My Queen’s Belt

fm belt spankingAs you can probably imagine, I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with my Queen’s leather belt. That is I LOVE to HATE it. 😉 Ok, not really. I have actually had a love of leather since my childhood. My Dad had gotten me a leather tooling kit when I was a kid, and I guess that’s where it all started. He also had some nice leather belts and my Mom had a couple pairs of nice leather sandals, so maybe that contributed to it as well.

Anyway, over the years I’ve grown to appreciate quality leather items. Subsequently, I have bought my wife many nice leather belts and sandals over the years. But the one belt that stands out is her Italian leather belt. It was actually one of the first belts I bought for her. I found it at a closeout store but could tell it was a very high quality leather belt. At the time I bought it, we were doing spankings but not the domestic discipline spankings that are our M.O. today. So at the time, I had NO idea that it would become the fierce disciplinary tool that it has, in my wife’s arsenal of spanking implements.

While I’ve been spanked with a variety of implements…sandals, belts, paddles, straps, canes, and the wicked switch; she has used this belt the most. She has mentioned that she likes it because of its long lasting effect on my backside and my attitude. She has also mentioned that she loves the way it feels…substantial, dense, smooth, and how it feels when it connects. And of course we both love how it looks. It is quite a beautiful belt…

woman holding doubled over beltthat is until she takes it off and doubles it over. Then the beauty for me diminishes quickly as I watch it transform into a butt blistering, tear jerking, leather strap of punishment and pain. And boy does it deliver!

One time, and just a day after a harsh woodshed whuppin’ with this belt, my wife and I took a small day trip to a place with local shops. She wore this belt along with a matching pair of leather sandals. We walked around and checked out the different shops. As most couples do, we independently went to different areas of the shops that interested each of us.

Anyway, there were many times during this day trip that I’d see my wife from across the shop and just feel this intense love for her, then I’d notice the belt around her waist and have this interesting feeling. One of love and lust with a tinge of fear as I could still feel the effects from that belt on my backside. In fact, I felt it every time I sat down or leaned against something. As I would look at her, subtle urges of wanting to “behave” arose. I could sense the power she has as I remembered her ability to bring severe amounts of pain to my sometimes errant behind. But most importantly, I felt a sense of pride that she is my wife and more.

A couple times during the day, she’d give me a playful swat on my backside, like many couples do. Only these playful swats, obviously had a little more OOMPH to them on a sore butt. And they also served as a reminder that my Queen was present, and watching.

oiling leather beltWhen I oil this belt for her, it brings forth other distinct feelings. First, when I go to pull it off of her belt rack, I get memories of her sending me to the closet to bring her this belt for a spanking, along with the nervous feelings that accompany that. But those fade quickly as I know I’m not in trouble at the moment and am just going to condition her belt.

And just holding this belt you can feel the weight, pliability, and density of the leather. It feels good to the touch. The rich, dark leather is both beautiful and ominous at the same time.

When I apply the Neatsfoot oil to it, and see the belt is soaking up the oil, I’m hit with the realization that it is going to bite me on the ass later. But I don’t have a choice. As you probably recall, conditioning her leather belts and sandals is on the ATS (Accountability Task Sheet), and there are consequences if she finds an unconditioned belt or pair of sandals in the closet. After I condition both sides of the belt, I hang it up in our master bathroom to finish drying. And every time I walk by it, I’m reminded that this belt is now “fully loaded” and just waiting for my Queen to call it into action. *Shudders*

Oftentimes when my wife is cooking in the kitchen, I’ll walk up behind her and put my hands on her waist as I kiss the side of her neck. Something I love to do anyway, but there is an added element to it when I feel that leather belt around her waist as well. I’m not sure I can fully explain it, but my brain (and butt) recognize what it is and what my wife is capable of doing with it…IDK, there’s a unique but cool vibe present.

And if I happen to be around whenever she takes it off, my ears know the sound of the jingle of the brass buckle and the slither of the belt being pulled through the belt loops of her pants. It registers in my brain…WARNING, WARNING…her belt is off. I repeat, her belt is off! And my mind quickly races to recall if I did something, (or on some occasions…did she find out about something!) LOL. I can’t help but look over to assess the situation and in a majority of these instances, she’s just taking her belt off to put it away. But also a majority of these times, she has a slightly evil grin on her face as she’s watching me and enjoying my slight nervousness. Sometimes she’ll simply give a nod, with a raised eyebrow, which without spoken words says, “You’d better behave.” Other times, she’ll even double it over and point it at me and ask, “Do you need this?” to which I quickly and respectfully reply, “No Ma’am.” The sense of her power is present and to be honest, it’s quite intoxicating. I think the reason for that is that she’s not sadistic. She doesn’t spank me for her pleasure, or for no reason at all. When she spanks me, I have full well earned it and deserve it. I own that.

So I don’t fear HER. But I do fear the consequences she gives me for MY actions. And when that involves this belt, I know it is going to be a rough spanking and a harsh lesson to learn. As some of you have seen, when my wife summons her inner Wicked Queen for my spanking, she spanks HARD and without mercy. And that consequence, is something to be fearful of. This is the very belt she used when giving me 51 hard swats on my backside in our Woodshed Whuppin’ Video.


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Much of your description fits the way I feel about leather. I too, like the lash of a leather belt on my bare cheeks. It has become one of our most used toys for discipline and maintenance alike. The time I misbehaved at a friends home and she had to excuse us and take me to an adjacent room for discipline. We had no toys, so she removed the wide belt from my jeans and belted my bare ass loud enough for everyone in the next room to know I was being spanked. Belts are the best.

Hunter Davis

Joey, thanks for the posting. MM (My Mistress) has taken to two leather belts that I had when we started our exploration. One is lighter and is primarily high crack and low thud. The other…was originally a kilt belt. Very wide, high thud, high crack. Amazing that we all seem to have supplied our own implements.
Really like the blog.


I do so love your blog. My wife has benefited greatly from all the methods you’ve used on joey. She tells me I can expect to have my bottom worked over this weekend with the thick leather belt she found on ebay as well as a good ten minute session with her Spencer spanking paddle. I dread the coming weekend but know I deserve it and will certainly be crying my eyes out before she is through.

The Wicked Queen

Hi charles and thank you for the comment. Yes, the belt and Spencer paddle is quite the spanking combination. The belt has long lasting effect, but the Spencer paddle’s sting always brings tears quickly, so I’m sure you are right about crying your eyes out before she is through! Glad your wife has picked up some tips from the blog as well. 🙂

Madame Francine

Hello, this weekend we had a meeting, me, my husband and my slipper, next week we are going to buy a new belt! Hug!

Madame Francine

Very flexible slipper and good to hold, it danced on my lap!

The Wicked Queen

Good to hear you’re keeping him in line! I’ve been more eager to spank Joey with one of my sandals/slippers after reading some of your comments. But…he just got a woodshed whuppin’ at the end of last week, so he’ll be well behaved for a little while. 😉


Woodshed whupping! I ignored my wife in public 3 times in one week! I interrupted her as she was speaking several times, did not help her pick out a paint color even though she asked me several times in the store & finally she found me in the tool dept! She was livid! At home later I found myself nude lying across our ottoman waiting for her cane in trepidation! “I’ll teach you to never ignore me again!” She gave me 12 horrific strokes neatly & precisely raising 12 separate welts on my bottom! She then put my between her thighs to hold me in place as she gave me 12 horizontal strokes each one caused me to scream in pain because each stroke landed on previous strokes breaking the skin & therefore causing bleeding! She then swabbed my butt with cotton drenched in alcohol to wipe the blood. Later as i stood with my nose in the corner weeping, she wiped my butt again with alcohol which stung like hell! Still angry she said: “Your bottom looks like a checker board of welts.“ This was worst than any woodshed whooping! She now threatens me with a checker board whooping to keep me in line! Disgraziato


Bonjour madame Francine je suis un soumis naturel de Marseille et j’adore votre mode de discipline, vous faire obéir au doigt et à l’œil sous peine de raclée à la mule et où la ceinture,comme j’aimerai être à vos pieds et recevoir des corrections .
Servilement soumis pascal


I love the way your Queen has you oil and maintain her belts ,straps and sandals which are used to spank you.
I especially love that she has you select and fetch her sandals before a good strapping and the videos show that she really knows how to lay it on!
You must be awfully sore after a spanking and she must enjoy teasing you afterwards about your inability to sit? My wife certainly enjoys it.

Karina Elizabeth Ledesma Contreras

~Translated from Spanish ~
Hello, I am new here but I want to share the spankings that I give to my naughty boyfriend. When he gets them he’s earned them. I also use the sandal to punish him, since I do not tolerate misbehavior and he knows it very well.

Dear spankees, I am very severe when it comes to punishing, my boyfriend. He knows that if he does not behave well, there will be very unpleasant consequences. I apply it not out of sadism, much less fantasy, or anything like that, I do it to correct and discipline him since I am a lover of true discipline. If he has tantrums and wants to act like a child, then I will treat him like one and correct and punish him.


Just wanted to wish you a happy 4th of July and tell you how refreshing it is to read your blog. My wife and I also have a disciplinary relationship that is female led and her implement of choice is her belt but she also uses a wooden spoon from time to time.getting grounded, mouthsoaped and writing lines are additional correction methods she uses. The lines can be tough as well and because she loves to read, I’ve had the displeasure of being assigned to read one of her books and write an essay on it. This is something I need and she is very good at being that strict figure in my life. Just wanted to mention, there are CCW belts available online, which are thick leather and give an extremely good belt whipping. My wife’s favorite belt is one of these and is 1 1/4” wide by nearly 1/4” thick. The crack of that strap is loud and each one makes a strong impression. All she needs to do is wear that and I don’t even think of disobeying or doing anything out of line. Thankfully she saves that for when I really deserve it.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Josh and thank you for your comment and for sharing your situation. Always good to hear from other DD couples. I do love my belt and the effectiveness of a good belting. And yes…they can be quite the deterrent by just wearing one. I don’t do soap in mouth or giving lines, but I DO like the idea of the book/essay thing. That’s quite brilliant, I might just have to do that as well! Thank your wife for me, for that idea.


My wife is pleased that you are considering her book/essay writing assignment as additional punishment. It’s these punishments including soaping and grounding that have allowed her to discipline me almost on the spot even with our kids in the home. When I’ve done something deserving of a spanking that she can’t do right away because the kids are home, she will usually whisper to me to “go to my room”. I could end up grounded there for the rest of the day with line writing, or for a soaping if my language was a little off. A spanking would follow when an appropriate time allowed. One thing we do that we read on your site is to pay attention to belts worn in public to see if we can tell if they get used for spanking. We are pretty sure we have seen several and one in particular looked extremely well “used”. Seeing that was actually quite exciting and when my wife and I noticed, gave me an excited / nervous feeling. It was almost like if that woman had asked me to do something, I’d have jumped and said Yes Ma’am.
Anyway, love your site!

The Wicked Queen

Hi Josh, thanks for the comment and compliment. Just a quick note for your wife for when quiet is a necessity, but so is a spanking. Quiet implements like a cane, a doubled over cord or a switch, can be very helpful in those moments. I’ve just made Joey cry/cry out into a pillow. 😉

And yes, finding spankers out in the wild is a fun sport for us too!


Thank you Ma’am, I have relayed your tips to my wife and she was very happy to hear this. She let me know that we will try it right away and since I have a spanking coming, tonight I’ll be sent to my room for a switching. I had the opportunity a short time ago to cut several so they are ready for tonight. So…. after dinner I’ll be faking a headache and go upstairs where I’ve been told I will remain for the entire night… no phone, TV, computer etc…. My wife will come up later and give me a switching for bad language that I used about a week ago. I was soaped and grounded to my room for that already so hopefully I don’t get another soaping. Since I’m going to be grounded for the night again, I have a feeling that I’ll be tasting some Ivory tonight again as well. I have to say, I am kind of scared, I’ve never been switched before and she said my bottom and backs of my thighs are going to be burning and I wont be using bad language again without remembering this.. She is wearing her belt as well and has my mind racing, I am so nervous knowing that I’ll be getting this while others are downstairs.

The Wicked Queen

Sounds like you have a rough night ahead of you. You should be scared. A good switching can leave welts for a day or two and marks for up to a month. You’ll definitely be learning a lesson you won’t soon forget!


I thought I’d let you know how it went. Well, as it turns out, I am a fan of the Big Brother TV show and having to spend the night grounded in my room with a freshly whipped bottom and miss the opening episode sure was a tough punishment. Anyway, the switching was my first and I never realized how much those thin whippy branches sting. And the sound it makes as it whips through the air heightens the sting but at the same time quiet enough to be discreet. I have dozens and dozens of welts and marks across my bottom and the backs of my thighs. In many spots it actually broke the skin slightly. I made the mistake of reaching back to grab my backside a few times. The first time my wife warned me and the second time I got a flurry of hard strokes across my thighs. The third time I heard the unbuckling of her belt!!! I turned to look and she started pulling it through the belt loops of her jeans. All of a sudden, for the first time in our disciplinary lives, I actually welled up with tears. The thought that I was going to get the belt while everyone was in the house overwhelmed me. I felt like I was getting it like back in the old days. She then walked over and opened two of our bedroom windows and said that if I reached back one more time that she would give me such a strapping with her belt that not only would everyone hear downstairs, but the neighbours would hear as well. With that, she gave me a light tap on the bottom with her belt and laid it on the bed in front of me to look at. From then on, my emotions were peaking and tears streamed down my face as she finished the switching. I’ve never felt so disciplined and completely controlled yet almost free as I did last night. Afterwards, my wife and I hugged, she did some aftercare with some alcohol just to be safe and she made me feel so loved. I can’t even put into words how amazing it was and how much this was needed. I feel so very punished while at the same time so amazingly loved. Before leaving me to remain grounded in my room for the night, my wife told me that it appears full and immediate discipline is now in the cards at all times when I misbehave. I promised that she would never hear me swear ever again and that from now on, I’d be on my best behaviour at all times. What I wonder is if she truly would have given me the belt if I reached back one more time. I didn’t dare reach back again as in the moment, it could easily have happened and with the crack her belt makes when it lands, the whole neighbourhood would have heard it. Plus, I think sitting would have been next to impossible for days. I’m not going to ask her, I think leaving it in my mind is her way of keeping me a little nervous.
My wife sends you a huge thank you for the tip on using a switch. We both agree using a cord is a little too extreme for us and not as in keeping with our traditional methods. I thank you immensely as well since this has taken us to a new level. In my mind, I feel more of a need to behave and do as I’m told than I have ever felt before.


When my wife gives me a strapping, I’m always naked over the back of our living room couch. She used to complain that I would role & twist away from her with each spank, so she came up with a solution, she invited my mother-in-law to “happen to stop by when I was getting a strapping” that 1st time. My wife stood on my left, my mil, my right. As my wife connected with me I turned to my right, only to perfectly position myself for my mil to strike, causing me to turn left again. The women laughed at my predicament & spanked to there heart’s content at my expense.

Don Edwards

HI Joey: I just read the above and I can relate, somewhat. I am usually in bed before my partner, When he comes in he usually removes his belt first. I can hear the little snick, snick through every belt loop. I always look up in nervous anticipation. Absolutely nothing has come of that, until just over a week ago, when he agreed to discipline me. Now when I hear that little snick, snick my heart rate will double. (he has used it on my this last week)

Don Edwards

HI Wicked Queen and Joey. I’m usually in bed when my partner comes in to get ready. It is his habit to remove the belt he is wearing and hang it up. No matter what I’m doing, reading, snoozing, that sound of snik, snik, snik as the belt leaves the loops, makes my heart jump and beat fast. Funny thing is that of all the punishment devices used on me, the belt gets my ass raised in the air every time. Maybe he should find heavier belts.

The Wicked Queen

LOL. Yep, the association is a powerful one. And Joey…perhaps you can find this man a more “capable” belt to give to his partner. 😉


That LL Bean belt appears to be a good recommendation. But, what length would be ideal to purchase if said belt was to be used to chastise a naughty backside?? It looks like there are options that can very by 16″, which can make or break the mechanics of a ladies swing!

Don Edwards

Thanks Joey for the recommendation of the LLbean belt. I showed it to my partner and he agreed to buy one for my birthday coming up in July. He also decided to get one for himself. Now the decision of what is more humbling; being ordered to remove my pants , get into position and hand him my very own belt, or to be ordered to remove my pants and get into position and watch as he takes his own belt off to use! Either way I guess I’ll soon find out if extra weight makes a difference as to whether I like the use of the belt or not!

Don Edwards

HI Joey: I almost forgot the Neatsfoot oil. The “increase in density” gives me pause. As I will be charged with maintaining all the leather belts, I’m wondering if I’ll thank my lucky stars for maintaining them or be “seeing stars” The belts have been shipped and we await…… If you ever go into business of manufacturing belts and other leather items, I hope you remember your Canadian cousins and make them available. Cheers, Don

Don Edwards

HI Joey: I have received the 2 belts you recommended. They look great and good quality. I have conditioned them and they have already been put to good use……to hold up our pants! ;-( I would like to post a picture of them, however I ran afoul of your sites’ restrictions with a picture I posted a while ago which was removed. I sincerely apologize for that transgression. I wonder if I’m allowed to post pictures of the belts that may end up being used for maintenance and other spankings. Cheers, Don

Don Edwards

HI Joey. These are the JJ Bean belts you have recommended. They look splendid, but still not used for what for….! I’m not sure how well they show in the pic, but they are of good quality. I am still waiting for how they will feel on naked flesh! I have pix of my father in law’s belt that has a story behind it. I value this belt for obvious reasons and I valued the special relathionship I had with the man who was more of a father to me. Cheers,

New Belt 2.JPG
Don Edwards

HI Joey again. I didn’t realize that only one pix could be uploaded per post here is the other end of the belts, Thanks,Don

New Belt 1.JPG
Don Edwards

Hi Joey. I seemed to have sidestepped either of those two belts lately. I think he feels sorry for me as I have had some health problems of late. I am trying to convince him that the two really aren’t connected. I still need what I need, and if I KNOW it, then everyone else must!

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