Readers’ Choice Spanking Video


154 in Total HARD Swats!

59 Swats with my all leather sandal, over my knee and leg locked in.
51 Spanks/Lashes with my doubled over, Italian leather belt.
31 Swats with my long wooden paddle with holes.
—That concluded the Readers’ Choice Spanking— But then I added
13 Swats with my smaller paddle

Total runtime of the video is about 10 minutes, 30 seconds, and includes the full spanking as listed above.

Also included are SLOW MOTION swats/lashes from the spanking:

6 with the sandal
11 with the belt
5 with the long paddle
3 with the short paddle

Lastly, my husband included a little over of minute video of my feet up on a recliner, in sandals as I read a book. He said he threw that in there for my growing “foot fan base”. LOL That’s fine. I had him put it at the end, so those who aren’t into feet, can just end the video there.

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Once again, we are sharing a real domestic discipline video, showing a REAL spanking. We are a loving couple and have a fun, harmonious life together. But sometimes, my husband gets a little to “big for his britches”, and need to be taken down a notch or two, or ten. 😉

This is one of those spankings. It had been a while since we had a chance to do a full on spanking and record it. But all the pieces finally came together and Joey got his comeuppance. This is also the first video of my putting Joey over my knee for a good, hard OTK spanking. Over the knee spanking has been a request for some time now. Here it is.


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