T-Minus Two Until Joey’s Butt Is Blue

wife spanking husband with a beltJust a quick post to let our readers (and Joey) know that I am taking him to the woodshed this Friday. Guess we’re going to start the weekend “with a bang”, eh? As you may have read in my previous blog post, I downgraded his last whoopin’ from “woodshed” to “attitude adjustment”, simply based on how quickly his behavior went downhill afterwards. In retrospect…too much time between implements (which is something I usually don’t do) and I went too easy on him with the Wicked Strap.

And you know what…I had a feeling immediately after his last spanking that he hadn’t learned the lesson he should’ve. I know him too well and my intuition was to keep spanking him after we finished the set numbers spanking, but I did want to honor that as I said I would. Plus I also wasn’t sure of any after effects that my new Wicked Strap might bring by way of bruises the following day. But now I know what to expect and you know what else?

I’m coming for your backside, Joey my Love!

No numbers, no waiting for him to put on corresponding sandals on my feet before each implement. I can easily slide into my sandals myself and am going to just have him stay bent over, to minimize any pause between implements.

And I’ve pretty much decided on the implements for this trip to the woodshed.

Here’s what his backside has in store for it come Friday afternoon:

My infamous Italian Leather Belt:

doubled over leather belt

I don’t know how many he’s going to get with this, but I’m going back to just giving him a good old fashioned belt whuppin’ from both sides until I’m ready to move onto implement number two, which is…

My Spencer Paddle:spencer paddle

The last time I took this paddle to his backside, he was in tears and crying. I expect no different this time.

And last but not least, the Water Soaked Cane:

Rattan Spanking Cane

I have told him that I want this cane soaked at least 36 hours prior to his woodshed whuppin’. I’m all but certain his butt is going to be wrecked by this point, but I thought some welts from the water soaked cane would be a nice exclamation point to the spanking. BTW Joseph…if that cane doesn’t have a 36 hour soak before your spanking, I WILL substitute the Wicked Switch instead. Consider yourself forewarned.

Should be a good one. If it wasn’t for us wanting to keep our anonymity, I might consider selling PPV tickets.woman holding doubled over belt 😉

Afterwards, I will likely test his subservience by making him kiss my feet. And then I will once again have the very well behaved husband, who will be SO eager to please. I will also have him write the post about the actual spanking so you can hear the “play by play”, from his perspective. 🙂

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LOVE your Blog !! Been reading for awhile now and really enjoy your content. Couple of things:

1. I heard “Joseph” ?!? Sounds serious now !!

2. While we would all Love the Video and would certainly pay for the ticket, I certainly understand the need to maintain anonymity… I recall a site from some years back that would post audio recordings of real Whuppins. This protected identities and allowed the listener to fill in a lot from their own imagination. It was quite HOT but sound quality must be good to really convey the discipline being applied.

Might be worth investing in a quality microphone to give something like that a try. Of course, you would need to ensure that “Joseph” made plenty of noise for the listeners.

Just tryin’ to help…
Looking forward to more content.


Enjoying the countdown timer, as well… Sitting at work thinking “Just over 3 hrs ’til Joey gets it good”!! That was a nice touch.


I think the timer takes the impending whooping to the next level of anticipation.

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