Spanking Implements – Readers Choice

UPDATE: 07-19-21: The People Have Spoken! See the Results of the Voting Below:

For those of you who purchased and watched Joey’s last trip to the woodshed…first off – Thank You! Secondly…I’m sure it won’t come as a shock to you that I had a very well behaved husband for some time immediately after. Not only was he my model citizen around here, his attitude and demeanor had been very appropriate towards his Queen. And he had been very eager to please. Ah, the benefits of a good whuppin’! 😉

fm spanking from right and left

But alas, as time is passing, I am starting to see little glimpses of what will eventually turn into a complete downward roll towards, and ultimately into, the woodshed. Tsk, tsk…but that’s OK, when we do get there…I know just what to do! 😉

Which brings me to this post. So far the only implements you’ve seen me spank with have been my trusty Italian leather belt, and my Wicked Strap. But I DO spank with other implements as well, so let’s mix it up a bit, shall we?

fm punishment strappingAfter the release of our full length spanking video, we received a lot of comments requesting another video and suggesting certain implements and positions. So I thought it might be fun to do a “Readers Choice Spanking”, where you can help select a couple of the spanking implements that I will use during his next domestic discipline spanking.

A lot of people commented that they’d like to see me spank Joey with one of my sandals. I can do that. And a lot of people wanted to see an over the knee spanking. I can do that, too. And lastly, a lot of people wanted to see me take a paddle to Joey. Your wish shall be granted.

So…here’s what Joey’s next whoopin’ is going to look like…

First off…A good OTK spanking with a sandal of YOUR choice! Followed by a good old-fashion belt whuppin’ (just because I like to spank with my belt ;), and then I’m going to finish him off with a paddle of YOUR choice.

otk sandal spanking action shotI don’t do a lot of OTK spanking, just because they aren’t as convenient as having him bend over a couch, lounge chair, or the end of a bed. Also from a filming perspective, we weren’t really set up before to show an OTK spanking and then transition to the over the end of the bed spanking without having to cut and or move the camera. We both feel that a big component of a REAL DD spanking is that once it starts there is not a lot of time between swats or implements. When I switch implements, I take just enough time to slip into their corresponding sandals and then proceed. IMHO, it is the “one swat after another” approach that teaches the best lessons.

But because the readers have requested it, we’re going to accommodate as best we can. We’ll figure something out. By now, those of you who have bought or seen any of our videos, know that we don’t do “fake spankings”. It’ll be as real as the last video. So…without further ado…

Below are my three best sandals for spanking, in no particular order. They all pack a great STING which is why they are in the running. I’ll provide an image and some details about the sandal and then you can vote for which one I’ll wear, take off, and then use on his bare behind when the time comes.

Sandal 1 – Tan Thong Sandal

tan spanking sandal

tan spanking sandal side

tan spanking sandal bottom

I picked these up while on vacation at a Payless shoe store (do you guys remember Payless?), because I forgot to pack a pair that went with my outfit for the day. Anyway, they were cheap, worked for my outfit, and as soon as I picked them up in the store, I KNEW they’d be a good spanking sandal. Bonus! They have a hard, semi-flexible plastic sole. This sandal weighs in at 7.44 ounces.

Sandal 2 – All Leather T-Strap Sandal

leather t-strap sandal

leather t-strap sandal side

leather t-strap sandals bottom

From one end of the spectrum to the next, these are fairly expensive sandals because they were bench made and are all leather. They have a hard leather sole, and are also semi-flexible.  This sandal weighs in at 7.55 ounces.

Sandal 3 – Black & White Plastic Thong Sandal

black plastic spanking sandal

black plastic spanking sandal side

black plastic spanking sandal bottom

I don’t remember where I got these from, but they are also a cheap pair of sandals. We may have bought them strictly for their spanking properties, as they have some good weight and flexibility as well. They have a hard plastic sole and are semi-flexible. This sandal weighs in at 7.83 ounces.

Sandal Vote Note: While it is easy to see which sandal weighs the most, weight is not the end-all in how bad a spanking implement hurts. So keep that in mind when voting. It may in this case…but then again, it may not.

which sandal poll closed


which sandal poll results graph

wife taking belt offAs I mentioned above, his next whuppin’ will also include a good belting. Not doing a vote on this because I have already decided that I will once again, use my Italian leather belt to give him a good old fashion belt spanking! I love the staying power the belt provides. I love the way it feels as I slide it through my belt loops. I love how when he sees me put it on, take it off, or just notices that I’m wearing it, he has a subtle reaction of, “Oh shit.” And lastly, I love the solid feel as it connects on his bare butt, along with the smack sound it makes. What can I say…I’m a belt type of gal!

Anyway, after I give it to him good with my belt, I will put an exclamation point on the spanking with whichever one of these two paddles you all have chosen by way of the highest number of votes.

When a paddle is used in a fun spanking with the proper pauses, caressing the butt with it after each swat or two and building up to intensity…paddles can provide great warmth and impact play. But let me tell you, when a good paddle is used for a DD punishment spanking, that is, hard swats and one right after another…most paddles can bring the sting, along with tears to the person getting spanked.

Below are a couple of the paddles for you to choose from, with their pictures, dimensions and weights.

Spencer Paddle

spencer paddle

Most of us know what a Spencer paddle is. This one is just over 20″ long, and the paddle part is just under 3 1/2″ wide and is 1/2″ thick. It weighs in at 11.57 ounces.


Long Paddle With Holes

spanking paddle with holes

I don’t think this is technically called a Spencer paddle, even though it has holes in it. But it is an attention getter as well. It is 25 1/2″ long with the paddle part being 2 1/2″ wide, and is also a 1/2″ thick. It weighs in at 9.28 ounces.

Paddle Vote Note: Same thing applies here regarding weight of the spanking implement.

which paddle poll closed



which paddle poll results

Oh and before you ask…I intentionally did not put the Wicked Switch on the poll. Only ~I~ decide when he has been bad enough to deserve that and that will remain the case. That said, if he does something that I deem switch whoopin’ worthy, they he’ll get the switch as well. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

the wicked spanking switch

So between now and Joey’s inevitable return to the woodshed, we should have enough votes to determine the winning sandal and paddle. Then it is just a matter of time before Joey’s backside feels the wrath of…The Readers Choice Whuppin’!

You can vote too, Joseph! 😉 XOXO

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Kai Ballarrd

Hello Wicked Queen, I LOVE the video of you given your bad hubby a good, HARD belt whuppin! I voted for your white/black between the toe sandal for his HARD spanking though any of those sandals would hurt a lot! And spencer paddle seems to be the perfect length for bend over paddlings. I am SO much looking forward to seeing you spank, whup and paddle his bare bottom long and HARD!! Take care and keep blistering his bare bottom hard and often. bad boy kai


Joey will be on his best behaviour for a while longer once he reads this !
He won’t sit for a week !


Perhaps…but I can state from my own experience that my periods of good behaviour gradually increased over time , but she still keeps track and will take action if it accumulates too much in her opinion.


Hi can you please do some POV videos?


here’s a link to a video to give you some idea’s
A Guided Self-Spanking from Dana Specht –


Oh one last thing. Have you ever used a Dr. Scholl’s sandal?


Dear Queen
Why do you believe that Scholls are bulky? I guess you only looked at those with that half-heel of almost 2 inches.
I own two pairs of these flat Berkemanns B100. They have no elevated heel, and they are most like the flat version of the Scholls.
I can grip them as easily as any one of my leather slides.
Stef has got to “know” my wooden Berkies and fears them. There is always some panic in his looks when he sees (and hears) that I am wearing them as he suspects I might proceed to use them on his hind cheeks.
These wooden exercise sandals always leave him black and blue (admittedly, that’s exactly why I use them from time to time ;-).


Chris Githens

Sandy My baby sitters use to wear those in the 70’s. Great for spanking and to show off the foot too.


Thanks again. What about my 2nd question about “Dr. Scholl’s? An ex-girl friend of mine years ago used one on me. Very effective!


OK, my votes for the sandal and the paddle are both in the minority so far, but i would like to make my case, if i may. The leather sandal is a duplicate material of the belt, leather, and it also has more straps to be in the way when its held to spank with. Therefore i vote that it be ruled out due to a leather strap being used anyway. The black and white sandal’s sole has more ridges in it (especially in the heel), meaning both ends can really make a better imprint on Joey’s bottom when he is spanked with it. All in all, a better implement. As for the paddle, the narrower paddle allows for more versatility in where on Joey’s bottom it makes contact, and being narrower, the impact will be greater (especially on that area where the curve of the bottom meets the tops of the thighs. If it’s a punishment that Joey is getting, that paddle will do better “in the end” to get the message across that he has earned a really good whuppin’ to teach him a lesson. Oh, and me next, please!

Madame Francine

I have no doubts that the leather sandal and the Spencer Paddle are the most effective, as I’ve tried them both and the results are very good, sorry for not deciding on the sale of the films yet, we’re completely stopped here in Brazil, I’ll send you an email soon explaining in detail. And congratulations on the beautiful work with your husband! Good spanking out there!


I was hoping for a bath brush spanking over the knee! But I guess he’ll earn that spanking later.

John Oliver

I made the mistake of letting my Mistress/Wife watch your video,I immediately had a trip to her “woodshed and received a similar whipping, with belt, strap and Spencer paddle. I couldn’t sit down comfortably for a day and a half. Thanks for the great inspirational video. Please keep them coming.


I voted for t-strap sandals because that what my mom or wife would have spanked my bare bottom with. I am crying right now just looking at it


I love that you have love of spanking not only with some implements but sandals as well so often , people say sandals no way.

Naughty Boy

I voted for the T-sandal and the Spencer paddle. I thought the flexibility of the leather would add to the strokes. I am not sure which paddle would be worse, they both look pretty serious. I am nervous about paddles in general because they can do actual damage.

I don’t envy him for the punishment he is going to get. You can really deliver a strict spanking. I know that I need these too, but needing and liking are two very different things.

Naughty Boy

Still, he is fortunate to have discipline and structure in his life with known consequences.


My wife has a leather sandal like #2, all leather, & like the reaction she gets with it. We were at a shoe store one day & they had a huge leather sandal sale going on. My wife was looking for the largest sandal she could find. When at the check out, the sales woman said these are way too big for you. My wife said, on the contrary, these are just what I’ve been looking for.I don’t plan on waring them, but I do plan on using them, & told me to pay for them & I did blushing red as I avoided eye contact with the cashier. She then said sir, I looked up, she looked to be in her early 60’s, & she said she hoped we both enjoy them, & my wife chimed in, at least 1 of us will & the women laughed together


This is exceptional Mistress, Please keep it coming.


I was trying to do Joey a favour by voting for the Spencer paddle over that wicked ,ruler like one .
Sorry Joey I did my best!


Yes, and I’ll bet it was mostly the ladies who voted for that ruler type paddle !


I really deserve several real beatings on the bare ass with slippers etc., tie and fix, also undress completely naked, then really get my bare ass spanked because I really deserve it – but it doesn’t happen either way I would bet my bare ass, but if I made my confession you would know why it would be like that 😑that’s really the truth about me. Also that I’ve been thinking about myself for a long time even if I would get it that way from you, if you really mean it seriously to make it like this, then just do it, no matter where I would get it from you or where it would be, I didn’t know I wrote my thoughts on 2nd letters, readable, have 2nd backpacks full of mountain pines, etc. all usable. But I’ve really had that thought about myself for a long time, I honestly have to say, that depends on it, even if I really want to really ashamed I have to honestly say that it’s really just the truth about me.


Hi Ma’am, interesting that I found this last night. Since today She informed me that spankings will start immediately when She deems it necessary. I consented. We’ve been in an flr for about a year so it’s past time, as I seem to disobey the same few things. Thank you for all the effort You put Ma’am 🙂


Hello Wicked Queen, is the video of the Reader’s Choice still on plan ?


Habe wirklich mehrere richtige Trachtprügeln verdient auf den nackten Arsch mit Latschen usw.,fesseln u.fixieren auch komplett nackt ausziehen,dann wirklich richtig den nackten Arsch so versohlt kriegen weil ich es wirklich richtig verdient habe??aber passiert ja so oder so nicht darauf würde ich meinen nackten Arsch verwetten,dabei wenn ich meine Beichte machen würde wüßtest du es warum es so wäre ?das ist wirklich die Wahrheit über mich auch das ich es mir wirklich schon länger über mich denke über mich?auch wenn ich es so kriegen würde von dir wenn du es wirklich richtig ernst meinen würdest es auch so zu schaffen,dann mach es doch wirklich einfach mal,egal wo Ich es kriegen würde von dir oder wo es wäre wüßte ich es nicht?Habe meine Gedanken auf 2.Briefe geschrieben,lesbar,habe 2.Rucksäcke voll mit Latschen usw.alles benutzbar.Den Gedanken habe ich aber wirklich schon länger über mich muß Ich ehrlich dazu sagen,das hängt nämlich davon auch ab,ja auch wenn ich mich dafür wirklich eigentlich schäme muß Ich ehrlich sagen das es wirklich einfach die Wahrheit über mich.‼️

Roy Wells

I just checked your spanking Implements page again, to make sure the Wicked Switch was still Out of Stock. My partner wants me to buy one but I showed him that was impossible. Last night I was imagining being spanked with something like that. It even hurt in my dream.

Roy Wells

My partner will be waiting for them to be available and wants to know if he can leave a deposit for one Wicked Switch soon as it’s in stock again?

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