The ATS (Accountability Task Sheet)

Hello My Fellow Ladies In Charge…

Today I wanted to tell you about my husband’s A.T.S. (Accountability Task Sheet). A wonderful tool that will help keep your husbands or boyfriends on point when it comes to helping with household tasks, chores and the proverbial “honey do” lists.

If you’re familiar with our blog, you already know that many years ago, my husband and I consensually agreed that any transgressions or rules broken by him…would be cause for an actual spanking. A REAL spanking devoid of any pleasure or sexual gratification. I would sentence and administer this real corporal punishment to my husband as a means to…

  • Punish Bad Behavior
  • Deter Future Occurrences
  • Adjust Poor Attitude
  • Remove Arrogance
  • Improve Behavior
  • Remind Him of My Power
  • Remind Him of Consequences

You’d be amazed just how much a harsh spanking can keep your man in line! It’s quite remarkable. Even my husband agrees that it has been very effective and actually good for him. If this is your first time reading or just want to get a little more insight to how we got here, check out our “About Us” page.

Anyways, a couple years after we started the real spanking thing, we sat down and came up with reasonable tasks that he should become responsible for on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. We call it the Accountability Task Sheet or ATS for short.

couple cookingLike most married or couples living together, we each have household chores or tasks that we are responsible for during each week, every other week or on a monthly basis. Part of the whole “adult-ing” thing right?. Now normally, in most households, if a task doesn’t get done, then both parties have to deal with the natural consequences. For example, if one of you forgets to take out the trash after trimming raw chicken the night before, you both get to experience of wonderful smell of spoiled chicken the next morning. Or, if you share a bank account, and one of you forgets to pay a bill on time…you BOTH feel the repercussion of a late fee.

So we came up with a systematic approach, where certain tasks are assigned specific swats/lashes based on the value of the task. For a small task, the swats earned for not accomplishing said task is 5. For more important tasks, the numbers can go up to whatever makes sense for the task and your situation.

As a side note…My husband works hard but so do I. And so we’ve come up with these tasks together. Things that we both agreed he should be doing each week to help out around the house. I’m not a “slave” driver. And to be quite honest, he came up with half the list himself. He is not one to shy away from responsibility OR accountability. So…Below is the A.T.S. and the swats assigned to each task.

Accountability Task Sheet

He created this in Excel and made it a live checklist where if an item is completed, he can check it off by entering an “x” in the corresponding “Done” cell and the number of swats for that item goes to “0”, and the total number of swats or lashes are decreased by that amount as well. For example, in the image above, you see that there are he has an “x” in all but two cells. Under the Weekly or Bi-Weekly section, there is “Give Dog a Bath” which was not done and so he wasn’t able to put an “x” there. So, the number “5” remains the “Qty” for Quantity of swats or lashes for that one task. Then down under “Special Tasks/Projects, “Project B” did not get done and so the Qty of 10 remains. Note: I’ve had him assign 10 swats/lashes for all Special Tasks/Projects but you could make it whatever works for you. So…those were the only two things that didn’t get done. A chore with an assigned quantity of 5, and a task with a quantity of 10. So, in the red section, the number “15” is the running calculation of all the “Sub-Totals” for the week.

NOTE: To the right of the “Weekly or Bi-Weekly” section, I have created a column with the heading “1 or 2”. This is for chores that only need to be done every other week (hence “Bi-Weekly). So entering a “1” in that cell, will display a different chore than if you entered a “2” in that cell.

You can customize any needed bi-weekly chores to fit your needs. Full directions and explanations are included with the sheet, should you choose to buy it.

Anyway at the end of the week and when he has done all chores and tasks, the section that was show red in the 1st image of the ATS above, will turn green as the calculation in that area will be a “0”.

Accountability Task Complete

The sheet will still randomly select an implement, so you both can see what he WOULD have gotten it with, had he not done all tasks.

The ATS has three main sections. The top section is the main list of chores. The middle section is the “Pamper The Queen” section and the bottom section is the “Special Tasks/Projects” where I assign him 2 special tasks (aka “Honey do” items). holding a bathbrushThere are also two other rows where he can assign himself a couple tasks that he’s been wanting/needing to get done. An interesting point here is that many men want or need to get something done for the week and will “intend” to do it. BUT…if it doesn’t get done, then (in most cases), there is no accountability for it. It just doesn’t get done. By putting it in writing on the A.T.S., he knows that if he doesn’t manage his time to get that done, he’s getting swats for it! And I give all swats very HARD.

So we go through the week and he updates this daily. I don’t check on it daily, but you could if you wanted to. Other than the trash and recycle needing to be out daily, I’ll usually allow him the week to get the other stuff done. If he procrastinates and has to do it all in one day at the end of the week, then that in and of itself is a punishment of sorts. But again, they learn pretty quickly how to manage their time better and get their stuff and assigned tasks done. Or else they get the consequences.

On the Monday of the new week, we have our review of the A.T.S. and I go through what is checked off. He knows better than to try to check off something that he hasn’t actually done. (He only had to learn that lesson ONCE.) I review it and whatever hasn’t been done, adds up to a final total count at the bottom of the sheet. This is the number of lashes/swats he’s about to get for not doing all the tasks on this sheet. When we first started this, that number was as high as 40 to 50 swats/lashes. But like I said, I don’t take his discipline lightly and 40 to 50 swats/lashes is about half of a woodshed whuppin’ in our world. So after that first 40 or 50 swat penalty spanking, he was at 0 the following couple of weeks. Every once in a while, he’ll accrue a small number like 5 to 10 but usually it is at “0”. Why? Because I’ve got some real accountability waiting for him otherwise.

Another nice touch and something that causes him some trepidation, is that the implement those penalty lashes are to be given with, is randomly chosen by the spreadsheet. Accountability Task Sheet Implements

Off to the right of the main spreadsheet is an area where I have chosen 10 of my meanest implements to be selected from. A couple of them he absolutely despises. Specifically, The Cane or the Wicked Switch. Even 5 to 10 HARD lashes with either one of those will bring tears to his eyes. Each time the spreadsheet is opened, the implement selects randomly from the list of 10. Or you can hit F9 on your keyboard to have it re-do the selection.

So you could just leave it as is when you open it and review the list together, OR like I like to do…after we review the list together and swats are due…with me watching, he has to hit the F9 button that will randomly select one of those 10 implements.

Then, right there and then, he must go get the implement, hand it to me, take his pants and underwear down and bend over the end of our bed. Then he gets what he’s earned and afterwards, has to sit on a sore bottom while we assign the special tasks for the following week.

I CANNOT tell you how well this list works. But you have to stay on top of it, have consistent weekly reviews to “discuss” any deficiencies and lastly, spank HARD. You’ll be amazed at how quickly he’ll shape up and start consistently getting all his chores done. I oftentimes hear from my friends how their “honey do” lists for their husbands, keeps growing and stuff doesn’t get done which is a frustration point for them. Especially when they ask me if my husband is the same way and I politely tell them, “No, he’s pretty good about getting all his stuff done.” 😉

While our consensual spanking arrangement is not for family or friend consumption, I’m hopeful that maybe day, they’ll find this online, employ it and enjoy the benefits.

If you’re good with Excel and formulas, you can probably figure out how to create an excel spreadsheet like this OR if you’d like to just buy this one and download it, then customize it, you can do that for only $5. You will need Excel and just a rudimentary understanding of how Excel works though.

fm belt spanking on bedThe ATS is now available for purchase with immediate download.

Accountability Task Sheet

Until next time…Happy Spanking Ladies!

12 thoughts on “The ATS (Accountability Task Sheet)

  1. fantastic, thank you very much for sharing, I would appreciate posting some photos of the flip flops you use to spank. Thank you

  2. Yes, yes, and I love them, I would like to tell you which of the photos hurts the most and which one you use with your heel. Thank you

    1. Hi Nacho, we live in the southwest and so yes, I’m able to wear sandals and flip flops pretty much year round.

  3. I just came across this blog about ten minutes ago because I typed in F/m woodshed spanking. I’m so happy I found this, because you two are fantastic. Thank you opening up your world to us. May I ask, since you show off your feet so much, and my are they gorgeous, what size are they?
    Have a lovely weekend and thank you.

    1. Hi William and thank you for the kind words. Hope you enjoy reading through our blog. My husband will be writing a post shortly about the belt whuppin’ I just gave him Saturday night. Oh and regarding my feet. I’m a size 8.5 but do have some 8’s and some 9’s. Just depending on the sizing of the makers. Have a great week!

  4. I apologize if I’m overlooking this…but how does one access or purchase the ATS? It’s probably in front of my nose, and I’m missing it.

    My girlfriend has begun weekly maintenance sessions and part of the struggle is keeping tabs on what the punishment should be. This sounds like a useful tool to both keep me honest and make the mental load easier on her, and I’m interested in checking it out. I might actually earn some points back for next weeks session if I proactively brought this to her 🙂

    1. Hi Mark, actually WE apologize as my husband was supposed to have that available already. He had run into some issues with the downloadable product but after a little more “motivation” today, he got it working. You can now purchase and download the Accountability Task Sheet. Remember that you need to have Excel, and have a rudimentary working knowledge of it. But it is pretty straightforward and easy. Instructions are included. Hoping it works for you and your gf as well as it has for me and my husband! 🙂

  5. Thank you. I ordered and received earlier. I shared the comments above with my girlfriend, and she 1) snickered 2) commented: ” Aww, you got him in trouble (I’m sorry!) and 3) She read your intro and commented: “I like that she doesn’t rub or pause between spankings. More impactful that way. I do need to get more instruments though…” Yikes. 4) She was also impressed with your ability to sexualize the use of your sandals. Thought it to be creative and loved the idea.

    Thanks for the ATS tool–Love your blog, and kindred spirits out there in cyberspace. IIf she is ok with me sharing, I’ll let you know how it goes with tool and what we’ve learned.

    1. Hi Mark and thank you for your purchase, and for sharing your gf’s comments and thoughts. I like her already. Yes, he did get in trouble. After reading your comment, I went and asked him what he was doing. He told me that he was reading an article on ESPN. I told him that I was glad he had time to do that. Then I asked him if the ATS was up on the blog as I started to take off my belt. The expression on his face was priceless as he had obviously forgotten. I had him bend over and gave him 20 HARD swats with my doubled over belt. Then I left my belt on his desk, and told him that I’d come back in a few hours, and if I wasn’t satisfied with his progress, there WOULD be a trip to the woodshed. And guess what…he got it done. Funny how that works. 😉 I hope your gf enjoys the power & excitement this can bring, and that you both enjoy the newfound levels of intimacy that will accompany it. Feel free to let us know!

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