A Vigilante In Our Midst

Good morning, good evening and good afternoon our fellow readers from all over the world! My wife and I want to thank you for your readership and support. We have been amazed at the growth of the site and appreciate all the kind words and interaction with you all!

Except to that one guy in Michigan.

I happened to noticed a small spike in the number of spam emails in our spam folder and decided to see what was in there. Turns out it is a guy in Michigan who likes to go by various names and spew hate. He hates my wife and most of the wonderfully powerful women who have commented on our blog.

So…chuckles in Michigan, I’m only going to address you once, then you’ll once again be an inconsequential digit in our spam folder.

First and foremost, this power exchange as it pertains to spanking was MY idea. I asked my wife for this element in our lifestyle because I wanted to experience real corporal punishment for my transgressions and experience accountability in that way. We’ve been into the spanking scene for a very long time and she knows the levels that I am capable of taking and has never once abused her role in her position of power.

Strong men and women respond well to power and pain. In fact, pain is a constant for most athletes. Bodybuilders literally push their bodies to failure, and tear muscle, all in order to build more muscle and achieve new levels of strength. Ever hear of the term, “No pain, no gain?” MMA fighters train relentlessly and put their bodies through the proverbial “blood, sweat and tears.” All this by choice in order to become better at what they do, then get into a cage, to hit and or submit their opponent while putting themselves at the same risk. Pain doesn’t scare me all that much, but it sure seems to scare you.

Bottom line jerky is that we’re the couple whom people around us admire because of our close, playful and loving relationship. We’re a successful, productive, and very intimate couple who practices consensual domestic discipline. It is not YOUR place to decide what MY limits should be. I LOVE what we do and how we do it.

You’ve called my wife and other women on here “sadists”, but then you go on to say the most ugly and hateful things. “Hell isn’t hot enough for you…”. Even going so far as to “praying” that a husband slit his wife’s throat in her sleep? And WE’RE the “sick fucks”? Oh OK. You sound like a “rational” human being with ALL the answers. SMH.

What I find funny is that you found a site that disgusts you, but yet your fingers keep typing on your keyboard and your mouse keeps clicking to get to our website. YOU keep coming HERE.

There is a LOT more hardcore stuff on the internet than what we do spanky. Why don’t you go fill up THIER spam boxes with your hateful rhetoric.

Or here’s a better idea…don’t go where you don’t want to be. This site IS and has always been about consensual spanking. I’m not asking you to understand what we or our readers do. It doesn’t concern you. It is none of your business. As long as it is consensual, safe and sane. More power to us and them.

As for my beautiful wife…

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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Give him hell, Joey! I love your site and the community you and WQ are developing.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that it IS usually the men who initiate or broach domestic discipline in the relationship and are the ones who ask for the discipline; I know it’s the case for me as well. It’s consensual. It hurts. And yes it’s hot AF–Haters will hate…


This is the sort of prejudice that gays encountered thirty or forty years ago (and still encounter to some extent today). It is the idea that males should confirm to a particular model of masculinity and be heterosexual and dominant. One thing that helped gays to come out was to stop being ashamed of their homosexuality and to start being proud of it. It is expressed in the song “Glad to be gay”, whose chorus is “Sing if you’re glad to be gay, sing if you like it that way.”

I am glad to be spanked and I like it that way. I am glad that my girlfriend swats me firmly on the seat of my pants in public when she is displeased with me. I am glad when other people see it. When we are at home I am happy when she grabs a paddle, puts me across her knee and spanks my bare bottom so hard that I can’t sit down. I am happy when she shows me that I am not a macho man but a naughty boy.


Pardon the French, but that guy can go fuck a cactus! Hell, I have been a bull rider, a corrections officer, an oilfield roughneck, and I moonlighted as a bar bouncer during a couple of those jobs. Nobody EVER accused me of not being a real man! However, I think a lot of real men have a NEED to submit to a REAL WOMAN! It took me more than a couple tries, but I finally found a naturally dominant woman she makes me a better real man. I bet that keyboard commando couldn’t take half of what my queen dishes out. Haters gonna hate. Joey and I are probably happier than that asshole will ever be.


Sadly there are many who either don’t have as good a relationship with their partner or they just like playing the silly childish game they are playing!
Partners who spank have a equallity in their marriage and relationship that is solid and for the most part don’t have arguements!
Don’t get me wrong we do argue but it ends with one of us just letting it go and moving on!
Love and Respect is a Two way street that if you are busy putting others down for how they
live and share each others lives say “I don’t Respect myself so will show it to those around me or whom ever will be a part of my lonely sad life!


Hi Joey, thanks for taking this Troll to task for his comments and attitude. We too have been subject to a vicious and judgemental troll who attacked me for the way I treated my husband. Other than your blog we have only posted on one other blog and after the venomous comments we backed off from that blog. I’ll post the incident that incited this parasite’s comments to your WQ’s comments about dealing with late payment of bills since the subject is closer to her approach to DD. Since I was somewhat taken back by the Troll’s comments I asked my husband, Tim, to respond to reinforce that there was no element of abuse involved with our relationship. So this was Tim’s offering:
From Tim. Hi I’m Tina’s husband and although I do not normally express myself on our way of life in a public forum there appears to be some major misconceptions from some readers that my wife is not fair. It should be understood that a FLR or a DD relationship involves a huge range of private and personal emotions. Each one of us is an intricate mix of pride, humility, vulnerabilities, determination, fear, worries, resentment, humor, anger, sadness, self image and judgment. Most of us live our lives in a sort of protective bubble. We seldom share our deeper and innermost feelings and are normally reluctant to expose our more intimate desires or needs to anyone else even spouses. When we were first married various comments and actions from one partner made the other annoyed, upset or sad and would lead to arguments or periods of quietness. Since we were incredibly close to each other these wasted times seem to be senseless and unnecessary and we found that the concept of physically disciplining each other to be both sexy and satisfying. To present yourself to the other for a naked chastisement completely destroys any hiding of emotions and totally exposes your innermost vulnerabilities. You get to know each other so intimately that the connection, love, respect and trust simply grow stronger. As time went on I realized that I was still getting angry, not at Tina, but at life situations and we agreed that Tina should try to train this out of me with discipline and if that did not work with real punishments. Yes of course they hurt physically but that was better than me hurting Tina emotionally. When she arranged the breakfast exercise (please see the posting to WQ’s “Late Fee Spanking”) she was recreating a situation that could have been a life activity where things did not go exactly right but she was there to help. When I could not find certain items all I had to do was call to her and ask but instead I let my pride take over and then my frustration. She is an amazing and creative woman and this exercise was extremely successful in demonstrating to me my weaknesses. I never ever considered it as a “set up” or a “trap” just another wonderful way that she expresses her love and thoughtfulness. When it comes to real punishments it is important that I am mentally and emotionally prepared and during the lead up to the implementation she creates tension by reminding me that she intends to hurt me or similar words. It is a powerful reminder of what is to come and conditions my mind to the true concept of punishment and the reasons it is being delivered. Unless you are living in a loving, consensual relationship you may find this difficult to understand. In fact that is why we never share our lifestyle with our friends since there seems to be such a vitriolic judgment of a DD relationship. Unfortunately that negative judgment now seems to be overlapping into a blog devoted to the benefits of such a life style. There is absolutely no doubt that Tina loves me being naked with her dressed and that she gets sexually turned on by spanking me but that is simply a huge benefit for both of us. It also destroys any fears that she may think less of me as a man for accepting her discipline. I hope this alleviates any fears that my life partner is being unfair or sadistic. 


Thank you for this site. Very refreshing to know we are not crazy by wanting this


Dear Queen, dear Joey
That whole thing about some irritated onlooker in Michigan or wherever reminds me of an ancient Arabian proverb that I picked up somewhere in literature:
“The Jackal barks; the Caravan moves on”.
I want to thank you, dear Queen and dear Joey, for all the endeavors you are putting into maintaining this phantastic site that provides a platform for people like us that do believe in consensual DD. You are keeping your site on an excellent niveau that distinguishes you from any Peep-Tom Sites.
To put it in simple words: Your site addresses like-minded people of a worldwide growing community on an elevated level. If your site wouldn’t exist already it would have to be invented.

Thank you and kisses

(Please excuse my poor English; I’m German)

The Wicked Queen

“The Jackal barks; the Caravan moves on.” – Love it! So true isn’t it? Thank you so much for the kind words! It does take a bit of effort to maintain the site, so it is greatly appreciated to hear kind and positive feedback like this. We’re grateful and amazed as the how quickly the community is growing on our site and hope to keep it growing. Empowering women, one woman at a time while at the same time, improving relationships.

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