Spanking Art

post spanking f/mI’ve always admired artists that can draw images by hand and admired their work. To create (or recreate) something on a blank piece of paper, I think is pretty amazing. I’ve tinkered around with drawing when I was younger but I didn’t really have the knack for it, and honestly can say I am not really an artist in that way. I’ve also grown to appreciate the slew of artists who are using computers to create some amazing art pieces as well.

Over the years I’ve sought out and found many images of spanking art and while there is great spanking art in all directions, F/m, M/f, F/f, M/m, etc. For me, I was mostly looking for the F/m spanking art (surprise, surprise). So, I thought it would be cool to pay tribute to some of these awesome spanking artists and their work.

I felt I should start with my all time favorite spanking artist. And he is also the one I came across on the internet first. Jay Em. He has quite the plethora of works and they are great. I’ve looked time and time again to find contact info for him, but to no avail. I wanted to commend and perhaps buy some pieces. I’m sure he could’ve made quite a sum of money for his spanking artwork. Hopefully he does or did.

wife spanking husband with a belt

wife spanking husband with a cord

wife spanking husband with a belt

It is not hard to imagine that Jay had received his share of spankings at one point or another. The slight wrap around marks shown on the butt and back of the legs is very realistic to those who know. “If you know, you know.” πŸ˜‰ Also the pained look on the face of the men getting spanked is not far off from some faces or expressions I probably have made when getting a real whuppin’. I also just love the stern look of the women giving these domestic discipline spankings.Β  And that second image with the woman spanking with a cord. I can relate first hand how bad that hurts! Yes, I would say he is my favorite spanking artist.

Next up is an artist out of Russia I believe. Beautiful artwork depicting what I view as domestic discipline spankings. And some quite harsh ones at that!

f/m domestic discipline caning

wife caning her husband

dd wife caning husband

Again, very unique and wonderful artwork. I’m not sure, but I think the first one is a pencil or charcoal drawing? And the other two are water color drawings? Feel free to correct me in the comments and I’ll be happy to edit this. And the poor guy in that last image must’ve really messed up. Not sure if these are canes or switches, But I’m guessing the latter based on how a switch would thrash and mark up a behind.

Next up is an artist called Nomad who uses computer software to create the images. I would love to learn one of these programs to create my own scenes, but I’m sure there is quite the learning curve to get to this level.

fm dd hairbrush spanking

fm dd otk hairbrush spanking

fm judicial caning spanking

From very domestic OTK spanking with a hairbrush, to a pretty severe judicial caning in the last image. I like how in the last image, the hand and cane are slightly blurred, giving them the appearance of movement. Great spanking artwork! And judging by the looks of the cane marks on the errant butt in that piece, I would say that that artist has a good understanding of what a woman with a cane can do.

Back to a drawing artist, we have an artist called RedRump. LOVE the domestic discipline pieces he has created. NOTE: After looking for his official website, I read within it, that he uses Photoshop to create these pieces. Pretty crazy. I would’ve sworn they were hand drawn. Sadly, it looks like his last post was in June of 2015. Regardless, hats off to him for this great artwork.

wife holding a belt

wife spanked husband

fm caning lesson

Check out his website for more of his fantastic artwork and other F/m spanking content. Unique style and great artwork. I also think there is a good chance, he has been on the receiving end of one of these types of spankings.

Last but certainly not least is an artist named Poser CP Art – Although, I know that “Poser” is a software to create 3D renderings and animations, so I don’t know if this tag is just being used for a variety of artists using that software. That said, there are similarities between the art pieces I’ve seen, so perhaps it is from the same artist.

Wife spanking husband with a belt

Wife spanking husband on bed

cowgirl spanking husband

Love the two different vantage points of the first two pictures. Although in looking at the second picture, it looks like the marks on his butt are from a cane. But in the first image, she is clearly swinging a doubled over belt. So, one could surmise that she caned him first and now is starting the belting? OR…maybe she just has a thin leather belt that is leaving smaller welts/marks? That’s part of the fun of spanking art, you can make it be whatever you want it to be. And that last image of the cowgirl taking a switch her her cowboy, in what appears to be a woodshed (no, not a barn – this is MY interpretation ;). It’s pretty hot, any way you define it. And looking as there is only one lash mark on his butt…he’s got a long way to go.

There are lots of spanking artists out there but these were just a few that I thought I’d give a little tribute to. Others on the top of my head to look up are Sardax, Otto, and Eric Stanton (art pieces pictured below in order of their names).

looking at women's feet

fm spencer paddle spanking

fm two handed belting

There is also an artist named Banjo, but all of his images have “May not be redistributed without permission” on them and I haven’t been able to get a response from him, so I probably won’t post any images, but you might want to check him out. Really good spanking artist. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like he is active anymore with his artwork.

Who are your favorite artists? Feel free to post one of your favorites in the comments but please note: I won’t publish anything with frontal nudity in it. Yes, even though it is a cartoon/animation. The Queen and I want to keep the blog focused on domestic discipline between consenting adults. With that in mind, we won’t publish any spanking artwork/animation involving children either.

Lots of really creative and good spanking artists out there. Perhaps I’ll do a Part II of spanking art in the future to highlight some more. Cheers!

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Really nice selection of drawings!
I’m sure you would like Waldo’s drawings as well… I do.


Great post, Joey. I too enjoy spanking art, both male and female subjects, but tend to relate more to the male spankees. Just knowing their place in their respective relationships and feeling the same pain from a Dominant female. Love to see more of this kind of art.


Hi Joey. Jay Em and Stanton are amazing. I have a coffee table sized book of Stanton’s work (that does not sit on coffee table.) I showed the attached Jay Em to my GF the other day and she said it basically sums up our relationship


It is on my computer, but I searched for it online and found it here.


Unfortunately does not work for me…


I like the drawings but I prefer drawings of mild hand OTK spankings. I prefer F/f spanking art OTK with handπŸ˜‹ please recommend some drawings for me. Thanks


Thats fine. I understand πŸ€—.

I’m assuming your wife spanks you. I think that being punished by females is good and I can’t wait to be spanked by one.


End Art has a nice collection.

Red Rump

hi Joey – just wanted to drop a quick thanks for posting some of my art from my old blog. So many good spanking artists out there. It’s gratifying to still be included in the mix after all these years.

Red Rump

Very little chance, I’m afraid. I’d like to do some more, but I’m just too busy with career stuff these days. Maybe if things slow down again. BTW, only the color work was done exclusively in Photoshop. All the B&W work was pencil on paper, then scanned and cleaned up in PS.


Great blog. I was wondering if you’d be interested in posting some of my F/M spanking,. which is made by manipulating pieces of photo images to create a complete, new image. I feature more mature women spanking younger, (legal aged, adult men)

Ryan In Reform School.jpg
The Wicked Queen

Thank you for the comment and compliment Franco! That was Joey’s post and I think he was talking about doing a follow up post with more F/m spanking art, so I’ll let him know. Artwork should be fine as long as there are no frontal nudity shots and as you already said, legal aged people. Thanks! πŸ™‚


Dear Wicked Queen, thank you for the response. I look forward to hearing from you guys. Bottoms Up!!


I love your F/M spanking art Franco. In fact I post it frequently on my BDSM site Thanks for all your hard work to make us F/M enthusiasts happy.


Thanks Naughty Bob, I’m glad you like my work. Would love to check out your blog but the sit doesn’t seem to be working…..


I just tried it and it worked for me.


You can visit my blog a for lots of FM and MF adult spanking art and stories.


Great work by Glenmore.


I have been searching high and low for a spanking art drawing, I THINK by Barb O’Toole. Wonder if you can help?

The drawing is a room with maybe three or four women and (I think) two men, who are nude or at least bare bottomed. One of the men has just been spanked. He is in obvious discomfort, his bottom is red and I think he’s being led to a corner. The lady that did the honors is still sitting, holding the hairbrush, a smug, satisfied look on her face. Another woman is looking at the guy who is obviously “next”. Her expression is perfect. It says, “well, what do you think of that and guess who’s next? Not so cocky now, are you?”. It is an exquisite moment, beautifully captured.  

Does this ring a bell? Thanks for any direction you may offer!

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