The Wrath of The Wicked Queen & Her Wicked Switch

woman holding a switchI learned the hard way that drinking and teasing my Queen do not mix.

It was a Saturday night and I was copping a buzz after having some drinks throughout the day with a neighbor. I felt my machismo kicking in and started smarting off to my Queen throughout the night. My downfall started off simply with a stern look from her. One comment later, she quickly told me that if I didn’t settle down, she’d go get her belt, tan my hide and that this was my last warning.

In my elevated state of intelligence, I noticed that she didn’t use the word “woodshed” or “whuppin’, which perhaps emboldened me to continue messing with her. Another quick sip of my liquid courage and I decided to stay the course.

As I progressed, she started adding swats by groups of 10. When she got up to 30, my brain finally kicked in and sounded a self preservation alarm. But it was already too late. She had gotten up and walked up behind me as I was sitting on the couch. She took her hand and gave my head a long, intentional caress. It was a long, powerful and loving caress but I knew what it meant…pain for my backside. She then headed towards our room to retrieve her belt (or so I thought).

At this point I was only slightly nervous. I knew the belt would hurt pretty bad, but in my somewhat inebriated state, I was feeling my macho power and figured I’d get through it just ok and it would be worth the fun I just had.

But what happened next was FAR worse than I anticipated. She came downstairs with a pissed off look on her face, holding the Wicked Switch! My machismo attitude fled like a scared mouse and left me alone to deal with my Wicked Queen, who was coming directly towards me. And damn, was she riled up! I could tell by the look on her face that she was all about tearing up my backside right then and there.

She told me very sternly, “Drop ’em’ and bend over.” Seeing how mad up she was and knowing how bad that switch hurts, I dropped to my knees and pleaded with everything I had, “My Queen, please…I thought you said you were going to use your belt?” Her retort was quick and severe…a hard lash to the side of my leg that wrapped around to the back of my leg and it STUNG like HELL. Even through my shorts and underwear.

switch mark on hipShe sternly said, “I will spank you with WHATEVER I decide to spank you with. Now get up, drop ’em and BEND. OVER.” She wasn’t shouting but was talking through her teeth which is worse. “Ok, ok, I’m bending over.” As I took down my shorts and underwear and slowly bent over the coffee table. As soon as I was bent over, one, two, three lashes landed HARD. I cried out and dropped to one knee almost crying. She had never spanked this hard with the Wicked Switch and I was experiencing pain I had never felt before. “My Queen, please, please…let me bring you your belt.”, I pleaded.

Another hard lash of the switch wrapped around and caught the side of my hip. I cried out in pain. Again through her teeth she responded, “If I have to tell you again, I’m going to make this a woodshed whuppin’ with this switch. Last chance, bend…over.” as she held the switch in the ready to strike position.

Several days after the spanking

switch marksI was regretting my whole attitude this evening. My butt was stinging from just the few lashes she had given me but I knew if I didn’t comply, it was only going to get worse. I started getting up, telling her, “Ok, ok…I’m bending over.” Fear was rampant throughout my body as I got up and bent back over the coffee table. About 4 more hard lashes landed and even though I’ve been able to maintain position through some very harsh spankings, my ability was not with me this night. Again I fell to my knees, now fully crying and begging, “Pleeeease…I’m so sorry. I want to be good.” Another hard lash to the side of my leg as she said, “Get. Up.” Over the last several years of getting and taking real discipline spankings, I’ve not been tempted to try and use my old safeword from back in the day. Reason being is that IMHO, once you use a safeword, it is no longer a “real” spanking. The urge to try and use my safeword came on strong but I resisted as I knew I had earned this spanking and that nothing was “wrong” with me. I would just be trying to avoid the pain of a real spanking. I got up and mustered all the strength in me to take the remaining lashes. My legs buckling more than she would ordinarily allow but I still was in a position to continue receiving them. Ugly crying through the remaining lashes. It was finally over. 30 lashes are generally not considered a harsh spanking in her playbook. But the pain of that switch and her swinging harder than normal, made it a very rough spanking. I honestly think I would rather have taken 80 with her meanest belt, than the 30 I received.

After the spanking, I fell to my knees in front of her as she put her right foot forward. As quickly as I could, I kissed the top of her foot and apologized again for being bad. She handed me the switch and told me to put it away. Then told me to come back to the couch so we could resume watching TV.

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Nice effect on the butt, nice…

The Wicked Queen

Nice effect on his attitude too! 😉


You seem to be very strict with your husband, using canes and switches etc. My girlfriend only uses a paddle. She has left bruises on my bottom on occasion, but mostly her spankings are not overly severe. Would you agree that this is also a valid lifestyle?

The Wicked Queen

Hi Ian and thanks for the comment. My husband has called me strict but fair. I’m not sadistic by any means but I do take his punishments seriously. He has a somewhat high tolerance for pain and so sometimes I have to break out the switch or cane to “get his attention”. But honestly, I spank him more often with my belt (or sometimes his own). If given a choice, he would always choose a belting over a caning or spanking with the switch. But I assure you…it is still quite the lesson for him and tears are almost always present when I take him the “the woodshed” for a belting. In fact, I can give him a severe belting that will have positive effects on his behavior for about a month if not more. We have several paddles too but I haven’t used one on him in a while. We have a paddle page in the works on the site, that I need to have him finish. Maybe that’ll be his “motivation”. 😉


Thanks for your reply. Yes, people do have differing pain tolerances. If your husband has a high tolerance for pain, it is clear that you have to discipline him quite severely to have an effect. A week or two ago, as part of a medical examination, a woman doctor inserted a probe into my nose. It hurt slightly as she took it out and she apologized. I said it was not her fault, I am very susceptible to pain during medical examinations, unlike my girlfriend, who hardly seems to notice. The doctor said this coincided with her experience: men tend to have a lower pain tolerance than women. I was tempted to say: “Oh yes, my girlfriend only needs to give me a few smacks with the paddle when she spanks me!” I can imagine the doctor writing it down along with the other notes she had made: “Patient stated that a small number of blows with a flat implement administered on his buttocks by his partner cause sufficient pain to induce him to comply with her wishes.”

The Wicked Queen


Doctor Sjambok
Nice job! Congratulations!

I’m a switch, and I love getting and giving strict corporal punishments. When I see marks on the butt, or on the back, I go into ecstasy


Ouch! I always look forward to new posts. I was surprised/not surprised to see real pics post thrashing, but it is appreciated 🙂 (Not surprised for it was discussed in an earlier thread.) This site is valuable to a lot of us newbies. I share this with my girlfriend, and she is becoming more dominant each week in our FLR. We continue with weekly maintenance sessions and in one of them she bruised me pretty good. I asked how she felt, for I was concerned it might have scared her. In past she has been afraid to hurt me and errs on side of caution. Her reply was one word and sent chill up my spine: “Powerful.” 😲

The Wicked Queen

Hi Mark, Glad to hear your gf is realizing the “power”, that we women have but is often untapped. I DO remember when I first started realizing this power and how empowering it felt and still feels today. When I ask or tell my husband to do something and he is slow to do it or is being a brat about it, all I have to do is start to unbuckle my belt and he is up and at ’em, apologizing along the way. Good power to have. 😉


My wife is a classical spanker, she uses the most common mommies spanking implement, that is her slipper / sandal whatever footwear she is wearing.
She takes it off, chase spanks me till I am cornered, then leans me on one of her legs, bares my ass and spanks me till she thinks I got enough.
Sometimes, if we are sitting on the sofa, she pulls me OTK, starts with a few hand spanks, then lowers my boxers and whack me on the bare with her long fingers on the fleshy part if she is playful.
But most of the time, it is otk, pulls her slipper from her foot and wallops my bare ass.

The Wicked Queen

There is something very “domestic” about those classic spankings. I love to wear sandals and so it is not uncommon for me to take one off in the spur of the moment to give Joey a few whacks with it to settle him down. Or to take my belt off right on the spot and have him bend over the coffee table for a impromptu spanking. I also love the OTK leg lock position to really give it to him good with my sandal or with a bath brush.


Dear Queen
Just love your comment to John’s message regarding sandals. You say that “there is something very “domestic” about those classic spankings.” Couldn’t agree more. A good sandal spanking is very “homely” indeed.
Sandals – or more precise: flat leather slides – have always been my preferred implement for years for keeping Stef at bay. Just like you I just love to wear them whenever I can: Inside just simply always, outside whenever the weather allows.
I always buy softly padded leather sandals as I adore the feel. It is like walking on clouds and having your feet constantly pampered when walking or dishing out a good spanking.
Over the years I guess I have acquired sort of a “hunter’s instinct” to find at the shoe-stores comfy leather slides that feel good on the feet but sting satisfactorily. And I do not feel abashed to pat my palm with them at the shoe-store to test them. I don’t care what other shoppers eventually might think, but I have not observed any quizzical looks so far anyway.
One of Stef’s “accountability tasks” is to keep my sandals and wedges in an enjoyably good shape.
For that I had him make an inventory of my flats and wedge slides – also including my wooden exercise sandals. He must attend to them, so they always feel good on my feet. For that he has to apply hand- or body lotion of my choosing to the paddings and to plan the rotation ahead so I always have some well-creamed pairs at my disposal. If I feel on my feet that a pair of my slides has not been serviced properly to my satisfaction, then Stef is in for a VERY good caning.
While I am writing these lines, Stef is standing nearby at the kitchen table and is polishing with a soft cotton cloth the padding of the slides he had creamed last night.


The Wicked Queen

Hi Sandy, always a pleasure to hear from you. I just love how similar many of our thoughts and viewpoints are. I fully appreciate your comment about having a “hunter’s instinct” when shopping for sandals/slides. For quite some time now, when I buy sandals or belts, I’m always thinking of their “other” abilities. 😉 LOVE the thought of you at a shoe store, smacking a sandal or slide on your hand. If I was present, I would certainly know what that meant.

I too have tasked Joey with upkeep on my sandals and belts and when he hears the words, “This belt is a little dry.” He knows he is in for a harsh little lesson. 1) I have him oil it in front of me. 2) He gets it with a freshly oiled (and now heavier) belt.

Thanks again for checking in and have a great rest of your week!


Dear Queen
Many thanks for your kind words.
I had to smile when I read “smacking a sandal on your hand” at the shoe-store. Well, that is not exactly how I do it. There is of course a little more “camouflage” about it. I will eventually pick the slide I am interested in from the rack in the store and lightly pat my left palm with it – like lost in thought – while contemplating the other models on the shelf. This will give me just enough info on the weight and the elasticity of that slide to judge wether it will have the desiered “draw” when I let it dance on Stef’s bare…

Have a good week


Congratulations WQ and a big “ahh” for poor Joey. Thanks for sharing your stories of DD and allowing others like me to reinforce how powerful and satisfying it is to beat your man severely. It seems to me that the reality of consensual discipline is that the man (or woman) who has requested spanking really needs that experience to not only fulfill his life’s fantasies but also to overcome frustrations that build within his psyche over times. I notice with my man that he becomes tense and short tempered if he is not spanked on a regular basis. He can also begin to use sharp comments or mild rudeness to me and I know instantly that he is craving a whipping. In our early days while exploring the benefits of spanking I tended to be very reserved with the severity of his beatings but that did not seem to be satisfactory for either of us. I felt that I did not want to injure him in any way so I would tend to back off immediately he started to squirm or scream slightly. In those early days (and even to a certain extent these days) we discuss the punishment afterwards to make sure that he does not think I am being abusive and I would share my thoughts that if it was to be a real punishment I should be the one to decide when he has suffered enough and when the beating should stop.  Over time I would work up to more serious whippings – a little more each time, a little longer and a little harder. This built up my confidence that I would not injure him but I could make him suffer, teach him a lesson and demonstrate that he could take serious beating with no permanent ill effects. I do not give him an “ultimate” whipping every time he needs punishment as I feel that would tend to verge on abuse but I do sincerely appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to give him a thorough beating. I have to admit that really putting my arm and shoulder into particularly evil and vicious cane strokes turns me on like crazy. Watching those red welts form, seeing him squirm like a worm on a hook and hearing his grunts and squeals of pain make me incredibly wet and give me a powerful sexual high. Does that make me a bad wife and woman?  – No because he repeatedly tells me he needs it and feels so much more relaxed and capable after a really good whipping. The other day I saw the signs that he was craving discipline so I ordered him to bare his bottom and bend over the end of the bed. Then using this neat dog whip that he bought on line I laid some magnificent straight welts across his cheeks and upper legs. His butt after just 12 strokes. After a total of 50 strokes I had him mewing like a baby and his butt was glowing bright red all over. Afterwards he thanked me, I ruffled his hair, gave him a hug and a big kiss and let him know “any time it’s needed babe” and told him how much I love him.

The Wicked Queen

Hello Tine and thanks for the comment! It is amazing how similar in experience and thought we are. I’ve noticed a similar trend with Joey regarding getting a bit unruly, frustrated, etc., when he hasn’t been taken down a notch or two. He always has been an assertive/aggressive person as long as I’ve known him. Always pushing the limits and always holding himself to a high standard in many, if not most things. So it doesn’t surprise me that we eventually evolved into this “thing of ours”. And like you, it took me a bit to be able to spank him harshly. I didn’t want to hurt him either. I love this man. If he gets hurt, I want to be there to fix it and make it better. But consensual discipline is different, and the accountability that comes with it is something he requested and thanks me for often. The trust and intimacy of our relationship has never been stronger. I too don’t “take him to the woodshed” every time. There are often just some attitude adjustments that happen or quick impromptu spankings. But, when he’s acting up, he knows there are consequences and accepts them willingly and thanks me afterwards for cultivating him. Hope to hear from you again.


Dear Tine

I just love to read your contribution.
I fully share your sentiments about a man becoming tense and short tempered if he does not get spanked frequently. It’s not that my husband really would” crave” a spanking; he actually is rather terrified when he sees me approaching with the cane wedged under my arm.
However, it happens every so often that – when the last good spanking has blurred in his mind – he starts to get cheeky again and to exceed his limits. I often notice a change in his behavior especially after he has had a couple of beers with his pals. Then there is the macho again, and again have the same old topic of disrespectful and intolerable behavior. For that very reason I am contemplating to introduce by-weekly “maintenance spankings” to refresh Stephan’s memory from time to time. I am still undecided.
And I am also glad that you mentioned the figure of 50 strokes. Stephan would usually get something between 30 to 50 lashes – and that is enough to reduce him to a sobbing puppy that then is always very, very sorry…. In awe I read the number of strokes that poor Joey appears to get when he is “in for it”.
And I am glad that you breached the topic of getting aroused when giving your husband a hiding.
I was starting to get a bad conscience for getting aroused at times when giving Stephan a good thrashing. I do not normally get aroused when I spank Stef on the spot when he has driven me mad and I spontaneously give him a good thrashing. However, when he gets a spanking I condemned him for in advance, then I mostly enjoy the sound of the falling lashes and Stef’s yelling.
Just recently it even happened that I had to give Stef a good thrashing while my oldest friend and neighbor Susanne was there. Stef had insulted her. I would have sent Susanne home, but she insisted to stay, guessing rightly what Stef was in for. I am still in upheaval about that development of things..

I wonder what other ladies think about this…


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