Late Fee Spanking

One of my pet peeves USED to be when my husband would forget or just procrastinate about paying a bill, and then we’d be assessed a late fee. The main reason that really rubbed me the wrong way, is because we HAD the money to pay it, and therefore were WASTING it on late fees by him not being on top of it. Virtually just throwing money away!

His response USED to be, “Yeah…but it was only a day late and the late fee is only $20 or $30.” Or whatever the amount was. For the most part, the late fee amounts were certainly not a deterrent for him and so he did little to change his procrastinating ways. He would just have to hear me gripe about it for a while and then we moved on.

But…NOW…If he incurs a late fee…he ALSO incurs an ass whuppin’! 😉

The first late fee he forgot after our new arrangement was also the last because I blistered his backside and taught him a lesson he did not soon forget.sitting on the bed holding a belt

This happened a long time ago, back when we were still getting our cable bill in the mail. Upon going through the mail one day, I opened up our cable bill and noticed the amount was a lot higher than it was supposed to be. After examining the bill I discovered the amount was higher was because it was showing the payment due for the previous month, this month, and the late fee assessed on top of it all. Rightly so. That’s what happens when you’re late to pay a bill. I wasn’t mad at the cable company, but I was not happy with my husband as we had talked about this before.

Unfortunately for him, I was wearing my meanest leather belt that day. So I took my belt off, doubled it over, and grabbed the bill. I found him in his office. When he looked up and saw me holding my belt in one hand and a bill in the other (along with the look on my face), he looked like he had seen a ghost. He immediately knew what this was about and started to yammer on…I, uh…wait…let me explain…

“Stop. Talking.” I sternly commanded, “and come with me.” I started down the hall towards our room. I looked over my shoulder to see him remorsefully walking behind me, with his eyes fixed on the belt dangling at my side. I got to the entrance to our room and stepped to the side as he caught up to me. I pointed towards the bed and said, “Assume the position.”

Even though the spanking had not yet begun, he had a pained look on his face as he passed me and walked to foot of our bed. Without a word he took down his pants and underwear and bent over the end of the bed. His butt now in position to receive the forthcoming discipline.

I walked over the to side of him and tossed the cable bill on the bed, in front of his face. “Care to tell me about this?” I questioned. I knew he had nothing to say but was waiting for him to try and lie or make an excuse. I had already decided that if he did make that mistake, I would give him a second spanking for it. “I…I…forgot to pay the cable bill,” he dejectedly responded. “I think we’ve had this discussion before, haven’t we?” I asked. “Yes’m” he responded. “Only THIS time, THIS time is different.” I continued. “THIS time, we are living under the rules of the Queen with real domestic discipline. Isn’t that right?” He took a deep breathe, knowing his fate was sealed and answered, “Yes Ma’am.” “So…as your Queen, I find you guilty of failing to pay a bill on time, thus incurring a late fee, thus throwing away perfectly good money. Money that could’ve bought me a new pair of sandals, a pedicure, or a perhaps a new video game for my soon to be crying husband. But instead it is just wasted.”

“SO…I am going to show you what happens from now on, whenever you forget to pay a bill on time.” I stepped back to get into spanking position and said, “While my belt is tearing up your backside, I want you to look at that bill. In fact, I want to see tears on that bill so put it under your face. If I see you looking anywhere other than that bill while I’m spanking you, then you’re going to get additional swats after the main spanking is over. Do you understand?” “Yes Ma’am.” he quickly replied.

belt spanking over bedAnd with that, I started spanking! I was in control but was swinging HARD. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. I had a good cadence going. One right after another. He was grunting in pain and his knees were slightly buckling from the pain of each swat as he struggled to stay in position. His grunts quickly turned to into crying out and he started apologizing and promising that it wouldn’t happen again, but I kept spanking. He started uttering various iterations of “OWW”, then he went into quietly crying as the belt kept landing. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. After about 35-40 lashes in a row, I walked over to the other side and began again. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. Another 10 lashes in and he was crying pretty good. I glanced over and did see some tears on the bill, but I kept spanking until I reached about the same number of swats as I gave him from the other side.

When I was done with him, he was in tears, sobbing, and apologizing profusely. I picked up the bill and asked him if it was going to happen again. He apologized again and assured me that it wouldn’t. I tossed the bill back on the bed, told him to call them and take care of it, put my belt back on and left the room.

He couldn’t sit comfortably for a few days afterwards and we have yet to have been assessed a late fee again.

Now THAT ladies…is a deterrent!

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I agree she needed to take control and see to it he knew what he did wrong and she did it because she was upset and also did it with firm loving care!


Although I never been punished for this particular offense,I have been punished for spending more than our agreed amount. My wife and I have been doing”DD” for about dozen years or so and this is of the most authentic blogs that I can relate to.


Hi WQ and thanks again for reminding us how powerful and effective a DD relationship can be. The following is a post that I submitted on another blog – this was the only one other than yours. It was a discussion about punishment versus discipline but the subject stimulated a Troll to attack me for being cruel and abusive – please see my post to Joey’s “Vigilante” blog. So this was my post:

I and my husband have discussed the subject of punishment versus discipline in great detail to establish what we both considered necessary and desirable. For us there is a distinct difference between the two. We consider that discipline is the process of training Tim to ensure that he abides by the prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior that we have both agreed (mainly him) that should be his target to refine his life style. Punishment meanwhile is the imposition of a penalty for any faults or violation of the rules. When I “punish” Tim we have established a distinct ritual that he must follow to ensure that he understands that he is being punished and not simply being disciplined. At the time of the offence I order him to our punishment room with the instruction to strip and either stand in the center of the room or face the wall and wait for me. I take my time before climbing the stairs to increase anticipation and then calmly order him to stand in front of me. I ask him to tell me what offence he has committed. If he hesitates or fails to understand how he violated the rules I smack him firmly across his face several times. This puts him in a very submissive state and I enjoy watching him fidget nervously. I then lecture him on why he is to be punished and for what offence. I sentence him to a certain penalty and normally advise him when I intend to inflict his punishment and with what – this may be a few days away. However sometimes I let him become anxious by saying that the sentence will be executed when and as hard as I decide at that time. Basically I deliver true punishments for three different types of violations. 1) Actions that could affect his personal health or damage his career – during these punishments I try to invoke his sensitivity to the sadness connected with loss of life, health or position so I work up slow with the beating and challenge his emotions hoping to make him cry. 2) When he has hurt me by comments or actions – these punishments are given as retribution for my hurt and even though they are never given in anger I will make sure they are viciously hard from the first stroke and 3) When he breaks promises or agreements such as failing to come home at an agreed time with no communication – these punishments are modified according to the defense he provides to rationalize the actions but will always be administered severely. Now discipline is different. These spanking are given as part of a teaching process. I’ll give you an example – my hubby can become very irate if things don’t work out while he is completing a project so a little while back I decided to attempt a disciplinary lesson. One morning I instructed him to get up, remain naked with only an apron and prepare my breakfast. I detailed my required food – two eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast and coffee. I also told him that I expected the food to be prepared and laid on the table in no more than 15 minutes. For every minute beyond this time he would receive two hard strokes with the cane. Tim leapt out of bed obviously excited with the “game” and quite confident that he could succeed. What I had not shared is that I had moved the coffee to another cupboard; I had hidden the pan; placed the bacon in a fridge down in the basement and left only one egg in the kitchen with the others downstairs. I sneaked down to the kitchen and enjoyed watching his naked bottom bending and flexing as he began his preparations. He began collecting the necessities but visibly became agitated when he could not find the coffee. He began opening and slamming cabinet doors in frustration. Finally he found the coffee. Then the same annoyance with the other items until finally he had gathered up all the required food and utensils and prepared my breakfast. After the fifteen minutes I appeared in the kitchen and asked him why he was delaying my breakfast. He was so mad and was swearing openly and slamming things down so I issued a strong warning to be more controlled. Ultimately the breakfast was complete in 33 minutes. I sat at the table and ordered him to kneel beside me and while I enjoyed the food I lectured him on self discipline, control and patience. He stuttered that everything had been moved but I reminded him that is why we had agreed to communicate. All he had to do was ask me. After breakfast I thoroughly enjoyed delivering a 36 stoke disciplinary caning. This is how I control my man and love him for allowing me to improve him in such a wonderfully satisfying way. 


Dear Queen
Yep. Sounds just too familiar. We just recrently had that topic also.
Stef had “conveniently” postponed some payments into the new month as he had “other things to attend to”. Well, well….
99% of all billers will not even notice a late payment. 1% – typically the phone-companies – are ceding their open claims dirctly to collection agencies. An unpaid bill will kill your reputation in nothing flat. I called the phone company and explained that my husband had misspelled a figure in the electronic banking app and that we had not noticed that the payment had been withheld for incorrect data. I was able to settle the issue.
However: This bought Stef a trip over my lap, and I used that very mean bath-brush (from you pictures I guess we using pretty much the same item: i.e. that brush you show in the picture where you are wearing these unforgettable white “Bass Sharon” sandals).
I love that brush probably as much as Stef hates it… 😉
Talking about the Bass Sharons: I owned the very same sandals in burgundy red years ago as Stef still used to work in a management position for the German subsidary of an American Insurance Conmpany; that’s why we frequently used to visit your beautiful country.

Kisses and a big hug


Dear Queen
Ah yes; I remember. Quite right: The Sharons did not really sting “statisfactorily”. They had these funny roundish, somewhat buckle-shaped soles under the separated toe-part and the heels. Although they were rubber-soled and rather heavy they somehow did not have the “draw” to really smart. I recall that I bought a pair of burgundy-colored look-alikes in some cheap shoe-store when we were in the States. These fakes had a white, completely flat rubber sole and stung quite well. I can tell as I always want to know what my implements feel like. Therefore I usually test them on my palms or thighs. Not full blast of course ;-), but enough to give me an indication of the sting. And there is one thing for sure: a disciplinary spanking MUST sting. To me that’s the very purpose of it…
Associations: I find that was a brilliant idea of yours, and I am still working on it to copy your “system”. As a matter of fact I have already started to do the first “allocations” and have commicated these to Stef.
I admit that I do downright enjoy it. I just love see that reaction which you call “his concerned look when I wear them”…
Best awareness-training ever!
I cannot thank you enough for that grand idea…


Tomy Nash

This “Late Fee” story so closely resembled the spankings I got from Aunt Kay that I had to jump in and say “hi”.

You guys’ lifestyle is almost a parallel to what ours was and my first real DD spanking was a mind-blower and sent “The Message”.

I know I sure operated a whole lot better when she was here and in charge. Not that I normally go around craving a spanking (I don’t). But there are occasionally times when life would go better if I got one.

Anyway, I really am very happy for you guys.

Terrance Green

I do have a question, why the changing of the Sandals in the videos?

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