My Maintenance Spanking

spanking art woman spanking man with a beltDid I just say maintenance spanking? I did…but…it might not technically be considered a maintenance spanking as per how most defiine it. But we’ve landed on an approach that works for us. And as we always say…Whatever works for the couple, is the “right” way for that couple. 🙂

As you may recall, my beautiful wife and Wicked Queen, wrote a blog post about “Maintenance Spankings” that was a really good article and brought forth some great comments on both sides of the coin (for or against). In that post she talked about how we had thought about trying maintenance spankings out initially, but ultimately decided not to, as weekly spankings just didn’t seem to resonate with us. *More on that in that article*

But before I get into what our iteration of a maintenance spanking is, I think it would be helpful if I provide a little backstory first.

holding hands at beachSo Jess and I have always has fairly smooth sailing in our relationship, because whenever I’d mess up, or do something that she deemed worthy of a spanking…she’d simply take me to the woodshed soon thereafter. Well, after I talked Jess into sharing our real spanking videos online, things got a little more complicated. Because now we wanted to try and provide a decent video of a real DD spanking. While nothing is scripted from a verbiage standpoint, we still have to set up our cameras, lights and mics to get a good recording of it. And because we wish to keep our anonymity, we now utilize a backdrop or two, to eliminate any telling details of our house or rooms. This all takes time and planning.

So there were plenty of times, where Jess was ready to tan my hide, but I would be like, “Wait, let’s wait until we can record it.” Or if she was just going to give me a few swats or lashes with something, but I had a full on woodshed whuppin’ coming, I’d be like, “But Jess, we talk about how the Woodshed Whoopin’ videos are real, with no “warm up” swats on the butt. So if there are marks on my butt, that would indicate otherwise.” For the record, I wasn’t trying to get out of a spanking. I just wanted to video record it, with the mindset of, well…if I’m going to get it, we might as well get a little extra money for it. Granted we’re not getting rich off of these videos, but we do use it for the costs associated with our website; so it IS very helpful in that regard. Thanks to all for your support. It helps us keep providing content. 🙂

Anyway what ended up happening, was that Jess and I started having more instances of tension then ever before. Duh, right? I had inadvertently removed/delayed the outlet that we had used so many times before, to “clean the slate” or “clear the air”. So it didn’t linger, fester and grow like it was doing now. This not only caused an increase in tension, but it caused frustration for the both of us. For Jess, because when she would otherwise slow my roll with a spanking, she couldn’t, and I was frustrated by way of not getting that release on my end (no pun intended).

So we talked about it and decided that a NEEDED SPANKING > a SPANKING VIDEO. Don’t fret, we still plan to do videos of both full on woodshed whuppin’s, and some new “How to spank” videos, but if there is an instance where I just NEED a spanking, then that is going to happen WHEN it needs to happen. Besides, those who have seen our spankings, know they are the real deal, i.e., no warm up, hard spanking from the beginning to the end, etc. So in the off chance that there might be a remnant mark on my butt at the beginning of a woodshed spanking video, it would be likely due to one of these mini-spankings, which we’ve decided is OUR version of a maintenance spanking. Simply because it will “maintain” me, until the bigger spanking can take place. The difference from what we believe is the standard definition, is that these could be weekly, or they could be bi-weekly, or they could be every three weeks. It just depends on what Jess decides. But the key for us, is that I’m not getting spanked “for nothing”. In other words, getting spanked every week no matter what. Again, not a slam on those who practice that approach. For those who have been with us for a while, you’ve heard our mantra many times…”To each their own.” And “As long as it is safe, sane and consensual…”

So, the first one of these spankings happened yesterday. We had a brief window of time where we could do it. From the morning, Jess had told me that we were doing it later in the afternoon. So I knew pretty much when that window of time would be, and to be honest. I was kinda’ looking forward to it. Not from a “Yay this is going to be fun.” But from a point of wanting to get back to eliminating tension as needed. I had no idea what she was going to spank me with, or how many swats/lashes. I just knew I was getting a real spanking that wasn’t going to be a woodshed whuppin’. I was wondering…am I going to get a belting, a paddling, a strapping? Uhg! The curiosity was getting to me. So I politely asked her in the morning, “My Queen, have you decided on what implement you’re going to use this afternoon?” She thought about it for a couple of seconds, then said, “Probably my Italian leather belt.” Yes, that would be the belt we’re starting to refer to as The Wicked Leather Belt. I kind of grimaced at the thought, but then was grateful that it wasn’t the Wicked Switch or Cane.

Then I started trying to mentally prepare myself for it throughout the day. And in the morning and early afternoon, I was feeling pretty good about it. Meaning…I knew it was going to hurt, but then it would be over, and past us. I figured I could take a shorter belting somewhat easy. So yeah, I was feeling at ease with the spanking that was coming, and would be ready to bend over, and get it over with.

Well, Jess had run to the store, and the window of time was going to start when she got back. And when she did, my readiness to bend over and take the belting…got up and left! 😂 I started thinking…If I fly under the radar and don’t say anything, maybe we can postpone it a day or two. Which in retrospect is the sign of someone who has experienced a REAL spanking, and someone who knows a REAL spanking is coming, is not eager to get it.

I met her in the garage and gave her a kiss, but said nothing about the spanking. I came into the great room and turned on the TV and sat on the couch. After a few minutes, she walked by with some things she was carrying to our room. When she went around the corner and out of my view. I felt a sense of relief. Whew, I think I may get a stay. When I saw her reappear, and give me a stern look. I knew what she was thinking, but I acted fm belt spanking on bedlike I didn’t. “What?” I said. She then said, “Go to our room and get my belt.” DAMN. Here we go. But I resigned myself to the fact that it was on. And was again, quickly trying to mentally prepare myself for it.

It had been some time since she had sent me to go “fetch” her belt for my own spanking. As you’ve seen in our videos, she is normally wearing that belt, unbuckles it, takes it off and doubles it over; which is an ominous site in itself. But let me tell you, going to get her belt from our closet, and take it off the belt rack, feeling its weight and density, seeing the almost permanent bend in the middle of it, (where she has doubled it over for past spankings), and knowing just how bad that belt hurts, as you walk towards her, and and hand it to her…yeah that’s up there with on the ominous scale. So I hand her the belt, and she immediately doubles it over and says, “Assume the position. I think 25 ought to do the trick.”

Not going to lie, I was a bit relieved. I knew what I was going to get it with, but didn’t know how many. I was kind of thinking she was going to give me around 40 with it. So I took a breath, and thought, “Ok, it’s just 25, I can get through this pretty easily.” I had bent over the end of the bed, my shorts and underwear around my ankles and then she started. The belt came and landed hard. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! It is amazing how she can get into a rhythm. After 10 swats, she walked over to the other side, and gave me 10 more. That belt hurts, no two ways about it. I was focusing on maintaining my position, when she walked back to my left side and said, “Five more, count’em.”

brown leather rainbow sandals on pretty feetSMACK! One! Thank you. SMACK! TWO! Thank you. And so on. You all know how this goes. Finally after the fifth and final swat, I felt that welcomed, “end of a spanking” relief. But I still stayed in position, until I heard her say, “Come here.” She was still holding the doubled over belt in her hand, and I stepped towards her, then went to my knees and held her around her waist. She caressed my hair, and said, “Alright, let’s see if you can behave for a little bit.” “Yes Ma’am, I can. I promise.” She said ok, and I went to get up, when I noticed she had put her right foot forward awaiting my kiss. The look she gave me, as I started to get up, was like, “Oh really?” But I think the look on MY face, which was like, “holy effin’ sh!t!!” As I about hurt myself trying to get down to kiss her foot, likely saved me from getting additional swats. After I kissed her feet and apologized, she then handed me her belt and told me to put it away. I went to the closet carrying her belt, and still feeling the sting and soreness on my butt that this belt can provide. I put it back on its perch on the belt rack; glad that my spanking was over.

My first, of I’m sure many, “maintenance spankings”, was in the books. And there was no attitude to be found. That said, I DID notice a difference in the level of soreness from this spanking vs. a woodshed whuppin’, but of course that is to be expected. Still though, I can totally see how getting one of these maintenance spankings here and there, can keep us tension free, until it is once again time to get taken to the woodshed for a full on domestic discipline spanking.

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Don Edwards

I think I’ve said it before, Lucky Man!

The Wicked Queen

Thank you Don! *smiles*


OK, i have to say that i held my breath a bit when i read about tension between the two of You! But i let it out in relief when i read how the two of you worked it out and developed your “maintenance” strategy that will work for you both. i think it’s excellent. If Jess feels you need a spanking, you darn well should GET that spanking when She determines it’s time! i think even with you getting some maintenance, the offenses can still be dealt with later with a true woodshed whoopin’ to finish it off. And what you said about time to set things up to video your spankings reminds me all the more of what was discussed previously: Having a woodshed for real, whether in your back yard or a storage unit to drive to or whatever. A place where She can just take you by the earlobe (perhaps metaphorically) and take you to that woodshed, and you can simply click a switch to start recording and She can get right to it. i hope You can have that real-woodshed idea become a reality, and hopefully it will also assist to ease any further tension, too! Hmmmm… just suddenly thought of how seeing a video of you getting a woodshed whoopin’ with that Wicked Whip would be sooooo good to see! (better you than me, Joey! he he he…)

The Wicked Queen

Your concern was very sweet, but rest assured all is well. 🙂

I do like that idea of a dedicated Woodshed, but making that a reality, is not super practical. We’ll see. Perhaps we may make that happen in the future. The video recording would certainly be easier as you stated.


Had the thought this morning, that maybe in your case a “maintenance” spanking should be considered a “preview” spanking of what’s to come down the line when a woodshed whoopin; can be conducted. Jess gets to demonstrate your behavior is noted and to be dealt with, and you get to have that valuable affirmation that She is not about to let things go regarding your behavior and you’ll be getting it GOOD when the time can be arranged. A preview really doesn’t have to take very long to carry out but can still make a very good impression!

The Wicked Queen

That’s good to know Joey. And I could ascertain the same by your reaction to them yesterday.


A LONG time so, a pop singer named Tommy Roe had a song called “Jam Up Jelly Tight”. Might work as an accompanying soundtrack to a 2 minute 27 second video of a spanking of Joey’s bottom with a jelly sandal (he definitely would be jammed up!)

The Wicked Queen

I have never heard that before. Looking it up now. Haha, love it. Not sure if there would be copyright issues, but I like your creativity.


My wife was really pissed off at me. I can’t say why because it’s too personal. So she said quite loudly, “Bring me the cane NOW! I ran to the bedroom and quickly brought it to her. She was really angry, her face was flushed very red & Lost for words sooo she quickly used her index finger to make tiny circles in the air meaning, I should get naked below the waste.. I did so quickly. Our leather ottoman is on wheels and she used her foot to gruffly push it toward me. And with bated breath I laid across it. She then said:” Don’t you dare Move even one inch!” The total strokes were at least 100. The backs of my thighs and bottom were completely covered with welts. I didn’t move, but was screaming, loudly and crying so loudly that she warned me to stop yelling, and continued swinging the cane even harder. I slept on my stomach for at least 3 days! There was no sex for two weeks. She had thought about divorcing me but finally forgave me.

Virginia Wagoner

I don’t think Jess ever spanks Joey when she is mad.

Last edited 1 year ago by Virginia Wagoner
The Wicked Queen

Welllll….I have given Joey an “impromptu” spanking on a couple of occasions where he made me mad. But those are generally 10 to 20 swats or so to settle him down. But I don’t think I’ve ever been as mad as it seems Disgraziato’s wife was when spanking. And you’re right, I’m not “mad” when I take Joey to the woodshed for a full on spanking. Granted, I DO channel my inner-Wicked Queen, and I get very stern and give a good hard spanking that he will not soon forget.


I occasionally receive texts from my wife enumerating all my faux pas for the last several weeks.she has a memory like an elephant . There have been as many as ten offenses! At the end of the text she says: “I love❤️ you honey , but unfortunately you’ll be sleeping on your stomach tonight. ..disgraziato Do you text Joey about a soon to be spanking?

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