Real Spanking Or Fantasy

woman wearing black strappy sandals and holding a rubber switchIn viewing spanking images or videos online, I’m amazed at how many fantasy spankees are out there in regards to a real spanking. I get it, I’m mean I was there too at one point in time. For those of us aroused by spanking, it is easy to watch a spanking with a hard on and go, YES. I need that!!

I’ve seem comments and notes from people on harsh spanking videos or pictures citing, “She could do that to me for days!” or “I would want her to use a thicker cane on me.”

BUT…after experiencing both real spankings and fun or fantasy spankings, I know for a fact that real spankings are REALLY no fun AND you don’t want more of it when they are happening. In fact, if you are getting a spanking and are wishing for more or for it to be harder…BINGO…not a real spanking.

If you are desperate for a spanking to end…then chances are that your in the midst of the real McCoy.

Looking at the hot girl holding the cane in the picture is a sexy picture to look at and fantasize about getting a caning from. (Which if you got a warm up spanking and light strokes of the cane, could be a good time.) BUT if she is swinging for the fences on your bare butt with no warmup…It’s extremely painful.

The animated spanking GIF shows legendary professional Domme named Cassie. She can tear up a butt like nobody’s business (whatever the hell that means). But looking at this spanking/caning, you can tell 1) His butt is torn up and 2) He’s feeling it Jack! And is going to continue feeling it for probably about a week or more.

So It begs the question…Can you enjoy a real spanking? In my opinion…NO. You can enjoy the before and the effects after but during? If it is a REAL punishment spanking then I really don’t think so. Again, just talking about a REAL SPANKING – No warm up, no long pauses between swats, no rubbing of the butt. Just one hard swat after another.

It’s possible that you can get to the point where endorphins are supposed to kick in and help out with pain but I’ve been spanked many times (for real), and my endorphins must’ve been on vacation, or are broken because I couldn’t wait for the spanking to end.

The other possibility is that people that are spanked so often and have what is deemed “leather butt”, which means the nerves have been pretty much spanked to death; so I guess they could enjoy the impact as it is missing the big pain part. IDK and to each their own. I don’t have a leather butt (and don’t want one) and so right now for me…real spankings hurt. For real! 😉

So quick summation: Fantasy = beating off to spanking pics or vids or just thinking about spanking while aroused. Real spankings = no warm up, bare butt, swinging for the fences from the first swat with a harsh implement (sorry foam flip flops don’t count), to punish for an infraction of some sort.

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Christopher t Githens

I been spanked with ever sandal and flip flop you own in your whole closet shoe collection of sandals. I was spanked with every sandal you can think of.Great spanking tool.


it sounds so arousing but then so real – red/purple buttocks OMG !

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