ inches thick when doubled over. It has some weight and density to it from the many years of oiling and conditioning it, which also made it very pliable. For those of you who have seen it in action in our REAL spanking videos, and speaking from personal experience…it is a butt wrecker!

While pictures are “worth a thousand words”, video is even better. Here is my Queen taking her belt off and showing you first hand:

In the video, you can even hear the subtle sound of the brass buckle and the slither through her belt loops that I am so “lucky” to hear, when she is taking it off.

When watching our spanking videos, that belt is in ACTION and a bit blurry due to the speed it is flying at. 😅

It is the infamous “Italian Leather Belt”, often referred to on our blog.

single tail belt vs doubled over belt

While I’m sure it would sting to some degree if held “single tail” as shown on the left of this image, and give more of a belt “whipping” to the butt; the real Wickedness of this belt shines when she doubles it over as shown on the right. And I have felt many times before.

As you can imagine, the highest amount of energy is at the end of the belt where it is doubled over. Which also happens to be where the most weight is. So…energy and weight = painful swat.

doubled over belt end

And as you’ve seen…she very good at getting that spot just off the side of my butt. Not a full wrap around, more of a slight wrap around. All I know is that is a tender spot that hurts like hell. This is why she spanks from both sides, to get BOTH sides of my butt. How thoughtful of her!

backhand belting

Jess says: When I first got this belt, I simply loved it for its fine quality of leather. It’s look and feel. But after having used it to discipline Joey with over the years, its allure to me has grown exponentially.

Thanks my Queen. Glad I could assist with your appreciation of it. LOL

So there you have it, a post specifically for the Italian leather belt we so often refer to. Which I guess we are now also referring to as The Wicked Belt. Here are some real life spanking videos in which the wicked belt is taken off, doubled over and used to tan my backside.

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Don Edwards

Ouch! The wickedness is in the accuracy! AND completely off topic, Happy Thanksgiving to Jess and Joey and all my American friends on this site. Cheers, Don


The belt definitely is extremely effective, thus it makes sense to use it for disciplinary reasons Mike

The Wicked Queen

Agreed. Hence, my most used disciplinary implement on Joey’s backside. 🙂

Don Edwards

HI Mike: When I get it and get it good, I end up having either my partner’s belt or my own belt used on my backside while I lay across the bed. I’m told it gives the spanker more ummph by being able to get a greater swing in.

Don Edwards

Ha. Having been informed by you Joey, I will REALLY try to avoid that position. While my partner can and has given me very hard discipline, he is still a bit of a novice and when he finds a position that suits him, he tends to stick with it. He doesn’t know but, we have a huge old horse barn that I’ve converted into a wood working shop. I would love to be paddled and strapped down there and sing my song to the rafters!

The Wicked Queen

Hi Don and thank you! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Naughty Boy

That video show how scary it would be to have you even threaten to use that belt to punish a misbehaving husband. Ouch. It looks like it would deliver a pretty serious whipping.
I would hate to be on the receiving, end, no matter how much I deserved it

The Wicked Queen

Yep, it does a number on his backside AND improves his attitude and behavior greatly. After a few spankings with this belt, all he has to do is see me wearing it or taking it off at the end of the day to put it away, and he gets a little nervous. 😉


Do you have a recommendation on what oil to use on belts? I have 2 really nice belts but they really need conditioning. Thanks and I love your blog and videos.

The Wicked Queen

Thank you for the kind words about our blog and videos. 🙂

I asked Joey what he uses and he said this is what he said he has bought the last couple of times…Fiebing Company Prime Neatsfoot Oil Compound. But he also asked me to tell you that it will certainly darken the leather. So if you have a belt that is lighter in color and you want to keep it that shade, then do NOT use the Neatsfoot oil. Hope that helps!


i have not been checking Y/your blog for some time, and today i was amazed by this entry (and another entry which i will be commenting on soon 🙂 ). What i found so very “potent” is again how “natural” The Wicked Queen is. She more than once commented that i “have quite a way with words” but here i find it so difficult to express my feelings. Watching the YouTube clip i could not help but think that there i was beholding The Wicked Queen in exactly the same way She would look and sound moments before She unleashes Her anger and delivers unthinkable pain upon Her husband. The way She removes Her belt and instinctively doubles it over is probably the exact same way She does it before administering Her will… So calm, so relentless, and so unavoidable. The belt is not an accessory or a tool of punishment, but an extension of Her body, yes perhaps an extension of Her will. None of this surprises me, but seeing pure dominance always takes my breath away, and this was one of those moments. 48 seconds of pure power exchange.

Why was i so impressed by this clip? Here we see authentic, pure power and we see it free of any anger or even a hint of violence. Her movements are natural, measured, slow… At that moment, She is fully in control. Her power is unavoidable and so one has no choice but to submit. As i wrote above, from the moment She touches Her belt, it becomes an extension of Her until She puts it back on (probably, to Joey it is always an extension of The Wicked Queen, irrelevant of whether it is in Her closet, around Her waist, or in Her hand). Here we behold a truly powerful Woman and it is always a beautiful (and terrifying) sight to behold.

What is so special about The Wicked Queen? To me, it’s Her authenticity. i could go on for pages but i love how ordinary and extraordinary She is at once. The jeans, the dark shirt, and the sandals together go wonderfully. She is casual yet also strikingly elegant. Her fingers are adorned with unassuming jewellery, which only adds to Her charisma. i do not know why but i have always felt weak towards Women who wear a simple thumb ring, so for me that was also a huge trigger. Her feet are always fully visible, and knowing Her rituals, i cannot help but wonder: when was the last time that Joey paid his respects to Her feet, and in how much pain was he during those moments?

And may i congratulate on the perfect editing? The background music was “just perfect”. Throughout, i felt as if i were watching a short scene from a very good movie or a documentary on BDSM. This is what happens when a powerful Woman allows the world to see Her in Her element. No acting. Just the reality, as pure and powerful as it can be. Thank You so much for sharing it with us!

The Wicked Queen

Ah my favorite poet! 😉 Good to hear from you again.

I’m glad you appreciate the authenticity. When we started doing the blog, and then the videos, we wanted to write about or display it as it naturally occurs. To be as “real” as possible. We don’t have any problems with others that like to dress in certain clothes and do various BDSM scenes. We’ve played with different kinds of role playing early on in our relationship, and it was quite fun. But this IS our blog about the element of DD in our relationship. So I’m very glad to hear, that it is coming across that way.

As far as the video, I have to give Joey props. He is my computer guy, and video editing guy. I provide “director’s” concepts sometimes, but he has a good knack for that sort of thing, so he usually edits on his own. But he always does show me before he publishes or makes a video available to make sure I’m ok with it. Smart man.


Hats off to Joey then 🙂 i quite seriously think that this was a great piece of work. It is short but informative, and very reflective of who You are and how confident You are in Your position in Y/your FLR.

In terms of authenticity, my biggest issue with professional practitioners is that almost all of them dress in certain clothes (as You say) and i find it very off-putting. i understand the necessities: probably most potential clients actually expect this type of attire, and not being dressed up in a certain way (or not having an extensive wardrobe) probably gives the (potentially wrong) signal that they are not professional enough. So, the authenticity of Y/your entries and videos is so refreshing to me… They kindle the craving in me for power exchange and the need to be under the authority of a Woman. So, i hope it makes Y/you happy when i say that: when i was watching Y/your clip, i found myself thinking: “i don’t know why i have this craving, but i once again realise that it is a craving i cannot escape… and i once again realise that the right Woman can make me gladly take a beating from Her, for Her.”


Looks like it could really smart Maybe possible one could talk his way into at least keeping his pants up?This could bring tears….

The Wicked Queen

Oh it can certainly bring tears and has on many occasions over the years. And unfortunately for Joey, when he is to receive a punishment spanking, it is always on the bare.


Dear Jess,

Reading this post, and watching the “Black Thong Sandal Dangle Preview” I wrote the below… hope Y/you will like it 🙂

Why run and hide, can you not see?
Her will is absolute, and Her justice final.
Wherever you escape, there She will always be,
For you are a moth and your flame is She.

Cry away your agony, shed your warm tears,
Let regret give way to pain, and pain to peace.
For to be burned by Her flame is your destiny,
It is Her will not yours, can you not see?

As Her wrath burns you into ashes,
Know you are now where you belong.
And as your tears wash Her feet,
Know that you are reborn a moth…
…ready to fly, once again, where you belong.

The Wicked Queen

Very creative tabanyalar! Thank you!

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