Video Game Spankings

holding belt and video game controllerWhile my husband and I are very compatible and share a lot of interests, we also have a couple things that we like to do on our own. For example, I like to read and he likes to play video games on occasion. He’s not a HUGE gamer but he’ll get a game every once in a while and true to his nature, he’ll start playing it, and will actively keep at it until he finishes the game.

The other day, we had planned on watching a movie together later in the evening. Around the time I thought we would watch the movie, I came into the great room. He was still playing his game so I sat to watch for a bit. The games of today are pretty impressive with their graphics and story lines. He was going through a part of the game where he had to chase the “bad guys” in a car and take them out within a certain amount of time. After the first couple failed attempts and his annoyance with himself for failing, I thought of an additional “consequence” and suggested to him, that for each failed attempt or for each time his video game character dies, we pause the game and he bends over to take 5 hard swats from me with my belt.

My husband is always up for a challenge…he gave it a quick thought, a half smile and said, “OK, let’s do it.” I then suggested that we should continue doing this as long as he wanted to play the game. But once he decided he’d had enough, then we would start our movie. He agreed. So I told him to remove the shorts he was wearing so that he was just in is underwear and that when it came time, he could quickly pull down his underwear, bend over, and receive his swats. I took my belt off, doubled it over, and placed it on the coffee table in front of us so he could see what was at stake. Men LOVE games and this just instantly made his game more intense. And ~I~ was suddenly more into gaming than I had EVER been! πŸ˜‚

As this was his first time playing this game (and of course he was playing it at the hardest level), getting past this one section wasn’t easy. Knowing him, he would keep at it until he got through it. So the gauntlet was set…would he get through this section or would my belt prevail and he’d “tap out”?

It wasn’t long before the first instance arose. He crashed, said, “Damn it.” and without being told, got up, pulled down his underwear, bent over the coffee table, and I let him have it. Five hard lashes with my meanest belt. He grunted in pain with each one, then pulled up his underwear, sat back down and tried again. Nope! Bend over…and another hard 5 were given. After the fourth attempt, I noticed him sitting a lot more slowly on the couch as the effects were starting to accumulate on his backside. He went for the next attempt. A few more attempts and 15 more hard swats later, he threw in the towel. To his credit, he kept getting further and further in this part of the game but got to the point where his butt did NOT want to take any more lashes of my belt if it didn’t have to.

After the last 5 swats, he pulled up his underwear and said, “Yeah, I think I’m done gaming for tonight. Would you like to start the movie now my Queen?” I smiled, kissed him, put my belt back on and went to start some popcorn for the movie.

couple watching movie

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Magnificent literature, thank you very much for publishing it.
It has been a long time since he lashes with a flip flop?


A novel idea. Here we incorporate spankings with the watching of football and baseball games. Sports events with lots of action are always more desirable to watch, but end up with many more swats. By the end of a game, I am sore enough that I don’t want to sit down. Thank God they don’t play double headers anymore.


For football games, an implement is chosen for each team at the beginning. When team A scores, lets say a field goal, I get 3 swats with that teams implement. Now the same team scores a touchdown….swats are according to their total score, so now I get 9 more swats (6 for the TD and 3 for the field goal) They make the extra point, their score is now 10 so I get ten more. When team B scores, the same occurs but with their implement.

In baseball, I get spanked after each half inning if any ‘action’ has occurred. 5 strokes for a single, 10 for a double, 15 for a triple, 20 for each run scored during their at bat. As before, each team has a designated implement. Both games last 2 – 3 hours, but strokes range in the hundreds for interesting games.

Enjoy sports fans!!!!


The Wicked Switch is mentioned a couple of times elsewhere. Could you please describe it or post a photo? Is it just a switch from a tree outside?

Caged Lion

We have what we call our NFL game. The rules are pretty simple: Whenever either team scores a point I get two swats with a particularly painful paddle for each point. My wife tends to hit much harder when the team opposing our favorite scores. I also get three hard swats every time our favorite team’s quarterback is sacked. By the end of the game, I usually end up with at least 70 very hard swats and a red, sore bottom. Because we generally record the games on our DVR, we have no problem pausing in order to administer the necessary spankings.


Heh, I thought you were going to punish him for too much of gaming πŸ™‚ But you are very good wife, you let him play how much you want but punish for failing the game objectives. I am gamer myself so I can really appreciate it πŸ™‚


We play a cunnilingus spanking game. He has five minutes to make me cum with his tongue and fingers. He keeps a stopwatch; for every second over five minutes, he gets one swat. (after I eventually cum). We usually continue this game until I have had three orgasms in a row. The implements get progressively more severe: Belt for the first orgasm, paddle for the second orgasm, cane for the third orgasm. This has dramatically improved his cunnilingus skills and enthusiasm! He used to regularly get hundreds of swats; now he often doesn’t get any!

Naughty Boy

Miss Anonia,
I think more men would become very proficient at satisfying their ladies if they employ your technique. When I was 18 I had an older girlfriend who used a similar methods to teach me what she liked. She was not as strict as you are. And perhaps I did not learn as well as your husband, but I did become quite proficient thanks to her motivational spankings


Joey, do you find that intermittent spankings in a short time are definitely more painful? I read the game where you were spanked when you failed. You decided to quit the game because the swats were too much to bear. I get two sets of 20 swats with bath brush with about 20 minutes of corner time in between each spanking. The 2nd time my butt is super sensitive and each swat was more painful than the first time around! I can’t hold back the the tears & yelps after only 3 swats. Now she has turned it up a notch with A β€œsuper whooping”. It involves 3 sets of 20 which leaves me bawling like a baby half way through the third set. My wife rests her spanking arm every 20 minutes while I dread what happens when time is up. Spanking An already constant pulsating butt is a screamer 😳😳spanking!


That’s interesting.πŸ€” This happened a while ago, but I do remember the lashes started to get the best of me. And so when I got to the decision of…do I wish to chance taking more swats and keep playing. Or stop the swats right there and start our movie…it really was an easy decision.

But the interesting part is, that usually when there are long pauses between swats, the spanking can get easier to take. By that premise, you would think I could go on for quite a while, since there were pauses in between every 5 lashes of her belt. But, I don’t know. I just remember that belt hurting enough to the point where I was not wanting to voluntarily take any more with the belt. It was an interesting game, and I think I’d like to do it again sometime. Thanks for the comment.

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