Post Woodshed Whuppin

Surfing over the weekend, I came across this video on Instagram. Literally made me laugh out loud, and reminded me of Joey after I’ve given him a good hard spanking in the woodshed. I just had to share. I perused through several of this guy’s videos, and he’s hilarious and super fast! Hat’s off to him and his wife.

Who knows…maybe they have a woodshed somewhere? 🤔

Ok, maybe Joey is not THAT proactive, but he sure is eager to please post spanking.

Nothing more to this post, other than to share my initial thoughts after watching it, and give a quick shout out to this digital creator.

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If it makes you smile, then it must be good !


Well, he definetely should get whoopin’ for not opening the last door for his Lady 🙂


Warning Spankings: if we are having a party or attending a party,…J gives me a “FAST FIFTY” swats with the bath brush. Afterwards I’m naturally in tears. She then gently kisses me & says “ You are always so well behaved when your butt has been well tenderized. I sometimes wish I could keep it like that on a permanent basis.” Has Joey ever been given a warning spanking? So as to create a tenderized butt as a warning?


It’s almost a ritual that once every 6 or 7 weeks, that I wind up sleeping on my stomach. How often does Joey have to sleep on his stomach?😄

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