All About The Belt

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All About The Belt!


Broken down as follows:

35 HARD Swats/Lashes – 20 of which were previously UNRELEASED
51 HARD Swats/Lashes – From the “Readers’ Choice” Spanking
60 HARD Swats/Lashes – From the “Joey Gets Wrecked” Spanking
*60 HARD Swats/Lashes  – *2nd Camera Angle From the “Joey Gets Wrecked” Spanking

Total runtime: 9 minutes, 25 seconds

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THE implement of Choice for the Wicked Queen is her WICKED Italian Leather belt. If you’ve ever wondered what a REAL belt spanking looks like, look no further, as this is a COMPILATION video of ACTUAL BELTINGS she has given to Joey.

Again, this is what REAL domestic discipline spankings look like in the otherwise happy home of Jess & Joey.

As Jess pointed out in her last blog post “FAQ’s About Our Spanking Videos“, we wanted to provide some compilation footage of specific implements, for those that have specific likes as it pertains to spanking. So…for all you belt spanking fans out there…this one is for you!

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1 review for All About The Belt

  1. jackbrat

    Very nice set of whuppins to Joey’s backside, Jess! Great job, and i enjoyed it a lot. It always makes me envious that he gets from You, the strict and severe punishment he deserves. i did have a thought in watching it that i would be curious to see what it would be like for him to experience You starting off with the belt with the backhand set of strikes and then the forehand ones. It’s my suspicion that while both are applied hard, the forehand ones might be a bit more intense and therefore getting them second would be an even harder punishment for Joey to take. Love the verbal that plays out during the beltings, too. That’s a very important part of the punishment! Finally, if you would ever consider it, i would enjoy seeing a belting video with joey starting off with a lily-white bottom and You really laying it on hard from both directions; however, the video be shown in fast motion so that we can see Joey’s bottom blossom in color from white to pink to red to crimson. i hope others will agree that it would be great to see that!

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