How to Self Spank

After answering some questions regarding the spanking machine we are selling, someone on Quora had some additional questions for me regarding self-spanking. As you can probably guess, I have not had to self spank with the Wicked Queen around. 😅 BUT…there was a time BEFORE the Queen, where I not only attempted to self-spank, but actually learned to self-spank to the point where I was blistered and bruised and had to sleep on my stomach that night. Go me! 🥴

So…as much as it PAINS me to do this…(Literally), I’ve been asked to to explain HOW to spank yourself in case you don’t have someone who can spank you. This can come in handy if you can’t yet afford the Spanking Machine, or if you buy a “Spanking Assignment from Jess“, or if you’re getting directed online by someone else with a self spanking.

Without further adieu…let’s get started.

Spanking yourself is actually easier than one might think. But there are some techniques that I came across by way of experimentation, and hopefully can teach you how to do them today. First off, let’s look at the spanking implements that are good for spanking yourself.

Sandal, Hairbrush, Bath Brush, Shower Brush or short Paddle – These implements are obviously easy to control, and with just the slightest amount of physical dexterity and mobility, you should be able to spank yourself with them. Generally you’ll use your “dominant hand” (had to kind of chuckle at that term “dominant hand” as it pertains to spanking ones self)😅, yes…Jess has told you I’m a kid at heart. Anyway…for most people, the right hand would be used to spank both cheeks (or even the upper backs of your legs if you’re so inclined). Here are a couple example pics of self spanking – one with a leather sandals (yes that’s the one Jess used on me in the Readers Choice Spanking video). And then showing a bath brush example.

self spanking with leather sandal

self spanking with a bath brush

Or if you happen to be ambidextrous or just have good dexterity with both hands, you can spank your right cheek with your right hand, and your left cheek with your left hand. But it is pretty easy to address both sides of the butt with these implements, using just your dominant hand.

Belt, Punishment Strap, Razor Strap, Cord or Whip – Now these implement are going to kick things up a notch IF you’re swinging hard. So with the belt and the cord or whip, the best approach is to double it over, and then swing it around the side of your hip, so that the doubled over part, spanks the same side butt cheek, as the hand you used to swing it. So swinging it with my right hand, around my side, the doubled over end of the belt, will land on my right butt cheek. Explaining this in words can be confusing, so Jess told me to make a video showing how to do it.

Like I said, easy to show how to do it on video. BTW – I was going soft with this because Jess had just taken the Wicked Strap to me for not having this post done already. I was supposed to have this post done several weeks ago PRIOR to her offering her Spanking Assignments so she could point them to this as a reference. So needless to say, even though I was going light with the swats, I could still feel the soreness from her previous strapping. Sorry, no video as she just went and got it and told me to bend over.

Anyway…once you get a feel for how to swing a belt like this, it is pretty easy to do. And then you can amp up the power to REALLY feel that belt STING. Also, by simply moving your arm up and down, you can adjust where the belt is going to land on your backside, and even throw in a few of those upper backs of the legs swats that Jess likes to sprinkle in. 😬

fm spanking belt landing

woman spanking husband with her belt

Also, in the video example, you can see that I use both hands to emulate getting spanked from both sides as Jess will do. Again, with just a little practice, it becomes easy to do this with either hand, because as the belt wraps around the initial hip, it helps guide the belt towards its intended target.

The same approach can be done with a punishment strap or razor strap, but just done without the “doubling it over” part.

So…get your swing down with lighter swats first and then slowly work your way up to more intense swings. And I HIGHLY RECOMMEND keeping you legs closed so that the end of the belt or strap doesn’t accidentally hit the inside of your leg or worse…pills for the guys, (box for the gals). Yes, I am speaking from experience. 🤦‍♂️ That only has to happen ONCE and you quickly learn to not do it again.

Once you get the hang of the swing and where the end of the belt is going to land, you can really lay on a good belt whuppin’ to yourself if you so desire, and if you have the mental discipline to do so. Which brings me to…

Self-spanking for Punishment – The hardest thing about self-spanking for punishment, is this little thing called…SELF PRESERVATION. When the body feels pain, the brain sends the appropriate signals to that area, to get out of harms way. So if you start giving yourself a hard spanking, when it REALLY starts to hurt, it is natural to slow down, spank a different spot, spank less hard, or sometimes, stop spanking altogether. When spanking myself in the pre-Jess years, I was guilty of doing all of those. So don’t feel bad if it happens to you.

Of course I’m taking about a “punishment” self-spanking. If you just want to feel a warm butt for fun. That is easy to do, as you can just start and stop as you see fit. But if you’re trying to make yourself accountable for something, and/or want a deterrent…then getting past the self preservation element is going to be the first hurdle to overcome. Not easy to do, BUT…it is doable. The whole mind over matter thing comes into play.

An interesting note – If you give yourself some hard swats and then stop…then start going again…then stop, and so on. You’ll likely get to the point where you can continue going for a while, and quite hard. In some cases, I got to the point where I was surprised at how hard I was spanking myself, but could still take it. Granted, AFTER the spanking, my butt was wrecked and I could feel it for days afterwards. Just like when Jess spanks me. BUT…the difference is, I was able to “inch” my way up to that point because I controlled the incoming swats. It kinda’ works like a warm up spanking in that it allows the spankee to take more and/or a harder spanking. As opposed to when Jess is giving me a punishment spanking, I have no control over the “incoming swats”, and they are just relentlessly coming, one after another. I just have to focus on maintaining position as best as I can to not incur any more swats.

The reason I point this out, is most likely, you’ll get to the point where you can spank yourself pretty hard, and a HARD swat or two will land, which will make you stop and re-access the situation. Again…that’s self-preservation. So IF ~I~ really want to feel a punishment spanking by my own hands, I would have to force myself to work through that self-preservation and keep on going no matter how bad it hurts. Which is WAY easier said than done.

Last but not least…I do have to put the disclaimer that – this is just for novelty purposes. If someone decides to spank themselves using these or any inferred techniques, they assume all responsibility for any damage they do to themselves or their surroundings – Yes, I’ve done that too! 😂

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Having a long history of self-applying (sometimes at the direction of a Dominant over the phone or during a video call, and a lot of times just little ol’ me), i can attest to the challenge of spanking hard enough to really punish myself. But as you said, Joey, it can be done! i have actually had more bruises from a hard spanking given by myself than by experienced Spankers. As far as implements, i suggest two: a long-handled wooden bath brush will really slam home onto the bottom cheeks due to the long handle increasing the force as it swings. It’s easy to utilize by the self-spanker, as well. The second is the old-fashioned ping pong paddle with the ribbed rubber sides. In spanking both straight on as well as somewhat across the bottom, the ribbed rubber creates a burn that can last a while after the spanking. A lot of the ping pong paddles are somewhat flimsy, though, so a serious self-spanker might want to do what i did and pay a paddle maker to make one that’s thicker and sturdier (i supplied him with the rubber sides from a paddle that broke over my bottom). Finally, don’t let yourself off easy, self-appliers! If you know you deserve it, you need to really spank that bare bottom of yours good and hard!


I used to travel for work and would take the opportunity to give myself a spanking. I experimented with a hairbrush and with a belt. Both were things that I routinely had when I traveled.

Whichever implement I used I followed the same pattern. Soon after I got to the hotel room, I would place several pillows in the middle of the bed, pull my pants down to my knees and give myself a warmup, reddening my bottom nicely. Then I would go off to dinner, finding a nice wooden chair to sit on.

After dinner, I would take a shower and put myself to bed naked. Lights out, no TV, I would lay there for a half hour anticipating my spanking. Yes, I got quite aroused, but I did not touch it then, the pillows were arranged and I draped myself over them for the main event.

I came to favor the belt for these spankings. I found that, if I whipped it around by flicking my wrist. Once I flicked my wrist, I had no control over how hard it landed. If I missed and it landed on my thighs, it really stung. I always had a predetermined number of swats. If I miss hit, I added 5 more to the total.

Then I would set the alarm for two hours later and repeat the spanking adding ten swats.


I have been spanking myself for a long time. I have fetish for spanking and I like to use wooden or plastic hairbrushes to spank my bottom to feel aroused, and I only do it when I’m completely alone e.g. hotel rooms. I usually focus on my lower butt cheeks and try not to sprain my wrist while hitting my bottom. Sometimes it can be difficult, but it’s worth the pain and seeing my red buttocks in the mirror. There are times when I wish someone else could spank me and leave me a with sore butt and as a single woman, I fantasize about getting a spanking from my imaginary boyfriend or favorite actor where I lie over his lap as he swats my bare butt. I’m a proud Spankee!

The Wicked Queen

Hi Lees and thank you so much for your comment and sharing! Hope to hear from you again! 🙂


My name is Michael. I am 66 years old and looking for a spanking fun game. I would also like a female to show me how, as I’ve never been spanked in my life, but would love to be.

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