Husband Asked for a Woodshed Whuppin’

I was going back and forth as to the title for this blog. Between “The First Trip to the Woodshed in 2021” vs. the title now on the post. The reason the current title won out was due to the unusual request from my husband.

For those of you who follow or have read our blog before, and have read about the infamous trips to the woodshed for Joey, you’ll know that they are not experiences he’s eager to receive.

While he may “ask” for a woodshed whuppin’ by his actions and/or attitude, he has never verbally asked me for one. That is until just the other day, when he came up to me and earnestly asked if I could please find a time that worked for me, to take him to the woodshed.

But there IS a backstory…

The first part of it is that Joey has earned himself a trip to the woodshed. Actually been owed a trip for a little bit. But even in the past, when I’ve told him he is getting taking to the woodshed, he won’t remind me during the times when it would be convenient for me to take him there. He’ll try to fly under the radar, until there are moments when we can’t go to the woodshed, then he’ll act up again. What a brat!

The second part of this back story…an awesome reader of our blog who goes by the moniker “Leathersmith”, reached out to us and thanked us for sharing our lifestyle on our website. As a token of his appreciation, he offered to make and send us a leather punishment strap for Joey’s errant behind. How generous! So I gave him some thoughts about length and basically told him that if it was similar to my razor strap but with a handle, that would be helpful and easier for me to hold when spanking.

holding the wicked strapWell, Leathersmith recently finished this fine leather art of ass destruction and sent me a video of it before shipping it. OMG it looks amazing and quite ominous! It almost looks like two thick leather razor straps together but with a nice leather handle connecting them at the bottom.

Joey knew the strap was getting made but neither one of us had obviously seen it. So, when I got the video of it, I called Joey over to my computer and showed him the video. His exact words were, “Oh man, what the holy hell is coming my way?” He nervously chucked, walked off, and went about his day. But later that night when we were on the couch and watching TV, in all seriousness he asked me if I could please find time to take care of his woodshed whuppin’ that he has coming. What?! LOL

It didn’t take him long to do that math. He knows that if I wait to spank him until AFTER this strap arrives, then that strap is going to part of his woodshed whuppin’! That strap isn’t even here yet and it is already causing him to worry. I love it!

Initially I actually had every intention to take him to the woodshed before the strap arrived, but I didn’t give him indication that I was going to do so. I just told him that I “might just wait until my new strap arrives.” Just to make him sweat a little bit. I had planned on taking him to the woodshed the Saturday before the Superbowl as we were having some friends over and I figured I’d just take care of his spanking AND have a very well behaved husband for the get together.

Italian Leather Belt

So later that Saturday night, I brought down my belt, my black leather punishment strap and the wicked switch. But while watching a movie, I came down with a monster headache and wasn’t up to giving him a full woodshed whuppin’. But much to his chagrin, I did pick up the wicked switch and had him bend over the coffee table at which point I gave him 10 lashes to remind him to behave on Sunday.

the wicked spanking switch


The lashes worked like a charm. And normally that would have probably kept him in line for another week or even longer as the marks from the switch last for a few weeks. But he knows that strap is a-comin’ and so he started again with ASKING for his woodshed whuppin’. I asked him why he was so eager to go to the woodshed and he did confess that he was hoping I would take care of it before the strap arrived. I told him that he did realize that even if I DID take him to the woodshed before it arrived, that it would be “on deck” for the next trip to the woodshed. He said he figured as much, but that would be then and this is now. LOL  I just love my husband so much.

boxes in delivery truckAt that point, I once again planned on accommodating his request and taking him to the woodshed before the strap’s arrival, but then I got an email from Leathersmith with the tracking number and thought…it would be a shame to make that strap have to wait to teach Joey a much needed lesson, after traveling all that way. So with that, I called Joey over and told him, “I decided to go ahead and give you your woodshed whuppin’.” He took a breath but I could see the relief in on his face as he simply stated, “Ok.” Then I continued, “Right AFTER my new strap arrives.” Oh the look on his poor face. I almost felt bad for him. Almost.

He asked when it would arrive and I told him. He gave kind of an accepting grimace and walked away. Saying something about needing to go finish making some Wicked Switches – Side note: We offered to send Leathersmith a Wicked Switch, after Joey made them, as a token of our appreciation for the strap.

Well, last week the strap arrived at our off-site mailbox. I told Joey to find time to drive over and get it. Kind of in the vein of having to go get your own switch, belt or strap for your own whuppin’, I thought.

When he came home, he opened the box and let the strap slide out. And immediately said with a chuckle, “That dude is trying to kill me.” Then he handed the strap to me. Oh. My. Goodness. I felt the weight and flexibility of the leather and just knew right then that this was going to be a butt blistering implement. I decided on its name, “The Wicked Strap” and the corresponding sandals.

It is 24″ long, 2.5″ wide, and each strip is just under 1/4″ thick, so together the thickness is just under half an inch. And get this…it weighs in at 17.7 ozs. Yes! Over a lb of butt blistering, attitude adjusting leather!

wicked punishment strap

We both had a full calendar last week and weekend and for a variety of other reasons, I have set the date for this Thursday, Feb 25th. Plenty of time for him to ponder his comeuppance!

I actually plan on using my belt and maybe another implement before finishing the spanking off with this new strap. Sort of on an exclamation point, if you will. 😉

So…there will be a follow up post coming shortly after Thursday, about his trip to the woodshed and the debut of The Wicked Strap.

UPDATE: New post is up! 1st Trip to the Woodshed in 2021.

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I’m really glad that you like your strap. My beloved looks forward to getting her own Wicked Switch, but please, take your time with it.


I see that Joey makes wicked switches. Do you guys sell them and if so how much?


Thank you Wicked Queen. We just recently began the Domestic discipline along with chastity program, just as of lastnight I have gotten a pretty good beating, with a paddle (that my LOVE made me make) and a crop. She was real pleased with the results afterwards however the redness and bruising seem to fade rather quick, even thought I can definitely feel them today. Is there an implement that would leave marks longer so she can admire her work longer?


Did you get a new pair of sandals to go with that strap those sandals look awesome are they good for spanking also they are mean looking


I wonder how Joey is feeling now, the day before the big woodshed whippin.


Ah…and so my Queen baits me. She knows me well enough that I oftentimes will “go out in a blaze of glory”, throwing caution to the wind (and to common sense). But it has been a little while since my last trip, and while I’ve felt the sting of various implements since then, there is something a little more ominous about this upcoming session. So I don’t want to get too carried away with my “bravado”. Long story short…Yes, I’m started to get a little nervous. lol


I understand the wanting to getting the trip to the woodshed out of the way just to get it over with but when the first couple of hits land it is then that you realize that you were a little to hasty in asking to get it out of the way. Unfortunately by the time that hits it is too late to turn back. But looking forward to hearing about your trip. My trip to the woodshed is coming soon I feel.


Hey Steve, yeah…but I knew it was going to happen anyway. I had earned it a while ago and am very glad that it’s over now. We are actually working on the post about it together. We want to provide both of our perspectives of the event, before, during and after. That should be getting posted this coming week. Good luck on yours! 🙂

peter meng

Maybe you should round the corners on the business end of the Wicked Strap


Peter, I know it’s hard to tell from the picture but the edges of the leather itself are rounded and the corners are what we call “clipped” ever so slightly. I could have rounded the entire end, like with a semicircular arch. However, the general aesthetic I was going for when making this strap was that of an old razor strop. I also wanted it to have that antique, broken in feel to it. Still, I was careful to not leave any sharp points on the hide itself because I didn’t want anyone needing sutures from its use.


I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m dying to read about the woodshed whippin! I hope there’s pictures of the damage m

John Hopkins

I love the imagery in your writing about belting and strapping your naughty boy and the sandal associations aspects are next level sublime.

I miss my good spankings since my wife passed about a year ago.


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