Head or Tails – A Fate Spanking

Joey recently made good on finishing a post that was sitting in our drafts. So I took a look through and found one of mine. As stated in a previous blog post, these old drafts were of accounts that happened before we were taking video or pics, or both. We do have some old pictures I’ll have to look through, but I just wanted this post to see the light of day. So, here you go! ~Jess

We had gotten out of the habit of using the ATS (Accountability Task Sheet). Technically this falls on Joey, as he is to be proactive about approaching me with it weekly. But…in his defense, there were a couple of times at the onset, where he did reach out to me, but I was busy doing other things, and so I told him I would come see him later about it, and then never did. Then after a couple of weeks of him/us not doing the ATS, we just kind of got into the crazy game of life with some travel, our social calendar, and family events, etc.

Accountability Task Sheet

Well, fast forward a month or so, and I noticed that Joey has been slacking on some of this things that are on the ATS. Not only that, his “honey do” list was starting to grow again. Isn’t that an interesting coincidence? 🤔 I knew what needed to be done.

But at this time, aside from his ATS not being managed or followed up on, he hadn’t really been THAT bad. But…I felt him letting chores slip through the cracks, was certainly reason enough for a spanking. A woodshed whuppin’ though? Hmmm, I didn’t really think that was warranted for this. Those of you who have seen any of our real spanking videos, know that they are very harsh spankings. And I didn’t really feel that level of punishment was  justified for this. But, it was deserving of something more than just an attitude adjustment or impromptu spanking.

So I walked into Joey’s office and said, “You know what mister? I’ve noticed that you have not been keeping up with the ATS, and things are going by the wayside.”

“Yeah, I know, but I tried a couple of times and you had other things going on.” he calmly and confidently replied. “Hmmm…and so you just decided to stop doing it altogether?” I queried. “Well…I think we BOTH forgot.” He responded, with a air of justification. I didn’t expect him to act so unapologetic about it. In fact, I expected him to say he was sorry and that he’d start doing it right away. And if that were the case, I had kind of landed on 30 to 40 swats with my belt to drive this point home. BUT…I didn’t get that from him, which told me, I apparently needed to make a bigger point, as well as put his attitude back in check.

“Well, I certainly think a spanking is in order for this non-compliance.” I stated authoritatively. He paused for a few seconds, and then said, “I don’t know if that is completely fair.” “No? Who is responsible for bringing the review of the ATS to me ON A WEEKLY BASIS?” I sternly asked. Finally, better sense got a hold of him and he could tell this was heading in the wrong direction. He remorsefully responded, “I am my Queen. I’m sorry. I should have kept trying.” “Yes, you should have. And your initial reaction to my statement was one of not feeling your responsibility. So…again…I think a spanking is in order.” He took a breath, looked down and said, “Yes my Queen.”

I continued, “You know, I was only going to give you around 20 swats. (Yes, I lied a bit to make the repercussion sound worse.) But after your initial attitude, I’ve decided to give you 40 with my belt, AND 20 with my paddle. His shoulders kind of dropped at the realization that this was going to be a formidable spanking. But decided on not arguing the point, which worked to his favor, and he said, “Thank you my Queen.”

sitting on the bed holding a beltOk, his attitude was gone. But it was there initially. I had a moment where I thought…is 60 swats too harsh for this? Then I had an inspired thought. Probably because it was football season, and we had recently talked about a coin toss at the beginning of a game.

“Tell you what.” I said. “We’re going to let fate decide how bad this spanking is going to be. By way of a coin toss.” “A coin toss?” He repeated.

“Yes, I responded…I’m going to…no, YOU’RE going to flip a coin several times, which will determine the belt you get it with, the paddle you get it with, and the number of times you get it with for each.

Joey likes games and puzzles, and initially had a slightly amused smile on his face. But when he saw my stern look right at him, it quickly was replaced by a slight look of concern.

He took a deep breath, and then said, “Ok, when?” “Right. Now.” I replied, as I got up, went to my purse and got a quarter. I walked over and handed it to him and said, “Let’s see what kind of spanking fate has in store for you.” He got up and said, “So, what am I flipping for now?” I said, “The first toss will determine which belt you’re going to get it with. Head’s means my Black Wide belt – Tails means ‘that’s your ass”, as it also means my Italian leather belt. (Quick note: I don’t normally spank him with the black wider belt, because even though it looks mean, it really isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it still can teach a lesson, but no where near what my Italian leather belt can do.)

He asked, “Do you want me to let it hit the floor, or catch it and flip it over onto the back of my hand?” “That’s for you to decide as well my dear.” I calmly responded and patted his butt. And completely in my sports mood, I channeled my ring side voice and proclaimed, “And here we go!”

He nervously smiles, took another deep breath and flipped the coin stepping back and letting it fall on the floor…

TAILS = Italian Leather Belt

doubled over leather belt


I saw the grimace on his face, as I knew he was hoping for the black belt.

Then I said, “Next up…How many times with my belt? Heads equals 20, tails means ‘that’s your ass’, and means 40.”

TAILS = 40

Again, the grimace as these were the two worst case outcomes for him right off the bat.

“Oh! Off to a rough start.” I stated, then continued, “The third toss is to find out which paddle you’re going to get it with. Heads means the new smaller paddle with holes, tails means ‘that’s your ass’, and means the Spencer paddle.”

HEADS = Smaller Paddle with holes.

woman holding spanking paddle

“He catches a break folks.” I exclaimed, obviously enjoying this game more than Joey. Again he looked at me with an amused smile, as I said, “And how many will you be getting with the paddle? Heads equals 10, tails means ‘that’s your ass’, and means 20.”

HEADS = 10

“Lucky day, my bad boy.” I said. Then continued, “The fifth and final toss will be to decide if you get the belt first, or if you get the paddle first. Heads means a belting first, tails means ‘that’s your ass’ (he cited the last one with me – LOL), as it means the paddling is first.

Fifth Toss – TAILS = Paddling first.

“Oh! And he finishes on a tough call.” I proclaimed. Then stated, “But alas, fate has spoken. Go to our room and get out the implements and prepare for your spanking. “Yes my Queen.” he dejectedly replied.

After a couple of minutes, I went to our room, and was pleasantly surprised, that I found him already with his shorts and underwear off, but bent over the end of the bed with the small paddle resting on the small of his back. “My, the change in attitude is already showing positive signs of change.” I mused. He also had my belt spanking sandals off to the side, for the ensuing belting.

“Well, I’m glad you’re being good in accepting your spanking. But I hope you don’t think that this acceptance is going to reduce what fate has decided.” I said. “No Ma’am.” he replied.

And with that I picked up the paddle, and immediately started his spanking. SMACK – SMACK – SMACK – SMACK – SMACK – SMACK – SMACK – SMACK – SMACK. His grunts at the beginning, started to turn into cry outs towards the last half of the swats, but he wasn’t crying.

Without a word, I tossed the paddle down onto the bed, and for whatever reason, did not change out of my paddling sandals. I just quickly took off my belt and went to work. 20 times from side, and 20 times from the other. The belting was a good one. 40 hard swats from me with my Italian leather belt is a significant whuppin’. And he was feeling every harsh lash.

fm dd belt spanking

20 from one side, then 20 from the other. He was crying out louder than he was with the paddle, but he didn’t end up crying. After the last lash or swat, is where I usually state a final count number. But as this spanking was determined by “fate” or happenstance (if you’re not one for fate), I decided not to do that.

pretty foot in birk style thong sandalBut I did question him with the belt still in my hand, “Who is responsible to bring up the review of the ATS?” I sternly questioned. “I am my Queen.” he quickly replied. I continued, “Yes, you are. And if this happens again. I WILL be taking you to the woodshed for a full on woodshed whoopin’. Do you understand me?” “Yes Ma’am.” he quickly answered.

I responded, “Good. Your spanking is over. You would be wise to kiss my feet.” as I put one foot forward.

He quickly got down and kissed that foot, until I switched to the other foot. I then told him, “Ok, pick up the room, and then meet me in your office, so we can set up the ATS for this coming week.” “Yes my Queen.” he responded. I put my belt back on, patted his butt and left to await him in his office. Where he quickly showed up, and eagerly pulled up the ATS so we could get it ready for the week.

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Don Edwards

All I can say is that pix with Jess holding that paddle with a death grip and of course the wrist protector, that alone would either have me running for the hills or quaking in my boots, if I was wearing any!


Hmmm…. interesting method of letting fate decide the punishment Joey was to get! But one thing that came to my mind in reading this blog entry is that YOU, Jess, came really close to also earning a spanking yourself. i know from experience that if the One In Charge of me and my behavior does not react to my lapses in focus or my misbehavior, i start to notice it and feel some anxiety that i’m not getting tended to the way we’ve agreed. i do understand how real life can rise up and really affect a spanking relationship. i’m glad to read that You caught it in time to tend to Joey as he needed and deserved! May life always allow time and space for You to keep that man of Yours well-disciplined.


Yeah Jess…YOU came close to earning a spanking yourself. 😁


Please be sure to video it, and if You feel my comment warrants it, let me know and i will self-apply with a sandal as i watch the video! Oh, God, did i just say that out loud?


So my girlfriend created a fun spanking game. Or fun for her at least. She will lay out 4-5 implements. She tells which implement to hand her then she rolls two dice. After the dice roll she flips a coin. Heads, the sum of the two rolled dice is how lashes/swats I get that implement. Tails, she doubles the number. Snake eyes is an automatic 30 hard ones.


The tenderness of my butt lasts 4 to 6 days after she delivers a punishment spanking. To get my attention quickly, She sometimes flicks the back of her finger nails on my very sore butt, causing quick lurches of my body. I say: “ Yes dear” with a crooked smile on my face. Have you ever done like wise with Joey?

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