Paddle Spanking Compilation Video

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All About The PADDLE!


Broken down as follows:

From the video “Readers’ Choice”:
31 Real Time Swats – with the long paddle with holes.
13 Real Time Swats – with the short paddle with holes.
17 Slow Motion Swats – with the long paddle with holes.
11 Slow Motion Swats – with the short paddle with holes.

From the video, “Joey Gets Wrecked”:
20 Real Time Swats – with the short paddle with holes – 1st angle.
20 Real Time Swats – with the short paddle with holes – 2nd angle.
14 Slow Motion Swats – with the short paddle with holes.

Total runtime: 12 minutes, 27 seconds

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If you like watching a good hard paddle spanking. This video will NOT disappoint.

Please Note: This is a compilation video of true DD paddle spanking.

If you notice, during the real time paddling footage, there are no breaks in the action. No edits, where Joey used a safeword or stopped the spanking from Jess. It is what a REAL domestic discipline spanking looks like.

As Jess pointed out in her last blog post “FAQ’s About Our Spanking Videos“, we wanted to provide some compilation footage, of specific implements, for those that have specific likes as it pertains to spanking. So…for all you paddle spanking fans out there…this one is for you!

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1 review for Paddle Spanking Compilation Video

  1. jackbrat

    As the description states, this video did not disappoint. Since it was a compilation, it was like getting together with old friends again to watch the different paddlings Joey has taken. i’m not a huge fan of slow motion, but one thing about yours is that the sound of the paddling and Joey’s anguish of each spank makes me think of being in a castle and hearing the sounds of punishment echoing from a dungeon down below. Very eerie but fascinating, too. The paddles in the hands of The Wicked Queen did a fine job on Joey’s bottom! i do hope at some point to see a video where Jess actually carries out her threat to start the entire punishment session over again if Joey moves out of position! THAT would really increase the moans and groans for the slow-motion sections! Good job!

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