New Years Resolution Accountability

Happy New Years everyone! Joey and I would like to take a quick moment and thank you all for finding, reading and/or commenting on our blog. We are very grateful for you all and have been blown away by the number of visitors we now receive and are looking to reach even more. We’ve heard from so many people and couples that have started incorporating some iteration of this into their relationships and how well it is working for them. We love the feedback they’ve given and insight to their situations, that they have provided.

We hope you all enjoyed the holidays. Joey and I took some time off, unplugged a bit and just enjoyed family, friends and each other. It was a nice break but the other day we realized that it has been since just before Christmas, that we last posted something! So it is time to roll up the sleeves and get back at it.

In a previous post of mine, Why Women Should Consider F/m Spanking Relationship, I had mentioned that Joey will on occasion set a goal and actually ask me for accountability by way of a real spanking repercussions if he doesn’t reach said goal. BTW, if you think he would intentionally NOT make his goal just to get a spanking from me…you haven’t been reading our blog. 😉

cane marks on spanked buttAs a matter of fact, of all the times he’s done this over the years, there was only one time he didn’t make a goal he set out to do. There were some circumstances beyond his control that hindered his ability to make his goal but he came very close. When he first set out to accomplish his goal, he had proposed 50 lashes with the cane (this was before the invention of the Wicked Switch), if he didn’t make his goal. Due to the circumstances, I decided to give another week to finish the goal, but gave him 10 penalty lashes with the cane and told him that the full 50 would be administered if he did not make it by then. He finished his goal 4 days later.

So anyway, Joey and I were talking about New Year’s resolutions the other day when he mentioned that he was planning on eating better, getting back in shape and that he wanted to lose around 10 lbs. The following day he told me he joined an online group where he has to lose 4% of his body weight within 4 weeks or he loses his entrance fee of $50. Anyone who has tried to lose weight, knows it can be a bit of a challenge. To do it right, requires changes to one’s lifestyle by way of eating and exercising. It can be very easy to postpone starting a workout or weight-loss plan, or to keep re-starting a plan.

He knows this as well, and so HE approached ME with the added incentive:

“If I don’t make this goal, I propose that you give me a lash with the Wicked Switch. One lash for every dollar.”

Without any hesitation, I replied, “Done.” To which he kind of chucked at my perhaps…quick and eager response. If you’ve read my post, Late Fee Spanking, you’ll know that I despise the idea of just “throwing money away”.

woman holding a switchRight then and there, I figured there is a good chance he will make his goal, because he DESPISES the Wicked Switch. The consequence of him losing $50 doesn’t really mean that much to him. But the consequence of him getting 50 lashes with the switch is something that holds much more power. Ah, pain can be quite the incentive!

And so in 2 or 3 more weeks, I’ll either update this post or do a new one. If he makes his goal weight, it will likely just be an update to this point. But if by some chance he doesn’t, then it’ll be a post about how the 50 lashes with the Wicked Switch went down along with pictures of his wrecked backside.

UPDATE: Joey made his goal! Like I said, knowing how much he fears and hates the switch, I was pretty sure that he was going to do what he needed to do to make his goal weight. But I DID have some fun reminding him of the consequences if he didn’t. 🙂

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Every New Years is the time we review our agreement and lost of offenses and tweak if necessary. We went back to rolling the dice to schedule maintenance spankings. We also both agreed a modest increase in the level of strictness was needed. Too many times small infractions were let go. It is true, our maintenance is designed to be the catch all for such slippage, but we felt we should try to curtail the slippage up front. So far it is working, I have been spanked solidly for infractions that may have went by the wayside last year. We realize with the virus, our ‘away from home’ time has been restricted, but our tightening up will be in force at home or away from home. It has been awhile since I have been spanked away from home, but I can expect it will happen when necessary.

Happy New Year to everyone.


I got a question. This is a little forward, but I am curious. Do you ever grab your husbands balls or his penis during a pre spanking lecture or post spanking lecture? I dont mean in a sexual way. I mean just to kind of take charge while you’re scolding him and what not? If so, do you feel this is effective?

I am just started out in my female led dd relationship. I learned it from a good girlfriend in real life who lives this way. She actually let me watch one of her boyfriends spankings. So I saw the lecture and all. She was really mad at him for an overspending issue. So when she was lecturing him, she got to yelling at one point. She grabbed his balls and was really scolding him. She was like yanking his balls up and down and keeping a hold of them while she lectured. She wasn’t squeezing them or hurting them in any way. She just had his balls in her grip and was shaking them with her hand as she yelled at him.

It seemed to have a very powerful effect on him before the spanking and it wasnt sexual at all. So I was wondering if you did that and if you reccomend that yourself

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Hi my name is Frank I love what you do wish I could find someone like you i try to get my wife in to it but no luck i really need a good sandal and razor strap spanking i am a real naughty boy wish you could help Fra


I have tried to get her to think about it and maybe she will And told her maybe she could spank me for my birthday hope that might work Really hope so


All of us who admire the Wicked Queen and her very lucky husband, Joey are rooting for you, Frank! Keep the essential idea alive consistently in your mind and try some relaxed visualization in quiet moments too. If that sounds a bit woo-woo, I suggest you at least give it a try and persist for a definite timeframe. See and hear your lady in your imagination, taking control and administering the spanking discipline you clearly need. Make the image vivid and build in plenty of details to match your desire. What manifests from this practice might just change your life! Best of luck and happy imagining!


Excellent! It’s only “out there” until someone uses it and gets results! 😍


My birthday has come and gone No birthday spanking even left one of her sandals on the bed as a reminder I am so bummed 🥴😪


Dear Wicked Queen, dear Joey

I stumbled over your blog recently and I read all entries including all comments in the past few days. Absolutely fascinating reading, also the comments, especially those by Sandy and Tina!
My wife and I have been in an Fm spanking relationship for 30 years. I’d not call it DD, as SHE does not really punish me for any misdeeds or infractions, SHE rather spanks me when I have been good. This does not mean, however, HER spankings are not harsh – they are! In earlier years it was not uncommon for me to receive between 300 and 400 strokes with various instruments. More recently our activity slackened a bit (I am now over 70 and she is approaching that barrier), but right now, as we are more often at home than not “thanks” to the pandemic, it might not be a bad idea to step up a bit.
Like you, we do not have a woodshed, but we have had a spanking horse built by a carpenter about 20 years ago. Dismantled and stored in a cupboard it can be reassembled in ten minutes. It’s a sturdy wooden construction with a leather-topped bench for me to lie across. Ankles and wrists can be fastened to the frame, leaving me with very little room to move.
Over the years we have collected a large number of punishment instruments, such as canes, paddles, bathbrushes, riding crops, leather straps tawses, whips and even a genuine hippohide sjambok (from ebay, but the vendor doesn’t exist any longer). Like Joey I do have a leather ftish, but not for belts and sandals, rather for boots and leather wear (streetwear, not dominatrix stuff). My wife usually is wearing knee high flat-soled leatherboots, a long leather coat and gloves when punishing me.
For less severe punishments I have to bend over the back of a chair and am not restricted, but when SHE asks me to assemble the punishment horse, it usually stays in place for two or three days and is used two or three times.
I have noticed you too are customers of cane-iac. We have been very satisfied with their products (although one wooden stick and one of the rattan canes proved to be not strong enough for my wife’s efforts :-)). You discussed the Delrin canes, we can really recommend those, especially the”Tear Jerker” (sorry Joey :-)): very thin, very flexible, but not wobbly. It really hurts like the dickens and leaves beautiful marks. Also the “Curse of Dana” and the “Truro Terror” are very severe instruments. The Truro is said to have been made to be felt “through layers of clothing”, but in my case there are never any layers, lol, as all my spankings are received wearing by birthday suit.
Good luck to all of you!


It would be great to see a few photos of George’s horse assembled and set up for use.
might give some ideas as to what an be discreetly put away when company is over and when needed set up


Hi David
I‘ll remember that when the horse leaves the cupboard next time – hopefully not too soon as it always leaves me with a pain in my a**, lol


Dear Wicked Queen

The horse is still in the cupboard – my wife is not too keen at the moment for woodshed type whippings – but I got sort of a maintenance spanking on Sunday: one hundred strokes on the bare, bent over the back of a chair with five different implements: riding crop, leather strap (I believe it’s the DD strap from London Tanners – we bought it years ago, cane (broke after ten strokes, but we have had it for years and still have a few more), leather dog whip and a new sturdy bathbrush that was christened on that occasion. The one we had before we had found in a super market in a small town in Alberta (Canada) five years ago. It was a real scorcher, but after about 600 swats with it (according to my punishment log) it broke and we had to replace it. The new one is equally bad for my bottom: although I received only about 15 strokes with it, two bull’s eyes can be clearly seen after 24 hours!
If you wish I can send pictures of these implements, but I do not want to hijack your log that’s why I am asking before attaching them.

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