Nessa Takes Joey to The Woodshed Pt. 2

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The Hard Conclusion to “Nessa Takes Joey to The Woodshed

31 Swats with her doubled over leather belt.
36 Swats with The Brown Paddle.
10 Lashes with Jess’s favorite implement – The Red Cane of Pain.

77 total Swats/Lashes which ultimately had Joey apologizing and telling Nessa that he’ll be good.

Shot from two different cameras, and both FULL spankings are included in this video. In other words…77 x 2 = 154 painful swats/lashes contained in this video! PLUS Bonus Slow Motion footage.

-11 HARD swats with Jess’s leather sandal – Taken from Part 1
-8 HARD swats with her doubled over leather belt
-5 HARD swats with the Brown Paddle
-3 HARD lashes with the Red Cane of Pain
These slow motions shots really highlight how hard Nessa is swinging.

Total runtime of the video is 13 minutes, 26 seconds.

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Joey’s first domestic discipline spanking from Nessa aka The Mean Queen has just taken place. And the cameras were rolling to capture it!

The spanking surprisingly ended up being over 300 swats and lashes, and so we decided to break it into two parts.

In Part 2, watch as Nessa spanks Joey into submission with her belt, the paddle, and her favorite…the Red Cane of Pain. She is a beast!

Joey held his own in Part 1, but Nessa ultimately gets the better of him by the end of it all.

Again, the banter between the two is entertaining, oftentimes funny. As mentioned in the Part 1 description, Joey had told Nessa beforehand that…”she hits like a girl”. And so she makes several references to his smart ass comment throughout the spanking. And again at the end, when she asks him if she still “hits like a girl”.

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1 review for Nessa Takes Joey to The Woodshed Pt. 2

  1. jackbrat (verified owner)

    OK, my favorite part of this video is at the end when The Mean Queen says “When’s the next video?” and the laughter that follows. Good way to end it! As for the actual strapping, paddling, and caning, She did a great job! Clearly Vanessa is most comfortable with the belt, then the paddle, and then the cane. And what is exciting is that it’s clear to me that She will only get more comfortable with all of the implements and get more and more proficient with all of them. So Joey has a LOT of harder and harsher punishment to look forward to! So i echo Nessa’s question and look forward to watching this duo in action as She gets closer and closer to mastering the art of delivering solid hard spanks with all implements and really make Joey’s bottom cheeks bounce with each one! She will make the phrase “She hits like a girl” one that will make us naughty boys tremble at the knees and clench our cheeks, for sure! And yes, these two videos have made it my hope that someday i might get the chance to experience The Mean Queen’s focused attention to my bare bottom!

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