Spanking Machine Spanks Joey

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Spanking Machine Spanks Joey!


Broken down as follows:

125 Lashes with The Wicked Switch
119 Swats with The Wooden Bath Brush
90 Lashes with The Lexan Cane

Total runtime: 9 minutes, 13 seconds

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We’ve worked out a deal with a spanking machine manufacturer, but before we started selling them, we had to try it out right? And when I say “we”, I mean Joey. 😈

I tasked Joey to set it us and take a spanking from it, while I was out of the house. And to his credit, while he had to change out the implements, he didn’t break in the spanking action, once it started with each implement. Just like when I spank him, it is, for the most part, one swat right after another with no edits. So again, hat’s off to my husband.

For more info about the spanking machine itself, check out Joey’s post – A Spanking Machine Exists. And if you’re interested in getting your very own spanking machine, you can do so here:  – We got an extra discount from the manufacturer for our readers.

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1 review for Spanking Machine Spanks Joey

  1. jackbrat (verified owner)

    i just ordered, received, and watched this video and enjoyed it very much. i have to say that i was impressed with Joey’s ability to make adjustments to his position for each implement so that his total bottom and sit spots got spanked, and how he held position to get multiple spanks in one place to really redden and mark his bottom in various spots. It would seem to me that the maker of this spanking machine would be very happy to know that this video is out there for people to see how well the machine can work. Having had one of the earlier models (very similar to this) i know first-hand that it is not the easiest to do all that Joey did in this video, but with practice it can be done. And in the absence of a true real-life Spanker, this video shows that this machine can be worthwhile. Joey is just extremely lucky that he not only has this machine but The Wicked Queen in his life to really make sure his bottom gets spanked so thoroughly and so well. Now i’d like to see a video with both the machine AND Jess alternating swats on Joey’s bottom to see how THAT would go! (Always trying to help you out, Joey!)

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