Learning From Leather Lashes

Last Thursday my Queen took me to the woodshed, as promised, and delivered quite the butt blistering spanking with her Italian leather belt…

italian leather belt and matching sandals

And put an exclamation point on the spanking with her Wicked Strap…

punishment strap and sandals

For those who are just seeing the Wicked Strap for the first time, allow me to tell you ALL about it and its butt blistering properties! It’s two heavy 24 inch leather straps that were sewn together at the handle. It’s two and a half inches wide and weighs over a pound at 17.7 ounces! The combined thickness of the two straps of leather are just under half an inch. It was custom made for us by a wonderful leather craftsman. We’re actually working on starting our own line of spanking implements. Stay tuned!

wicked punishment strap

Anyway, getting taken to the woodshed is always quite the event, but this trip had an extra element to it. I finally talked Jessica (yes, the Wicked Queen), into not only video taping the whole spanking, but also into releasing it for sale. At the bottom of this post will be an embedded free highlight reel of the spanking that we uploaded to SpankingTube, but the whole woodshed whuppin’ video is for sale right here on our website!

before belt spankingWhile I was tasked with setting up the cameras, lights, and another microphone in the “woodshed”, the rest of the spanking went down as it normally would. We both talked about what it meant to record and release a woodshed whuppin’ on video, and we both wanted to keep it as it is in real life for us. That meant REAL. No script, no warm up, no nonsense. I’ve watched and even bought quite a few spanking videos over the years. And while there are some good ones, most of the time I have been disappointed from a real spanking point of view.

For us, “good” means authentic. Consensual, but REAL domestic discipline.

But as we often say…to each their own. If people are enjoying the not-as-authentic spanking videos as well, then more power to them and their creators. As we’ve mentioned before, we’re generally PRO-spanking! But for our videos…we’ve decided to share our version of a real domestic discipline spanking, and that’s exactly what is captured on this video.

In fact, in the full length video, the actual spanking portion is included without any cuts in the action. No breaks for poor Joey’s butt and the punishing swats landing on this backside. In the purchased full length video, there are two full length versions of the spanking portion, as there were two cameras set up from different angles. We didn’t want to edit or cut those scenes at all.

Any way…if a picture is worth a thousand words, then I’d say that this video is worth a few thousand and a blistered butt.

fm belt spankingSo, here is how the spanking went down…

My Queen had ordered me to set the woodshed up ahead of time so that when it came time for her to mete out the discipline, that there would be no stopping the spanking to “fix” or adjust something.

As I was setting up the room for the upcoming whuppin’, my mind was focused on the set up and not at all on what was coming my way. That is, until I finished the set up and then realized…oh man…now I have to call for my Queen to give me my spanking. It was a rush of nervous and ominous feelings. I took a breath and called to my wife, “I’m ready for you, my Queen.” To which she quickly but calmly responded, “Ok, I’ll be right there.”

Of course she was already wearing her belt and leather sandals and I could hear those sandals as she approached the room. Again, another deep breath to try and ease the feeling in the pit of my stomach as she appeared in the doorway. She had on a new shirt that is from a small company called Spang King. Actually quite a cool concept and we’re working with them now to provide a discount code for our readers. More on that in a bit, but here’s the front and back of the t shirt as pulled from their website.

spang king t-shirt front
spang king t-shirt back

Also pulled this image from their website…

spang king banner

How cool are these shirts? Like I said, we should have a coupon code in a day or two, that we can share with you to get a discount or free shipping (still working out the deets with the owners, but we will have it dialed in shortly).

Anyway, as you can see the tagline on the back of the shirt says, “Do YOU want one?” To which I verbally answered out loud as I read it on the back of my wife’s shirt…”No.”

“No what?” she responded. So I answered, “I DON’T want a ‘Spang King’,” enjoying the play on words. Unfortunately, she wasn’t amused and immediately told me to start the cameras and assume the position.

Of course I did so quickly and as I bent over the end of the bed, I has a scary thought…what if she tries to show off for the camera?! Oh Jeez, her spankings are fierce enough. It was a thought that almost took my breath away. Then she unbuckled, took off her belt, and began…”You’ve earned this haven’t you?” Then you can see the first 5 lashes with her belt in the preview reel below.

And wait until you see that Wicked Strap in action. She normally lines up an implement before she swings, which I guess my brain has come to expect, before the first swat or lash lands. She didn’t do that with the first swat of the Wicked Strap and OMG, the pain that ran through my butt and whole backside was all-consuming. The last time she spanked me with this, she was not going as hard as she was this time around. She had told me in advance that now that she knew what to expect with the strap, that she’d be kicking it up a notch. She didn’t disappoint.

Again, this is just a preview and as mentioned on the first slides in the preview, the spanking went like this:

SMACK ~ “Keep your hands on the bed or we start over.” ~ Then she started in again with 25 more hard lashes with her belt. Then she walked to the other side and sternly asked, “Who’s in charge?” before giving me another 25 hard lashes in a row.

fm punishment strappingAfter the belting, she says something about how “this is her favorite belt”, and then tossed on the bed. Then she slipped out of her belt whuppin’ sandals and into her wicked strapping sandals. Again, as you can hear and see in the video, that strap cut me down. I was amazed at how bad it hurt and was wondering how I was going to be able to maintain position while getting spanked with it. 10 hard lashes in a row had me reeling mentally and pushing the boundaries of my ability to maintain position. Then she walked over to the other side and started spanking hard again. 12 blistering swats in a row had me making sounds I didn’t know I could make.

Finally, she stopped and asked, “Can you behave?” to which I of course responded quickly and enthusiastically that I could. And then she questioned, “Who’s in charge?” Again, I quickly assured her that she was. She gave me one more swat with that strap for good measure, and then the spanking was over.

This was one of the worst strappings I’ve ever had in my life and I’m glad it is behind me now. I assure you, the next time she threatens me with that strap or even just wears those “strap whuppin” sandals, I’m going to do my best to steer clear of crossing paths with them both! They’re a menace to my backside!

Even though it was a bit embarrassing to share the grunts and cries I can make when getting a real spanking, I’ve gotten to feel more open and connected to many of our readers here. As a result, I was open to sharing our version of a real DD spanking. While I WILL be on my best behavior for a while, I know I’ll start slipping at some point in time in the future and will find myself once again in the woodshed with my very capable, beautiful Wife/Wicked Queen.

If you’d like to buy the full video, here you go: Belt & Wicked Strap Spanking Video.

A lot of extra effort went into talking Jess into this and into being comfortable sharing this with you. Hopefully you can manage a few bucks to help support our efforts. But if not, that’s ok too! For those of you who have already bought the video…a sincere THANK YOU for your support from the both of us! We look forward to sharing more…but hopefully not TOO soon. πŸ˜‰

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I adore you two and pray to find the relationship y’all have soon. Thank you for allowing us into y’all’s world and please continue to share. It gives some of us hope.

The Wicked Queen

Thank you for the kind words and you’re very welcome! Your partner is out there, I just know it and am keeping my fingers crossed for you! πŸ™‚


Would love to buy your video but I am in Canada and the only country option when entering credit card details is the US.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Glenmore and thanks for that info. I’ll talk to Joey about that and see if there is something we can do to accept payments from other countries as well. That would be a shame if we couldn’t. :\


WOW, a real woodshed whoopin’ for sure. Much like the beltings and strappings I get here and much the same position. Her belt and strap seem longer in length then our implements. I too squirm and move a bit during a good strapping, but like you hold position and accept our punishments. Love the excerpts from the video… great job.

Madame Francine

I will have a conversation with my husband tomorrow afternoon, this week we have some problems that were supposed to be resolved and were pending, as I warned him last week, tomorrow the conversation will go beyond the slipper! P.S.: Great DD video, this is very professional, congratulations to the couple!

Madame Francine

Implements for tomorrow, I’m looking for an English Cane to buy, there will be news soon

The Wicked Queen

I don’t envy your husband! Looks like he’s in for a very tough lesson!

The Wicked Queen

Madame Francine! Always a pleasure. And thank you for the compliment on the video. We look to keep getting better as we learn about video production. πŸ™‚


Good morning from Spain, I have tried to buy the video and it has not been possible because of the card


It does not allow me to enter my Madrid status and it does not let me continue to pay

The Wicked Queen

Hi Nacho, I believe Joey found a way for those in different countries, to be able to purchase. I’ll email you directly in a moment. πŸ™‚


Thank you


It’s amazing what a Β± 5 minute strapping will do for a bad attitude. Your woodshed whuppin is much like our punishment spankings, hard from start to end with no pauses or rubbing. For your support I had to buy the video, its lot more fun to watch somebody else on the receiving end LOL. Keep up the good work love your blog.


Thank you Ma’am for the link. That strap IS a beast, a very wicked one. 24″ long and 17.7 ounces?? Damn! I would imagine the weight gives it a similar impact to a paddle, yet the suppleness of the leather wraps perfectly around a naughty backside. Ensuring the end of the leather strap recoils home with its own evil taste of agony. Makes a naughty boy very curious to submit to such a sound strapping. Foolish i know to ask for such a lesson from such a fearsome strap, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. A thoroughly disciplined naughty boy makes for a well mannered and behaved man.

If you are able to offer such a line of implements, I would love to know. Thank you to the both of you for offering everyone this insight into the lifestyle you share. It gives those of us on the outside looking in some semblance of hope.

The Wicked Queen

No idea how it feels, Joey? Care to chime in? But I DO know the reaction I get from him and the marks it leaves on his butt. And you’re right, we are in the same mindset that a real spanking, should be a REAL spanking. And yes, it makes for quite well behaved, eager to please man. πŸ˜‰

Roy Wells

I just watched the free preview of your spanking video and I would love to buy it…..BUT I am absolutely forbidden to use our credit card and buy anything on the internet. My bottom shakes and tingles just to think what would happen for disobeying her strict rule. I’m now looking at her leather strap hanging on the closet door. I’m too afraid of it.

The Wicked Queen

No worries. I’m glad to say we’re getting quite a bit of support from our fans and readers all over the world. Literally. πŸ™‚ But I do have a feeling if she sees the preview as well, SHE might decide to buy it. LOL

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