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domestic discipline couple spankingSo, where to begin. Well in the interest of keeping SOME anonymity I’m not going to get too detailed about myself. But I’ll give some background to give you an idea of our situation. I’m a happily married 30 some year old guy who has an awesomely sexy 30 some year old wife. And YES, that’s us in the picture on the right, in the middle of a harsh domestic discipline spanking or what we now refer to as a woodshed whuppin’.

At any rate, we started dating many moons ago and during the dating process, explored spanking in our sexual activity. I’ve always been infatuated with spanking since but a wee lad and found a way to introduce it to mi’ lady.

At first we were what is known as being a “switch” which simply means that we would take turns being on the giving and receiving end. It started with her being “Mistress” for the week and I the slave. When Mistress “was in town”, I would have to be mindful and respectful of her wishes. Of course I always pushed her buttons in the hope to get a spanking and did. The next week “Master” would come into town and expect the appropriate subservience from his slave girl who would also push his buttons.

It was great fun and we were both very communicative about the spankings afterwards which kept us in tune with each others desires. I also think that we both knew how the (insert whatever spanking implement was used here) felt like and could appreciate that when we were the one wielding it.

As we grew in intensity, we also smartly incorporated the use of safewords to ensure safe play. Over the course of years i found that i would push my limits farther and she was happy to remain at the pain levels she liked. This was cool for both of us and as more years passed, this was just a way of life for us.

Now just to interject. If you saw us at a restaurant or grocery store, you wouldn’t think anything other than you would seeing any young couple in love. We weren’t disrespectful to each other, nor would we try to humiliate each other in public or even in private for that matter. It was just our little fun that we shared and no one was the wiser.

We eventually got married and had a beautiful wedding, awesome honeymoon and started a great life together. As a young couple without kids, we (ok i) hung up quite the assortment of disciplinary implements we had procured over the years. Paddles, canes and leather punishment straps hung on the walls of our bedroom in lieu of traditional artwork. Easy access for quick use!

black toe ring sandalsOver the years we had also realized the convenience of wearing and later using a leather belt to tan the hide of a misbehaving bottom at first chance. My Wife also wears sandals often and I found out the hard way that many of her sandals are actually mean, little paddles disguised as her footwear.

We continued our weekly Mistress or Master in town routine for years. It wasn’t anything so rigorous or regimented that it was weird, it just was done in a playful way at certain times that we both seemed to be dialed into.

So fast forward a few years after that and again as part of our constant communication about our spanking activities, we started to grow more to the roles where she liked giving spankings more and getting them less and i enjoyed getting them more and giving them less. It was a perfect shift to the next phase in our fascinating and fun pain game.

Pressing the fast forward button…a-gain, we have now evolved to where she is only the one dishing out the spankings. And through good communication, we’ve even evolved into discipline spankings or domestic discipline where she’ll give me a REAL spanking whenever I mess up. Be it making a payment late that costs us a late fee or one of the worst “whuppins’ I got, was for driving home after having a little too much to drink. She waited until the next day when i was wasn’t buzzed and blistered my butt good woman holding doubled over beltwith her meanest leather belt, then wooden paddle. I couldn’t sit without feeling it for over a week! But you know what, I’m GLAD to have gotten that beat down because that was damn stupid of me to put my and other’s lives at risk. I thoroughly deserved that spanking and there was nothing enjoyable about it but I’m happy she gave it to me. As i side note, I’ve never done it again. Not just because of the spanking but because I realized how stupid that was. Although the spanking did leave an impression on me.

So there we have it, I’ve become quite the expert in pain. I know how to spank and more recently, know how different implements have different painful properties.

I guess I’ll close on this opening blog post but stay tuned as i will post about actual discipline spankings that my Wife has given to me. I’ll also share when a spanking is “on the board” for me, post spanking thoughts/reflection and will also write about spanking implements, spanking tips, tricks and general notes about spanking from a spanking/spanked expert. 🙂


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As for domestic discipline where spanking is used as penalty, I think the odds are people who live such a lifestyle, have a spanking fetish.
In fact other penalties than spanking could be applied like : revoking rights, pay money as a penalty, writing lines, and more. However their choice is spanking. I include caning, belting, birching, paddlings into this.

I think people who are into domestic discipline, people who apply maintenance spankings, fun spankings, regression play like for instance school play with corporal punishement, what these people have in common is a fascination for spanking.
I came accross an interesting blog:


After reading this blog I felt quite some recognition. Maybe others here after reading it feel the same recognition as I did and I hope that maybe it could help some people to accept who and what they are. 
I hope the owners of this site, Joey and The Wicked Queen don’t mind my referring to a different site. 

Dan Show

Wow the 20 things about true spankos nailed it. From an early age when masterbating as a teen it always revolved around spankings, still does ! I do believe it is a genetic thing many are born with. I also think about spankings constantly before and after discipline, during I cant wait for them to end lol.

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